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Hey guys. I was thinking about reopening an old chat room that I started in called the All Creatures Tavern. Its a simple bar that sells alcohol and anything else a supernatural might drink. A place to go and hang out, meet other supernatural friends, a place to go to hide and/or get information. Mostly what I saw in the old chat room were vampires and all kinds of were creatures but anything is welcome. It is a bar that doesn't condone violence.....inside. Friendly bantering, flirting and stuff like that is more than welcome. Let me know if you like the idea or have any questions about it and I can give you specifics. I would be the bartender but I would need a few good bouncers, possibly even a second bartender.
That sounds like a fantastic idea. Are there really any limitations to this, like what kinds of people can or can't get in? Is it "human friendly"?
I call being a vampire who constantly seems to have his blood laced with sleeping pills.
There are no limitations to race/gender/sexuality or anything of the like. You can pretty much be anything you want. And yes it is human friendly.
this sounds interesting i would like to join
My name, Is Tenchi-Roku and I shall join this idea :D
Would be intersted in being a bouncer or someone who constintly is getting into fights.
I would love to jump on this band wagon :)
I too agree that it is a fantastic Idea. I would frequent this Tavern as often as possible my dear.
Thanks for all the responses!! I'm currently fleshing out the details of the tavern and could use a little help on how to get the thread started. If anyone could help me out with that, seeings how this will be my first time starting a thread, I would be most appreciative!!
Ah So you will be doing it in thread format.
Then count me in, and If you want any help send me a Pm alright ^_^
i'm interested as well!
not too sure if i will be a creature or a human just yet, but my mind is working.
i look forward to seeing where this goes.