[OOC]Tears of Sweetnothings (A dark yuri romance) [Mature]

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I'm looking for an interested party of five possible players who would be interested in playing a light hearted or dark tone yuri school life romance roleplay. Five school girls who fall for another girl while another has a crush on the same girl. So instead of a love triangle, this would be more of a love web. Drama will evidently ensue. I have five characters already in mind however if you want to use a character of your own, feel free to. However, hold on with posting your characters if you wouldn't mind. Once I get enough interest accumulated, I'll post the five girls. Anyways, feel free to ask any questions or express interest.
Tears of Sweetnothings (A dark yuri romance) [Mature]

Actually, I'm gearing more towards a dark psychological yuri romance. I will be playing a character so I'm looking for four more potential players. This roleplay will be a private game between us players too. Depending on what direction is taken, this may end up being a mature rating. Each character will have emotional scars that affects them in many ways.
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I'd be interested. Psychological dark themes plus yuri. I think I can do that.
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<img src="http://www.quizilla.com/user_images/I/IV/IVY/ivy140/1195101551_ANIMEGirl1.jpg" align="left" width="100" height="175">[ALIGN=left]
Juliet "Julian" Rivers
School Year:
Brief background and personality:
Keeps to herself mostly and tends to be the loner. Has a strong air of masculinity surrounding her. She is among the top twenty ranking students in here senior class. She once was in love with a girl during their freshman years however her lover eventually dumped her for another guy. This left Julian heartbroken eventually this sorrow spiraled her into taking up alcohol. Eventually, her drinking lead her to committing a failed suicide. After spending months in the mental health ward in the hospital, she decided to straighten up her life. Her parents though, disown her so Julian is on her own. She somehow manages to work a part time job, juggle her high school work, and afford her own small studio apartment.[/ALIGN]

<img src="http://darkness-ceederleaf.webs.com/persongypsy.jpg" align="left" width="100" height="175">[ALIGN=left]
Name: Alexandra "Alex" Hollenworth
Age: 17
School Year: Junior
Brief Personality and Background: Promiscuous and flirtatious. Her craft of seduction has lured many of the unsuspected male student and teacher body into her bed. Her relations have never gone above one night stands and that is how she prefers it. To her, love is a waste of time and doesn't exists but what does exist is the pleasure that one can gain from indulging in sexual lust. Her lustful behavior could be attributed to being molested and raped by her uncle during her childhood. None of her family believed her about what occurred between her and her uncle so she eventually gave up trying to talk about it. Behind her feign persona of seductive charm, is a girl with shattered innocence looking for someone who could show her that love does truly exists. [/ALIGN]

<img src="http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lld66urZG01qbvovho1_500.jpg" align="left" width="100" height="175">[ALIGN=left]
Name: Cassandra Hall
Age: 16
School Year: Sophomore
Brief Personality and Background: Reclusive and reserved, Cassandra Hall is usually seen as the quiet nerdy person that no one pays attention to. In school she is an invisible shadow walking among her visible peers. She spends most of her time studying and reading books to help increase her knowledge capacity. She shies away from being social, instead enjoying tranquil silence of being alone. She doesn't show her emotions and usually tries to keep them in check. Her parents expect a lot out of her and she doesn't want to disappoint them regardless of what stress that their expectations had caused her beloved older brother. Her brother had committed suicide right in front of her eyes and had smiled his signature loving brotherly smile before pulling the trigger. Since that event, Cassandra had grown distant from the world and became a cold person who analyzes her fellow humans critically but only in her mind. Besides that though, she is a polite person who is always respectful to her elders.

<img src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_tGEGCBwlFAE/TCrvcht_0pI/AAAAAAAAABw/3islafbx9h4/s1600/2298032-emo_penny_style.jpg" align="left" width="100" height="175">[ALIGN=left]
Name: Rosalyn "Crow" Woods
Age: 15
School Year: Freshman
Brief Personality and History: Very emotional and extremely sensitive, Crow is a self centered and neurotic girl who only sees the world as a dark place. Her pessimistic views has classified her as an "emo" by her peers. She is easily trusting due to not liking being lonely. Her home life has an abusive alcoholic father that is prone to beat her while her mother turns a blind eye and says that nothing happens. When all the abuse ends for the day, she locks herself in her room or bathroom and cuts herself. She acts like the bad ass tough girl in front of others but deep inside she is sad little girl who wishes for that one person to treat her nice and good and protect her from the harshness of the world. [/ALIGN]

<img src="http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQQnoYKrDy3smC3WlMqhyqcWdxYZDhHYxyHwonWLsfUNkjZPe3ay7llqNGU" align="left" width="100" height="175">[ALIGN=left]
Name: Sophia Reed "Miss Reed"
Age: 24
School Year: Junior English Teacher
Brief Personality and Background: Very caring and benevolent person, Miss Reed has always been friendly and concern about people. However, she has personal space issues. She is a brand new young teacher ready to kick off her teaching career in high school. She has dedicated all her youth to her studies and hasn't been on a date. Regardless to say, she is a virgin who is shy and bashful about things regarding sex. She comes from a country life and is the last of her family. Her father and mother died while she was attending a teacher's university. She is quite submissive and is an introvert. [/ALIGN]
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Fuck yeah!
I want Julian. I can connect with her, and I love that damn picture! >:D
Re: Tears of Sweetnothings (A dark yuri romance) [Mature]

Can I call Alex? *puppydog eyes*
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Of course you can have Alex, Farore :) I call Cassandra.

We need two players to be willing to play either "Crow" or Miss Reed. Once we get those characters a player, we'll be ready to start. ^ ^
Re: Tears of Sweetnothings (A dark yuri romance) [Mature]

I want Crow!
Re: Tears of Sweetnothings (A dark yuri romance) [Mature]

Yay ^ ^ we have Crow, now we need Miss Reed. :)
Re: Tears of Sweetnothings (A dark yuri romance) [Mature]


Claire Chablis
Age: 17
School Year: Junior
Brief background and personality:
While never having done poorly in school, Claire has always been comfortably average. In contrast to her, some would say "perfect", twin sister, Samantha, she has always fallen short. Throughout her childhood, everything was all about the brilliant Samantha and Claire did her best not to resent her sister because she and Samantha were close and they loved one another.

When Claire and Samantha were twelve, Samantha developed leukemia and it was found that her twin sister's marrow was a match to hers. Tearfully, Claire agreed to go through with the procedure and still has a few scars from it. Her parents were distraught about their daughter's illness and for the first time, all their hopes and expectations were riding on Claire for the donation. Claire adored the attention that she got and almost cheerfully donated the marrow.

On a rare chance, the fact that the twins were not identical resulted in a slight discrepancy between perfect matches and tragically, Samantha's body rejected the marrow. When Samantha died, Claire's parents were beside themselves with grief and essentially blamed Claire and her marrow for killing her brilliant sister.

Claire typically tends to take too much blame for things that aren't her fault and is very protective of others as a result.
Re: Tears of Sweetnothings (A dark yuri romance) [Mature]

Also guys, I'm thinking about adding another student to the grouping however I would still be looking for someone to take Miss Reed.

Well, it would seem we have our student cast. :D I look forward to seeing who falls for who. Once we get a taker for Miss Reed, we'll be starting. Also, if you guys won't mind, use a color text for your characters(preferably the colors already assign to the characters). So I'll be using green for Cassandra and Julian would use dim gray.
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>> <<
Re: Tears of Sweetnothings (A dark yuri romance) [Mature]

We have somebody willing to take Miss Reed so I declare this sign up officially closed. . . . once our player comes to claim Miss Reed ​that is.
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Normally I wouldn't but Since Jovi and you asked nicely I will~ I will take the Teacher.
Re: Tears of Sweetnothings (A dark yuri romance) [Mature]

Normally I wouldn't but Since Jovi and you asked nicely I will~ I will take the Teacher.
Yay! Thanks for taking Miss Reed :) Have a dozen cookies as a sign of my appreciation. . . and not a bribe.
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Re: Tears of Sweetnothings (A dark yuri romance) [Mature]

Not A problem...I'm new to it but Like any other RP I will do my best~
But can't say I don't like to do it unless I at least try ^^
Re: Tears of Sweetnothings (A dark yuri romance) [Mature]

Still though, thanks. I greatly appreciate it ^^

Also, if you had me before as a game master, I tend to like having a theme song for threads. So I hope you enjoy this selection. :)

Hey guys, out of curiosity, what time of day would you like the story to take place? First day of school in the morning or something more like later on in the school day? Perhaps not even the first day of school? What seems more appealing to you guys?
Also, I recruited another player. . . hope you guys won't mind. So now our cast is made of seven girls and that is the final verdict. :)
piano player.jpgName: Vivica "Terra" Cameron
School Year: Senior
Brief Personality and Background: Painfully shy and quite, Terra is a clumsy girl who prefers to blend in with the background then to be the center of attention; putting herself into her own fantasy world then dealing with the reality. When she was 12, she moved in with her father and step mother, getting away from her mother and her abusive boyfriend and people who only pretended to be her friend because they felt sorry for her. Terra thought that this move would give her a clean start and let her be herself, instead, her father psychologically abused her; telling her she was worthless and that she wouldn't amount to anything, that she was better off dead. This caused Terra to close herself off and start apologizing for everything and to throw herself into her daydreams more and more often