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  1. (Its partvof his physical form, if you want that to be considered a power then I will consider it a power, but I had other plans in mind... I won't put a post till you respond. Just to be safe. By the way, just for everyone, you power can be anything you want it to be... it doesn't have to be the things I listed.)
  2. (Do you consider it a power on nah? Nice power by the way, I like it.) Jake stood for a moment, then suddenly buckled over from hunger pains. Sharp, rattling breaths escaped his lips, how long had he been out? Long enough to starve it seemed.
  3. Perfect, Interesting power though, would have never thought of it myself...
  4. (Your up BountyHunter.)
  5. (Your up Bounty Hunter.)
  6. (You're up Shadowski
  7. (Goodnight Bounty, youvee had a long day, come sleep beneath my canopy)
  8. (And to you to Shadow)
  9. (Are you going back to bed or no? If you're headed back to sleep then I won't bother you...)
  10. (In real life no, but I don't know what should happen)
  11. (Mmk, then i'll bother you for a bit if thats alright? In the rp of course.)
  12. Why good morning. Are you all caught up?
  13. (Should morning be soon or do we wait for Bounty Hunter)
  14. (Well we could be waking up at the crack of dawn and couldn't expect her to be up so early, just make sure nothing majorly dramatic happens.)
  15. (Um...I think we should wait. Also, you should make an OOC thread)
  16. (True dat)
  17. (Alright, lemmi do dat)
  18. Its uppity.
  19. It dern shure is.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.