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  1. Post characters and stuff here :)
  2. Victoria Wood
    Age: 15
    Talent: Singing, Playing Guitar & Piano, Doing Instrumentals
    Personality: She's a loner , likes to be alone doesn't have that many friends so she's usually in the library or in the garden reading books and writing songs. If you know her she's the sweetest person every like the little sister you always wanted. But she can also be your worst nightmare scary huh this little girl can be mean.
    Background: Victoria comes from a wealthy family but unlike other rich girls she doesn't brag about it she lived all over the world so she hasn't had the chance to make real friends.
    Dorm room #: 22B
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  3. Name: Alan Veragto
    Age: 16
    Sex: M
    Appearance: He has dark black hair, with choclate brown eyes, a small scar along his lips, and a nose which protrudes like a beak, his skin tone is light.
    Talent: Piano, Acting, Singing, and Fencing
    Personality: Alan is nice to people and a bit social, trying to always make new friends, rather than enemies.
    Background: Not exactly rich, he was only accepted into the school barely from a small fortune that he managed to acquire.
    Dorm room #: 13A
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    Name: Zendaya Martin
    Age: 16
    Height: 4'11''
    Talents: Dancing, Singing, Drawing/Pottery
    Personality: Generally outgoing. Gets embarrassed easy and very clumsy. Continuously calls people cute and adorable. She always wants to help people and goes out of her way to do so, no matter if she knows them or not. Even helps people that have been mean to her. Constantly listens to music and will start singing or dancing whenever lyrics or choreography come to her.
    Background: From your average middle class family. At rosewood on scholarship she won at a county talent show.
    (Is it okay if she's Victoria's roommate??))
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  14. Name: Bernhard Schreyer.
    Age: 15


    He's quite tall, 1.90m, and slender. Will be often seen with paint stains on his hair, face and hands, or covered in dust from his sculptures.

    Talents: Drawing, Painting, Sculpting.

    Personality: a peaceful person and gentle person. He doesn't go out of his way to make new friends, but in general he gets along with people easily, and if someone approaches him, he'll always be there with a smile on his face. His concentration is inhuman when doing his crafts, but in other situations he gets distracted easily, and his memory is really bad.

    Background: He comes from a quite rich family. He was to inherit the family business, Painter Paradise (PP), a well known brand of paint in Europe of all kinds, brushes, canvas, pencils and all things necessary for the traditional visual artist. He proved to be so unfitting for the job, his father decided he'd leave that to Bernhard's older cousin. But since Bernhard proved to be quite the prodigy in visual arts, his father decided to turn him into the most succesful artist he could, so Bernhard would be the face and image of PP, and expand the business to the rest of the world (look out, Faber Castell xD).

    I don't know about the room, can I be someone's roomate? pretty please? C:
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  16. I was under the impression that jump in rp meant no CS tbh. I'll make one just the same though.

    Meet Nathaniel Woods, son of one of the richest men in the country. His father is one of those men whose people have people, and doesn't mind bragging about it. His mother? Just the same. They fell in love after the merging of both their firms and all that did was add to their greed. They felt like they could take over the world, and they're starting to get there fast. They had it all planned out, too. Early retirement, turn it into a family business; you know the drill. Nathaniel's big brother who also just happens to be the most insufferable narcissist Nathan's ever laid eyes on would gladly help turn it into a family business, whereas Nathan would rather die a slow and painful death instead. Thankfully, his parents practically forced him into taking piano lessons and after realizing how good he was at a young age, they figured it could only get better from that point on. Poor Nathaniel didn't give a rat's ass about that either, but going to Rosewoods was in any case better than spending the rest of his days with his poor excuse of an older brother.

    Thanks to his upbringing though, Nathan is more of a son of a bitch than most other people who ever walked the earth, and he's cocky as hell. That doesn't mean he's completely unlikable though-- He's got a soft spot for kitties and people who actually enjoy playing an instrument. Nathaniel himself? He sees playing an instrument as a form of math, which, to Nathan, calls for the term boring.

    Click here for Nathan's face. Since you've all been using animanga images, I am too. Art by chika.
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