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  1. Yes. ^^ we can be of any experiment. Whether that of an element, a creature, modification, or enhancement.
  2. It was the year 20xx, and it was human technology soon reaching its peak. Someone had asked...what else can they do? What else can they accomplish?
    Someone answered... "Why don't we mess with mother nature?"

    Character List

    • [*=left]Noble D

      1. [*=left]Seth - N06
        [*=left]???? - T02

    • [*=left]Akuma

      1. [*=left]Lucien - SHIFT109

    • Enyrm

    • [*=left]Benjamin Tellar - P-808

    • [*=left]Benjamin Tellar - P-808
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  3. «im so joining XD this ooks so cool but i want my charater in the mistory labtory then she bracks out i will find a waynand pordonnmenmynkobonis shit»