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  1. IC
    Hey everyone! I will keep this rather short as I believe most of the people that came here do know the show ^^
    I wanted to make an RP that follows a small group of players on their way through the world, from the moment they realize they are trapped up until the point they get out of the game and possibly stay friends outside of it?

    The standard rules apply here so don't be a god or something please ^^ I would like to make a story separated from the happenings of the show and make this group find their way from just a bunch of guys to possibly a good organized guild, or just a group of friends that levels up together to make their way out of the game...I hope this somehow sounds interesting and I'm looking forwards for replies...here is a small CS that I would like you to fill out
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    Appearance:(picture or description, up to you)
    Fighting Style:

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  2. Interesting, I'll post tonight.
  3. You know I'm joining c:
  4. Yep ^^
    I will create my character in a bit, just want the day to pass, since I posted this rather EU time and I guess most people were sleeping or at school xD
  5. Name: Kagara Emiya
    Likes: Food, horses, her friends, family, kendo, archery and animes/mangas.
    Dislikes: Being woken up earlier than 6:45, stupid people and bad food.
    Personality: Kagara is usually very hyper and energetic but tends to be sarcastic and at times a dunce (intentionally). She loves to make people smile and will always try do so, even if she is in pain. Though this leads to the problem of her forgetting to take care of herself until someone reminds her.
    Fighting Style: Her fighting style is variable, diverse and at times just plain stupid. She loves to use many weapons at any one given time. Kagara uses a variety of weapons though primarily one handed swords and lances. The reason why it's stupid is simply do to the two extra non-combat skills she loves to incorporate: riding- the ability to tame large creatures and use them as mounts, the other is a skill many consider useless, inventory up- allows inventory to expand according to level. The first skill is understandable the second how ever will be shown later.
    Bio: Kagara was a normal high school girl living a pretty normal life out of the house. Her home life was different though. Kagara's parents were never there for her as they were working the family company. This left her to live with her grandfather, who owned a old dojo. Her grandfather practically raised her and eventually learned kendo and other such sport from him. After he died she tried to drown out the grief with a new hobby virtual reality gaming…
  6. I was just wondering, taming and riding large animals? I hope you aren't planning on taming a huge dragon or anything, because I would prefer keeping pets and mounts to a cap, especially if your character can use so many weapons, get a huge monster as a pet and can carry much more...feels a little much, don't you think?
  7. Name: Yukio Arawa
    Age: 16
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    Likes: Being with others, video games, taking care of others
    Dislikes: Being zoned out, people that can't stay serious
    Personality: Yukio is mostly a caring person, he has two little sisters which he is used to take care of and he pretty much has only two things on his head most of the time, his sisters and his time to play games, usually his sisters or overall the person he cares about comes first. He can be really mad if people make jokes about serious matters, and once you are on his black list of persons he dislikes it is hard to get off of it again.
    Fighting Style: In SAO Yukio uses a double handed sword, mainly for tanking since his personality shows in his play style, he is fast in his decisions, and tends to recklessly attack when he sees a change, he believes to bed good.
    Bio: Yukio is a normal student, he is often focused on school, but even with that he is not the smartest person, and not a great strategist in most games. He is not a complete stupid person though, he simply isn't the best at school even with his efforts. Yukio got into gaming because he was sick and unable to leave his house for multiple years, this was also the time he started to build up a better relationship with his sisters.
  8. Don't worry I was talking about a horse or something. Also most of the weapons will come later and low quality.
  9. Alright, just checking :3
  10. That aside I really love your character :o
  11. Thank you, I like how your character better though. He's more realistic than young Ms. Emiya
  12. Hmm...yeah but I was tempted to go for double swords... ><
  13. Okay guys, count me in as well :D

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  14. Oh and I don't know the guy on the picture, he just has the exact face and hair I imagined for my camera. I was told he is from the band vocaloid :D.
  15. Yeah, xD don't worry It's alright. I was planning in starting this friday/saturday so that Haruka can still create and possibly one more person could join
  16. Eventually can we creat original skill? I know that there are ten unique skills but in the light novels they had skills called original skills that the players developed over time with programming or eventual playing style system adaptations.
  17. Yeah, we can add that, but I want that to take its time...just like in the books.
  18. Name: Mashiro Furukawa
    Age: 16

    Likes: traveling, friends, cute creatures, cooking
    Dislikes: traitors, rotten ingredients, the dark

    Personality: Mashiro is a cheerful girl who likes to help people out.She is caring and would sacrifice her own safety for the benefit of others.She can also get very serious,especially when lives are in danger,and will never give up until her goals are met.Can be a bit clumsy and naive at times,but she is still very dependable and can always be count on with anything.

    Fighting Style: Her weapon of choice is a rapier,and she is actually pretty good with just the rapier as her weapon.Her attacks with it are swift,and so are her movements.To her,the rapier was perfect: it was light and sharp and is not much of a hassle in her movements.

    Bio: Growing up as the only child of two wealthy couples, Mashiro was treated well and is the best treasure of her family.She was the light of the family and even though there was only the three of them,they were still happy.Mashiro started living by herself in her own house(well,her parents' house that they pretty much gave her) and was occasionally visited by her parents due to their business that's on the other side of the globe.Yes,this might be a really young age for someone to live by themselves,but she was surrounded by very kind and caring neighbors that treated her as family.Besides her friends,her video games are keeping her company and is her time-killer when she isn't doing anything.
  19. Hope it's open still

    Name: Akira Matsumina

    Age: 16

    Likes: Being with her brother, acquaintances/friends, stealing, and she has a pretty big sweet tooth.

    Dislikes: Isolation, playing normally, strangers, and being deprived of her sweet candies as well as cooking.

    Personality: Being not exactly a warm person, she would brush people off like lent. If they were persistent enough, she would at least try to be friendly by mostly likely offering her favorite candy to that person. She is a cold, heartless, and emotionless on the outside but if someone manages to befriend her, she is exactly the opposite. She is by nature, a very serious person, and will snap if needed. She isn't patience and can/will snap at a moment's notice.

    Fighting Style: Owning a hoard of weapons achieved by stealing, she can easily "morph" her weapon into another one from inside her inventory. She prefers to stick with daggers, knives, and occasionally swords. Swift, quiet, and graceful, her snea attacks can double damage if she uses her dagger, Shadow Reap. (Akira has a dagger named Gale Wind later on, which she sets as default.)

    Bio: Growing up, Liu and Akira were constantly stressed. Their parents, both very wealthy, expect them to both make 99's or 100's at the very least. Bullied for being 'nerds' and having an abusive family, the twins just wanted to leave the wickedness of reality. After filling out a form to beta-test and buying the brand new game, they had miraculously been accepting, branching off from other players and plan to make a guild for themselves and friends, if they had any. Her skills consist of Weapon morphing, as obtained by being put into a state of peril, allowing her to change her weapon if it's in her inventory.

    Name: Liu Matsumina

    Age: 17


    Likes: Sour stuff, girls, friends, honor, pride, family, that random girl over there that he somewhat likes, etc.

    Dislikes: His sister at times, isolation, defeat, watching loved ones suffer, sweet items, and standing still.

    Personality: His personality causes him to excessively flirt, have a hothead, and lastly and most annoyingly, he can get into one of those, "I MUST DEFEND MY PRIDE, HONOR, FAMILY, AND THAT GIRL I SOMEWHAT LIKE OVER THERE!" moods. He is probably the opposite of his cool-headed but short-fused sister, seeing as he isn't so short-fused and actually quite patient and tolerant of others. He has ADHD, so please be aware of that.

    Fighting Style: However acting as cold as his sister, Liu has a most fiery personality. He tends to flirt and beg his sister to add party members, which Akira would reply with a harsh "NO." He uses a longsword most of the time, sometimes sticking to items that he looted, or got from his sister. He fights with the style of a knight, often relying o honor, pride, and sheer determination. He is quickly heavy, but can move fast enough if being chased by his sister, Akira, or a PK.

    Bio: Growing up, Liu and Akira were constantly stressed. Their parents, both very wealthy, expect them to both make 99's or 100's at the very least. Bullied for being 'nerds' and having an abusive family, the twins just wanted to leave the wickedness of reality. After filling out a form to beta-test and buying the brand new game, they had miraculously been accepting, branching off from other players and plan to make a guild for themselves and friends, if they had any. His skills consist of Shadow Mask, allowing him to change his appearance into another player's. Liu's second ability is that he has ironskin, making all damage from attacks, cut in half.

    I hope it's good :'D
  20. Pheewww yeah I love all three characters :o
    I would say we close it here then, thats exactly enough persons for my taste :) I will get the IC up later today
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