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  1. Welcome to OOCity!
    This is going to be a ….Strange idea ^.^ So bare with me and keep these ideas in mind.

    Who are you really? Well I’m a Kabyt what the hell are you?
    -- If you could see yourself as ANYTHING, be it insane or crazy, a compilation of animal parts, an inanimate object, or maybe something stranger still, what would you be?

    Welcome to the city of Blank! Okay seriously are you naming it Blank what the hell is wrong with you!
    -- This city is COMPLETELY open, we will – as we play along- fill this city to the bring with out ideas, our own places and things to play around and in. As our population grows so will our world! Create and play, do and see whatever you like!

    Point? Yeah seriously this RP seems a bit pointless there Writer…
    -- Simple! This City of Blank runs on Creativity, and the creators of this creativity are the OC Gangstas! North East South and West, - each side wants to take over the city and rule! But to do that they will have to conquer all other sides of the city! Join one of the gangs and start the battle royal! Will your side of the city thrive? Only if you kick some of the other side’s asses! What creativity will you bring to the city of Blank?

    Serious out of character remarks lol.
    In this group our members will create an OOC world, were we'll be merging the ideas and hyper activity of regular OOC / Chat into the world of Role – Play! So how do you make an Out of Character Character? Simple. Who are YOU the writer? How would that reflect if your IRL self if you could be practically anything in the real world? Make yourself a character for the world wide web and play out your second life in OOCity.

    Another way to think of this is Take yourself IRL and suck them into the world wide web. Then take who you are, or what you see yourself as and make a character outta it! Let the chaos begin.

    Some ideas to expand upon below once you show your interest.
    So what should each of the Four Sides Represent?
    • -- Sides of Alligence (good, evil, neutral, benevolent?
    • -- Elements? Fire water air earth
    • -- Ideas behind creativity – Muse, Deep Thought, Color, Exploration
    • Other ideas ?
  2. An odd idea, but bite I shall.
  3. Seems like an experiment that would be amusing to pursue.