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  1. Remedy

    This will be taking place in a parallel universe where people with powers and humans co-exist-ish. People with powers are called 'the Infected' and are often members of gangs such as Ko'or. Humans don't have a high population compared to the Infected considering the environment is harsh an unforgiving, making it hard for them to survive much less thrive. You can be anyone in the gang but as stated before no one technically has a rank because of demotions. 'Cards', or prostitutes, 'Slingers', or assassins (they come and go as they please), and 'Fighters' are the only exceptions. Cards and Fighters are the main profit for gangs but Fighters are most likely found in the pits where fights are held.

    For Cards, females are known as either Hearts or Diamonds - Diamonds being a higher-ranked prostitute, and males are known as either Clubs or Spades - Spades being the higher-ranked prostitute. Their job is to offer their services in anyway they can but most of their profits go to the gang. Normally Cards who don't keep themselves clean or pulled from their line of work but the Ko'or gang didn't enforce that when the previous leader was in power.

    For Fighters, each day the amount up for grabs is displayed and once that total is used up all fighting is halted until the next day. The more fights a Fighter wins consecutively, the more money the earn towards their pot. Once they lose the pot goes straight to the gang and the Fighter has to wait a full twenty-four hours to start fighting again. A Fighter may return to the bunkers kept at the pits or to their gang. Fights to the death are 'all or nothing' fights. A winner of a fight-to-the-death receives all of the winnings for that day.

    The Exiled are gang members or civilians who have been booted from their gang or gang protection. They will have a special mark on their face, normally a scar, that will ward of anyone who will try to help them. If, for whatever reason, another gang wants to take in an Exile, the gang leader and the leader who Exiled them in the first place, will have to fight in the pits. If the challenger wins, then the Exile will have to face off against their old gang's fighter in a fight to the death. If anyone were to be caught helping an Exile than they will be punished accordingly by their gang.

    Depending on the gang and living conditions, the average life span for a human is twenty-five to thirty years of age while the Infected can live double that. Other roles include, but are not limited to, Runner, Medic, Techy, Construction Worker, Craftsman, Another Gang Leader, Civilian, et cetera. Side stories and plots are always welcomed.


    .:Show some courtesy and double check your posts for any grammar or spelling errors. I know it might be hard to spy all of them but it won't kill you to proof read your posts.

    .:While we're on the subject of common courtesy; don't pop in, post once, and then leave all together. I will track you down! If you have no intentions of staying dedicated to this then don't post at all.

    .:Please refrain from god-modding, power playing, jumping in with Mary Sues or Gary Sues, going on about who's better, hogging the attention, et cetera.

    .:Doubling is encouraged and there is no limit on how many characters you can have as long as you can keep track of them. I will be playing more than Kaycee.

    .:I might as well go on to say that making your own girl/boyfriend is not allowed, nor is forcing/implying that someone else is your girl/boyfriend.

    .:Romance of all kind is allowed. Violence and a bit of gore is permitted. Rivalries, friendships, backstabbers, double crossers, et cetera, are also allowed.

    .:Iwaku rules and guidelines are my rules and guidelines.

    .:It is stated that if sex scenes are part of the natural development of the roleplay plot, it is allowed out side of the Mature forms as long as it in under the Spoiler BB code. If a relationship is developing or anything of the like, you can use the Spoiler BB code; however, seeing as anyone can open it up, do not be explicit and pay attention to the age of your partner! If you have to question what being explicit entails then play it safe and take your smut somewhere else. Otherwise, fade to black or skip forward.

    .:Any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to drop a comment. Most of these rules are from Figment since a lot of mentioned above happens often but might as well cover them here to be on the safe side.

    .:If you want to leave notes about your character, use either the Spoiler BB code or the Spoili BB code.

    .:Why isn't this anything other than a Jump-In? Because I am lazy when it comes to filling out skeletons and I plan on having at least two-three other characters besides Kaycee.

    .:This roleplay is inpsired by/based loosely off of America by Yours Truly ;D


    .:Kaycee - Ex-Infomormant - Silent4everBeatless
    .:Conner - Ex-Runner - Silent4everBeatless
    .:Amelia - Leader of the Thai Sem gang - Silent4everBeatless

    .:Fay - Daimond - Jezibell

    .:Zoe - Self Proclaimed Head Medic - ET4252
    .:Max - Fighter - ET4252

    .:Visage (Boniface Fontaine) - Slinger - The Piper of Pipers

    Kaycee Skeleton (open)
    Note that the picture was drawn by me and there should be no posting, redistributing, or theft of any shape or form

    Name: Kaycee

    Age: Nineteen

    Role: Ex-Informant for the Ko'or gang.

    General Appearance: Kaycee, with no last name to speak of, is an odd young woman who doesn't physically display emotion. It's one of her rules; don't show emotion and don't make a sound. When spoken to she won't say more than what's asked of her and has a slightly proper way of speaking. Her eyes, on the other hand, will tell you everything you want to know whether she wants them to or not. Dark as a forest at night, they truly are the windows to her soul. Curiosity, disappointment, frustration- everything can be found dancing in those green hues. Her hair is a fiery red color and is cropped at jaw length, the cut angled as if the job was done with a knife; and it probably was. Her caramel skin, as smooth as it may appear, is thicker than what's considered normal and has less give to it. Not that anyone could tell as simple skin-on-skin contact can cause her skin to erupt into flames on the spot from lack of control. She has a medium sized build and favors wearing a jacket that is at least twice her size if not more. Rarely is she seen without her hat.

    Gender: Female

    Orientation: Heterosexual

    Infection: Said to be possessed by fire, she doesn't have the traditional skeletal system. Instead, she has a system of condensed fire that gives and strengthens accordingly. Running through this system are extra blood vessels that boost her red and white blood cell count. Not only does this offer a quick regeneration process but also increases the amount of oxygen getting to where its needed. She spends her days lollygagging and may even be caught taking a cat nap here and there. At least, that's how is was before all hell broke loose within Ko'or.

    _____With her 'infection' comes some drawbacks she's not all too amused with. Her joints are still fairly human and a hard enough hit to them will cause more damage to her than it would an actual human being. Even though she could heal at a quick rate, she will loose her mobility after a while but no permanent damage can be inflicted at least. In addition to that, the regeneration process eats up her energy so the more she has to heal the more exhausted she'll become, and the slower she'd be able to regenerate. Pressing down on her joints will temporarily stop the flow of fire all through out her body and will hinder her regeneration but will not effect her 'skeleton'. On the other hand, her body can take a lot of damage. Unfortunately, it takes much more than her mind can handle and this inevitably leads to her blacking out.

    Other: She has a Scottish accent that is only evident when she raises her voice.
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  2. This is my first jump in roleplay and I was wondering if I can post a skeleton or if I should just start posting?(:
  3. You can start posting ^.^ If there's something you feel that needs to known about your character or anything, post it using the spoiler BB code :)
  4. Oh okay thanks!(:
  5. No problem ^.^ Thanks for showing interest!
  6. Sorry for such a long post, mine will probably end up evening out at a slightly shorter length.

    Here is some basic info for my current two characters:
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    Name: Zoe
    Age: 21
    Role: Medic (rather controlling of the infirmary and is a very good medic so has taken on the unofficial job of head medic)
    Gender: Female
    Infection: Her infection is all the reason that she is a medic. Her body has a very concentrated energy core. When concentrating she can transfer that energy from herself to someone else. This promotes healing, wards off infections, and can generally just help in the mending process. There a couple down sides to this infection. One being that her body naturally needs the energy and as she gets weaker and weaker the more she uses. She has to be careful to conserve her energy as she never quite knows when she will get a big wave of patients all needing her attention. The other down side is that her body does not automatically tap into the energy to heal her wounds. So if she was hit very badly she would have to stop concentrate on directing the flow of energy and then she would start to heal, this can be a very big set back especially if it is a large wound. On a side note she has a theory that she could draw energy from a person but, the one time she tried she found that it hurt to much to continue.

    Show Spoiler

    Name: Max
    Age: 22
    Role: Fighter
    Gender: Male
    Infection: none
  7. I'll have my post up for this sometime today or late tomorrow :) Your patients is appreciated!
  8. No worries, can't wait to see it.
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  10. @Jezibell, @ET4252, [MENTION=5562]The Piper of Pipers[/MENTION]

    Sorry! I didn't mean to take so long to reply! I'll try to be more timely.
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