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  1. (As said in the title. All my other Roleplays have been conversation based due to graphic material so I thought I should do one in a thread. First come first served 1x1 roleplay)

    Name: Nathaniel Blaire
    Age: 18
    Role: Main Protagonist
    Personality: Caring when it counts, rash, puts others before himself
    secret: He is afraid of his power

    Normal form
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    Powered up
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    ((In case I did the spoiler thing wrong can someone explain it to me??))

    Bio: Nathaniel Had always known what he was, though he never quite accepted it. Nathaniel Blaire is a Demon. He is the demon-spawn of Beliel The Destroyer and the Blood mage Dalia Blaire
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    Nathaniel never learned how to use his powers because he feared that the moment he learned how to use them, he would need them. Though he may be right. Demonic activity has increased greatly around the Sylvon Private Academy for teens, where Nathaniel happens to be attending for high school. He also gets the feelings that some of his classmates are also demons, though he would never face them with it.

    ((OK if you're interested, comment your character sheet and a starter for the RP, make sure it starts in a high school-IDC where-. Also, you must use a female character.)) I will probably continue adding more to Nathaniel's Bio until someone decides to partner up on this one with me. Your characters role will be the secondary protagonist and love interest for Nathaniel. Post a detailed Bio in your character sheet.
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  2. Okay so I am actually fairly interested in this, one question before I put anything together though. Do you want the girl to be purely human or can she be similar to him?
  3. I'm definitely interested in this rp.

    Name: Rose Ikki
    Age: 18
    Species: Half Human - Half Demon
    Role: Secondary Protagonist
    Personality: Kind | Stubborn | Mysterious | Caring | Intelligent
    Fear: Losing those close to her
    Bio: Rose grew up in the care of her grandfather. After she was born, her parents died in a fatal accident that her grandfather refused to tell her anything about. During her time with him, he had taught all sorts of traditional martial arts that aren't practiced in modern times. Finally settling down after years of traveling, her grandfather explained to her that she wasn't like other human children and that if something were to happen at some point she would immediately have to return home. So far nothing has happened yet, but she continues to hope that it never happens.
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    Accepted. Marvelous!
  5. YAY!
    When do we start?
  6. Right now if you want.
  7. I'd love too.
  8. Go ahead and write the starter.
  9. ((Sorry if I don't write long paragraphs.))
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