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    So, although we don't have as many people interested as I would have liked, I shall post the main idea and perhaps a few suggestions that we could use as sub-plots.


    Welcome to Lysteria. We are a country of two courts, dividing the ownership of the land. There's the Seelie court, which is the court of summer. Along with the Unseelie court, home to winter. Between these two courts, there has been a treaty of peace for around a century, but that ends now. An outbreak of a lethal disease has spread through Lysteria land, first being encountered by the dwarves in the mines of Ephah. This disease counters the immortality of the fey and speeds it up by a triple of the normal time. Taking this into consideration would mean a fey being of 1000, only aging after 100 years, would then begin to age every five days. Or at least that is what is understood.

    This epidemic has caused a craze throughout the land, until the Unseelie court had found a way to change it to every ten days, and then twenty, and soon the drug was strong enough to counter the disease all together. By now the word had spread to the Seelie court, which brings us to the present.


    The idea is that there's the fey of both courts, the human slaves of the Seelie court, and the outsiders who are the creatures that have been banned from both courts. There's a disease that is beginning to kill the fey, this serves as a distraction from the slaves which gives them a way of absence, allowing them to free themselves, they just need a secure plan. On the other hand the fey are fighting the disease and the Seelie court is trying to get the remedy the Unseelie court has made. The outsiders are also trying to get the antidote.

    --~Character Sheet~--

    Race: (Go crazy, it would be nice to have more than just humans and faeries)
    Court: (Seelie, Unseelie, Outsider)

    Biography: (How you came to be in Lysteria, family history, etc.)

    Appearance: (Picture or description)

    Ability: (One or two specials e.g. mind reading, super strength... don't God mod)


    http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/showthr...682#post219682 The IC!
  2. What more can we have, aside from humans and faeries?

    And what are the rules concerning magic?
  3. Also, are we allowed subcourts within either the Seelie or Unseelie main courts? Such as in the Seelie court of summer, are we allowed to be a member of Spring, or Autumn for the Unseelie? Also, if we do choose a minor court, what would you prefer belongs to them and rules regrding those kind of fey?
  4. The fey, as it says in the character sheet, try to be as out there as you can, I would prefer more than just faeries and humans, so if you'd like research a little on the different creatures there are in the fey folklores :D If not, just tell me what kind of magik you'd like to have and I can direct you to a specific creature.

    The magik, as it states in the character sheet is limited to two abilities, but no god modded ones. Say you want to have nature powers, you cannot control all of nature, it would be one single thing like being able to sprout plants anywhere, or make them move as you wish. That understandable?

    As for the sub-courts within the courts. I find that that may make it too complicated. You see within Lysteria, on one side it's winter and one side It's summer, the season's do not change, but if you'd like there to be little areas in between that are only fall and spring, we can do that but I would assume those areas are where the Outsiders would be, and those are the one's banned from the two courts.
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    Name: Jace Vee (ooo lookie a new one. I can't saddle you with another Axel :P you'll go crazy]
    Age: 24
    Race: Elf
    Gender: Male
    Dark hair; Gray eyes
    Court: Outsider

    [​IMG] Jace is a quiet man. He doesn't really give a crap about the disease, so long as it doesn't affent him or whomever he considers a friend. But the last time he even remembered having anything close to a friend was during his teenage years. Some kid he came across, not much younger nor older than he, had saved his life. Should he ever see the guy again, he'd make it a point to keep a close watch on him. After all, he was in the other's debt for life.

    Weapons: He loves the use of twin axes. His favorite pair is known as 'Duress' and 'Gilgamesh' though he hardly ever calls their names. They are identical, looking like so. [​IMG] However, he doesn't use them frequently. They are only used for close quarter battles. Instead, he uses twin gun blades that look like these: [​IMG] The axes are kept crossed at his back while he carries these holstered beneath his trench coat. He, as an elf formerly of the unseelie court, He is tall for his race and his magic is geared toward the Umbra class, or 'dark' magic. It gets him stereotyped into being evil not only because of him once being of the Unseelie, but also because ofhis austere expression, the looks of his weapons and his magic of choice. Of course, Jace is nothing but a softie on the inside, but it take a lot to get there. So beware, this one bites. His abilities with the area of Umbra include the power of sadistic illusions and using corpses and dead vines to attack and kill his enemies. He incorporates Umbra with the natural elf ability to use nature's life and twists it to become something of a necromancer.

    Jace had migrated to the borderlands between the land of winter and summer, settling in the Autumn Sub Court.

    The former Unseelie had chosen to leave the land because of the others' baseless corruption. He wasn't a just man either. Far from it. Their means and ways for recreation was something they took out on those weaker and it crossed the line. It was no longer 'fun' but outright barbaric. Unseelie used to pride themselves of finesse. Their advance into finding a cure for the age disease was something he knew could benefit both courts. But he didn't trust it. These were the Unseelie. They catered to themselves only. Who knew what they would do just to keep the cure to themselves?

    Name: Axel Crowe (yeah...changed my mind. You're gonna see him again :P he's much better in situations like this xD)
    Age: 24
    Race: Elf
    Gender: Male
    Dark Hair; Green Eyes
    Court: Seelie

    [​IMG] Axel is nothing if not friendly. But even more so, he can keep a secret to his grave. He can talk about any and everything without letting anything slip. Of course, he has his off days as well but they were few and far between. He loves good conversation and would go for a good bottle or two. He had been orphaned a child and was as reckless as they came. Many said he was descended from the Unseelie because of his erratic behavior. Of course, he was the neighborhood sweetheart, helping where he can and doing his best. Rumors and views about him were conflicted, so people would really have to be around him long enough to know the truth.

    Weapons: Also a fan of dual weapons, Axel favors the swords despite his name. He only has one pair and takes care of them like they were his own children. He isn't selfish by nature, but when it came to his swords, it was an entirely different story altogether. He didn't name them, however, just calling them 'his babies' was enough. [​IMG] Axel, though he uses his swords to fight, had learnt the art of street fighting should he be disarmed and pissed. But he hardly uses his fists and resorts to using his legs as the primary tool of 'ass-kicking' so he likes to say. However, his truly main weapon is his hair. He uses magik to keep it short. When it comes to having to use it, he unleashes all one hundred meters of it into divided clumps, and his swords will dismantle, the blades wrapping themselves around the ends. They are marked with the crest of the blacksmith who created them and they look like so[​IMG]. They may be small but imbued with the power of earth, they pack a punch. Axel specializes in earth magic for its attribute of brute strength and applies it for the ultimate defense when he wraps his hair around himself in a large, fortified dome. His attacks are hard and fast. This kind of heavy strength would slow the average creature down but because of the elfin power of agility, he can move a little faster than strength focused warriors.

    Axel goes where he pleases, but keeps a home in the midst of the Autumn Sub Court.

    The disease had spread quickly, but because of the wards he had conjured himself had held for so long, he had not been affected. However, he couldn't bear to see children losing their parents left right and center. HE grew up without his and came out okay, but that was just sheer luck. And so Axel took up arms and decided to take a trip to the Unseelie Court.

    [I really hope you don't mind me using two characters :P]
    ....I'm hard pressed on the idea of yaoi....DX or a smidgen. :P These two are almost too damn compatible to leave like that TT^TT
  7. Too cute :p Am I to hope you're joining?
  8. LOL. I am no stalker, perhaps we have similar interests.

    I enjoy your character bios, I just would like for you to tell me why Jace was banned from the court he originally belonged to. Also having two chars is definitely alright with me, I will be as well. I suppose I should get to that....

    --~Character Sheet~--

    Name: Blythe Oki
    Race: Selkie
    A type of fairy that is a shapeshifter. A water fairy that has the ability to change from the appearance of a seal into a human being.

    Age: 450
    Gender: Female
    Court: Unseelie

    Biography: Blythe comes from a long line of selkies but they all tend to die in unfortunate incidents. Her family has been loyal to the Unseelie court from the beginning of it's creation and stay a large part of it's ability to win wars over the Seelie court. Blythe finds that her ability to seduce anyone comes in handy when she needs to bring in human slaves from the Ironside. Her strong-willed nature often leads her into trouble, but her charismatic and alluring appeal gets her out. She's sarcastic and often stubborn, rarely takes a liking to people who aren't of her own kind or do not hold power for her to drain them of. She's manipulative and tends to take people for granted.


    When she comes out of the water she's nude but tends to find some sort of outfit to cover her private bits.

    Ability: Intense allure, generally capable of seducing anyone by just being in their presence. Shapeshift, when out of water she takes on a human form but resembles more of a seal while in water.


    Name: Deidre Falon, goes by Dei
    Race: Human
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Court: Seelie slave

    Biography: Deidre Falon is a inter-generational slave. Her great grandfather was brought here by an imp and he found love with another human slave, such is what happened to their child, Dei's father. He fell in love and they had Dei. She's never known life outside of Lysteria but had always wished that she could make it to Ironside, which is what the fey call the human lands. Now that the disease has broken out, she has decided to take matters into her own hands and come up with a plan to get the human slaves to Ironside while the fey are distracted with the disease. She's courageous and optimistic, and tends not to show any fear when it comes to standing up for herself.

    Deidre's outfit consists of a wrap around leaf dress that reaches her middle thigh and a few bangles made out of vine wrapped around iron, for safety. Her grandfather gave her the bracelets before he passed telling her that they'd come in handy the day she planned to escape.

    Ability: She's trained in hand-to-hand combat and can generally make a weapon out of anything.
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  10. yes will be joining. I am going to be making a character sheet later on today :D
  11. Name: Sumatra Von Elsk

    Race: Selkie

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Court: Unseelie

    Biography: Sumatra is the offspring of Selkies, but her mother was not in love with Sumatra's biologiacal father and fell in love with a sailor. She ran off and the sailor, leaving Sumatra behind but vowing to return for her. In a jealous fit of rage Sumatra's Selkie father tricked Sumatra's mother into shifting into her seal form when he attem,pted drowned the sailor and her mother tried to save him. Sumatra's mother was forced back to Sumatra's father. umatra's father has always warned Sumatra of the human men who would take her from the sea. This means that she has always been wary of them but one day when she was fourteen her skin was stolen by a peasant man while she danced so she couldn't return to the sea. He still has her skin and she has tried to find him but to no avail. The Unseelie King told her he knew of its whereabouts and would give it to her if she helped him. She has now served him for the past five years and she waits for when he will to present to her her skin or when she might happen to stumble upon it. She would do anything to obtain her skin so that she can truly be one with the ocean again, which she knows to be her true home and which calls to her in her sleep.

    Appearance: Her eyes are a pale gray, tilted up slightly and framed with a natural black line (not unlike eyeliner) like a cats'. There is nothing extraordinary about them, only dull flint when you look at them. Except in the moonlight. They glow an almost eeiry silver then, unsettling and body trembling. This is because she is a Selkie, but it is only then that you know this- at any other time you could mistake her for a human. There is nothing else extraordinary about her either compared to other Selikes in their human forms but compared to human women she is almost inhumanely beautiful. She tries to hide this with slightly ragged mens clothes and acting with an air of cold indifference to any human she meets. Also, her black hair that would fall down to her waist in a series of curls but pull back into a tight knot, the dark of it contrasting with the ashen colour of her skin and the high cheekbones, and a small but sturdy frame.
    Her seal form is sleek and with fur the colour of polished silver, the same colour as her eyes, both human and seal. It is much more beautiful than an ordinary seals' but is considered average by Selkie standards. She is also of average strength for a Selkie but is unusually fast- she loved to race through the water and explore the coastline of her ocean home. She is still a very good swimmer but misses the freedom her seal form allowed her.

    Ability: Akin to her name sake, Sumatra is sensetive to some types of weather, she cannot actually control them, but she can feel if lightning or rain, etc, is coming and although it is not really an ability, only something that all Selkies have, she has a great understanding of the ocean.

  12. I like the character, but could you give me a fey creature? Like perhaps a nymph, or a selkie... a shapeshifter isn't considered a fey... unless you are a selkie.

    Lovely! We nearly have enough people to start, perhaps one more person and we shall be good~ *Squees*
  13. So... if anyone is interested please post a chara so we can begin shortly :D
  14. Name: Dahlia Poikyo
    Race: Maenad ( they were a human that became a fey because they were handmaidens for a god)
    Age: 23
    Gender: female
    Court: Outsider
    Biography: Dahlia is a Maenad. Well, not an original one, her family have been in here since the old gods died out and no one needed their services anymore. (will add more)
    Appearance: il_570xN.183952997.jpg

    Ability: Unlike the lander during the writings of ancient Greek, the Maenads were not as...outgoing as they seemed to be. Dahlia can bring food from the earth in odd ways (such as milk from the ground, or honey from vines) and can also slightly contol parts of the mind through veil like mirages. (such as making someone think a deer is actually a lion.)
  15. Why is she an outsider though, why has she been banned?
  16. She is an outsider because Maenads were never truly Fae. They became Fae, but they were not accepted by either court.
  17. I think I may have to get everyone, but PowerBass to make a second character in the court. We need a king or queen in at least one of the courts and a soldier or so.

    Do any of you know anyone who would be interested in doing this?
  18. Need at least one roe two more plays D:
  19. I can be the Unseelie King and help run the part of the plot as far as the prisoners/slaves escaping and whatnot.

    I love writing stories about faeries/fairies and reading about them. Here's a few character sheets. Mind you, I'm not too partial to pictures since I can't find any.

    Name: King Izuriel Paelorith IV [ih-zoo-ree-ell pay-lore-ih-th)
    Race: Unseelie Faerie
    Age: 943
    Gender: Male
    Court: Unseelie
    Biography: His father, like he, was king for many years. Once, many many years ago, it was believed that the almost royal name of the Unseelie Court has been easy to gain hold of. Transfer between families never living more than a generation or two. Many kings and queens have ruled over the Unseelie court unlikely people. Fey that lasted only hours before meeting their deaths. However, since the Paelorith family has taken the throne, no other name has taken it. Many have tried, but the royal family seems to have a knack for staying alive. They teach their sons and daughters in the art of magic at its highest degree. And, as comes with age, comes experience. Having lived so long gives one time to look at emotions and create webs of deceit in a simple word. K. Izuriel Paelorith is no nicer. He grew up in a distant household. His mother, ruling the kingdom, and his father to run the military, he was left with no one. He had many teachers who taught him fighting arts in a vast array of weapons, most hidden or quick to kill. His skill in magic is unbelievably strong as well. Nearly no element is out of his control. Currently, the Unseelie King gives the potion to many, though at a higher or lower costs depending on races or area of living, or even just his mood. No amount of the antidote is moved unless signed and approved by him with a magical signature of the Court.

    Appearance: He is tall and slender with whitish skin made of wood. Though it's soft and flexible, it has brown splotches were bark broke off. His face, is clean and white with deep blue eyes without whites. Simply large irises. He is often adorned in some form of the Unseelie Royalty, clad in silver and green with large twisty prints or patterns woven in black. Izuriel is often seen with a strange black and gray butterfly fluttering around him or sitting on his shoulder.
    (i'll prolly get a picture)

    Ability: In an instant he can create whips of lightning and control them like extensions of his arms. Sever limbs, crush boulders and wipe out groups of people. He can also bleed life out of plants and use it for himself, but not return the same energy. As having lived many years and being trained in hundreds of arts of combat, his entire body is lethal and keen. His displays of power are rare but they often make their presence known.


    A little vague, I know, but I figure no one will know his secrets.
    I wouldn't play as him often, but he'd still be a part in the story somewhat until the group finally meets him and SHOWDOWN~
    Or whatever we decide to do, I'm totes up for whatever.

    Name: Mah Ino Bazerbi
    Race: Nixie
    Age: 72
    Gender: Male
    Court: Unseelie/Slave

    Biography: Mah Ino, or Mah, or Ino is a Nixie first and foremost. A water-faerie if you will. He grew up with his family in lakes, ponds, rivers, and once, the ocean. He lived an average life, blessed with the ability of singing and enchanting waters, not to mention under-water farming too. For him, childhood seemed to pass in a matter of months, as did all things for Nixies. Until, one day, while walking along the cold beach collecting strange things left behind from land-people, he was captured. Though he always took caution and even listened carefully, the beach had been loud with a noisy tide. But no one would ever know where he'd gone to. Many of those who live underwater often forget about the land and the air. But Mah always found it advantageous and interesting. For forty years he's been imprisoned by the Unseelie King and his court.

    Appearance: http://diterlizzi.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/NIXIE_Japan.jpg
    (I'll probably write one later)

    Ability: He is like many Nixie. He has an excellent skill for swimming. To him the water's an extension of his body. He can sing incredibly well tunes. Songs to make people sleep, happy, or console, Mah Ino is capable of it. He also has a gift of linguistics and loves to try to learn languages from the other non-common tongue speaking slaves. Ino had to learn the common tongue himself and finds speaking above water very uncomfortable. He is not skilled in any fighting styles what-so-ever, but he can manipulate and control many of the plants underwater and a few above water. Particularly vines or cacti.


    This would be my guy to join in on the slaves' side, I guess. That is, if it's okay.

    I could probably make a prince or a cousin or distant family member to help the slaves too. =] All different faerie-races. :D