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"But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven."

"The distinction between children and adults, while probably useful for some purposes, is at bottom a specious one, I feel. There are only individual egos, crazy for love."
— Donald Barthelme

This RP is meant to explore different types of narrative and settings, as well as give the players a chance to tap into various characters/themes they might not normally play. As such, players are highly encouraged to play with the themes and settings, just so long the rest of us can easily mesh. LOLwut posts will be set on fire.

The plot is simple: Five children ages 10-12 have been playing together since they were very small and have since formed a close knit group. For years, they've been forming a pretend world, inhabited by the various creatures and characters they've created. Each child has imagined an avatar of themselves that lives in this fantasy world. As the children grow, they find the world around them is changing, as well as themselves and their friendship. As things in the real world change, strange things begin to happen to their avatars and the fantasy world they inhabit. Soon, fantasy and reality begin to blend together . . .

Setting: The RP will have two settings; the 'real world' where the children live their day to day lives, and the fantasy world they've created for their avatars.

In the real world, you will play your character's interactions with 'the outside world' and all that entails. There will be some NPCs running around, but feel free to make your own. The RP will take place in present day Portland, Oregon.

The fantasy world can be played at any time, whether the children are interacting together in the real world or not. This world has taken on a life of its own since it has been alive in the minds of the children for so long. Things that effect the children in the real world will sometimes show up in the fantasy and vice versa.

Genre: Coming of age, fantasy, horror, comedy, drama

RP Policy:

Players are expected to post at least once a week. While this RP does not have to run fast, I want to insure that it will stay active. If you cannot meet this requirement, just let me know so we can figure out what to do with your characters. If someone stops posting, they'll get a PM from me asking them to either post, or let me hijack their character in order to keep the plot moving. If I don't receive a reply within a few days, I hijack your character and take your stuff.

Hijacking: Is only allowed if the hijackee* has given their permission, first. I promise to be a good dictator and only use it on inactive players.

Characters: Each player will needs to create one child to make up the main group, and their avatar. If you wish to play a third (or fourth) character, that is fine and dandy.

Content: As far as content and other things goes, I say just to use your best judgement and mark any posts you think might be particularly heavy. Just try not to make it too Flowers in the Attic, guys.

Current Players:


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Character Sheet​

Character sheet for human characters

Character Name:
General Personality:
Inner Personality:

Character Sheet for Avatar

(There are no limits to race or class, so long as they don't have godlike abilities. Anything you think a child would imagine.)

Character Name:


General Personality:
Inner Personality:

Special Items:

General History:

Character Name: Shannon Douglas
Gender: Female
Age: 11
School/Grade: 6th Grade
Talents: Creativity and Imagination
Inabilities: Paying Attention and Easily Bored.
Fears: The Dark, Physical Pain, Spiders
General Personality: People see Shannon as a very mature and well behaved young lady. Especially for her age. Though she's really shy in large crowds, she can hold pleasant conversations with individuals be they adult or younger than her. She is that kid that always plays mediator. Smoothing over fights, trying to keep everyone involved, and making sure all the people around her are having fun. Everyone knows Shannon, because she is always trying to be everyone's friend!
Inner Personality: Shannon craves attention and wants to be the person in the "spotlight". But, she never wants to be aggressive about it and risk having someone get mad at her or be upset. She's super jealous of her younger brother to the point of "hating" him for all the attention he gets, but always feels like she doesn't have a right to feel that way and is a bad person for it. Shannon always keeps her real thoughts and opinions to herself, as she thinks it's more important to be friendly with everyone than to rock the boat.
Secret: She doesn't get an allowance, so sometimes she steals money out of her mother's purse.
Background: Shannon was born to a young couple unexpectedly. So the first two years of her life, she spent being shuffled back and forth between her parents and her grandparents. When her little brother was born with a major disease, that made it all the more important for her to be more self sufficient. While her brother spent a lot of time in the hospital, Shannon was being groomed by her grandmother and mother to be an Independent Woman. It was their way of making sure Shannon could take care of herself while they were busy with her brother.

Ever since 5th grade, Shannon has been babysitting herself, pretty much! Dad is always at work and Mom is too busy. She hates being around her little brother, so she runs out and escapes to play as much as she can. She spends a LOT of time daydreaming. Writing short stories, drawing pictures, making costumes for herself and her Barbies with the money she pilfered out of her mom's purse. Recently, her grades have started suffering because she's way more interested in the things she creates than the boring homework from school. Her avatar in the games she plays with friends is the kind of person she would like to be one day.

Character Name: Mishella Jonas
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human Alien Wizard
Age: 26

Strengths: She's like a gymnast! So she can run and jump and spring and do somersaults.
Weaknesses: Girls don't have big muscles and she can't tolerate getting hurt or sick.

Talents: Animal charming!
Inabilities: Lying. She's a really bad liar!
Fears: Pure black darkness! Giant spiders! Being in prison! (Because then it's dark AND it has spiders!)
General Personality: Mishella is outgoing, courageous, brave, and cunning! She was born to be a heroine and does it well. Everything she does is for the good of other people!
Inner Personality: She's actually super scared of her responsibility and worries that she won't be able to handle it. She doesn't want anyone to know she's scared about stuff and always pretends she has everything under control, even when it's all falling apart.
Secret: Mishella had a twin brother that she thinks she accidentally killed when they were kids, but he's actually still alive somewhere.

Special Items: Mishella has a necklace; A blue sapphire she calls a firestone. It's on a gold chain and she ALWAYS wears it. It has magic powers, but she doesn't know about it yet!
Weapons: Bow and Arrows, and a crossbow!
Magics: Sometimes she can cast spells, but they require a lot of energy so she tries not to do it often. They are usually elemental.

General History: Mishella and her Twin Brother are actually from another world! The entire place was falling apart because of war, so their family and a bunch of other people used magic and science to find a new place to live before it was too late. When they found a new place, they made their home and things were pretty happy for awhile. But, one day Mishella and her Twin were out playing in the woods. A big bear monster showed up and was going to eat them! While they were trying to fight it and escape, Mishella hit her brother by mistake and he fell off the cliff in to a river below. She thought she killed him and was too afraid to go back home and tell her parents. So she ran away!

Now Mishella is a drifter and with the friends she travels with she tries to make up for what she did by saving other people.
<table><tr><td>Character Name: Dylan Winters
Gender: Muffin
Age: 11
Occupation/School/Grade: Middle School 6th Grade (ref. Tegan, 2010)

Talents: Writing.
Inabilities: Tallking, eye-contact, dress-sense, confidence.
Fears: People, violence, arguments.
General Personality: Shy, clumsy, quiet and helpless.
Inner Personality: Messiah-complex
Secret: In love with....
Background: Moved over from England. Father is a teacher at another school. Mother is a party planner. Dylan is the only child and he is a little spoilt, but he knows it and only makes him more nervous. He has had zero contact with people his own age until now.
<td>Character Name: Zerius
Gender: Custard

Species/Race: Hugh-mon
Age: 27
Strengths: Gunfights, swordplay, witty retorts and looking cool.
Weaknesses: His body constantly emits pale smoke from every pore, making it impossible to hide. It also drains out his strength and he needs to sit down and smoke in order to recharge.
Fears: Water.
General Personality: Cocky and heroic.
Inner Personality: Brooding and vengeful
Secret: Has an arch enemy who he does not know but who can destroy him.
Special Items: Sunglasses, Cigarettes of Powah.
Weapons: Twin pistols. Japanese sword.
Magics: Bullet time goodness.
More: No.
General History: Fuck knows.</td></tr></table>

But since you begged asked me nicely, I'll come up with something sooner or later. :cow:
Character Name: Goldie Novo
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Occupation/School/Grade: 6th grade
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Talents: Dancing, singing, sneaking, manipulating others
Inabilities: Understanding boys
Fears: Being left out of the fun, having to be a 'grown up'
General Personality: Goldie is outspoken and opinionated, a trait that has gotten her into more than one fight with her classmates, and officially labelled 'brat' by her teachers. She is naturally suspicious of others outside of her circle of friends, even out right hostile at times. To those she loves, she is intensely loyal and protective. Goldie is slightly over dramatic at times, and sometimes mistakes the things she imagines as real. This was dismissed as childish games when she was younger, but now that she is almost 13, her mother and teachers are starting to worry about her mental health.
Inner Personality: Insecure, arrested development, distrustful of men
Secret: Wants to be Lady Gaga, or Godzilla, or both. Starting stealing her mother's cigarettes
Background: Goldie grew up in a small apartment with her mother and older sister. She never met her father, and her inquiries about him were usually met with silence. Both her mother and sister work as waitresses and like to party, so Goldie had to learn to shut her door and burry her head deep into her pillow in order to get some sleep. Goldie enjoys watching monster movies.

Character Name: Mao
Gender: Supposedly Female
Species/Race: Peach Monster
Age: 1 million
More: Bzzzzzzzz. . .

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Strengths: 'You don't scaaare me.'
Weaknesses: Sunlight. Hunger. Stay away when she's hungry.

Talents: Sneaking, scaring others, hunting, knowing just what to say
Inabilities: Wearing proper clothes
Fears: Men, being alone
General Personality: Soft to touch, sweet to eat~
Inner Personality: Predator
Secret: Not as good a friend as she thinks.

Special Items: Blanket to keep the sun out
Weapons: sharp sharp knife claws, sharp sharp knife teeth
Magics: Regeneration

General History: Mao woke up all alone in the woods, but she found friends.​
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Character Name: Jacob Skelly
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Occupation/School/Grade: Ginger, 6th grade
Appearance: Ginger.
Talents: Bug-catching, climbing, being atrocious at baseball, fishing
Inabilities: Being good at baseball, staying in whatever he climbed
Fears: Honeycombs, honeycomb patterns, bees / being stung

General Personality: Jacob is easily described as your typical "rambunctious kid." He always seems to be on the move, whether it be to go climb a tree or to cast a line into the water.

Inner Personality: Sunny side up. Jacob takes some unfortunate dings in his neverending quest to catch the biggest fish or find the funnest thing to do, but he's quick to rebound from such minor setbacks.

Secret: Listens to rap music to boost his image.

Background: Jacob is the youngest of three children, and has lived with his family in a modest home. Since he was young, his parents have wondered if he was on an unspoken quest to be away from home for as long as possible, but no matter how late it got he eventually came back. And no matter how many times he was scolded or punished, he did it again or snuck out.

Character Name: Fend
Gender: ?
Species/Race: Wisp
Age: ?

Strengths: Strong magic, quick
Weaknesses: Constantly glowing, weak against fire

Talents: Can change shape and take humanoid form
Inabilities: Can't lift much more than a set of keys
Fears: Fire
General Personality: Dry, wary of strangers, slow to trust, stalwart when won over. Likes to eat cooked meat.
Inner Personality: Deceptively lonely
Secret: Hunted

Special Items: None
Weapons: Can project spike points and bladed shapes from its orb-like body
Magics: Can cast a myriad of spells from basic conjuration to destructive magic

General History: Last of its kind, hunted by certain individuals to make a flashlight.

Character Name: Alexander Dupree
Gender: Boy
Age: A little younger than the rest.
Occupation/School/Grade: 5th Grade, rumored to have skipped ahead a grade.
Appearance: Short and somewhat delicate looking. Looks like he's made more for reading and studying than rough-housing. Kind of pale looking.
Talents: Being smart, rational and knowing what poison ivy looks like. Can also tell time on a non-digital watch and from looking at where the sun is. Knows all kinds of plants and little animals. Has all the Zoobooks.
Inabilities: Not prone to speaking up, easy to trick and tease.
Fears: Being bullied, seeing someone else get hurt
General Personality: A curious bookworm. Calm and logical, really likes nature and animals. A peaceful child. Likes to make friends. Talks a lot more maturely than other kids his age, sometimes using big words.
Inner Personality: Scared of bullies and "bigger" people, afraid of being beaten up. Doesn't like to be blamed for things.
Secret: Really hates being alone. Afraid of moths. Second-guesses himself a lot because he thinks that the bigger kids must know a lot more than he does.
Background: Is a single, planned child to an older couple. His parents are both career people, so Alexander was used to spending time in daycares and with an ever-shifting line of nannies. Since his sensitive nature didn't meld well with the other, far more rambunctious kids in daycare (and he caught so many colds), he was finally given a full-time nanny. His love of books and nature was nurtured by one nanny in particular, whom he loved very much…


Character Name: Michael
Gender: Guy
Species/Race: A Brave, rugged, Fighter Pilot Knight Cowboy.
Age: Older but a little younger than a daddy
More: He always wanted to be a knight but became a fighter pilot instead because he couldn't find a horse that could fly. Also, he's from Texas so that makes him a cowboy. Is very rugged and handsome, having spent a lot of time out in the sun and wilderness.

Strengths: Likes to do good and fight on the side of good. Likes to save people.
Weaknesses: He met a princess once that he loved very much but lost her somehow...

Talents: His cool leather jacket saves him from many dangerous physical things. A good navigator and outdoorsman. Can lasso things because he's a cowboy.
Inabilities: Tries to be charming but is too nervous around girls for it to be very effective.
Fears: Moths, failure, being blamed for bad things happening
General Personality: A happy, brave, really nice guy. Although he's quiet, he likes to make friends. Loves adventure.
Inner Personality: Sad and lonely.
Secret: Sad about losing his princess and is on a quest to find her again…somehow.

Special Items: Leather jacket, lasso
Weapons: pocket knife (present from dad)
Magics: [Knight Bravery Chivalry] – This allows him to be really brave. He will do his best to protect his friends and loved ones, even if it means he gets hurt himself.
More: Has a fighter plane with a horse painted on its side. Left it in his hanger because jungles and forests don't have runways to land on.

General History: A cowboy who got tired of wrangling cows and wanted to become a Knight so that he could protect a Princess that he had secretly fell in love with. Their love wasn't meant to be and something happened and she disappeared somehow…somewhere. Now, he traded in his horse for a plane and travels all over the world, searching for his love and fights battles for good.
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