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    This will be where the plot discussions and such takes place :D Any questions just ask! Seeing as this will be mostly character-ran, anything pretty much goes. I have one more character that I'd like to throw in but only if necessary.

    Random Notes:

    Demon Practitioners- They don't have black blood per sé, but their blood is darker than humans. They are organized by clan and within clans they are organized by skill, whether that skill be marksman or scout or anything in between. They have power but little control, landing them in E and eventually D when they show progress, and C when they're powers and control finally even out. They're magic is destruction base and their elements are fire and/or wind. Rarely can they control both and rarely is their element their main source of power. Demon practitioners are given five to six years to graduate the academy.

    Players are given the opportunity to make up their character's powers, clan, and skill alignment within that clan.

    Human Practitioners- They have little to no power to speak of with few exceptions and as such, spend most of they're time in E figuring out their power alignment. They move on to level D when they figure out they're alignment and start developing power and learn control. They become Level C practitioners when they're power and control even out and are more obvious. They're alignment, either light magic, dark magic, or elemental, does not determine how good or evil a human practitioner is and such stereotyping is discouraged among students and staff members alike. Humans are looked down upon Demon practitioners because of their 'nosy' nature and need of controlling what is not their's to control.

    As long as you follow guidelines set, the other details are up to you.

    Angel Practitioners- They're a loosely governed people and even belong to self governed communities called flocks. They are known for holding values and virtues over all else, often forming strong bonds with family and friends. They hold promises sacred and will try there best at completing a favor, or most will depending on how there were taught or raised. An angel who had cad experiences in the past will hold on to it for life. Rarely are angels very forgiving. They are known for their control but not for they're power but will level out at Level C after spending time at Level D and E. Their magic is constructive base and their elements are water and/or earth. It's rare for an angel to draw mainly from their element. They are given four to five years to graduate but it's not unheard of for an angel to graduate in three.

    Like Demons and humans, players are able to make up their characters' powers and everything else relevant following the guidelines set.

    Level E- Because this level is hit or miss, Level E students are often segregated from the general population of the academy so they learn and grow in a nurturing environment among their own practices.

    Level D- This is consider an obscure level as it is met when ever goals that are set for individuals are met and progress is shown.

    I recommend Level E and D for side characters or siblings as constant interaction with these characters might be difficult.

    Level C- This Level is met when control and power within practices are evened out and the practitioner is able to progress at the rate of other's.

    Level B- Another obscure level that is obtained through meeting goals placed on a certain individual or group. Rarely do students spend more than a semester at this level and some move on to A within a quarter.

    Level A- The hardest level yet. More goals are set but at least less written homework is assigned; however, students have been known to drop back down to Level B and even C, so tread carefully. Upon learning and mastering the material of the academy, practitioners graduate and are let out into the world.

    With that said here are some character notes:

    Saiko- A borderline violent demon with a hard time expressing her emotions. This inevitably leads to out bursts or attacks. She's Level C and the marksman of her clan, Edaemahr.

    Sophia or "Sophie"- A materialistic angel who looks after her friends both human and demon alike. She's been known to be flirtatious and is Level B.

    Alexander Trügen- A half human, half angel teacher with a disinterest in just about anything but teaching. He's normally stuck with detention duty.

    The overall idea of this is that tensions between Demons have caught the Human's attention, leading to a dispute between the practices. Practice or practitioner is just another term for race- i.e. Demon practice rather than Demon race or Demon practitioner instead of simply Demon. Improv and story telling pretty much run my Jump Ins, so contributing to the plot, adding in your own side stories and such is encouraged!

    For those of you who like posting pictures, please post them here, thank you!


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