OOC: The Cascading Home for Special Children

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  1. So, for those who don't know, it's basically about an asylum for non-human creatures. Cool, right? This forum is simply for questions, comments, and other OOC things, of course. So, feel free to ask or tell. ^.^

    Okay, people. You've heard me rant about the set-up for my RP, and now you get to hear me rant about what you have to do to join! I don't want much, just a generic description of your character. Here's the character sheet. Spruce it up however you want to. I like getting straight to typing up my RP instead of spending an hour on a character sheet, so it's fairly simple.
    Character Name:
    Character Appearance:
    (A url to a picture is fine, or you can write it out. I prefer anime pictures, but use what you want.)
    Character Personality:
    (Gimme a few words. It doesn't have to be much.)
    And there you have it. Three simple things you need to tell me. I hope you have fun with this RP, because it's the first one I've written up on this site.

    Here it is!

    Character Name:
    Izoi Skyli
    Character Appearance:
    White hair, pale skin, silver eyes, petite form, and slender white wings.
    Character Personality:
    Shy, easily scared/intimidated, and loyal.

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    [RAINBOW]Character Name:[/RAINBOW] Alistair Andrews

    [RAINBOW]Character Appearance:[/RAINBOW]
    0.jpg Only a little older. And the green doesn't extend everywhere, only on his forearms. And his hair is only down to his shoulders.

    [RAINBOW]Character Personality:[/RAINBOW] Alistair is devoted to justice, trying to make things right. In a position where there is a fight, he would be quick to protect others around him. While he tends to act unsociable and intense, he really does like people.

    Hope it's okay, it's been a while since I've been in a RP like this...
  3. It's fine. A RP like this is rare. You did really well with the character, better than I did.
  4. Also, I edited the link on the original post. You should be able to get to the actual RP now. XD
  5. Character Name:

    Character Appearance:
    Character Personality:
    Kai swears she is water. She is aloof and seems to be always in a dreamlike state. She is hard to anger, but when she is angry she holds a grudge for months or years depending on the slight. She loves people very much, but most people don't have the patience to hold a conversation with her.
  6. Character Name: Felicia Reason
    Character Appearance: [​IMG] Red-brown hair that falls down her back, red-brown eyes, thin, fox ears and tail.
    Character Personality: Quiet, a deep thinker and extremely hateful.
  7. Character Name:
    Talia Newlin
    Character Appearance:
    Character Personality:
    She tends to be shy but loves small animals, and is very respectful of her elders. Tends to get upset easily.
  8. Good character, Silence. ^.^ I'm just gonna ask of one thing. On the RP, please don't use the Fixedsys font because then our posts could get confused.
  9. lol kk I just copied and pasted the list thing from the top cause I was a lil lazy :3
  10. Nice to know there's another lazy bum around here besides me. XD Have fun in the RP!
  11. Character Name:
    Matthew alexander
    Character Appearance:
    Character Personality:
    Shy towards girls. Brave, Very intelligent, Mostly quiet, and very persistent.
  12. Name: Jessa Libellule

    Appearance: Jessa has long, slightly curled, pale lavender hair. It falls just to the small of her back, where it curls into soft ringlets. Her skin is equally pale, and since she was young other children made fun of her for 'glowing'. She does has a natural luminescence to her skin because of what she is, and the same goes for her entire appearance. Her eyes are a rich chocolate brown but when she uses her 'talents', her left eye drains of color and shines in a soft violet hue. She is marked on her left hip by a scar in the shape of half a heart completed by a cross.

    Personality: Jessa always seems to be lost in her thoughts, and she finds it very hard to trust people because of an incident in her childhood where local kids found out her secret, causing her family to have to move away. She is soft spoken, and very frank in her words. She appears to be very distant by appearance, but once you get to know her she is actually very caring and open. She is terrified of the dark, and will absolutely shut down if she's left alone in it.

    Sorry, I couldn't find a picture of what I imagined she would look like, but I hope that I was descriptive enough to give everyone a good idea!
  13. Great characters, both of you. ^.^ And Myo, I could find a good picture for you.
  14. Sure! If you post the picture here, I'll keep checking in. I'm mostly just too picky for my own good, but you seem pretty wise in the art so I leave Jessa in your hands, sensei! :P
  15. Only need two more posts... xD
  16. Character Name:
    Tolki Silmon Paru ((Paru is a species I made- its alien-ish. Kinda working out the kinks at the moment.))

    Character Appearance:
    ((Character on left))

    Character Personality:
    He's a bit shy because of his intellectual differences with his own species. While they tend to be feral, he has a domestic nature and doesn't resolve his situations with voilence. He can fight to some degree, but it tend to be sloppy as he has no specific style and he tends to pout or become stubborn after a little scrap.
    Other than that he's open and friendly, just a bit to himself.

    ((By the way, so sorry for posting before I filled this out- I clicked the link the first time and it gave me a blank page. I thought maybe this was removed. It might have been my computer flunking out though. I checked back because I felt I was out of line with something and it turns out I was.
    So terribly sorry for voilating any rules- its purely accidental.))
  17. Character Name:
    Sinderi Sijobu.
    Character Appearance:
    Hair: Black hair going just below her shoulders, when she's fighting it can change to a fiery red
    Eyes: Normally bright blue, turning blood red when she sences demon energy / aura or upon fighting. When the demon inside her is released the white of her eyes will turn black
    Clothes: Most of the time a white shirt with long sleeves which fall over her hands and which is loose around her shoulders, bare feet and clack shorts with small pockets.
    Special thingeys: An astaroth seal burned into her left forearm and black marks/symbols on her back. Around her neck and wrist she has heavy sheckles causing her to bend forward slightly when standing.
    Character Personality:
    Silent, serious a bit shy, though she can be very agressive and violent.
  18. Sinderi I hope you know you can now join when ever you want. You just needed to show your character then you could post :3