( OOC) Restraints Of Perfection

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hey arceim i hope that my most recent post is within boundaries if not ill change it. :)
Matthias: It isn't my call, but it looks alright as long as you do not intend for it to be the house Brayden and Savana are at. It could be an interresting twist.
no no no its william's residence where i doubt someone who broke in is going to stay especially if brayden doesn't want to do any more antics to quick right? :)
I just want to know out of curiosity how far/ what should be allowed in the RP.
You mean... content wise for maturity level?
Yes, this obviously isn't in the Mature threads so I don't expect any lemon/smut but I still would like to know where the line is drawn on this one >.>

Actually, don't answer that. I can guess on my own...
I honestly don't mind how far it goes. If it needs to be put in the mature section I can do that. It depends on what everyone wants. If it stays where it is then nothing can get too graphic, you know? What interests ya'll?
I'm good with anything. I left the bathing scene quick and brushed off because I figured that was what the group would want, but if the vote is to make things a little more... agressive? I can adjust my writing accordingly.
Well as long as you don't mind we can just see where it takes us :P
By the way, what is Harlynn good at? I was trying to remove the whole sexual attitude from it but I have no idea what her talents are...
Hahaha that's the point. She doesn't know. No one knows. Its self discovery. =p I mean of course sooner or later she will be part of the rebellion so maybe she is good at being stealthy? Maybe she knows how to slip into Callum? As of right now its a mystery :D
I know every body is busy with college, myself included, but I was cureous when everybody usually has time to get on to post. I ask because the past few days I feel like I am missing the times when everybody is on, only to finnish my homework and have nobody to really rp with.
I'm sorry I haven't posted in a few days, I've been really bussy lately. I hope my absence hasn't been interefering with anything, if so I am really sorry.
I'll try and post something before I get off though, if not I'll have one up ASAP.
sea - I already talked to you about that =] Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.

Cruor - No worries ^.^ life catches everyone at some point.
Hey you guys! I might not be able to answer too much next week because I am going out of town and I don't know if the house I'm staying at is going to have internet or not. Sooo yeah haha
Ok Brayden and Savana really need to catch up, sorry i'm not posting fast enough. But I'm assuming they would spend a night together and she would head back to the house in the morning? Just wondering if Savana would be there for the investigators or not.