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    Welcome, traveler…

    No matter from whence you have come, perhaps an exotic adventurer from across one of the Four Seas, perhaps a wealthy merchant selling to the desperate in these parts, perhaps a lowly beggar boy come to flee the beatings of your father; here you will find it a hundred times worse. Our land is ravaged and broken, our waters drown in tar and our skies weep acid, our mountains vomit fire and our earth shakes with a terrible sickness. Our nights are so black the stars have fled from the heaven's embrace, and the wind so hot and dry that rivers run to hide underground and once fertile soil is turning to desert and our crops to dust.

    Our shattered island was once a grand continent called Elysia … our government was the world's most righteous Republic, our wares were traded far and wide for thrice their worth, our people basked in wealth and vast amounts of property. Our medicinal knowledge unparalleled and all food fresh and healthy, so did become the Elysians of old, growing tall and lithe and wise and full of vitality, known to be the most beautiful people in the world. And the downfall of this just, this joyful, this flawless utopia…

    …was none but a mortal woman.

    Humankind – and all other kinds – struggle to rebuild some semblance of order in the tattered remains that the cataclysm left behind it: a war to end all wars, a battle between men and gods and land and sea and sky so terrible that all were broken in the end. Our shining cities have sunken beneath the bitter oceans, and on land collapsed ruins serve graves to piles of skeletons lying on earth still shriveled and red with blood. Slowly the surviving gods are returning, finding ways to empower the crushed residue of the once proud races that walked these lands fearlessly and never ill. Slowly small organized communities form and collapse and form again, waiting for one to succeed. Slowly the planet reclaims its violated flesh and heals the gaping wounds, but too often the process is sabotaged by the poison of a hundred divine curses putrefying the land.

    By the time you join our story, it has been millennia since Elysia was destroyed, and from the ashes two leaders manage to arise from opposite sides of our continent, with one neutral party literally caught in between. Yet the two competitors represent the original factions that tore Elysia apart so many centuries ago. As they amass their supporters and begin the gradual journey towards each other, the river Future is shredded into a timeless delta of possibilities, some hopeful, some bottomless in their darkness. Will these powers, already competing, clash? Will one find the upper hand and claim supremacy? Can they find middle ground and join forces, saving the land from certain conflict? Or will this confrontation plunge our world into yet another apocalypse?

    This is the cursed and sundered world of
    – and every hand that can help must in these dark times.

    Choose your side, traveler, and pray that Fate has forgiven us for the crimes of Elysia.


    In the idyllic Elysia, the Eastern gods ruled here. Now in the Scorched Land of Kausteira the sunsets are awash with flame and the air is thick and hot and smelling of the ashes that fill the sky anew each day, as volcanic activity turns Kausteira into a barren desert wasteland. Still there are those who hang on to the hope that the curses on the sand, fire and stone might be lifted … but the black, belching anathemas can only be satisfied with a sacrifice of warm blood.

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    Major Cities (open)


    The southernmost city of Kausteira and certainly its hottest, Zirash was in Elysian times a thriving sea port on a small tropical island. As sea levels dropped dramatically in Kausteira due to catastrophic climate change, the city was abandoned, along with the deep well on the island used to obtain freshwater from underground man-made reservoirs. As centuries passed and the land slowly began to recover, the site was remembered and re-explored. It was discovered that the reservoirs had developed into a large network of underground freshwater aquifers where rivers had drained into the soil of the Kausteiran desert. The well was rebuilt and ever since then Zirash has been a haven of Kausteira, the crucial resting place for all travelers in a desert with no surface water. There are rumors of a dark place of magic not far to the north of it, but these doubtful rumors have never been confirmed.


    The Red King was born very close to Dun. An eastern seaside city, Dun is very ancient, closely connected with eastern Kausteira's history of mining and stoneworking. Here it had always been hot, rocky and generally unpleasant, so Kausteira's transformation did not affect the population there as much. In the centuries following the Cataclysm, resources remained in high demand as ungifted individuals sought desperately craftsmen to supply them with much-needed possessions and people who banded together required construction material for shelter and settlement, the stonemasons and forgers of Dun never went out of business for long. Dunish metal is traded far and wide throughout Sunnepheia.


    Avarath is a recent city that formed long post-Cataclysm, although there have always been settlements on the well-situated land bridge between Kausteira and Zmaragdos ever since changing sea levels created it. When the city of Host, then known as Hosrel, was invaded by Eastern nomads, settlers poured in to claim new land, partake in the more hospitable climate, and take advantage of natural resources unknown to Kausteiran lands. Even after Host was reclaimed by the Zmaragdosi government, established trade routes between the East and West flourished. A major center of trade and resting point for travelers (going the longer way through the mountains is a laughable, if not fatal, alternative to most), it is the main source of Kausteiran wealth and has developed into a huge, bustling city inhabited by an amazing variety of people.


    In the idyllic Elysia, the Northern gods ruled here. Now in the Frozen Land of Pégulis the earth is covered in a bone-chilling glacier and the wind blows ice and snow so bitterly cold that every rattling breath feels like shattered glass pressing into the lungs. The only colors here are white and gray – the sky is always overcast, the igloos in which sentientkind huddle for warmth empty of furniture or decoration, besides sleeping bundles made hypothermic through special spells. Yet these rare resources are falling apart, the magic fades, and there are precious few who know how to enchant them; and every night, another person grows chilly and deathly silent forever. Still there are those who hang on to the hope that the curses on the ice, clouds and stone might be lifted … but the bitter, paralyzing anathemas can only be satisfied with the awakening of an ancient god, known to the histories in different times and regions as Libras, Libretas, Liber and Literos. Many legends surround him, but all that is certain is that he was mortally wounded in a decisive divine battle and fled the known world to recover. He has not been heard or seen of since, and some Pégulians despair of ever finding him, if even they believe he ever really existed.

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    Major Cities (open)


    The easternmost Pégulian city, Taevak is located in a bitter-cold evergreen forest behind the mountain range separating Kausteira from Pégulis. In the ancient days, before the Cataclysm, Pégulis was a flourishing forest and grassland with a pleasantly cool mountain range in the north and seven proud cities, each with their own representative animal, but all have fallen except for Taevak and Ald. Its symbol is the Bear, and its inhabitants have always been fierce wintry hunters; many Forest Kin there have bloodlines more ancient than anywhere else in the world. It is built of stones from the nearby mountains.


    Barval is the newest Pégulian city, erected by the Blue President herself. In the old tradition, Pahkné also gave it an animal symbol: the Osprey, same as her aenigma Murkahal. The homes are a cleverly constructed array of largely natural and partially man-made tunnels and cave systems inside the mountain that can be kept toasty and safe even as blizzards and predators roam outside. The diet consists largely of seafood, especially during winter, as there is very little vegetation available, but in the summers the temperature can drop to a pleasant coolness and all sorts of small game can be hunted, especially migratory birds and herbivorous herds.

    Originally a death trap for travelers who sought to cross the mountains but got lost, Pahkné used her magic and survival skills to protect wanderers who would otherwise have been lost, attracting them to warmth and food with the pulsing violet light glowing from her staff, which, being magical, could shine purely through snow and sleet. Soon she had enough citizens to make a real city, and after securely founding Barval, she claimed meager border territory to the south and repopulated Taevak and Ald.

    Besides plenty of Zmaragdosi who know about Ald and a handful of nomads familiar with Taevak, Barval and the Pégulian nation have remained secret. In return for shelter at Barval, travelers must become citizens if they want to have the freedom to stay as long as they like and be taught the secret tunnel and subterranean passages that can lead them to Zmaragdos or Kausteira safely. If they should refuse, they are expelled from the city and left to fend for themselves in the arctic wild. So far that has happened rarely and no reports of any survivors on such occasions have reached the public ear. All citizens must swear never to divulge the secret of Pégulis, and everyone knows that you should never break an oath to a sorcerer, especially a powerful and clever one…. On maps the frigid northern mountains are simply labeled "uncharted territory", and Pahkné intends to keep it that way … until revealing herself will be convenient.


    The westernmost Pégulian city, Ald is perhaps the oldest city in Sunnepheia. Even when, after the Cataclysm, Zmaragdosi citizens moved very far northwards and claimed the cold city of Quelt and others near it, Ald was left well alone: the Forest Kin of Zmaragdos have never forgotten that a terrible event of obscure but peerlessly horrific nature occurred there, and in their superstition avoid it as much as possible. The government is aware that some people live there, but they are dismissed as ignorant travelers seeking temporary shelter. Few Zmaragdosi have ever overcome the hostility of their elders to discover that Ald is a restored, bustling city, Pégulis's largest and most successful, full of trade and even libraries.

    Still, its history is dark. Its symbol is the Cedar Tree, and indeed, in Elysian times it was the capital city of the land that now is called Pégulis. The city was once built around the oldest, largest, most magnificent tree in the world, but its name has been lost to time. As the Pégulians know, it was made of and exuded a powerful magic, though what that magic was for is forgotten. In any case, it came about one way or another that some mighty deity (or deities) struck it down with fire, poison or lightning, or perhaps a holy combination of them all; and its destruction left a scorched crater where once the heart of the western jungle had been.


    In the idyllic Elysia, what is now Zmaragdos and most of the ocean surrounding it was actually two separate countries: Agdos and Zmara, watched over by the Western and Southern gods, respectively. Now in the Poisoned Land of Zmaragdos enormous meat-eating flowers burgeon forth from sickly green moss permeated with parasites, and giant poisonous flowers spread their infectious pollen. Though these and the endless array of poisonous snakes that slither slowly across the forest floor, perfectly camouflaged, may be avoided at nighttime, that is when the huge bloodsucking insects reign the night, spreading diseased blood from victim to victim. Still there are those who hang on to the hope that the curses on the soil, plants and animals might be lifted … but the toxic, corrosive anathemas can only be satisfied with the restoration of the D'la, an ancient and mysterious arcane object of a mysterious nature that was destroyed during the Cataclysm and had preserved the western world's fragile ecosystem through magical means … until it was burnt to ashes at the hands of gods who did not wish any force of man or nature more powerful than the divine.

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    Major Cities (open)


    Quelt is the newest Zmaragdosi city and a somewhat shifty and liberal one, an unusual thing in the traditional and conservative Zmaragdosi culture. Bohemian artists, musicians, actors, atheists, courtesans, and people of peculiar and rare spiritual persuasions thrive in the Queltish community. Called by traders and travelers as the "Last Stop", it borders the northern mountains closely, and few venture there who do not intend to stay. As such its population is very diverse and home to many nomads who wander, stay somewhere a couple years, and then set off again, and its government, though imposed by Zmaragdosi regulations, does exist and keep it from becoming the criminal hotspot it might be without such laws, none of the officials are entirely reputable, and Quelt has all kinds of illicit parts of town tucked away where a guard patrol rarely strays. Gambling, prostitution, and the black market are all found here. For obvious reasons, the noble and refined have made a point of staying well away from the cold city of Quelt.


    Host is a major trade city, very old, with a colorful history and a dozen names, populations and allegiances peppering its past. Originally it was known as Hosrel and was constructed along with Yessel as an Aquarial city perhaps 350 years post-Cataclysm. Its history and exact dates are easy to discern because of the giant waste disposal pit in the forest to the west of it, where many layers of different style and quality pottery, abandoned clothing, coins, broken musical instruments, cooking utensils and the like are often explored by curious historians. Together with Yessel, Hosrel monopolized the naval passage through the heart of Zmaragdos and almost to the edge of its western side, an area which has always been rich in trade routes and natural resources. The Aquarial city-states joined in an alliance probably quite early in the cities' history and became an independent nation modest in size and extravagant in affluence and quality of life.

    This lasted many hundreds of years and made the "Prosperos River", as the passage was called, a site of many important cultures, revolutions and political events. Yet the great nation and the Aquarial's rising monopoly of the west was destroyed when, without warning and completely catching the peaceful Hosrel by surprise, eastern nomads from the desert land that is now Kausteira invaded the Aquarial nation Hosrel-Yessel with peerless ferocity. The savages, seeking more stable climes, massacred the elite citizenry, and Aquarials fled northern Zmaragdos in vast numbers, seeking shelter in the south and building an army. The Easterners, however, were disinterested in further military conquest: they had found their land of plenty. From about 750 to 880 years post-Cataclysm they dominated the large port city, renamed Hoskilla. Without exclusive control of access to internal Zmaragdos, Yessel entered a long period of poverty and unstable government. Even as Hoskilla and Yessel suffered, a new city developed where the Prosperos River ended: Edel in the farthest west of Zmaragdos, causing the Forest Kin to become the major racial representatives of Zmaragdos as they had been in Elyria.

    Edel quickly became the vast nation of Zmaragdos as it is known today, and spread north, south and east to envelop what had once been the Hosrel-Yessel territory. As soon as they were able, they invaded the struggling Hoskilla and took back the city, renaming it Host. Once more joined with Yessel, both cities grew prosperous again as they became major centers of trade, but, subservient to the Zmaragdosi government, their monopoly serves a larger nation. Still, the Eastern influences in Host are impossible to escape: traces remain in art, music, architecture, customs, fashion, and, most notably, Host's populace. It was the nomadic invaders and the Eastern settlers that followed them who introduced new races to the west, among them the Felleons and the Drakes.


    Dominated by the Forest Kin, Edel is Zmaragdos's capital city and a major trading point. Erected before the waterfall that the Prosperos River culminates in, Edel is a marvel of engineering, a beautiful city home to Zmaragdos's elite. Aristocrats with ancient noble bloodlines and wealthy merchants, architects, artists, writers and scholars all make their home here, at the heart of what, no more than a century ago, was Sunnepheia's most powerful nation. Yet even as southernmost Zmaragdos slowly begins to recover and eastern Sunnepheia grows more and more hospitable, the thick forest and rainforest covering most of Zmaragdos seems to grow sicker every day. Divine curses slowly leech out of the earth as it purifies itself, but some deep poison is unable to leave the land in the same way.


    Largely an Aquarial city, Yessel was founded along with Host around 650 years ago. Together with Host, then called Hosrel, Yessel monopolized the naval passage through the heart of Zmaragdos and almost to the edge of its western side, an area which has always been rich in trade routes and natural resources. The Aquarial city-states joined in an alliance probably quite early in the cities' history and became an independent nation modest in size and extravagant in affluence and quality of life. However, about 250 years ago, Eastern invaders conquered Hosrel, renaming it Hoskilla, and the prosperous trading nation the Aquarials had built up collapsed. Yessel became a shady city of poverty and corruption. When the capital city, Edel, rose in the east, and promised Yessel that they would recapture Hoskilla if the two cities swore allegiance to Zmaragdos, the Yessel government eagerly agreed and once Hoskilla had been taken back from the Eastern foreigners and renamed Host, both major port cities were absorbed into the Zmaragdosi nation.

    The shelter of Aquarial survivors of Hosrel when the Eastern savages plundered, raped and murdered hundreds of the wealthy, ruling elite, Yessel has always been a strong symbol of terrestrial Aquarial culture. Full of broad canals and public fountains, it is famed for its aquatic beauty. Canoes shaped like white and black birds, called a swan boat in the Common Tongue or gondola, meaning swan in the language of the Aquarial, transport citizens throughout Yessel. The elite Aquarial noble families who live in this expensive city are supported by the elitist system of the Zmaragdosi government founded by western Forest Kin, but few of them are much convinced of the Green Lord Brention's Zoën religion, preferring their own aquatic deities.


    Ooma, far to the southeast of Zmaragdos, in the turbid swamps to the north of the Mossy Gulf, is home of the Unguis. Their race has presided there since the dawn of their evolution among the murky marshland they have adapted to. After the Cataclysm, the temperature changed from stiflingly hot and humid to breezy, slightly moist and in winter, even frosty. Vast amounts of plant species, unable to tolerate the new climate, went extinct, even as spells and curses which polluted the land mutated the animals resident here, turning them into unrecognizable monsters: among them massive three-headed pythons nigh three feet long and nigh fifteen times as wide; red-tongued lizards the size of crocodiles, wart-ridden and sharp-toothed; and giant disease-carrying insects. Still, below the surface of the water things remained somewhat tolerable, and certainly not that drastic compared to what had happened to the rest of Elysia; but even as the horrific mutations began to fade as the corrosive magic tainting them gradually lifted from the land naturally, the unguis left their habitat for millennia in large groups, seeking shelter elsewhere in Zmaragdos. Today Ooma is known as the home of the unguis, and with a more stable climate many are content to live there in peace, secluded from the rest of the world.


    The birthplace of the Green Lord Brention, Riven provides the exotic recluse of the southwestern rainforest which draws in not only curious tourists but also the unguis who prefer a warmer climate than that afflicting their eastern marsh, as well as Edelian aristocrats who seek a peaceful retreat from the busy, politically incendiary Zmaragdosi capital city. With Brention's dramatic rise to power, Riven has become Zmaragdos's religious center, as he has erected most of his churches there, and indeed lives more in his private home in Riven than the elaborate palace erected for him in Edel.

    Brention teaches of a Nature Spirit called Zoë who is the soul, breath and beating heart of all life. She may not embody our motives but can be found sleeping in the depths of our consciousness, waiting to be awakened. Once the world is seen through Her neutral eyes, an enlightened individual can begin to appreciate the simple, natural beauty of things, and grows aware of how everything is connected. While Zoë has always been a cult goddess of Forest Kin nobility, it wasn't until recently that She became a public fascination. Her monotheistic religion has spread like wildfire and many have high hopes that She is the answer to curing the Zmaragdosi land of its impurity.


    The autocratic ruler of the Scorched Land of Kausteira, the Red King Aukhmos is infamous for his hot temper and bloothirst. Followers are drawn to his courage and dauntlessness – he laughs in the face of the sobering horrors the Cataclysm has left behind, and this recklessness imbues others with the power to persevere and remain confident in themselves even when times seem bleaker than ever. An accomplished warrior, Aukhmos personally executes the ritual sacrifices to please the curses of the Scorched Land, but has taught his people to see this duty as a weakness. He hates the Cataclysm and all its consequences with a passion and refuses to let its considerable obstacles daunt him. He is determined to achieve supreme rulership in the land with his people free to roam the lands of Sunnepheia safely and fearlessly as they once had those of Elysia.

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    CS (open)

    Name: Aukhmos
    Title: Red King
    Gender: Male
    Race: Nocturne
    Age: 29

    Nationality: Kausteiran
    Occupation: Red King of Kausteira

    The finest warrior in Kausteira, Aukhmos is powerfully built, with a muscular physique and the ghostly skin of his race. Accompanying his brawn is an almost cat-like stealth and the ever balanced posture of a master swordsman. His step is silent and his armor is carefully designed to remain remarkably soundless, free of the metallic clanking that so often betrays an armored opponent in battle. His eyes, true glowing Nocturne eyes, are a piercing cerulean shade that have unnerved many an adversary. His straight sable hair grows unkempt and his harsh facial features, accompanied by the thick dark brows and grim mouth, often make him appear quite intimidating, and he uses this to his advantage.

    Aukhmos, leader of the Scorched Land of Kausteira, believes in glory, wealth, power, and adrenaline rushes. He has organized the government as an autocracy yet is an unlikely dictator: he sees worth in all those who mark themselves strong warriors, whether they are stableboys or kings is no matter to him. The finest warrior in the land himself, Aukhmos believes that every man should have the right to whatever he wants if he has the power to go through with it, even if this collides with others' freedoms. His vision of Sunnepheia's future is brilliant, and yet chaotic, with everyone in constant conflict for power and no space for things that interfere with survival, such as art, music, the humanities, scholarly work, all things for which Aukhmos cares very little for.
    Aukhmos's followers, inspired by his message of strength and total free will for all only within the limits of their physical capacity, would have urged Pandora to stop running like a girl and take up arms against the king along with a group of other rebels, or perhaps let herself be captured and then slaughter him in his sleep. Whichever was riskier.


    With an extensive understanding of all kinds of weapons and their most efficient uses, Aukhmos is a master swordsman. The culture he leads believes in proving one's mettle completely irregardless of social status or cleverness by skill in combat alone, and his position as king is reinforced by his amazing prowess in battle. There are some who claim that he is the best swordsman in the world, although even the best, with exhaustion and ill enough luck, can be defeated on occasion.

    A natural attribute of his race, Aukhmos can move with near-total silence.

    Growing up in a town nearby the world's forging central, Dun, Aukhmos comes from a family of forgers and was taught the art himself. He specializes in unique armor that preserves vital areas particularly well with the minimum amount of extra weight.

    Aukhmos gets along easily with others and possesses a rock-solid inner confidence; coupled with his liberal views of radical equality and his tolerance of everyone regardless of race, social class and personal background, provided they're handy with a weapon, has made him enormously popular among the roguish people of his country.

    Aukhmos is very physically brawny and engages in athletic activity intensely throughout every day, giving him an extraordinarily fit physique.


    When equipped with the best armor and the largest, most destructive weapons, Aukhmos's senses of sight and hearing may be impaired and his movements are hampered.

    Aukhmos is frank and never afraid to voice his opinion bluntly. This has soured many relationships with more sensitive kinds of people. In battle he is similarly scrupleless: he will do whatever it takes to win, even if it means taking foolish risks.

    While his boldness can be exciting and infectious, there's a thin line between fearlessness and foolishness and Aukhmos tends to err in the latter direction. Strategy bores him and his fighting style (and fighters, for that matter) are undisciplined and often unprepared. When meeting forces greater than his Aukhmos's typical strategy is a combination of surprise and fanaticism.

    A product of the poor working class, Aukhmos never learned to read or write.

    Cannot swim
    Having grown up and spent his entire adult life in the middle of the desert, Aukhmos has never learned how to swim.

    Shahirazad: Female Scout Lioness
    Shahirazad is an enormous lioness, the size of Aukhmos himself, and perhaps even more fearsome. Rippling with muscle and constantly alert and tense, she is ready to spring into action at any moment. Her fur, a fiery blend of sandy-yellow and sunset-orange hues, gleams with gold as if ablaze. Feral copper-red eyes regard the world with an intensity rivaling those of her lopos, and a vivid cyrulean aura flickers across her flaming pelt.

    Sexual Orientation: heterosexual
    Relationship: none


    Aukhmos grew up in a small mountain village named Iskar near Dun. It specialized in mining but his parents were forgers and this was the trade that Aukhmos learned. When an earthquake destroyed his home and his family while he was fetching water from a faraway, unpolluted spring, he traveled to Dun and became an apprentice forger there, but the nightmare of his family's fate never ceased to haunt him. He made the long and perilous journey to Zirash where he discovered ancient scrolls in the library explaining the ancient curse that caused earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and desert conditions in Kausteira. He trained as a guard to defend Zirash against invading nomadic tribes and eventually, at the tender age of 22, became the leader of the Zirash guard. When, four years later, he rallied other cities' forces to win a large war against a large tribe of Draken savages from the northern mountains, he became the unofficial leader of Kausteira's armed forces, and when politicians and other fine swordsmen gravitated to him sensing a potential unifier of Kausteira, it took little more than a year to crown him king. Still, Kausteira is a barren land, and the West overflows with plenty of natural resources; urged by advisers, Aukhmos seeks to try to conquer some territory in the Western lands as his ancestors once did with Hosrel.


    An accomplished politician and brilliant strategist, the Blue President Pahkné of Pégulis is an opportunistic spellcaster who saw a chance for facilitating some real change when she stumbled upon a group of shivering outlaws hiding in mountain caves high in the north of Sunnepheia. She organized search parties and soon most of those who got lost in blizzards or the endless flat landscape of the glacier and the winding mountain paths saw a pulsing violet light in the distance, and, drawn to it, was brought to President Pahkné holding it aloft to lead wanderers to safety. It was not long before hers was an established community, and from the beginning Pahkné took brilliant steps that resulted in a flawlessly organized, crime-free, constructive collective that learned more and more about survival in their environment and, most importantly, magic. While other factions squabble and fight or daydream and dance, President Pahkné's people can work quietly in the necessary isolation of Pégulis, unlocking a new enchantment to aid sentientkind in the desperate struggle for survival against the elements every day. Yet as the two primary factions, the Red King Aukhmos of Kausteira, and the Green Lord Brention of Zmaragdos, gradually approach the Pélugian hideout, their careful isolation and detachment from outside affairs is threatened.

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    CS (open)

    Name: Pahkné
    Title: Blue President
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Age: 24

    Nationality: Pégulian
    Occupation: Blue President of Pégulis

    While athletic and hardy, Pahkné is of a petite and curvy build, with long, wavy black hair that falls to her waist and is usually kept in a thick braid for convenience. With broad cheekbones and an arching brow, her face might be cold were it not for the dark chocolate brown eyes which reflect real warmth. Her skin is a rich copper and her voice is unexpectedly deep for a woman. She carries herself with confidence yet distance, and there is a sense of deliberation in her movements.

    Pahkné, leader of the Frozen Land of Pégulis, is first and foremost an opportunist. While at heart she does believe in a version of democracy, she is unwilling to compromise security or power for its sake. Different from both Aukhmos and Brention, she would never consider dying for her cause. She uses her cause to survive. Currently Pahkné is an elected leader, and intends to maintain a democratic system because, being intelligent and politically very sharp, she feels that this middle way – peace with controlled conflict, avoiding both war and stagnation – is the only way to return Sunnepheia to the former glory of Elysia. Her views are extremely popular among the people who are sick of gods, kings and nature dominating their lives and choices, but they underestimate her potential for swiftly changing her views. Pahkné is a politician at heart, and she believes that subterfuge and corruption are necessary to keep a democracy functional, lest too much power slide into the hands of one faction out of pure happenstance, or, worse, a faction that is weak and unable to retaliate against a real enemy, such as a hostile foreign country.
    Pahkné would have dismissed the ideas of the Zmaragdosi and the Kausteiran culture's expectations of Pandora's behavior. Had Pahkné been Pandora, she would never have made a big fuss of her affection for the stableboy, would smilingly marry the king, ingratiate herself in court, inconspicuously poison her husband, take control of the realm, raise the stableboy to kinght or duke or somesuch, and either marry him or use him as her consort, whichever garnered her the most political advantage.


    Pahkné is a politician and gifted strategist. Whether her ideas concern crime prevention systems in countries or a battle tactic, they are well thought out and very efficient.

    Articulate, precise, with the ability to inflect her voice and subtly control the expression of her face, Pahkné is a master debater and can play devil's advocate just as passionately. If she wants to she can be remarkably persuasive, cleverly playing with words to turn them into alternate meanings.

    When she set out as a very young woman to travel the world, she became the apprentice of a minor wizard and healer who taught her knowledge of herbs and medicines. When she started traveling independently she kept exploring her environment and learning from it. She is a very qualified healer, though most of her treatments require a touch of magic.

    Pahkné is a very powerful sorceress. She can summon and trap artificial light and heat, crack apart stone and ice, and use some minor healing spells.


    Pahkné will abandon the most solemn promises and the most valued decencies if it means getting into a position of greater power and getting what she wants. This doesn't make her especially trustworthy and sometimes she overreaches herself.

    Pahkné's petite physique results in frequent disadvantages in daily life and it can cause major problems for her in combat situations.

    Incompetent with physical weapons, Pahkné is dependent on her agility, small size and magical powers to succeed in battle, but it is always quite dangerous for her to fight a physically powerful opponent.

    Murkahal: Male Advisor Osprey
    Twice as large as a regular osprey, Murkahal is a fierce snow osprey, with flashing lavender eyes and a deep chocolate brown aura. His feathers are mostly grey and white with black stripes splicing across his considerable wingspan and fanned tail feathers. A coruscating silver sheen makes his plumage sparkle like snow crystals catching the light, and his thick black talons are sharpened to a vicious point.

    Sexual Orientation: heterosexual
    Relationship: none


    Pahkné grew up in the colorful Avarath as the fatherless daughter of a middle-class prostitute. Her mother did the best she could to take good care of the child and shelter her, but remained distant both physically and emotionally. After a fire ravaged a shady district where her mother had been working one night, Pahkné's mother never returned home and she was presumed dead. Pahkné realized she had three choices: try to find an eligible, well-to-do man and start a family, find a job to pay the rent and stay, or move out and travel the world. An independent and adventurous spirit with a great thirst for knowledge, she chose the latter, and at 15 set out on her own. It wasn't long until she realized the whole affair was a complete disaster: she had no idea how to protect herself and survive in the wild. When she encountered a passing healer on the road to Quelt, she befriended the elderly man, Horn, and he taught her some small healing spells he knew, as well as his considerable knowledge of healing and medicine using plants. Gradually her remarkable affinity for sorcery became evident, and when they finally parted ways four years later, Pahkné became a charismatic traveler learning as much as possible about her craft. After 10-15 years of such traveling she decided to put her true skill to the test by crossing over the mountainous land bridge between Zmaragdos and Kausteira, and upon successfully completing this journey many times she came upon the abandoned rebel caves of Balvar.


    A handsome nobleman and experienced forest ranger, the Green Lord Brention is the chosen political representative of the Poisoned Land of Zmaragdos. Followers are drawn to his charisma and strong religious beliefs; through his faith, many have found new purpose and enthusiasm in their life. Believing that the Forest Spirit is the greatest god and ever on their side, their zeal and close-knit community has engulfed practically all of Zmaragdos. Brention gains especial popularity with his generous funding of the arts and the attempts of scholars to learn more about Sunnepheia's scattered history. His people are utterly, some even blindly, devoted to him and believe him to be the prophet of the Forest Spirit Zoë.

    Portrait (open)


    CS (open)

    Name: Brention
    Title: Green Lord
    Gender: Male
    Race: Forest Kin
    Age: 31

    Nationality: Zmaragdosi
    Occupation: Green Lord of Zmaragdos

    Brention is a pure-blooded Forest Kin, with the classic pointed ears, lithe stature and narrow, angular, fine-boned facial features. His long, straight, shining white hair is often let open but usually kept in a ponytail when he travels. Light brown skin would blend into the forest shadows anywhere, and his quiet, dark gray eyes reflect the new moon. His voice is gentle and lilting, and a fearsome thing to behold when he invests real emotion in it. Remarkably tall, Brention's persona is undeniably that of the aristocracy.

    Brention, leader of the Poisoned Land of Zmaragdos, believes in tradition, wisdom, and the importance of culture. Learned scholars, his council of elders advises him and while he has the last word this may be overridden by the council with a majority vote. Zmagardos follows a strict social hierarchy that enables little social climbing besides being appointed a lofty position as advisor to the state based on scholarly or philosophical work. Brention's vision of Sunnepheia's future is peaceful, yet bland, with little space for personal freedom and an elitist system where a select council governs over all.
    The Zmaragdosi believe in setting personal squabbles aside for the greater good. They would have expected Pandora to dismiss her feelings for the stableboy and marry the king as she was promised, anything to avoid conflict and war. They consider her recklessness to blame for the Cataclysm.


    Brention's impeccable education has given him a wide scope of understanding in all topics ranging from arithmetic and science to history and literature.

    Brention is highly knowledgeable of Sunnepheia and the history of the Cataclysm, the races, and the world's major cities. His awesome comprehension of world lore has allowed him to reach remarkably accurate conclusions concerning the nations' curses…

    Ever since Brention could grip he was holding a bow. A master archer, Brention is rumored never to miss a shot.

    Sharp Eyesight
    Like most of his race, Brention has the eyes of a hawk and the benefit of night vision.


    Brention will do anything to uphold his honor, even if it should compromise his position and endanger himself and those he cares about.

    A member of the upper class born into a very wealthy aristocratic family, Brention may occasionally be an insufferable snob. His pride can turn him blind to his own faults and the strict hierarchical elitism that perpetuates his government.

    Low Endurance
    Brention is more of a bookish stay-at-home type, and going on long hikes on perilous terrain is not exactly his forté. He would also be prone to choosing the wrong type of attire for the occasion. Without regular exercise, while far from overweight Brention is not travel-hardy either, and tires easily.

    Susceptible to Magic
    Brention is particularly vulnerable to magic. Just as mages are simply born into their craft, so others can simply be born to be unusually susceptible to magic.

    Felurain: Male Empath Stag
    Felurain is a handsome honey-colored stag, twice as small as a regular deer and delicately built. His hide scintillates with a bronze sheen and exudes a calming dark gray aura. Slender and nimble, Felurain can reach incredible speeds. His dark emerald eyes are quiet and contemplative; his name means Forest Dreamer in the Ancient Sylvan tongue of the Forest Kin, and a fitting name it is.

    Sexual Orientation: homosexual
    Relationship: none


    Brention is the seventh son of an eminent aristocratic Zmaragdosi household that has held immense political power even before the Cataclysm. Brought up in comparative wealth and educated by the highest standards, Brention has yet to step outside a lifestyle of privilege. It was clear since his birth that he would be a high-ranking politician or scholar. His father was one of the Council's most esteemed members. Quickly proving his political worth and gaining popular attention because of his religious views, Brention was elected to become a Justice Official at 24 and, upon completing his five-year term, the Council elected him as the new political representative of Zmaragdos, a position to last for life. He has only been ruling for two years but it has been an enormously successful lordship and his Council continues to have high hopes that he might be the Lord to "conquer the savage East".

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  2. [​IMG]


    Races were once as common as dust on the plains; now they have dwindled to but ten distinct kinds. Countless races went extinct in the terrible Cataclysm, but the survivors have developed unusual physical proficiency and a quick wit. The slow and stupid cannot survive in the aftermath of the Cataclysm.

    Human (open)



    The most common and diverse race of Sunnepheia, the adaptable humans have exploited the aftereffects of the Cataclysm to their full potential. Where other specialized races struggle and fall, humans mercilessly adjust to a hostile environment that fights their survival every step of the way. In modern times they have interbred with a vast variety of races, causing all of the currently recognized races to be remarkably humanoid, and giving many humans quite exotic features. The most diverse of Sunnepheian races, humans come in all sizes and colors.

    Defining qualities include rubbery skin, the inability to see in the dark, breathing through the lungs and possessing no racially innate affinities with certain environments, elements, or animals. Similarly, the aenigma of a human lopos can take any form known to sentientkind.

    Forest Kin (open)


    Forest Kin

    The Forest Kin find their home in the forests of Sunnepheia, where they uphold the precarious ecosystem by purging the devastated Zmaragdos of its poison and keeping the animal populations in check, as well as eliminating rampaging diseases in both flora and fauna. Where once the lives of the Forest Kin were carefree, relaxing, peaceful and filled with beauty, nowadays their existence is harrowing and dark, a constant struggle to uphold the balance of a planet out of control.

    Tall and willowy, the Forest Kin are light on their feet and possess among the sharpest reflexes of all races. Their aim is impeccable as well. Very humanoid, their skin and eyes come in all colors, but traditionally their hair only appears in the shades found on tree bark – silver, brown, red-brown and black; however, with the interbreeding of the post-Cataclysmic world, some have other hair colors, though these individuals do not have the same strong bond with nature and tend to have non-terrestrial aenigmae.

    Defining qualities include rubbery skin, the ability to see in the dark, breathing through the lungs and possessing a racially innate affinity with the forest and its animal and plant life. The aenigma of a Forest Kin lopos will almost always be a land animal, typically but not exclusively a sylvan one. Forest Kin with aenigmae not found on land are considered a rare and unusual sub-group of the race who do not share the same bond with nature, as a result of interbreeding with another race.

    Aquarial (open)



    This ocean-dwelling race is known for the diverse array of hues their skin, eyes and hair are found in, and their close affinity with saltwater. Equipped with both lungs and gills, Aquarials can withstand considerable deep-sea pressures and dive deeper than any other race. With webbed hands, feet, and fins extending throughout the body, what was once a very anatomically consistent race exploded into an enormous variety of shapes and sizes after the Cataclysm scattered pocketed populations throughout the world, and in some cases even drove them onto land, where they mingled with other races, especially the Unguis.

    Aquarials have a peculiar attraction to shiny things, especially gems and pearls, hoards of which were accumulated throughout millennia in secluded communities of Aquarials, a wealth which was quickly lost in the millennia following the Cataclysm when Aquarials began to spread themselves across the land to escape intolerably hot, cold, or even poisoned oceans. When they left their homes, usually the vast majority of the treasure had to be left behind, and to this day there are enormous troves of valuable gemstones and jewelry hidden in the depths of the ocean, usually where only an Aquarial could access it. As a result of both their wealth and the ability to rely on the sea for food, throughout Sunnepheian history Aquarials have rarely become peasants, and arguably remain to this day the Elysian race least affected by the Cataclysm.

    Defining qualities include rubbery water-proof skin, the ability to see and breathe underwater, even at enormous depths, breathing through a set of gills lining the neck that connect to both human and aquatic lung chambers, enabling them to breathe with ease both in and out of water, and possessing a racially innate affinity with saltwater and fast-moving water. Additionally, Aquarials possess fin extensions on the ears, elbows and thighs, as well as webbed fingers and toes and unusually large, vibrant, glassy eyes. No Aquarial has a non-aquatic aenigma.

    Fae (open)



    Fae are peculiar creatures who arose as a result of the Cataclysm; many believe them to be products of the rampant magic, or perhaps the melting pot of divine curses and blessings, or perhaps a freak accident caused by the massive physical transformation of Elysia, and others still theorize Fae originate from some combination of these factors. In any case, no one really knows for sure, and being such a new race adds to the Fae's mystique. All people with Fae in their background tend to have strong magical affinities and diminutive stature.

    Fae possess an enormous variety of insectoid wings, from butterfly to dragonfly to three-pronged types like the example in the picture here whose origin is rather more obscure. These can be translucent or coated in colored powder. Fae feed on moonlight, starlight, sunlight and artificial non-magical light sources (such as firelight) to provide their bodies with energy, which is collected and stored most efficiently while they sleep. Thus they do not need to eat or drink like other races, and when they sleep they do not see darkness, only endless light and no dreams.

    However, a Fae without light is quick to perish, and anyone caught out in a thunderstorm lasting several days, as they are wont to do in this sundered land, death is a certainty unless they are able to find shelter and manage to start a fire there. Thus, Fae rarely venture northwards and don't tend to wander far from areas where shelter can be quickly provided.

    Defining qualities include smooth, delicate, glowing skin, diaphanous wings or butterfly wings, being exceptionally small in size (more so than any other race), and deriving energy directly from light, thereby requiring no meat or plant nutrition.

    Orc (open)



    This fierce and savage race is a direct result of the Cataclysm and did not exist in Elysia. The result of other races' mingling with humanoid creatures borne of divine magic which were sent by gods to war in their name, they are innately aggressive and brutal, but over millennia of interbreeding, a rare few have come to possess more pacific qualities, and Orcs generally have become vastly more intelligent. Often manipulated for warlike purposes in history, Orcs are finally emerging from a derogatory term for any monstrous, mindless god-made puppet to their own unique and accepted race, although their culture remains militant.

    Defining qualities include thick, stony skin, claws and incisors replacing teeth, breathing through the lungs and overall a powerful, burly physique, as well as skin tones of brown, dark gray and green.

    Draken (open)



    This dragon-descended race receives energy from heat and cannot survive in cold places without it, although simple spells abound to enable them the necessary warmth to travel even as far north as Pégulis. Muscular, lanky, and extremely athletic, Drakens are among the most flexible of all races, and on average certainly the tallest. Completely hairless, their body is covered in scales which serve as natural armor. They possess a very sophisticated sense of hearing and are not very social amongst each other.

    The Draken's body is a finely honed weapon: sharpened claws can reach impressive lengths, and because spikes down the snout, neck and arms can grow back, many Draken warriors in Kausteira are known to break them off to enhance weapons and armor. The tail is also regenerative, which is a godsend since it is arguably the Draken's most important limb: without it, the individual could not stay balanced.

    Defining qualities include scaly skin, a long reptilian tail, reptilian eyes with slitted pupils, three-toed feet, spikes, in some individuals a very pronounced reptilian snout and teeth, and breathing through the lungs. All Draken come in colors that reptilian animal species possess – natural greens, yellows, blues, reds, browns and grays, and even some purples.

    Nocturne (open)



    This ghostly race is a direct result of the Cataclysm. Dark magic from all the corrupted spells and curses that scoured the Elysian continent physically altered some humans to varying degrees, and, rejected from unaltered communities, they kept to themselves and coupled amongst each other, resulting in a whole new race with an intense affinity to all forms of magic. As the centuries passed, interbreeding with humans caused some of them to lose their magical kinship entirely, while in others the accord with magic strengthened. Most of Sunnepheian history's most powerful spellcasters were Nocturnes. While in the beginning their magic tended to be a reflection of their warped, cursed surroundings, in modern times it has developed to encompass various arcane forms of exactly the opposite nature.

    The Nocturnes have always been a race of extremes, and this is reflected strongly in both their magic, which leans prominently in either one direction (harmful) or the other (helpful), and their skin, which is either so pale it is almost translucent, or so dark it could shame the night sky. Still, there are the rare humans that possess these qualities; what distinguishes the Nocturne from any other race is their eyes, which are always intensely bright and glowing. Compared to humans, their features have often been described as feral, especially because of their claws and fangs. Despite this fearsome appearance, many modern Nocturnes are simple travelers or workers, especially those who are not as magically talented.

    Defining qualities include either skin that is ghostly pale or skin that is black as pitch, the ability to see in the dark, glowing eyes that have bright lights at the center instead of pupils, claws, fangs, and dark hair, lips, and nails. All Nocturnes have nocturnal aenigmae.

    Avian (open)



    This proud winged race escaped the Cataclysm in the shelter of the northern and eastern mountains, and have spread all across the world since. Easily a head, if not two, taller than the average human, Avians like to keep amongst themselves and are infamous for somewhat snobbish attitudes towards the "lower" flightless races. Typically they travel together, since a companion of any other race would be liable to slow them down considerably. While not unskilled in combat, many Avians are a little more awkward and uncoordinated on land than other terrestrial races may be, and the ability to fly away from any combat has resulted in a racial culture that frowns upon hotheadedness and impulsivity, and thus battle and violence, preferring the strength of mind and spirit to overcome obstacles.

    Defining qualities include feathers throughout the body, some full-grown and others soft down, some as imperceptible as most human fur, depending on the individual, and large bird wings that can be taller than the individual themselves. No Avian has a flightless aenigma.

    Unguis (open)



    This amphibian race was largely uncivilized even during Elysian times and has only recently begun to form and join terrestrial organizations. Their skin- and hair colors are always dark and their skin can range from smooth and rubbery to rough and scaly. Their diet consists of marsh plants, fish and frogs, which they hunt with nets and spears. During the Cataclysm they receded to their swampy habitats and hid from the disaster in large lakes and bogs, but many of these formerly fruitful homes have become both barren and poisonous, causing the Unguis to leave the water in droves and slowly adapt to life on land.

    Defining qualities include ever-moist, waterproof skin, the ability to see in the dark and underwater, breathing through the lungs and possessing a racial affinity with fresh- and still water, especially stagnant ponds, as well as unusually large, glassy eyes. No Unguis has a feathered aenigma, nor one that is a land animal.

    Felleon (open)



    This athletic feline race is known for their superior sense of smell, sly intelligence, and peculiar sense of humor. Often independent types, they are highly adaptive and have been found throughout Sunnepheia. The dense fur which coats their bodies can be anywhere from barely noticeable to long and shaggy, usually depending on the climate the individual hails from. Being a naturally fit and vigorous race, Felleons place great value in combat and quite a few have gone down in history as infamous for their cold and sometimes even sadistic methods. This has caused a stereotype of the average Felleon as a cruel, cunning warrior, when really plenty of them become peaceful, learned scholars.

    Defining qualities include moderately thick fur throughout the body ranging from short, soft and fine to long, thick and straggly, the ability to see in the dark, a heightened sense of smell, claws, fangs and mane-like hair, especially in males, and depending on the individual, a pronounced feline face and snout, as well as in all cases feline ears. All Felleons come in natural shades of gray, brown, yellow and black, with the rare albino. No Felleon has an aquatic aenigma.


    Everyone has a spiritual animal companion called an aenigma (“spiritual” meaning they do not need sleep, exercise or nourishment like physical animals do), which reflects the personality of their host, or lopos. Aenigmae can appear as all sorts of beings, from aquatic animals to the airborne and the subterranean; the aenigma is just an external incarnation of a person’s inner energy. Energy takes so many different forms that it is practically impossible to categorize them, much like the animal species that represent them. An aenigma can be anything, from a worm to a camel to a penguin. They are distinguished from regular animals by their glowing eyes, the metallic sheen to their hide, and the aura that surrounds them, which is always their lopos’s eye color.

    Loposes (open)

    External Personality
    A lopos is the sentient being which is host of an aenigma. The lopos is the body and the aenigma the soul. Aenigmae are like an external embodiment of your spirit that takes physical form, but does not have physical needs such as sleeping or eating. Instead they are like a physical manifestation of your consciousness that is your companion whom you can talk to and do activities with, etc.

    When a sentient infant is born, the moment they open their mouths to take their first breath, a rush of sparkling motes of light accompanies their very first exhalation. This then forms into a glittering, insubstantial animal – the child's aenigma for life – but does not take physical form until the child is named. Aenigmae are not named when the infant is born, since s/he inherently possesses a name which the child innately knows since birth, and as the child learns to speak s/he will begin referring to the aenigma by their name, thereby revealing it to others as well, first through somewhat stumbling nicknames and pronunciation, then clear and complex (or as it may happen, simple) enunciation.

    Aenigmae (open)

    Distinguishing Characteristics: Non-Spiritual Animals
    It is very easy to distinguish an aenigma from a common, non-spiritual animal. Most notably, an aenigma cannot be physically harmed. An attempt, for example, to punch an aenigma would simply cause the fist to pass through the aenigma as if it were colored gas, which, practically speaking, it pretty much is. Equally, trying to burn one would be just as inefficient since an aenigma cannot feel temperature, nor is affected by it. An aenigma thrown in a fire would experience no change in its health or appearance. Trying to contain it is equally ineffective, as an aenigma could simply float out of a cage, and can move through solid substances, such as bags, walls and trees, provided they do not stray within a mile of their lopos. Other distinguishing characteristics include the aura of an aenigma, which corresponds with the exact shade of their lopos's eye color. Also, aenigmae's bodies are covered in a scintillating, metallic sheen, and size differences between an aenigma and an animal can be considerable (see "Forms" for more information). Lastly, aenigmae possess sentient intelligence – that is, they can think with the same amount of intelligence and logic as their lopos, including the ability to speak.

    Distinguishing Characteristics: Other Aenigmae
    Aenigmae can be distinguished from other aenigmae in various ways. As mentioned earlier, their auras and metallic sheens may differ. Also, their voices sound exactly like that of their lopos. Colors aside, the easiest way to tell them apart is size. An aenigma's size will never change and it does not relate to age, and it may be a lot larger or smaller than the physical animal it represents. Thus, Fred the Protector Mouse could be the size of an adult polar bear, while Lola the Empath Elephant could fit in a teacup. Lastly, since every person, even twins, have a totally unique personality and conscience, no two aenigma share the same personality, and thus identical patterns of behavior. It has often been observed that "identical" twins are born with totally different aenigmae. This is emphasized by the different roles an aenigma will play in their relationship with their lopos (see "Aenigma Types" for more information).

    Relationship with Lopos
    Everyone in the world has their very own aenigma, sort of like everyone having their own personal pet. Every lopos can instinctively recognize their aenigma, and every aenigma intrinsically knows who their lopos is. As they spend every moment of their lives together, a lopos and his/her aenigma form an intense psychological bond that help them totally understand and accurately predict the behavior of the other. Additionally, aenigmae are capable of telepathically communicating with their lopos. Aenigmae cannot travel over a mile away from their lopos. Aenigmae share their lopos's spiritual pain, even if they can't respond to physical discomfort since they don't feel it.

    Aenigmae are real, but they are not subject to all physical laws, being spiritual embodiments of their lopos's consciousness of an immaterial makeup and a physical appearance. Aenigmae may be any size visible to the naked eye not exceeding their lopos's own height when both are positioned vertically beside each other. An aenigma can be a fantasy animal such as a dragon or a unicorn provided they do not possess the superpowers of their mythical counterparts (such as the ability to breathe fire or grant everlasting life through the consumption of their blood). However, the realistic use of physical features is allowed and encouraged (such as winged dragons flying or unicorns using their horn as a weapon). Twin aenigmae can exist for one lopos but they must be of the same Type.

    Just like aenigmae can't be harmed, they cannot harm: being gaseous, they cannot interact with the physical world to that degree. However, aenigma can choose to semi-"solidify" at opportune times, allowing physical contact with their lopos, but they still can't punch or be punched. Aenigmae can't die unless their loposes die, and aenigmae die at the same exact moment as their lopos by falling to sparkling motes of dust that eventually disintegrate into ashes after a year or so. Other aenigmae can sense this dust before it has disintegrated and if they sense it nearby in large amounts it can warn them of a grave or an unsafe area.

    Personality & Behavior
    Rather than reflect the shallow, fickle exterior of someone's character – I used to like blue, but now I like orange; I hate it when people interrupt me; etc. – an aenigma's personality represents the real core of what's there and what inspires a lopos's behavior. However, the whole point of an aenigma is that it has its own take on these core principles, just like someone's consciousness could disagree with their behavior. They are always offering their lopos another side of what they are capable of, another way of looking at things that, rather than altering their core principles, just rearranges them. Aenigmae's personalities can change, but only slightly. Core ideals will only change if the lopos's change as well. Often the most change occurs during adolescence when the lopos moves from childhood to adult maturity. And because infants and toddlers don't tend to cultivate major core ideals, aenigmae are usually kind of naive and airheaded until the child is around 4-7 years old.

    Aenigmae do not need to eat, drink or sleep, but they do age as their loposes do. Both their personality and appearance is subject to development. However, their size will never change and they are never physically ill. Most of the signs of aging we see in animals, such as arthritis or cataracts in the eyes, are therefore absent from aenigmae, replaced by mere, often subtle changes in appearance, such as the whitening of muzzle hair in a canine aenigma. This can make it extraordinarily difficult to guess an aenigma's age without knowing that of its lopos.

    Divine Aenigmae (open)

    Divine aenigmae are different from other aenigmae in some very fundamental ways. Most significantly, Divine aenigmae may take the form of plants as well as non-sentient animals. And while in gods and godesses aenigmae are the same embodiment of spiritual mind/soul/consciousness as they are in sentient mortals, a deity's aenigma is the only way they can appear in the physical world. Often this is what has encouraged the use of symbols to represent deities. The aenigmae, while very, very powerful, can be physically harmed because they take solid physical shape. As long as their lopos is healthy, however, and not kept from doing so by another deity's magic, they can channel their power into their aenigma to heal it instantly. Divine aenigmae that take plant form cannot move, but they can mysteriously vanish from one location and reappear in another. Also, they do not require air, sunlight, water, or any other substance to live. Just like in mortals, if a Divine lopos dies, so does their aenigma.

    Divine aenigmae have many special superpowers! All of them have extraordinary speed, strength, endurance, perceptiveness, senses and intelligence raising them above other aenigmae, as well as one additional power that relates to their lopos, such as magically causing flowers to grow or being able to tell potential parts of the future. If a Divine aenigma is a fantasy animal, it possesses its natural superpowers (like a dragon breathing fire). No aenigma's powers may grant superpowers to mortals (like unicorn blood giving everlasting life).

    Because gods can only die by being killed by another god, they do not age naturally and nor do their aenigmae. A Divine aenigma will maintain its appearance unaltered throughout its lopos's life.

    Aenigma Types (open)

    The Protector
    They are strong Energies with a fighting spirit who are fiercely loyal but rarely affectionate and will do whatever possible to ensure their lopos’s safety. Typically the most aggressive of Energies, they will not take kindly to someone who harms their lopos, and their pride is easily injured. Yet their faithfulness and devotion to their lopos and their cause makes them trustworthy, reliable companions who are always a blessing to have around in a scrape!

    The Advisor
    These are wise, often wily and reclusive Energies that may take inconspicuous forms which are easily underestimated. Beneath the diminutive exterior lies a brilliant mind which provides knowledge and clever advice for their lopos, who knows what to do with it.

    The Scout
    The most distant and independent of Energies, these ainigmae are creative and independent, even to the point of getting themselves and their lopos into trouble! However, this is purely accidental, as these Energies tend to have an uncanny foresight for what is ahead, though their future plans are rarely altered by potential danger – that just makes things more exciting! Bold and daring, they need a firm hand to control them and beneath their rebelliousness lies a fierce passion for discovery, life, and the lopos who enables them to experience life to the fullest. Generally, Scouts love interacting with others.

    The Empath
    These Energies tend to take unpredictable shapes, though certainly none of them are vicious. They provide solace and sympathy for their lopos and are always looking for affection and someone to talk to. What makes them happiest is seeing their lopos smile. Intimately tuned upon their lopos’s moods and personality, these Energies are rarely sociable with other people or ainigmae, and may be downright hostile towards them, but never violent or abusive.


    Deities died and fled during the catastrophic Cataclysm of Elysia, but now some who did not meddle in these affairs and managed to survive are appearing. Already new gods have been born, but few of them contact the sentient mortals whose squabbles caused such horror in the past. There is a maximum of 12 known deities, with 2 gods and 2 goddesses supporting each faction.

    List of Known Deities (open)

    Create your own! :D

    Create Your Own (open)


    There is a limited amount of deities to be created, so only very qualitative applications for gods with ideas that support roleplay will be accepted. Please use the following form as a guideline for making a submission.

    Name: Fantasy name please! Names inspired by Ancient Greek are highly encouraged.
    Gender: God/Goddess
    Nation: The nation this god/dess supports.
    Age: Old Elysian, New Elysian, Old Sunnepheian or New Sunnepheian
    Cause: What is s/he the god/dess of? Why & how does that affect Sunnephreia and national culture?
    Patron: optional; does the god/dess favor a certain group of people, such as a specific race or occupation?
    Aenigma: an animal or plant (see "Divine Aenigmae")
    Symbol: Such as a wave or a bird or a stylized breeze…
    History: How did this god/dess survive the Elyrian Cataclysm?


  3. [​IMG]


    Long ago, this tattered island was the supercontinent of Elysia, peaceful, joyous, refined, righteous, pleasing the gods, serving the people. But then one mortal woman unhinged the whole world from its balance…

    Pandora (open)

    Over a thousand years ago, a large, thriving continent, supported by the most brilliant minds, the most powerful, well-intentioned magic, the most doting gods and a landly wealth unmatched in all the world, ruled supreme where Sunnepheia now lies sundered. That magnificent place was called Elysia, ever peaceful and joyful. Elysians were never ill, or ugly, or unhappy, or angry. They knew no conflict and their lives were full of happiness and ease.

    Then one day, a little girl was born to weeping parents: for the great Oracle of Atura prophesied before her birth that she was cursed to destroy Elysia. Thus her parents, helpless in the face of the law, gave her to the priests of the Oracle to end her life. Now, there are many ways this part of the story goes, but this is the most common. The head priestess took the infant to a river to drown her, but the screams of the child's aenigma attracted the attention of the king of Atura, who had been passing through the area on a hunting trip. Misunderstanding the situation, he struck the priestess dead with an arrow and sent his guard to retrieve the drowning babe. Softened by the infant's peril, and knowing that his wife had always desired a daughter, he brought what he assumed to be an orphan home to the arms of his elated wife.

    Soon the king and queen of Atura heard the news: the head priestess, as she was disposing of the notorious cursed baby, had been found dead with an arrow in her heart and hoofprints in the soft mud of the river, with the infant girl nowhere to be seen. It did not take long for the king to realize what had happened, but now that he had come to love this child he could not bear the thought of having her killed. He kept her identity secret from his wife and decided to rear her closely and dearly and never let her stray from home to ensure that she would lead a normal life. After all, it was known that all prophesies were only potential paths the future could take, among many others. The queen never knew the truth of the girl's identity.

    The girl grew up as a princess and was named Pandora. The histories, scattered, exaggerated, falsified, destroyed and mistranslated, cannot tell with accuracy what she was really like. We do know that while she was not conventionally beautiful, she possessed an amazing allure. They say when you looked into her eyes you could not look away again. Even as a young girl this was obvious. When she walked through a room, heads turned and tongues stilled. Both men and women of all ages and characters were totally captivated by her, but none more so than the king and queen's son and heir, a boy just a couple years older than Pandora. His name is lost to time, but it is known that his devotion to her was absolute, even obsessive, and she did not return his romantic affections.

    Now it came that the king was old and aging, and grew very sick. His son was in the prime of youth and was named as his successor while the king lay ill on his deathbed. Now the son had to seek a wife, and he beseeched his mother that a marriage be arranged between him and Pandora. Before the queen could seek the king's counsel on the matter, he died suddenly of a stroke and the secret of Pandora's curse died with him. So the marriage was arranged, and Pandora had no say in this matter. Yet she burned with fear and resentment, for she had fallen deeply in love with the palace stableboy, and he returned her affections sincerely. Yet they had kept their relationship a secret all these years lest they be separated, since a marriage of such social differences was impossible.

    So, the night before Pandora was to marry the new king, she eloped with the stableboy and they ran far away from Atura. Furious at the betrayal, the proud young king hunted them, only ever one step behind. But he never did catch up with them, for Pandora and her lover were aided by many of the gods, who, enamored by the exciting romance, sought some entertainment by helping her evade the king. Yet considering this oathbreaking and injustice, the gods divided, with another, minor side, on the side of the king. As Pandora and the stableboy fled to the faraway country of Viall, where men and women of all social classes had the right to choose their marriages, the king called the armed forces of his allies to his command, demanding that they help him in his hunt and force Viall to turn over Pandora. Viall in turn called upon her allies, refusing to bend to a foreign law and determined to protect the rights of all her inhabitants.

    And so war ensued. It began with small skirmishes and loud disagreements at political meetings, then escalated wildly into a destructive whirlwind of assassinations, world war, war among the gods themselves, and Divine curses that poisoned earth, raised waters and generally disrupted the balance of ecosystems and weather patterns. Superstorms ravaged the land, water levels rose and fell dramatically, volcanoes erupted, earthquakes shook with screaming fury, tsunamis swallowed seashores, and rivers flooded hungrily. Long after Pandora, her lover and the Aturan king had all been killed, the conflict was far from ceased: it was a clash of tradition and revolution, a dramatic upheaval of beliefs and morals and abused political power.

    It seemed the world was over.

    Life may have been over as the Elysians knew it, but the bare survivors of this catastrophe still survive today, strengthened by a lessening of disaster in the land, and new opportunities awaken for those who are well used to ferocious struggles. Can Sunnepheia see peace on earth again?

    Post-Apocalypse (open)

    When the conflict finally ended, it was not because peace had been found; rather the land was too inhospitable to fight upon, and no capable leader remained to mobilize an army. The gods had died or fled, all countries and organizations had fallen, and the face of the planet was dramatically changed. In the sundered remains of Elysia known as Sunnepheia, sentient beings began to slowly rebuild their shattered world. It is only now that organizations have begun to rise; one millenium has passed since Elysia fell. Commonly, very ancient settlements were inhabited and then abandoned in an endless cycle for many hundreds of years. At last nations have laid claim to major cities, marked territories, joined forces with returning, powerful gods … Kausteira to the east, Zmaragdos to the west, and Pégulis caught in between: will this be the stage for just another conflict? Or will the world finally be able to find peace? Only time will tell if we have learned from our mistakes.


    Every user may have up to 2 characters. No user may have both a Kausteiran and a Zmaragdosi character. Fill in the CS and join today! Accepted characters are also listed here.

    Character Sheet (open)

    Regular Character Sheet
    * = optional

    Aenigma Name:
    Aenigma Gender:
    Aenigma Appearance:
    Aenigma Personality:
    Aenigma History:[COLOR=#FEF1B5][B]*[/B][/COLOR]
    Sexual Orientation:[COLOR=#FEF1B5][B]*[/B][/COLOR]
    Fancy-Shmancy Character Sheet
    replace () with []

    [COLOR=#FFFFFF]Large awesome portrait of your charrie
    (COLOR=#cool color)(B)Name(/B):(/COLOR) 
    (COLOR=#cool color)(B)Title(/B):(/COLOR) 
    (COLOR=#cool color)(B)Gender(/B):(/COLOR) 
    (COLOR=#cool color)(B)Race(/B):(/COLOR) 
    (COLOR=#cool color)(B)Age(/B):(/COLOR)
    (COLOR=#cool color)(B)Nationality(/B):(/COLOR) 
    (COLOR=#cool color)(B)Occupation(/B):(/COLOR) 
    (COLOR=#cool color)(B)Appearance(/B)(/COLOR)
    (COLOR=#cool color)(B)Personality(/B)(/COLOR)
    (FONT=book antiqua)(SIZE=4)(COLOR=#char's signature color)Skills(/COLOR)(/SIZE)(/FONT)
    (B)Combat Skill 1(/B)
    (B)Combat Skill 2(/B)
    (B)General Skill 1(/B)
    (B)General Skill 2(/B)
    (B)General Skill 3(/B)
    (FONT=book antiqua)(SIZE=4)(COLOR=#char's signature color)Weaknesses(/COLOR)(/SIZE)(/FONT)
    (B)Physical Weakness 1(/B)
    (B)Physical Weakness 2(/B)
    (B)Mental Weakness 1(/B)
    (FONT=book antiqua)(SIZE=3)(COLOR=#char's signature color)Your aenigma's name: (I)Gender Type Animal Species(/I)(/COLOR)(/SIZE)(/FONT)
    Awesome portrait of aenigma!
    Appearance of Aenigma!
    (COLOR=#cool color)(B)Sexual Orientation(/B):(/COLOR) 
    (COLOR=#cool color)(B)Relationship(/B):(/COLOR) 
    (FONT=book antiqua)(SIZE=4)(COLOR=#char's signature color)History(/COLOR)(/SIZE)(/FONT)
    Character Sheet Details (open)

    Name: Make sure it fits the fantasy genre!
    Gender: Male/Female
    Race: Either choose from available races or PM me about your own idea!
    Age: Characters must be from 15-55 years old (to make their participation in combat and difficult travel realistic).
    Nationality: Choose between Kausteiran, Pégulian, and Zmaragdosi

    Appearance: Even if you add a picture, be sure to verbally mention the following: your physique (slender, overweight, tall, petite), your eye, skin & hair color, and physical features of your race (such as fins).

    Personality: Give us at least 4 sentences about your personality. Are you provoked easily? Are you obedient? Are you ruthless or merciful? Are you wise? Social? Wanderlustig? Proud?

    Skills: Things you're good at; no more than 5, please. You can negotiate with me if you want to add more. At least 2 of these must be combat skills, but they should be specialized – just because your char is an accomplished archer doesn't mean s/he could hold a sword, swing a club, wear heavy armor or do well in a fistfight.

    Weaknesses: At least 2 physical weaknesses and at least 1 mental weakness. If you are out of ideas, PM me! Remember, a peasant is likely illiterate, while a wealthy merchant may not be able to swim… From myopia to obesity, impatience to alcohol abuse, there is a world of weaknesses out there! ;)

    Aenigma Name: Fantasy names only! Names based on Ancient Greek are highly encouraged. Please also add the species and General Type (such as Lola the Protector Llama / Fred the Empath Butterfly).
    Aenigma Gender: Male/Female
    Aenigma Appearance: Even if you add a picture, be sure to mention the aenigma's species, size, physique, skin color and the shade of its metallic sheen (silver, gold, copper, bronze…?), eye color, and aura color. Be aware that the last must correspond with the lopos's eye color.
    Aenigma Personality: Give us at least 2 sentences about your aenigma's personality. Try to include any fears they have and their attitude towards adventure and other people and their aenigmae. Most importantly, mention the aenigmae's General Type.
    Aenigma History: optional

    Sexual Orientation: optional
    Relationship: if you are or if you want to be in a romantic relationship with another character; optional
    Family: optional; necessary only if another user is RPing a character related to yours

    History: optional

    Accepted Characters (open)

    Lynn (open)
    Bedwyr (open)

    Lor (open)

    Chloe (open)
    Eirene (open)

    ElleLunia (open)

    Kaptain Dedtoo
    Z'Greel (open)

    Bagürz (open)

    Katerina (open)

    Shar (open)


    Thank you Esthalia for the suggestion! Here is a collection of rules as well as a Frequently Asked Questions section to keep everyone informed of what this roleplay is all about and what is expected of users! Please be familiar with the rules here before posting.

    OOC Rules (open)

    [ 1 ] All of these rules are subject to change by Quill at any time. Quill is also qualified to make exceptions to all rules shown here. As GM, she may be exempt from some rules (such as Rule #5).

    [ 2 ] Failure to follow rules will result in 2 warnings, then a more serious discussion, and if the rule-breaker has shown no sign of improvement, removal from both IC and OOC roleplay.

    [ 3 ] All Iwaku rules apply.

    [ 4 ] Respect other players! Be kind, supportive, and ask for their permission before harming them! Roleplaying other users' characters without their permission is called godmodding and it's not tolerated here.

    [ 5 ] There is a maximum of 2 characters per person. Usually roleplaying deities will take up a character slot but Quill may make exceptions. No user may have both a Kausteiran and a Zmaragdosi character.

    [ 6 ] You are allowed to kill one of your characters to make room for another, but let Quill know about it first, then she will make an IC event where this can occur. Try to wrap up loose threads before you go.

    [ 7 ] This is a PG13 thread and roleplay. That means romance, holding hands, kissing, etc., is fine, but explicit sexuality belongs in other forums. When characters start to engage in more than kissing, fade to black.

    [ 8 ] This is a combat-oriented roleplay and there will be violence, but keep it classy ^^ We don't need long descriptions of someone's spilled-out entrails. The action is more important than the gore.

    [ 9 ] Mild cursing ("darn", "Goddamn it") is tolerated but words like s**t and f**k are emphatically not. If you're not sure a curse word is appropriate, it's better to err on the side of caution.

    [ 10 ] Every user is expected to post at least 2 times a week, with temporary exceptions for the busy. Persistently holding up the RP may result in your character being dropped to a position of minor importance or removed from the RP should you no longer be available. By leaving the RP you agree to let Quill hijack your abandoned character and orchestrate an awesome death for them >8D

    [ 11 ] While this is a play-by-post RP, the damage dealt in IC battles and the efficacy of plans (such as sneaking past a sleeping monster or bribing a guard) is determined by dice rolls made in the DiceBox.

    [ 12 ] Dice rolls are entirely random. If you are dealt a bad hand be mature about it, real life luck won't improve if you complain about it either. The very real possibility for failure allows a much more realistic and complex roleplay experience where characters may have to try several different ways of achieving a goal, each more complex and clever than the last. It is designed to enrich the RP and make it fair for everyone ^^ So please respect DiceBox results!

    [ 13 ] I will be checking DiceBox records myself or asking staff to if I become suspicious of cheating. Cheating in the DiceBox will result in immediate expulsion from the roleplay.

    [ 14 ] To prevent confusion, please label every roll *BEFORE* you make it. This way I can tell not only what you're rolling for, but also, should you be rolling for 2 things, that you have not selectively distributed results, which defeats the point of random dice rolls.

    [ 15 ] Do not expect every dice roll for every combat situation to be identical. Factors such as weather, character races, a target's magical skill and light availability can all change dice rolls through bonuses and penalties in fundamental ways. I will be deciding which factors affect what and how much. If you think I have made a mistake or left something out, post in the OOC section with your suggestion, leave me a visitor message or send me a PM, and I will consider your recommendation.

    FAQ (open)

    [ #ID of question/s and link to post where Qs were answered ]
    List of questions answered in the post

    [ 1 ]
    Are aenigmae real or just a symbolic presence?
    Does literally everyone in the world have their own aenigma?
    If everyone has an animal companion, how do they know it's theirs?
    When and how do people meet their animal companions?

    [ 2 ]
    Do aenigmae age like their loposes?

    [ 3 ]
    Can aenigmae be harmed?
    Can an aenigma have forms of physical contact with the world around it?

    [ 4 ]
    Is roleplaying a deity allowed?
    Do deities have aenigmae?
    How important is a Greek influence in CSs?
    Where do I post my CS?

    [ 5 ]
    What's the size difference between races?

    [ 6 ]
    How many characters are you expecting before the IC is launched?
    What belongs on the CS?
    Where should the CS be kept until it's accepted?
    How do I know if my CS is accepted?

    [ 7 ]
    Is it possible that a god/dess was born from mortal parents but achieved divinity somehow?
    Is it possible for a god/dess to inhabit a human body since the soul born is nearly dead?
    How can I tell the difference between the nationalities?

    [ 8 ]
    Can one aenigma hurt another aenigma?
    Do they all exist on the same plane or are fire ones on fire planes and water on water, etc.?

    [ 9 ]
    Where can I find information about aenigmae's aura colors and metallic sheens?
    Is it alright if I can't find a picture that matches my character's appearance exactly?
    Do hybrids exist?
    Does racial interbreeding cause illnesses in the offspring?

  4. First of all, thank you so much for the feedback! I've tried to answer your questions as comprehensively as possible and will be incorporating the info into the original posts! :D Lots more info will be added anyway so lots of confusion may be diminished once the posts have been completed.

    The Aenigmae are real. They are like an external embodiment of your spirit that takes physical form, but does not have physical needs such as sleeping or eating. Instead they are like a physical manifestation of your consciousness that is your companion whom you can talk to and do activities with, etc.

    Yes, everyone in the world has their own aenigma. Sort of like everyone having their own personal pet. And more like Pullman's daemon world than Digimon, lol XD It's not like they battle with each other or anything or magical appear out of red and blue lunch boxes. Or is that Yugimon? O.o

    How do modern people tell their Dachshund apart from their neighbor's Dachshund? Besides the incredibly strong psychological bond that makes a person just intrinsically realize it's their aenigma, the same way you just realize it's you when you look in a mirror (I hope), you have coexisted with him/her since birth and no two aenigmae share the same personality and thus identical patterns of behavior.

    There are physical indicators as well to help distinguish one aenigma from the other. An aenigma's
    aura corresponds with their owner's exact shade of eye color, and the metallic sheen can be silver, gold, copper, bronze, or whatever other metals you can come up with, so they could differ. Additionally, aenigmae may appear a lot larger or smaller than the non-spiritual animal species, so for example for a fox aenigma, Fred the Protector Fox could be the size of a polar bear while Lola the Empath Fox could fit into the palm of a human hand. Also, aenigmae can speak, and their voices will vary just like human ones do.

    When comparing a non-spiritual animal with an aenigma, the difference lies in a) the
    aura, b) the metallic sheen, c) the significant size variations, and d) the ability to talk, as well as other forms of human intelligence that that particular animal species may not possess. Most importantly perhaps, aenigmae do not have to move like non-spiritual animals do: that is, they can move through air as though it were any material, including water for aquatic aenigmae and a wall of earth for subterranean aenigmae. So, while non-spiritual dolphins are restricted to water, a dolphin aenigma could swim towards you at this very moment through air, suspended slightly above the ground.

    When a sentient infant is born, the moment they open their mouths to take their first breath, a rush of sparkling motes of light accompanies their very first exhalation. This then forms into a glittering, insubstantial animal – the child's aenigma for life – but does not take physical form until the child is named. Aenigmae are not named when the infant is born, since s/he inherently possesses a name which the child innately knows since birth, and as the child learns to speak s/he will begin referring to the aenigma by their name, thereby revealing it to others as well, first through somewhat stumbling nicknames and pronunciation, then clear and complex (or as it may happen, simple) enunciation.
  5. Epic! :D

    The only stupid question is the one left unasked ;) And no, it wasn't asked yet. I'll be sure to add the info to the general aenigma section. So, aenigmae do become physically older – a lion aenigma, for example, may grow gray hairs on their muzzle – but they are never ill because they aren't actually "real" animals. So they couldn't catch a cold or develop arthritis. Many of the signs of aging we see in animals are due to disease, such as cataracts in the eye or labored movement from worn joints, but due to the absence of these in aenigmae it can be challenging to distinguish an old aenigma from a youthful one depending on the species, especially since size differences do not relate to age and an aenigma remains the exact size it was when it first formed.

    An aenigma's
    personality can change, but only insofar as their lopos's does. Rather than reflect the shallow, fickle exterior of someone's character – I used to like blue, but now I like orange; I hate it when people interrupt me; etc. – aenigmae represent the real core of what's there and what inspires a lopos's behavior, but the whole point of an aenigma is that it has its own take on these core principles, just like someone's consciousness could disagree with their behavior. They are always offering their lopos another side of what they are capable of, another way of looking at things that, rather than altering their core principles, just rearranges them. So that was the long, complex explanation. The short is that yes, aenigmae's personalities can change, but only slightly. Core ideals will only change if the lopos's change as well. Often the most change occurs during adolescence when the lopos moves from childhood to adult maturity. And because infants and toddlers don't tend to cultivate major core ideals, aenigmae are usually kind of naive and airheaded until the child is around 4 years old.

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate the compliment! I do hope it will become a source of lots of entertainment, excitement and epic roleplay experiences for all the people who end up joining this! :D

    Thank you!! I did put plenty of effort into it. Thanks to AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME ASMODEUS I was able to get super-inspired and today I will be catching up with lots and lots of editing! :D
  6. Hmmm … excellent question.

    Well it depends on the character you're creating. If you want someone who's close to the leaders, it would probably be good to wait until their CS's are done. If you're making someone who is settled in one of the major cities and that somehow plays a major role in who your character is, again, it might be better to wait. There's only 3 days left until everything will be done anyway…

    But if your CS requires neither intimate knowledge of the leaders and your char's geographical history isn't of much import, by all means! Let characters and gods abound! :D
  7. Ack … darn inconsistency D8< Originally I made them heavenly spirit companions and then I changed my mind, so residue of bad editing remains >> Yes. That will be removed. Although I suppose you could really grievously insult an aenigma? Maybe? O_o

    Can't be! I'll fix that error!

    Well, just like they can't be harmed, they cannot harm, they can't interact with the physical world to that degree. However, I can see how it would kinda suck to be unable to hug your own soul if it was embodied in an epic animal … SO! New rule! Aenigma can choose to semi-"solidify" at opportune times! This will allow snuggling, etc., to take place, but they still can't punch or be punched. Originally I intended it to be a spiritual closeness: the lopos wishes for their aenigma to be there to comfort them, and the aenigma will be very physically close to them but also spiritually nearly merge with their consciousness … but that's all complicated and stuff. In any case, aenigmae share their lopos's spiritual pain, even if they can't respond to physical discomfort since they don't feel it. It should be noted if that hasn't been mentioned elsewhere already that aenigmae can't die unless their loposes die, and aenigmae die at the same exact moment as their lopos. By falling to sparkling motes of dust that are blown away by the wind. If there happens to be one. Otherwise they just unpoetically fall on the ground. Other aenigmae can sense this dust and if they sense it nearby in large amounts it can warn them of a grave or an unsafe area. I haven't even talked about that at all yet, I'm realizing. OK. I really have to go to bed now but tomorrow I will:

    a) add aenigma info!
    b) make rules list
    c) finish my char sheets
    d) PAR-TAY!!
  8. Certain deity spots cannot be taken because they are part of the epicquests each nation has to solve successfully to cure the Divine curses of their land, but revealing anything about these deities, including their identities, would at this point be kind of a spoiler D: I encourage deity creation and roleplay but try to stay away from elemental deities without PMing me first whether they're available! Making a god/goddess first and then creating a character are totally allowed. 2 chars per user, regardless of who the chars are ^^ Just make sure that they follow the rule: No user may have both a Kausteiran and a Zmaragdosi character.

    I'm so glad you asked that question! I've already worked out how that will be added to the deities/aenigma info earlier, but I was planning on adding it later today, but why not explain it here! So, gods and godesses do have souls and consciousnesses that CAN take the form of aenigmae, but that's the ONLY way the deities can appear in the physical world: by having their soul and spiritual mind, in aenigma form, visit the physical world. That is why every god/goddess has a symbol: this is what they are embodied in and how they are found in the physical world. The special thing about deities is that "elemental" deities, as they are called, who personify the earth, water, sky, plants, ice, et cetera, can have plant aenigmae and fantasy or mythical animals with real superpowers. In fact, all Divine aenigmae have superpowers relating to the deity that they impersonate.

    About the Greek influence: there's an underlying Greek theme in the RP, and thus Greek themes in gods, characters, places, events, names, et cetera, that are created by users is encouraged. However, it is not mandatory and any other fantasy-appropriate influences are welcomed!

    Yes, please! :) If I want to suggest changes I'll send you a PM privately, but I want all the character sheets in one place for convenience ^^ I'm way too disorganized to keep track of them any other way >,>

    So everyone! The plan right now is to do A as well as I can. I'm at lunch in school right now so I might have to abort the operation midway, but I will continue it as soon as I come home! Like I promised, before Oct. 17 ends this will all be complete :D
  9. <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <o:OfficeDocumentSettings> <o:AllowPNG/> </o:OfficeDocumentSettings></xml><![endif]-->Name: Chief Bagürz

    Age: 33

    Race: Orc

    Title: Chief

    Nationality: Kausteiran

    Occupation: Guardian of the Ghanzhul tribe

    Appearance: Bagürz is tall for an orc, standing at least two heads from the average clansmen have portrayed him to possess the strength of the titans- he sports a Mohawk, the standard hair given to the males of his tribe. Having broad shoulders and a muscular tone, he differs from his fellow orcs in his skin color, being green instead of gray or dark brown. Having the eye color of amber and aquamarine in each different eye, he is often referred to as the“Outcast” of the tribe due to this difference; his right tusk that juts out of his mouth was broken in a duel against a rival orc.

    Personality: Generally, Bagürz is a fun loving orc who thirst for life and excitement. His stubbornness however, gets in the way of his decision at times but is easily swayed by facts as he isn’t that bright-but do not take this as a sign of relief, Bagürz can be angered quite easily due to having himself called an outcast by tribesmen.

    Skills: Having to wield a heavy weapon fit for a strong orc, Bagürz has mastered using a colossal hammer with one hand.He is also capable of wearing heavy armor, making him a durable wall of endurance that can withstand countless blows. But aside from fighting, Bagürz is capable of handling children quite well due to the fact he is the first born amongst his father’s young children, he also enjoys heavy manual labor and seeks out those in need of help for their task that requires immense physical strength but his most notable ability is to survive in a barren land, this is taught to everyone in his tribe because they are surrounded by an unforgiving and arid desert of sand.

    Weaknesses: Bagürz takes pride in his strength and is easily angered by insults due to his treatment in his home, being called and jeered an “outcast” due to his difference. Also, being in a desert meant Bagürz never had the chance the perfect his swimming, which leads to his slight fear of water. Bagürz cannot control his strength and is often shunned in areas that require precise and delicate actions.

    Aenigma Name: Skoll and Hati, the sons of Fenrir.

    Aenigma Gender: Skoll and Hati are both males.

    Aenigma Appearance:


    Both spiritual beings possess wolf bodies, giving them flexible movement and speed as fast as the wind. Skoll and Hati are also quite large for a wolf, at the height of just below the waist of an average human, they can easily jump on a fully grown man and ravage them with fatal fangs. Skoll, being a Protector Aenigma bares his fangs on anyone who Bagürz meets for the first time, while Hati, also a Protector, gives Bagürz directions and sage decisions that points him in the right path to take. Both Skoll and Hati are adorned with a platinum sheer color that tells them apart from normal wolves- but at the peak of their power, they emit an aura that reflects their eye color- Skoll being amber while Hati has aquamarine eyes, this aura signifies that Fenrir has given them a small "burst" of power that enables them to execute their movements twice as fast, doubling their strength and increasing their endurance.

    Sexual Orientation: Straight (Often shy on women he likes because of his anxiety of being shunned away, due to being an Orc)

    Family: 21 Brothers and Sisters, all under his father and wives- he is the first born and takes responsibility in looking after the whole lot.


    Hope this is good enough! :D
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  10. Name: ElleLunia
    Pic: View attachment 16306

    Age: 27

    Race: Forest Kin

    Title: Archer

    Where from: City of Edel in the land of Zmargdos

    Occupation: wanderer

    Appearance: ElleLunia stands tall, with long glittering silver hair that reaches down to her thighs when not tied up. She has bright blue eyes that shimmer in the darkness. She has a fit, trained body that is strong yet slim. She has milky white skin.

    Personality: Ellelunia is very slow at trusting others. It could be the mysterious death of her father that lead her to be so cautious, but she prefers to be alone. She is reserved and respectful when need be, but brash and angers easily. She has taken on an abandoned Falleon cub, a baby girl that she named Z'Harli, after her father. She has accepted this responsibility and raised the child like her own, loving her completely, despite the race differance.

    Skills: Ellelunia is an expert marksman, learning everything she knows from her father before he passed. She is also a wonderful tracker, and seems to feel the forest, communicating with it in a way that others might not understand.

    Weaknesses: She is young, and her decisions are not always the best. She is sometimes ignorant to the truth, but fights with her entire being. She lacks patience and is easy to anger. Physical: She is not overly strong and currently she has her arrow arm in a sling (from a previous battle) It hurts to pull back on her bow. </SPAN></SPAN>

    Sexual orientation: Straight

    Relationship- She is raising a child on her own, she is not looking for love-though if it happens, she cannot help it.

    Aenigma Name: Orion
    Pic: View attachment 16307

    Aenigma Gender: Male

    Aenigma Appearance: Orion is a standard black panther. He is thick and muscular, with his right fang chipped slightly at the point. His coat is glossy and shines raven purple in the moonlight and his eyes are a bright metallic silver. He is generally kind- due to his bond with ElleLunia- and he has learned to love the young Falleon cub that they stumbled upon in their travels. He oftens carries her in his mouth, like he would one of his own cubs. He is very protective over the baby- almost too much so.

    Name: Z'Harli
    Pic: (Could not find an adorably baby picture, so just imagine her grown self as a baby- super cute and tiny :P )
    View attachment 16308

    Appearance: Z'harli is a grey spotted Falleon, small and fluffy. She is still a cub and has no inkling about the harsh world that surrounds her.
    Personality- Light and bubbly, Z'Harli is Ignorant to the world.

    Age: < 1 year

    Race: Falleon

    Aenigma Name: Strider (Red tailed hunting hawk)

    Aenigma gender: Male
    ( she does not have him yet. though it will happen soon)

  11. Z'greel.jpg
    Name: Z'Greel Joz'Ly

    Gender: Male

    Race: Draken

    Occupation: Rogue

    Age: 25

    Nationality: Kausterian

    Appearance: Green scales. Mostly keeps his snout-spikes short, preferring to keep them short. Decently muscled and tall, almost always wearing his red cloak, making him an imposing figure, not at all hampered by his red eyes.

    Personality: Quiet. Selfish. Mostly doesn't trust others, preferring to use them to further his own goals. Wants a easy and preferably, rich life, and does what he feels he must to make it so.

    Skills: Acrobatic. P
    ick-pocketing, from a lot of training since childhood. Breaking and entering. Can defend himself a bit from having been in his line of work for quite a few years.

    Weaknesses: By no means a warrior. Not a people-person. Occasionally a coward.

    Sexual Orientation: Straight.

    Aenigma Name:
    Azyrlara, or just Azy, for short.
    Aenigma Gender: [/B][/B][/COLOR][/B][COLOR=#008000]Female.[/COLOR][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][COLOR=#008000]
    Aenigma Appearance: [/B][/B][/B][/COLOR][COLOR=#008000]A mostly black spider [/COLOR][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B]
    [B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][COLOR=#008000]which is slightly larger than the average hand, [/COLOR][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][COLOR=#008000]with a slight red sheen and [/COLOR][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][COLOR=#008000]glowing green eyes.[/COLOR][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][COLOR=#008000] [/COLOR][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][COLOR=#008000]
    Aenigma Personality: [/COLOR][/B][/B][/B][COLOR=#008000]Cheeky and playful. Tends to get in trouble for stealing little, shiny things. Doesn't like being touched by anyone but Z'greel.
    Aenigma type: Scout

  12. <img src="http://i114.photobucket.com/albums/n245/dragoncutter/Post%20images/shardis-pict-resized_zpsb4c1c5f6.jpg" align=right style=padding:10px width=50%>

    Name: Shardis, Shar for short

    Gender: Female

    Race: Fellion

    Age: 27

    Nationality: Shar hails from the wilds close to the city Ald of Pegulis

    Appearance: She is from the snow leopard variety of Fellion. Covered in luxurious long, soft and very thick white fur dotted with black spots covering most of her back, arms and legs. Her stomach, inner arm and inner leg fur is pure white. She has ice blue eyes, black nose and pierced ears with many rings,chains and studs of various sizes dangling from them.

    Personality: Normally quiet and reserved, she likes to observe a situation from a distance if possible before engaging. Although, Garth's sense of humor can get on her nerves to the point of distraction and on occasion violence. Having lightning fast reflexes, she can act quickly if need be. She is known for her keen wit and love of knowledge.

    Skills: Her parents being well known archaeologists, she enjoys doing similar work and discovering the past and understanding the Cataclysm. Far from being stuck to a desk in a musty museum, she loves to look for antiquities in the field. Which in this day and time can be dangerous work. She is proficient with parqour and has ninja like reflexes. Shardis wields a short curved sword and throws small daggers. She also has an extensive knowledge of the lost linguistics as well as knowledge of the old machines used before the Cataclysm.

    Weaknesses: Built for the cold, she can not stand heat for over long. She has been known to have a volatile disposition. She is a terrible swimmer, sinks like a stone.

    Aenigma Name: Garthon, Garth for short

    Aenigma Gender: Male

    Aenigma Appearance: A small blue dragon of approximately 8 feet tall and a length of almost 15 feet from tip of snout to end of tail. A wing span of 25 feet wide. He is thin and built for speed. His has deep blue-green eyes that sparkle when he laughs. He has a silver metallic sheen and an ice blue aura that matches Shar's eye color.

    Aenigma Personality: Jovial and outgoing, he loves a good joke and pulls pranks on Shar and others when ever possible.

    Aenigma History: Not known for his truthfulness with others, he likes to mess with the status quo just to spice things up. In so doing, he has caused many problems in the past. No one, not even Shardis, knows why he turned out this way and few barely tolerate him when he is at his worst.

    Sexual Orientation: straight

    History: Ever since childhood, Shar has held a strong interest in the past and as such has been on many excavation sights and hunts for lost technology and other treasures. She doesn't care about being famous for doing so ether. Her interest in the Cataclysm has taken her all over Pegulis, some of Zmaragdos and Kausteira. Admittedly most was in her youth with her parents, who by doing so, sparked her life long quest for knowledge. She is usually in the company of Galain Medwick, a close friend, playmate and confidant in her youth, apprenticed to her parents, like herself. Shar looks upon him as her leader these days and is totally loyal to him, thinking of him as her only brother. She would do anything to keep him safe from harm but finds it hard to do so even with his bad knee.
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  13. Uhhhhh … I don't actually have much of a size standard in feet or meters or anything as far as race heights go. I suppose humans are generally the size of real life humans and Draken, the tallest race, managing such heights as 4-5 heads higher, and some Fae reaching only to a human's knees. Here's a list of the races from largest to smallest, maybe that will give you some vague idea >,>

    Show Spoiler

    ~ Draken
    ~ Orc
    ~ Felleon
    ~ Nocturne
    ~ Avian
    ~ Forest Kin
    ~ Human
    ~ Aquarial
    ~ Unguis
    ~ Fae

  14. Oh, absolutely! My goal (since there will be different threads for different nations and their own adventures) is at least 12 characters! We've still got a long way to go till there and any additional character is much welcomed!

    That is what the third post is for. Under the "History" section you will find a "Characters" section. This contains the character sheet template and extensive details for what is expected to be included so that your character may be accepted. Please post it here, I will PM you with feedback :D
  15. Name: Lynnaiyah Ravenborn (Lynn for short, Raven for Rhys)
    Gender: Female
    Race: Forest Kin
    Age: 17
    Nationality: Riven of Zmaragdos
    Title/Occupation: Thief, Bow-maker and Artist

    Lynn stands at about 191cm (6'3'') and has a slender form. Her skin is an ivory color and her hair is a silky ebony, which goes down to her feet. She has piercing ice blue eyes that look cold, and sometimes seem to glow. When she is just traveling around she generally wears casual clothing (the clothes in the picture). When she actually gets into a fight that she is prepared for, she wears black armor made from thick ebony trees. She is generally carrying around a fairly large side bag and tries to hide all of her weapons except for her bow and arrows.
    Despite being kind to her own race and everything in nature, Lynn tends to be quite rude and mean to others. She rarely tries to make friends other than the ones she already has, which is very few. Most of the time, she is carefree and tries to avoid conflict. When she does have to fight, she generally enjoys it, sometimes a little bit too much. Her attitude towards any stranger is cold and without kindness. Excitement, adventure and danger are her favorite things other than nature.
    Lynn has practiced rigorously to become a master thief. Though she may be young, she still has a lot of experience in stealing and picking both locks and pockets. Her skills could just as easily be used to become and assassin, but she thinks it is easier to get along in life if she doesn't accidentally get spotted killing someone. She tries to steal only from those that could actually afford it, she is against robbing innocent people that need their money. In other words, she enjoys robbing nobles and other high ranking officials.
    Archery is one of her favorite things, it is so relaxing and makes it easier for fighting at a distance she prefers. Shooting from a distance is one way for her to take advantage of higher grounds and covered areas. She prefers to stay within trees and shoot down at her enemies. She uses an ebony recurve bow and black arrows with raven feathers.
    Single-Hand Weapons:
    Lynn is adept in using single-handed weapons, mostly dual-wielding swords or daggers. She tries to use these as more of a defensive skill rather than an offensive. Granted, she is more than capable of taking out an enemy with her blades, but she prefers to use her archery skills or not kill at all. Her blades that she owns are two daggers (one ebony, one ivory), two ebony short swords and a rapier.
    Crafting-Bows and Arrows:
    Being an archer herself, Lynn knows exactly what an archer looks for in a bow, which is why she is so handy in crafting them. Though she does not enjoy using the trees for it, she still does it to make money from an honest job. Lynn was also trained at an early age for how to temper the wood properly and the best materials to use.
    Fine Arts:
    Lynn is talented with singing and drawing, though not talented enough to call herself a master with either of them at all. She is probably average in both of these, though she tries to improve both of them. Singing is one way to find new targets to rob, one of the best ways to find male targets that have money, seduce them with song. Drawing is one way that she makes a form of income, she may not be the best, but her sketches are skilled enough to help get her some money.
    Lynn has less strength than many warriors and she has never put much effort into increasing her strength. It makes it harder for her to deal with warriors that are battle-hardened and trained warriors. The worst part of this, is that she has to try and avoid direct conflicts and battles.
    Light Armor:
    Having only light armor to wear, and what is easier for her to maneuver in, it is more risky for direct fights. Light armor is extremely easy to pierce through, especially if Lynn were to get caught off guard. There is even less protection around the joint areas so that movement is easy, which make them not only vital areas, but easy to stab areas.
    Lynn easily gets distracted and will sometimes space out, perfect opportunities for her enemies. She tries to avoid this as much as possible, but has never succeeded in not getting distracted in a fight. Usually, there is a lot going on in fights and she tries to pay attention to every little detail and person within that fight.
    Whenever Lynn gets into a fight, she generally fights more people than she can actually handle. When she takes on so many enemies, it is easier for her to get caught off guard by some of the people that she is trying to fight. Lynn tries to avoid fights, but loves to get into a fight and tries to show off her skills. She also tries to take on some of the more difficult opponents, thinking that she is capable of beating them, even if she is not as strong as they may be.

    Aenigma Name: Rhys
    Aenigma Gender: Male
    Aenigma Appearance:
    Rhys is a mixed breed black fox-cat, showing mostly the features of a fox. His cat features that can be seen are his pupils are slits, his movements are similar to a cats most often, he has the ears of a cat and his tail is longer than his body. He is completely black except for the white tail tip and the silver metallic sheen. He is slender, but most of his body shows very defined muscles where his fur is thinner and his tail is bushy and thicker than most of his body. Rhys stands with his head at Lynn's chest and has ice blue eyes just like hers that glow even more icy and cold, his aura is also an icy blue. (He has a deeper and more rough masculine voice, unlike Lynn's smooth alto voice)
    Aenigma Type: Protector
    Aenigma Personality:
    Rhys tends to be cruel and harsh towards anyone that he does not know. He can seem extremely evil towards just about anyone and is impartial to most people around him. Most of the time he avoids contact with anyone but Lynn, thinking everyone else is completely annoying. Rhys has a serious issue when it comes to fights, he simply loves them, almost craves them. He also enjoys sleeping, a lot, trying to avoid having to stay up all day. Night is his favorite time, he loves the moon and the stars, it is one of the few times that he is calm, relaxed, and even open to tolerating people. Overall, he is extremely hard to get along with for anyone other than Lynn.

    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Relationship: Single/Available
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  16. Name: Lor'thel'Shtar (Lor for short) (Lor'thel first name, Shtar last)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Felleon
    Age: 43 in Human-years
    Nationality: Born in the Red Plains of Kausteria
    Occupation: Khor of the Red Plains

    Appearance: (Close to the example picture of a Felleon) A scar runs down Lor’s right eye, gained in a glorious duel with the old khor. He has sandy fur color, his eyes like a cold, still, blue lake. Lor’s mane is a shaggy tan/black mat of hair. He has armor that resembles his size, which many describe merely as “big”. His frame is that of a great warrior, muscular, athletic, etc.
    Personality: Many see Lor as a warrior without fear, a Felleon with no remorse or mercy. But in actuality, known to only those he leads and trusts, he is very much an intelligent and cunning scholar, and a caring father. He was chosen, in fact, not for his strength (still a factor in the choosing, though), but for his wise and generally right decisions. He is also known for honor among his followers, and can also play politics well enough, but seldom does he like them. All he wants is for his family and followers to be happy.
    Skills: Fine with a sword in his hand, but wields words far better than many in his family. He is also a brilliant tactician and strategist, so Lor is pretty much an all-around kind of Felleon. Physical strength is also a factor in his skills; Lor is an excellent brawler.
    Weaknesses: He holds his family in the highest esteem, and they always come first. But if they are threatened, he doesn’t care if the threat is meant or not, he will protect them with all he has… but how can he if he isn’t there? He also can't swim, as many Felleon cannot, part because they are are half feline, and part he lives in the middle of a desert country. He also has constant back problems, a weakness utilized by the old khor that Lor faced, by constantly striking Lor's back.

    Aenigma Name: Bellascolaco (Or Bella) the Advisor Dragon
    Aenigma Gender: Female
    Aenigma Appearance: http://www.draconika.com/img/red-dragon.jpg ; full size red dragon, with a blue aura and yellow eyes. Bella has a very muscular build, even for a female dragon. Also has a golden, metallic sheen that glints in the sunlight.
    Aenigma Personality: The only fear Bella has is that Aukhmos’ war will destroy all male and female scholars and will obliterate knowledge and learning off the face of the earth if he rules Sunnepheia.
    Sexual Orientation: straight
    Relationship: Gia’jortha’Sua (wife)
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  17. Name: Chloe
    Gender: Female
    Race: Fae
    Age: 17

    Chloe stands firmly at a foot and a half small. A thin and sprightly foot and a half at that. When it comes to size, there are few more unimposing than Chloe. Blue wings sprout from between her shoulder blades, resembling the
    wings of a butterfly. They are even covered in a fine regenerative blue dust. She wears a travel worn green dress, which appeared as if it had been sloppily cut short to fit her diminutive stature. It also looked as if it were meant to be form fitting, but it hung a bit loose on her thin frame. The fae didn't carry any weapons, as she counted on her magic to defend herself. The only things she carries are a map, with questionable accuracy, a flute that she hangs around her neck from a string and a pouch at her side that carries small round stones that she has enchanted.

    Chloe is spirited, and for most people spirited translates into annoying. That may be why she usually travels alone. She also has what some people refer to as the "Small dog syndrome", where she often thinks she's tougher than she is. While it is true she's got a few tricks up her sleeve, her cockiness is mostly unwarranted since she doesn't have much going for her in the strength department. When confronted she has a habit of mouthing off as if she has nothing to be afraid of, whether the person she is confronting is a ten foot orc, or an ant that has made the mistake of wandering into her space.


    Enduring Spirit:
    It takes a lot to keep Chloe down. While this may not seem like much, it has come in handy already. The world is falling apart, and it takes a resilient spirit to survive the many tragedies that can occur in a dying world.

    Blinding Light: Chloe can wield a beam of incredibly bright light. This can blind her target for a limited amount of time depending on the situation. Light is the element Chloe is strongest with, but using it can take a lot out of her since it's what keeps her alive. If she does not have a source of light nearby, she can only blind the target for up to five minutes. The length of time in which she can blind an opponent is dependent on the sentience of the target, and how much light is available to her.

    Unbearable Weight:
    This illusion can work on only one individual, and work best on those who aren't magically inclined. Chloe carries with her stones she has enchanted. They are valuable to her since enchanting them takes a good amount of time. If she were to launch one of these stones at a target, the stone would appear to grow and grow before landing on the individual, causing them to feel as if an incredibly heavy boulder were holding them down. No matter how strong the target is, strength will not allow them to defeat this illusion. Chloe has to be constantly channeling magic to the stone in order for it to work, so even if the spell works perfectly and the target is not able to figure out it is an illusion it can only work up to 36 hours for the most non-magical non-sentient of targets.

    Variable Cast:
    This is Chloe's offensive spell. Her only offensive spell. She can shoot a blast of one of four elements at a time, among them are earth, fire, ice, or void. Unfortunately she cannot choose which of the four is going to be used.

    Invisibility: Chloe can render herself and her aenigma invisible to spy on others, or even steal their supplies. Of course the effectiveness and length of this are also dependent on the circumstances, and there is a chance this spell will fail. This spell could also work anywhere from half an hour to an hour and a half, so at some point she could be pushing her luck.


    Physically, Chloe is incredibly weak. She is also delicate of body, and wears no armor since it slows her down. She could not survive hand to hand combat for a minute, and therefore relies on her tricks and magic to survive.

    Impatient: She is rash and impatient, often leading her to make poor decisions. Especially when angered.

    Weak Immune System: If there is a chance someone is going to get ill, there is no doubt Chloe will contract a disease or sickness. In a poisoned world, this can be quiet a disadvantage.

    Aenigma Name: Athanesia the Scout Orchid Mantis

    Aenigma Gender:

    Aenigma Appearance:
    [​IMG] Stands almost as tall as Chloe, and has a green aura the same shade of her lopose's eyes. There is a light bronze sheen to her "skin".

    Aenigma Personality:
    Athanesia is curious and independent to a fault. She is friendly to just about everyone she meets, yet still somehow manages to remain a mystery to most. It is perhaps partly because of her strange appearance. Athanesia is part of the reason Chloe gets in so much trouble, always talking her into checking something out, or taking something shiny. Together they are trouble, sort of like the blind leading the blind.

    Sexual Orientation: Pansexual


    Out there somewhere

    Chloe has wandered the wilderness of Zmaragdos for a long time, mostly skirting the major cities unless she had real need. She really admired the religious beliefs that Brention there inspired, but she found the way the common society there worked stifling. Besides, her parents were nomads too. Last she saw of them, they were near Host. Unfortunately, she was too young to remember or know. She is very close to her parents, or was. It had been six years since she lost them, and now spends all her time seeking them, using a map she bought for suspiciously cheap off of a gypsy, who was even kind enough to mark down landmarks she knew about that Chloe remembered.
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  18. Recently I received some deity-related questions, here are the long-overdue answers for everyone to see ^^ Questions are welcome.

    1. Is it possible that a god/godess was born from mortal parents but achieved divinity somehow or such?

    Unfortunately that's unlikely. Deities have existed forever in their Divine form and do not switch to mortal form, nor can mortals become immortal. HOWEVER. During the Cataclysm vast and strange things happened that shook the laws of possibility and one of them was sentient beings who were mortal stealing god-like powers from the Divine and/or using huge magical efforts to achieve that end. As a result there are some hero figures with god-like powers, however none of them were immortal and their powers, unsuited to mortal hands, quickly became their undoing, especially once others desired to steal these powers from them.

    2. Or the option of the god/godess to inhabit a human body since the soul born is nearly dead.

    Again, unfortunately, deities cannot embody a human. Their only way of interacting with the physical world is their voice and their aenigmae, as described more comprehensively in "Divine Aenigmae" under the "Aenigmae" section of the second post.

    3. How can I tell the difference between the nationalities?

    The posts are large and long and it's easy to get lost! ;) However there are several ways to find one's way around. First off, after the "Welcome…" part of the first post, the three nations are listed (Kausteira, Pégulis and Zmaragdos). Each one has a short, concise paragraph describing the nation, its current condition, the curses that plague it and a clue on how to lift the curse and cure the land. Second, underneath that you'll find two black bars, one labeled "Map" and the other labeled "Major Cities". The map gives you an idea of the country's geographical location, the terrain within it and the location of its major cities, as well as bodies of water and other countries it may border. The Major Cities section discusses, well, major cities within the country, but also contains a huge amount of history and some solid clues on the nature of the curses and perhaps even how to expel them, for those interested in a more in-depth exploration of the nations. Lastly, each nation has a political leader (Kausteira: Aukhmos -- Pégulis: Pahkné -- Zmaragdos: Brention) and browsing the Personality, Skills & Weaknesses and History of each can also contribute to one's understanding of the nations, their cultures and how they differ. If you still have questions post here and let me know, leave a visitor message on my profile or shoot me a PM!
  19. Name: Katerina Megalos
    Forest Kin
    Aristocratic Lady
    (Original Origins Pégulian) Zmaragdos

    Show Spoiler

    Taller than most women and slightly shorter by a few inches compared to many of the men or forest kin. Katerina has a curvy build and is light enough to move with agility. Distinct features are her deep sky blue eyes and her thin silky brown hair. Her peachy skin is smooth and soft, mostly unaffected from any rough labor. [COLOR=#FEF1B5]
    Katerina is a force to be reckoned with since she doesn't tolerate most men (males) Instead she's learned to be a wise crack with the ability of provoking thoughts and offending others quite easily. Rarely is she the type of women to blush like a silly naive girl but instead, she hurls a few witty comments. Over all she has a calm demeanor and isn't fazed by the slightest. In the end, Katerina simply enjoys herself by teasing and outsmarting others with her brilliant mind and words. She's easily inclined to hold a grudge and even seek revenge. In fact, if Katerina has goals, she will stop at nothing to obtain what she wants. In another way of putting things, she may be reckless and stubborn too.
    Speaking: Her strongest weapon are her words. One of the deadliest tools she's developed is a sense of persuasion.

    Educated: Blessed with the chance of learning, she's highly gifted in the intelligence and arts department. Taught at a young age to sing, dance, recite and write, she's been groomed for high society among the elites. With all the years of learning, her skills are perfect to a point and easily holds charisma and charm.

    Poisons: As a child she showed interest in learning medical uses of various plants and such. Growing older, she can identify most herbs just from looking and at times, carefully smelling. With her devious mind, she can slip poison into anything from goblets to clothing, letting death arrive at victims slowly and painfully.

    Hand to Hand Combat: Restricted from weapons due to her social status, this led Katerina to seek out other ways for self defense. As she was learning the arts of healing she discovered the power of utilizing people's pressure points to temporarily shut down their bodies or even to the extreme of paralysis. This results in the affected person unable to move a possible arm or leg. However of course, most of the time it results in temporary short term loss. [B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B]

    High Endurance: Managing to concentrate and focus on most of her duties, she can cope with extreme long term pain or tiredness.

    [/B][/B][/B]Loud Mouth: Sometimes she may cross the line by insulting others or speaking out of term.

    Speed: She isn't the quickest person but at least she's developed a strong endurance.

    Stubborn: She's doesn't agree easily and usually it ends up in a fight. She's very strong headed.

    [B][COLOR=#FFFFFF]Aenigma Name:[/COLOR][/B][COLOR=#FEF1B5] Rex the Saber tooth Tiger[/COLOR]
    [B][COLOR=#FFFFFF]Aenigma Gender:[/COLOR][/B][COLOR=#FEF1B5] Male[/COLOR]
    [B][COLOR=#FFFFFF]Aenigma Appearance:[/COLOR][/B][COLOR=#FEF1B5]Originating from the Feline family, Rex is a white saber tooth Tiger with stormy sky blue eyes, his fur is soft and his teeth are long and sharp. And his aura [/COLOR][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ffff99]has a metallic silver sheen.
    [B][COLOR=#FFFFFF]Aenigma Personality:[/COLOR][/B][COLOR=#FEF1B5]Rex is a protector. He's quite silent which contrasts to Katerinas constant chattering. Fierce, he's determined and motivated torwards the safety and well being of her. Rarely does he show affection and it may lead to pride. [/COLOR]
    [B][COLOR=#FFFFFF]Aenigma History:[/COLOR][/B][COLOR=#fef1b5]N/A[/COLOR]

    [B]Sexual Orientation:[/B][COLOR=#fef1b5]Straight [/COLOR]
    [B][COLOR=#FFFFFF]Relationship:[/COLOR][/B][COLOR=#FEF1B5] N/A[/COLOR]

  20. Name: Bedwyr Lot
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 20
    Nationality: Barval of Pégulis
    Title/Occupation: Hunter
    Bedwyr is shorter than a lot of people, only 155cm (5’1’’), and has a childish, even feminine appearance. As for his muscle build, he has a more He has emerald green eyes and long black hair that goes a little past his shoulders. Normally, he will wear his hair in a low pony tail. His skin is a light olive color and has several tribal tattoos on his arms, back, chest and stomach. He always wears his hooded leather hunting armor over his chain-mail. Even his armor makes him look like a girl, not that he really tries that is. He always keeps his bow, quiver of arrows and spear with him, very often he will not carry more than a small pouch with him for his money and small personal items. (Yes, I did use a picture of a female archer, but I mostly needed it for concept)
    Bedwyr is a kind and sweet person thinking of everyone besides himself. He believes that everyone is good at heart and they deserve second, even third or fourth chances. With an overly kind and generous heart, he is easily swayed by others. Normally, he is somewhat shy around people, though he is strong enough and cares for everyone, he still tries to avoid talking to too many people. Most people see him as more of a priest type of person, wanting to save and forgive everyone. Though he is quiet and tries to avoid parties, once he gets set on a path of fun, jokes, drinking and sometimes even dancing, he is the life of the party.
    Combat/Melee Archery
    Not only is Bedwyr talented with his archery skills, he is more than capable of using his bow itself as a weapon, which is why it has blades. He tends to try and keep shooting, but when an enemy gets too close, his bow is the only thing between him and an enemy. As well as his bow, he tries to make his arrows stronger to use as weapons as well, always keeping the arrowheads sharpened and making the shafts with harder wood, and if possible, some inlaid metal.
    Bedwyr has always thought that persuading people was the best way to get anyone to comply with a request or demand. As such, he has practiced his persuasion skills with many people. He may not be able to persuade the smartest and most determined of people, but he can persuade people that aren't entirely sure of themselves or that aren't that intelligent. Diplomacy is similar to persuasion, but more of an agreement rather than a shift. People who are educated have seen diplomacy to be one of the more important way to come to an agreement. Though he may not be the best at diplomacy, he at least knows how to make someone think a little about a fair agreement. Bedwyr knows that people are more inclined to come to an agreement if they understand the fairness and advantages of agreements.
    Quick Reflexes
    Bedwyr has trained to see body signs and movements to help him with his reflexes to attacks and enemies. He has also trained to make his reflexes faster, though it took a long amount of work. Not only has he worked on it, but he has also had a natural talent in working on his reflexes, but has not gotten too far in his training, just enough to make it somewhat easier for him.

    Overly Brave
    He is brave and tries his best to make sure that he is the first one to get injured in a fight. Bedwyr's sense of honor is something that makes him want to jump into a fight first and bravely. Normally, he tries to be brave and take on as many people as he could as a way to seem more brave.
    Low Endurance
    Bedwyr has had little practice in strengthening his endurance and stamina. With a lower stamina and endurance, he has a higher risk of losing his strength and speed in a fight or when running for his life. He may continue to fight, but he would be weak. There is not much other than getting covered by his allies that would help him and get him out of trouble.
    Overly Kind
    Being the kind and generous man that he is, he is likely to spare the life of enemies, maybe even help them if they at least seem sorry or repentant for their crimes and/or actions. It is rare that he would kill an enemy outside of battle, he hates the thought of killing for no reason. Bedwyr has a soft spot for anyone that seems to want to be forgiven and truly means it.
    Weak Defense
    With having focused more on his skills for long range attacks and avoiding attacks in a close range, Bedwyr has almost completely neglected to work on his actual defense. Since he does not work on his defense, he is more open to attacks that are stronger and more thought out. He may have his reflexes and his bow, but he does not know how to actually defend himself completely, as well as him not knowing how to effectively use a shield.

    Aenigma Name: Medraut
    Aenigma Gender: Male
    Aenigma Appearance:
    Medraut stands at the same height as Bedwyr when he stands on all four feet and his wingspan is twice his height. The bird half of his body is that of a falcon and his other half is obviously a lion. He has a very strong and muscular build to his body and almost always sticks out his chest when he walks. Medraut has a bronze sheen to his feathers and fur, as well as an emerald green aura and bronze glowing eyes. The way he moves around, Medraut reminds many people of a serpent stalking its prey proudly and very confidently.
    Aenigma Type: Scout
    Aenigma Personality:
    Medraut is kind and caring to everyone around him, he is exactly like Bedwyr, but not as gullible. He is far more cautious around new people than Bedwyr is, not that Bedwyr actually listens to his advice about people too often. Not only is he kind, but he is overly confident and proud of himself and his skills. He hates bragging about it, but he unintentionally shows off and flaunts himself around. Normally, he would have no trouble helping others, only if he actually trusted them though. He does not always agree with Bedwyr, and so he tells him, but when he doesn't listen, he does follow Bedwyr without any other objections. There are times that he tries to have Bedwyr use his kindness to get what he or they want or need to achieve, so he will have no problem manipulating someone, even Bedwyr. Despite being willing to manipulate Bedwyr sometimes, Medraut is loyal and tries his best to show it, along with the loyalty of Bedwyr.

    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
    Relationship: Single/Available