[OOC]: Ruins and Remnants

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@Kal @Cheesecake @Zella Celeste @E.T.

This the discussion thread for the Jump In Roleplay, Ruins and Remnants! For anyone interested it's still open so just jump into the IC thread and tune in here if you have any questions or plot ideas. NO NEED TO ASK TO JOIN OR FILL OUT A SKELETON.

[Fieldbox="Tutorial, blue, dashed, 10"]Your characters have awaken in a dark and damp place with no memory of who they are or how they had came to be in a dungeon. That's right folks, you are in an rpg-physique dungeon that takes heavy influences from D&D and Shatter Pixel! Isn't that exciting? Here are some things you should know before we begin this lovely adventure:
  • Possible Actions: These are obviously actions currently available, but not limited to, your character. These mainly drive scenes forward and not, by any means, meant to take away freedom to explore beyond what is given, though I recomend completing the list or face consequenses (this is more for plot purposes than actual discouragement).
  • Event: Special events that have varied significants. Through these you learn relevent, or sometimes irrelevent, information, gain experience, opurtunity to level up and/or earn skill points, and find loot. Lowest to highest:
    • Event: You make a minor discovery.
    • Event: You have the oppurtunity to gain expierence and/or loot.
    • Event: Your character is in critical condition or is engaging in a high risk battle (i.e. boss battle).
  • Missions and Quest: Like Possible Actions but instead of avoiding possible consequences when completed, an actual award is given.
  • Skills and Abilities: These determine how adept you are at something. For the time being, characters are unaware of their stats but these can be revealed through minor discoveries. At the moment, your character is level one and upon discovering a stat, player should roll a six face die [exsisting post->more options->roll dice] to determine stat [apply bonus point/negitive point as necessary].
    • Strength: measures your character's muscle and physical power. NOTE: At this moment in time your characters starts off with three items of your choosing.
    • Dexterity: Measures hand-eye coordination, agility, reflexes, and balance.
    • Constitution: Represents your character's health and stamina.
    • Intelligence: determines how well your character learns and reasons.
    • Wisdom: Describes a character's willpower, common sense, perception, and intuition.
    • Charisma: Measures a character's force of personality, persuasiveness, personal magnetism, and ability to lead.
  • Classes and Races: These will give you certain advantages and disadvantages [skill wise or personal short comings]. While one dis/advantage will be revealed in the beginning, the rest is for you to figure out. Each character has at three [hidden] each. No two characters should have the same class unless they are all taken. No duel classing.
[fieldbox="Classes, blue, dashed, 10"]Just put what you at the top of your post. Race is optional.
  • Warrior: A character who relies on brute strength to win battles.
    • Main weapon of choice [but are not limited to]: blades and shields.
    • +1 Strength or +1 Constitution.
    • -1 in Charisma
  • Ranger: A character who prefers dexterity and wisdom to come out on top. They're often valued for thier problem solving and pathfinding skills.
    • Main weapon of choice [but are not limited to]: Bow classes and arrows.
    • +1 Dexterity or +1 Wisdom.
    • -1 Strength
  • Mage: A character who values intelllect and wisdom above all else.
    • Main weapon of choice [but are not limited to]: Wands, magic items, and staffs.
    • +1 Intelligence or +1 Wisdom.
    • -1 Charisma
  • Cleric: A character who is religion oriented. Valued for healing capabalities.
    • Main weapon of choice [but are not limited to]: Single handed weapons and shields, and bless objects.
    • +1 Strength or +1 Wisdom.
    • -1 Intelligence
  • Rogue: A character who specializes in indirect encounters and trickery.
    • Main weapon of choice [but are not limited to]: Small concealable weapons (i.e. daggers and throwing knives).
    • +1 Dexerity or +1 Charisma
    • -1 Strength
[fieldbox="Races, Blue, dashed, 10"]You can be anything you want as long as it remains within the realms of high fantasy. This includes most D&D races [orcs, half-orcs, elves, tieflings, etc].[/fieldbox][/fieldbox]
[Fieldbox="Q&A, Green, Dashed, 10"]Question: are you gonna take control over monsters and npcs or is that up to us too?
Answer: I‘ll be taking control of pretty much any behind the scenes things since I‘m unable to take part in this roleplay myself mainly because I‘ll be kind of hard to play a character if I already know everything ^^‘ [I forgot to mention you, as the player, can control monsters as well!]

Question: What equipment are we allowed to have?
Answer: Use your best judgment. If I think you have too much for starting equipment I'll add drawbacks and limitations that may not allow you to use said equipment until later in the game. [/fieldbox]
[fieldbox="Cast, Goldenrod, dashed, 10"]Human Cleric - Kal
Elf Warrior - Cheesecake
Hafling Rouge - Zella Celeste
Human Mage - E.T.[/fieldbox]
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Good to have you back Noctis. I have a post in the works but I was giving Cheesecake a little time to respond before I really responded.
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