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  1. The Silver Wars: The Royal Triumvirates


    Welcome to Regalia~!

    ALSO, THIS IS A W.I.P. If you have any ideas about the plot, please PM me~!

    March 31, 3263
    This was the start of the Battle of Dasani in Regalia. When the Knives wanted to take most of the powerful territories, the continent of Platoon refuted to reconcile with Sunstone, the Fork's continent. The war did not stop until 3297 of November 2. Three houses were called Spoons, Forks, and Knives.

    The Knives and Forks are competing for the highest power. The Knives are fierce and embody the fear of Platoon. Their Queen is Queen Mordecai Rosary Platonia. The name of the town is named after the plucky queen herself. Her husband was killed three years ago. The Knives prefer to use the money garnered from donations (for Fork-sponsored charities) and spend it on their own goods.

    Countries supporting the Knives
    Current Allies for the Knives (open)

    Platonic Xaz (Capital of Platoon)
    Mouja (Arctic land)
    Arles (Half supports Forks)
    Yaran (only desert region of Platoon)

    The Forks, on the other hand, are democratic and have no leader. However, Reagan Winchester is the president of Summers, the east of Platoon. The Forks dislike the Knives because of them taking their rights.

    Spoons are peasants and/or relatively middle class citizens. They decide not to openly propagate their own views.
    Mesapoi is the third region in between. These countries have little or no alignment. They take neutral stances on politics.
    Current Allies For the Spoons (open)
    Erestria (undecided; isolationist)
    Templeton (Those from this country have a noticeable German accent)
    Astragoth (Militaristic, and decides to stay neutral)
    Quill? (KEEL) (Artics; allies with Aensland)
    Margatroid (Promotes democracy)

    There are countries that support the Forks that have Queens and Kings.

    Allies For the Forks (open)

    the West of Arles
    Zedekiah (Arctic region)
    Fondue (closes entry to Knife supporters)
    Margatroid (trades with Arles and Renevieve)
    Toombaya (Poor; does not allow slavery or trades.)

    Character Sheet (open)
    Species: (You may be anything as long as it is reasonable)
    Photo: (If any; given that it is the future, I will prefer well-drawn portraits or real life; anime pictures may not bode well to said theme)
    Political Stance: (Spoon, Fork or Knife)
    Stripes: (Will represent what powers your character possesses)
    Combat Abilities and Style:
    Non-Combat Abilities/Talents:

    Nation Sheet (open)

    Nation Name: (either the provided, or your own if the available nation spots are taken)
    Time of Creation: (in the game, the year is measured in R.E. (Regalian Eons). In Regalian Eons, 3301 would be subtracted by today's current year. 1287 would then be divided by 1.5, giving you the Regalian Year of 858. Prime Regalia Centuries (P.R.C OR Prime Evolution Eons [P.E.E Years]). The date would read: The 4 [add weather here] of January of R.E 858 (THE DAY, Month of A.D. YEAR). You may hear National officials add "Winds", "Summers" or any subjective noun to slide in the middle of "4" and "January".
    Usual Climate:
    Any Holidays:
    Government Stance: (Knife, Spoon or Fork)
    Government Style: (How does your government work? Can be a mix of Constitutional Monarchy and a cyberocracy! SO if you want to, please try to research some forms of government and forward what you found to me~)
    Culture: (What do they do?)
    Imperial Conquest?: (did they have or start a war? Canonically, Erestisa, Templeton and Renevieve managed to avoid imperial conquest, and/or decided not to fight in any type of government affair.)
    Slavery?: (Do they allow slavery?)
    Trading Products:
    National Construction: (a background about your nation.

    You can be part of the Elegant Knives and Forks
    Or one of the Spoons
    What Are Stripes? (open)

    Knife--Neutral Evil to Chaotic Evil
    Spoon-- True Neutral to Chaotic Neutral
    Fork--Neutral Good to Chaotic Good

    Red jewels or clothes represent fire
    Orange represents strength and the earth
    Yellow represents the lightning and or pure light
    Green represents air and the nature around
    Blue represents water and ice
    Indigo represents the atmosphere
    Purple is the magic within

    Prepare to take some vital notes, because this leads to a crucial purpose of the stripes. Stripes are powers that are bestowed to a person going through a ritual in the Capitals. Three Capitals conduct The Ritual of Choice: For the Knives, you go to Platonic Xas (Platoon). For the Spoons, you must go to Wayvern (Todlesten). For the Forks, Sunstone (Summers) would be their choice. In truth, if anyone requests to go through the Ritual of Choice, the government must grant them permission. You may go to any of the capitals to conduct the Ritual of Choice. Realistically, there is a fee that goes with the Ritual of Choice. It is cheaper to go to Todelsten.

    You will determine the boldness of your character's stripe color. However, I will tell you whether the color is too dark (if this helps, dark color stripe > regular color stripe > light color stripe > Puritan). In this game, if someone is wearing a very dark-colored suit or the like, their power is equivalent to that of a God (or surpassing it). As mentioned in the last post (in which I will notify in the thread when it is updated), when someone gets a stripe, they must learn how to wield their magic.

    This method makes it impossible for a Y-1 (Yellow Stripe, Stage 1) user to stop time by yelling or frying the city. But you have to be aware of the repercussions. For example, a B-3 user can only create or move small amounts of water at a time. In turn, the game uses fictional elements, but if you want a good level to start, the third or fourth stage is the best.

    In the official rules, no stripe bearer should surpass Level Five at the start.
    For certain stripes, you might be narrowed down to a certain element (if you choose purple, you may need to talk about where to start with me).

    The MAX level for each stripe at the start will be determined in the opening. However, if you discuss about a level boost, keep it in the PMs. If you want to play a Stripe bearer surpassing a level maximum, PM Me. However, as to prevent godmodding, any player surpassing level 5 will be asked to change their color tone (at the beginning).

    !=Requires the person to achieve their sixth sense
    *=Determines a point where the player narrows down their power
    **=At this point, you will PM me PRIOR to making a sheet; this stripe has multiple branches

    A Holy Strip or a "Colored Star" refers to someone whose powers are granted at birth or otherwise inherited from the family. A Holy Stripe does not have to worry about their "level", but they should know how to control themselves.

    A Puritan is what the people of Regalia refer to someone who decided not to have a stripe. A person who does not have a stripe, therefore, does not have any kind of powers. In the SilverWars universe, if you choose that path... better run, kid.

    In this game, you are also free to make your own leaders of the nations provided (or made with GM approval). You can establish your own laws, rituals, etc. if you decide to play a ruler of a nation.

    The bolder the color, the powerful one gets.

    For example, a salmon colored stripe means that you can change the temperature by steam. Blood red stripes surpass the strength of a god. The color of your stripe will determine how powerful you are and what power you get. With that stated, please keep that in mind as you construct your character.

    [HIDE=Some Characters] Marion Celine Autreng (ah-TAHUN)

    Age: 345 years (appears to be eternally 23)

    Gender: Female

    Birthday: February 3

    Political Stance: A Devout Knife

    Stripe: Yellow

    Species: Enhanced Yokai of some sort (presumably Celestial)

    Alignment: Lawful Evil (Chaotic Evil everywhere else)

    Appearance: Marion is quite short for her human age. At 5' 1" (155 cm), Marion is the shortest soldier of D'Estaing. Her short, black hair is parted at the center to where her forehead always shows. She also has an oval shaped face and peach skin. She has icy, violet eyes that appear to be eggplant purple or a royal blue at night. Marion has small freckles across her cheeks, and a mole by her left eye. She has a long, slightly turned up nose with prominent, oval shaped nostrils. Marion is also seen wearing an embellished uniform, which labels her status as a lieutenant of the d'Estaing militia. Marion is quite slim and has a bust size of 38-D.

    Personality: Marion is known for punctuating her speeches with incessant sneezing. In fact, some evil rulers doubt of her true potential. As a result, she is referred to as "The Sneezy Devil" because of her unbelievable strength she brings to the battlefield. Marion despises the Fork leaders, except for the Princess of Margatroid. She is one of the banished suitors from Isrelta, so it makes her feel worse. She is on the hunt for being a princess. Right now, Marion is trying to go find Osiris before she gets hurt and to fight in the war. One of the reasons Naraku banished Marion from Isrelta was because she double crossed the people. Fighting on both sides of the war counts as a form of treason and disloyalty. Another reason, (in which she objects, and she has proof) was for “assassinating” the princess. In reality, Marion disappeared prior to the princess’s disappearance.

    Tidbits: Marion is horribly allergic to cats, dogs, dust and pollen. Sometimes, she is dubbed "Sneezy Devil" because she sneezes when she gets nervous or frustrated for no good reason. She also gets hives when close to dogs. This means that when she gets a cold, she becomes bedridden. Marion managed to avoid human ailments for hundred years.[/HIDE]

    In this case, the character shown above has a yellow stripe. According to the introduction, a yellow stripe represents time, speed and light. Depending on how yellow the stripe is, Marion's powers may be limited or go to the extremes.
    I shall demonstrate the scale.
    Possible powers: Light (HINT: This light can be electricity or sunlight.)
    Speed (If you have a light yellow stripe, you may have enhanced speed. There are repercussions to having enhanced speed. It is recommended to most stripe bearers to exercise or warm up prior to running. This will mean that you will walk and move faster than most people. Once they surpass a certain shade of yellow, time control and speed will play a huge role.)
    Time Control (usually accompanied with electricity when a stripe color becomes bold or darker)

    Flexible Enhancement (determines if said stripe bearer can jump to an alternate path of gaining their power): Flexibility depends on the age of the bearer and their capability. With a yellow stripe, if speed is deemed difficult, the person must wait at least two weeks after they were granted the stripe. When two weeks pass, they will have a colored aura surround them. The aura should turn darker to ensure the stripe bearer reaches the next stage. If it burns out, this means that they have abused their powers, or the person is otherwise incapable of wielding such a power. If this is the case, they must go back to the capital of Platonic Xas (Platoon), Wayvern (Todlesten) or Sunstone (Summers) to conduct the Ritual of Choice.​
    STAGE 1 (Light Yellow): Speed is always the first thing a stripe bearer gains. However, they may find themselves getting tired after thirty minutes of running. At this step, a stripe bearer should be aware of their surroundings. Should they feel the need to exercise their body, they must take "baby steps". If the person in question is unable to use their legs or otherwise require assistance, they may have enhanced reflexes to accommodate speed. A carbohydrate-heavy diet is recommended to move to the next stage. A person who is prone to scarring themselves easily and/or a hemophiliac should not be granted this power. The stripe bearer who cannot obtain speed may have complications when they obtain time control in future steps.
    STAGE 2 (Blonde): After they have excised the power of speed for two weeks, they will gain some powers of light. Their powers vary
    STAGE 3
    STAGE 4
    STAGE 5
    STAGE 6
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  2. The Guidelines To Playing this game

    1. In the SilverWars Universe, becoming a Puritan from the start is better than being a Puritan later on. Anyone forced to part with their stripes become Puritans until further notice by the government.

    2. Those who choose to be leaders of a nation should be loyal to their political party. If they have decided not to join a political party and/or establish a government foreign to the Forks and Knives), they are Spoons. The nobles of a nation reserve the right to kill, exile or set up new laws to their own Constitution.

    3. Any and all convicted criminals who must spend life imprisonment are disembodied by international law.

    4. A minor must be at least ten years old or older to go to the Ritual by themselves. A minor who is under the age of ten must be accompanied with a stripe bearer or a Holy Star. The guardian in question must reach 16 years or older unless given formal permission. If the child in question is a Holy Star, they are not to gain any more stripes until the age of 25. A stripe bearer or a Holy Star must acknowledge to the Nobles that they have powers.

    5. Stripe Donation is an act of unauthorized bestowal of stripes (or powers). Stripe Donations are supervised by a noble of a Nation. The person who donates the stripes may be at risk for Disengagement.

    6. Disengagement is where a stripe bearer parts with their stripe. If they experience Disengagement, the stripe bearer will no longer have powers. For some Stripes, Disengagement of one's stripe may result in the bearer's death. Forced Disengagement occurs when a stripe bearer abuses their powers (using them for facetious purposes, terrorism, etc.) This may also occur if an official of a nation and/or their standing government find it unacceptable for a person to be a stripe bearer.

    7. Puritans and Holy (or Colored) Stars are added to a class called "Stars". Holy Stars are those who inherited a stripe or inherits a power before the age of ten. Holy Stars and Puritans must show proof that claims their powers before entering a nation.

    And Now, for the OFFICIAL RULES

    I) You must make an extra effort to abide by the standard forum rules. Should this be posted in a mature forum, you must read their rules as well. Failure to read these rules may result in personal embarrassment and a possible exile from the game.

    II) By filling out the necessary fields, you hereby agree to remain committed to this game, and observant of any and all guidelines that follow. This is a strategic game, and there will be several rules to follow. If one violates these rules, the game may not end in one's favor. If moderators are appointed in the game, they shall gain an equal amount of respect as the game master.

    III) If you decide not to play a Nation leader, you are allowed to do as you please. Keep in mind, however, that the Nation Leaders reserve the right to kill, exile or reprimand players for any reason. If you feel that you were wrongly exiled, the matter should be discussed with the Nation Leader. If neither the player nor Nation Leader make a compromise, the matter will be discussed to the Co-Moderators or the Game Master.

    IV) A Nation Leader makes their own rules; as with the GM's Lawbook, whatever they say about their nation GOES. The Nation in question must sit well with the type of government aforementioned on the map and the Allied Nations. Nation Leaders must be approved VIA PM before posting in the thread to ensure tidiness.

    V) Under no circumstance should there be unauthorized dictatorship of any nation. Likewise, a player can not abuse the Nation Leader, the Discussion Thread, nor the features of this game. If need be, moderators can and will be called to establish order. Players who abuse their powers and are not Holy Stars will have their powers revoked. Based on their strength, disengagement may cause an instant death.

    VI) Should the Nation Leader drop from the game, their character will become an NPC. If a Nation Leader is caught abusing their powers as authority, they will be given a Formal Reprimand. If they are found manipulating their nation for deliberate malice, they will be exiled from the game.

    VII) Please post at LEAST two paragraphs; no less will be permitted since this is a descriptive game.

    If void, you must start at level 1.

    We are accepting characters. For those who got the invitations, I just sifted through random names!
    It was a while since I came to this place. The game is actually not finished, and I am open to ideas that will make this game better. Some of you are thinking, "WTF, cutlery? What is this lass on?"

    But if using silverware to make a plot was a challenge... well, there's that gaping hole out there, but I passed. I will launch this as a JumpIn so you guys can get a feel for what you'll see.
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  4. Hummmmmmmm this sound Fun and Funny at the same time :lol:. It make me smile :angel:. and this also reminds me a lot like a show i am watching (Hetalia) yeah.:axeman::brick: I would Love to Join, Da? (even when their not much on this and it sound funny):loveseat:
  5. Well glad to hear that.
  6. May I join? I'd love to join. Sounds interesting :)
  7. Sure. If you want to be a nation leader, you gotta talk to me.
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  10. Anyone who is still interested has to post NOW.
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