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  1. IC
    You wake up, in the early afternoon of midsummer, a happy feeling of hot summer days and the rest of the day doing as you please. A knock on your front door rouses you from whatever thoughts you had about plans, and whoever it is seems to have already left. A small flier is tacked to your door, advertising this:
    Circus Flier (open)

    What do you decide? Ring up a friend, ask your parents, go alone? Its all up to you!

    Character sheets:

    Circus Employees
    Stage name:
    Apperance (try to find a picture):
    Background (no less than two paragraphs):

    The Invited
    Physical appearance:
    Plus one (optional):
    Background(two paragraphs please):


    1.Sepdemonium: Dio
    2.Raimei: Reserved
    3.PrinceofSpirals: Genevive & Lafayette
    4.Minamoto Thunder: Ashley Yang
    1.Ana: sleeping beauty
    So There you have it! Let me know what you think about the whole she-bang here. I'm new at this so don't kill me! '-'
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  2. *face lights up* must join! err..was it okay to post here? if not.. I'll deleate this post *looks nervous*
  3. *punches the air* awesome! I'll get to work on my form! please bare with me because I have quite a few things to reply to :]
  4. Oh its fine, we only have one other person- besides you and me- who has signed up
  5. okay! I have a small question.. do you prefer anime or realistic pictures? :]
  6. I was looking for more realistic characters, sorry :/, but who's to say an otaku with anime knowhow can't attend the fun?

    EDIT: I totally didn't see the word "Pictures" I thought you said character! But yeah, any picture format is allowed, just not too cartoony or outrageous!
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  7. it's okay :] I suck at realistic pics.. but I'll find one :] another dumb question.. how many characters are we allowed to have? :]
  8. Just to remove confusion, I would just say one.
    although you have a long time to prepare, I don't see this thread getting that many signups in the near future
  9. Reserve me.
  10. The Invited
    Name: Dionysus (Dio) Ashwood
    Age: 18
    Physical appearance:

    Dio's 5'6 in hight and very slender in build, though he's not sickly underweight ether. His body isn't overly muscular though it is toned. He's quite pale with a dash of freckles that run across his shoulder blades and collar bone, they stand out on his pale skin. He also has a strange symbol that looks a little bit like the ace of spades cut into his stomach, and a strange burn mark on his shoulder. His body is also scarred, mainly on his lower back and hips. His body shape is curvy. His face is androgynous, and it's vary hard to tell if he's male or female unless you're up close. His features are somewhat soft, though I think that to say Dio would be handsome is to have an..acquired taste.. Though it's hard to notice because he's smirking condescendingly more often then not. His eyes are multicoloured, his left eye's green and his right eye's blue.. His blonde hair is long, just past his shoulders and his fringe reaches past his cheek bones and stops at the tip of his nose. His hair is also very messy..like a bird's nest. (and if everyone's curious.. here's his anime pic! :] )

    Plus one (optional): no one

    Fears: being abandoned, his mother, bugs, being trapped, being helpless

    Favorites: flamboyant outfits, curry, fighting, wining, acrobatics

    Background: his mother was a prostitute, a very popular one.. but she fell in love with one of the clients, and he also fell in love with her and made a point of always requesting her during his visits. One day she became pregnant with Dio and told the man she loved- and for whatever reason he deserted her and wanted nothing to do with the pregnancy.

    So when Dio was born, his mother was already very bitter towards him because she saw him as the thing that ruined the love between her and Dio's father. Dio never found out who is father was and assumed that it could have have being any of the men she slept with.

    For all of his childhood he was badly abused in various ways by his mother- who was more often then not drunk- and her various 'boyfriends.' many of the scars on his back and thighs come from that abuse.

    At the age of fifteen he realised that he was attracted to men, and knew that he'd have to tell his mother about it lest she find out herself which would be so much worse.. so Dio decided to get it over with and tell her himself, and when he did she flew into a rage. It was all Dio could do it try and fend her off without hurting her, sadly for Dio his mother had every intention of hurting him. Dio didn't stop her, he took the beating that would render him bed ridden for a few days.

    he never once thought of running away, why would he? He knew he would never escape his mother, he knew he could never escape from her grip. He also could never tell anyone about his life, because that would reveal the shameful things he's endured and he thought that he'd only be laughed at.

    His mother was much worse then ever after he told her about his male preference, in an attempt to teach him a lesson he wouldn't forget she forced him to.. follow in her footsteps, and increased the beatings.

    This vicous cycle carried on for years to the point where Dio began to lose his mind, everything was getting to much. But then when he reached the age of eighteen he found a ticket to the circus, and for the first time in a long time he smiled. He'd always wanted to see a circus, but he knew his mother wouldn't let him go if she knew. If she knew.

    Dio wanted to be happy just once in his life, just once he didn't want to be hurt or forced to do things he didn't want. He didn't want to feel humiliated, he didn't want to be tormented by his past. In light of his only wish, he sneaked out his house while his mother was totally drunk.. just to spend one day at the circus, just to be happy for a little while..
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  11. @Sepdemonium, accepted, but on a condition.
    The aspect of him having Heterochromia is acceptable, But I need at least two paragraphs for his background, for my sake at least, pm me if you want. (talk about the background to his scars and markings at least..)
  12. okay :] I'll PM you about it if that's okay.. it's a little uhh...*looks around for the word* sexual.. so if I pm you it, could you give me the okay on the bits I should post in the bio and the bits I should leave out? :]
  13. Name: Genevieve Fitzroy
    Physical appearance:
    Genevieve is tall, around 5'9". She has a very feminine build, large breasts and round hips. She is pale and has scars on her thighs which she keeps hidden by her clothing. She wears dresses which fall just above the knee and are often bright colors. She had a childish round face. Her eyes are very large and blue, giving her a very innocent doe-eyed look. She appears well put together. Her hair strawberry blonde is neatly combed and styled. She appears to be the kind of girl who would be very confident, an appearance she puts a lot of work into keeping in place.
    Plus one: Her Twin brother Lafayette
    Her brother's disapproval, Needles, spiders, fire
    Black coffee with just the right amount of sugar, playing the piano, bright colors, seeing her brother smile
    Genevieve's parents died in a house fire shortly after her seventh birthday. She and her brother were sent to live with their uncle. He was a kind man, but didn't understand how to properly care for them. The twins were often left to their own devices. Genevieve grew very close to her brother at this time but he started to detach from his sister as they grew older. This made Genevieve feel like she was being abandoned once again.
    She started to try and make herself into what she thought was her brothers idea of the perfect woman as an attempt to get back in his good graces but nothing seemed to work and Lafayette just continued to grow colder to her. This caused her an immense amount of pain which lead to several bouts of severe depression leading to self harm. She hid all this under a mask of femininity. She's always longed for the day when her family can be happy again.
  14. Also, I would like to show you the inspiration's for the cursed circus..
    Wasted wonderland
    Check him out, really good, original music by this guy..such creepy music!
  15. Name(optional): Aurora Romonov
    Stage name: Sleeping Beauty
    Age: 19
    Profession: Acro dancer
    Appearance (try to find a picture):

    Distinguishing features:
    • Scarred arms, legs, hips, and stomach
    • Tongue web piercing
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    Rarely stable with her emotions but the best at giving advice and helping others. Very spiritual; especially when it comes to mind body relaxation and horoscopes, pisces. She will open up entirely to her friends trusting them with her innermost thoughts and secrets, extremely social which is often mistaken for flirty. Get's bored in relationships and prefers one-night stands.
    • Vivacious
    • emotional
    • Romantic
    • Expressive
    • Seductive
    • Bipolar
    • Submissive

    Background (no less than two paragraphs):

    As a young girl she was verbally abused by both her mother and father. They often accused her of having an eating disorder due to her naturally thin frame, called her names, and constantly tore apart the low self esteem that she did have. Being religious people they would shout bible verses at her and force her into their church for not believing and having the same views as they did. They would threaten to have her exorcised by a priest because of her unnatural flexibility, causing them to believe she were possessed.
    To cope with her family's accusations she worked for lessons at a nearby dance school to get out of the house and release her frustration. When her parent's found out about her lessons they forbade her to dance.
    The stress from family and school caused her to snap, throwing her into a deep depression. Aurora used a razor blade to release her inner demons for the first time at age 14 and gradually took the self harm to new levels as she went through highschool; turning to weed, painkillers, acid, and even heroin. In the middle of 11th grade she attempted suicide and overdosed on Tylenol that resulted in a hospital visit and a stomach pumping. After a week recovering, Aurora ran away to the circus to perform.
  16. @Ana
    What creepy aspect does sleeping beauty bring to the circus after dark?
  17. everyone's characters are AWESOME! I'M so excited about starting this :]
  18. I'm not exactly sure, could you give me some suggestions?
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