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There's a myth about a group of beings called a Pantheon, that have wandered the universe, endlessly creating worlds and then leaving them to prosper, all for the sake of creating the perfect world. They work together, forming the land, the seas, animals and plants. Once in a while, they leave a member of the group out of the creation process, to see if the absence of one might create a greater whole. There are rules to this creation.

If a world does not succeed, does not become perfect, it is recycled; destroyed. If the beings of one world should interact with another, those worlds are forever bound and will share the fate of the other. The being left out of the creation process is not allowed to have anything to do with the new world in the least.

Another legend tells of one world where a member of this creation group did not exactly enjoy being left out. She set the races against each other, threw them into war, and gave them an escape. She was discovered, and before she could withdraw the escape she had sanctioned for the races she threw into turmoil, the Pantheon left the world. They deemed the world unsavory, hoped that it would recover from the destruction it was put through. Unfortunately, it didn't, and now that world is in the scope for elimination.

... and so is ours.
Important Stuff To Know:

About The Game:

This game is based off of a story and world of my own that has been in progress for six years. By bringing it into a role-play aspect, I am finding what does and doesn't work. Bumps in the road are pretty much bound to happen.

Keeping It Real:

Much like a tabletop game, there are things that can happen to your character at random. Most of these are done with a chance to resist the outcome, but a slight few are done with no choice in the matter.

Your character might die. In general, I try to avoid this. Character death can also be requested, if you simply aren't feeling the character you made. On that note, players who lose their character to a story-related death, or requested death, are more than welcome to re-roll and play as something new.

Your character may, or may not, be able to do something simply based on their health and build. A 5'2 person is not going to get an object off of a 8' tall shelf without help. An exceptionally wide person may not be able to fit into a small area. Know your characters weaknesses. Weakness is not a bad thing!

About Posting:

Players are allowed to joint post. I have a list set up for post order as this game can have quite a few players, but if Player B, C, and D want to work together and create one large post together and have B post it on his/her turn (thus covering the 'turn' for all three), then that is allowed.

To keep this game flowing along quickly, players now have two days to post their action when it is their turn. Players who miss two turns will be removed from the game unless I've been previously notified of an absence.

Special Events:

Certain actions trigger special events. Sometimes, this is as simple as a path opening up that your characters can take. Other times, this means your character is incapacitated in some manner and is instead interacting personally with me, the GM.

Because of this, it's important to pay attention to my info-boxes at the end of my posts, and keep an eye on your private messages. Special events that are done between the GM and a player generally end up with something... special. A new power, a weapon, a clue, or even a gift. The player has the option to claim if they want a clean interaction, or an erotic interaction.

The only difference is that one involves suggestive themes. Hehe.

Leaving The Game:

Life happens!

If you know that you're going to be taking an extended break from the forums, please let me know. I will place your character on NPC duty if you so wish it, and when you decide to return, you can pick the character back up and join with the others.

If you've just had something jump on your arse that is going to keep you from posting this round, just say so. Don't say you'll post and then not come through.

However -

If you are removed from the game due to a lack of posting or even creating drama, you are not permitted to join again.

Post Order:

~ GM~ AshadelMG: Sonnet (and crew)

~Player~ The Universal Sholdier: Javier

~Player~ Magentara: Chelsea

~Player/Co-GM~ Talin: Jeren

~Player~ Skitzafrantic: Metilda

Worlds, Races, Powers and Char Sheet

World: Altrea

Quick Facts:

- Three continents: Kivan, the largest continent with most of it's mass along the equator. The western side curls up into the colder areas but doesn't hit the full blown snow. The eastern edge curls downwards, but doesn't make it into anything less than a temperate zone. Terpathia rests along the northern hemisphere, with it's northern-most land little more than icy wasteland. Few live here. The middle of the continent is warmer, and much akin to woodland area. The southern barely touches the equator of Altrea. Veros, the final continent, spans the southern ice-cap. It has a curious shape in that, while the bulk of the land is the southern cap, it has 'arms' much like a spiral galaxy that curl up towards the north. Only one of these comes anywhere near another landmass; Southern Kivans can spot the north eastern arm of Veros just barely on the horizon on a very clear day.

- Extent of Technology: Altrea has no space flight, at the current point in time. Most money has been pooled into medical development. Prosthetics are developed that are fully functional and can be moved with the mind, but this is the newest form of bio-tech that is still somewhat under development. There are very few diseases that cannot be countered, and the most common cause of death is simply old age. To traverse the potentially lethal and dangerous seas, Altreans have developed teleportation devices. The largest are used mostly for the government to hop from one continent to the other, but smaller ones have been developed for civilian use to go from main city to main city. Cars are common and inexpensive, and planes are available for civilian travel from one continent to the next.

- Wildlife: Altrean's have actually done very little damage to the surrounding world. Because of the teleporters, roads are uncommon unless one needs to travel from a main city to a smaller town. Roads to the hamlets where those who practice the 'Old Ways' are completely non-existent. The only way to reach these is by foot after a certain point, and hoping you won't get lost. Because of Altrea's size, there is still plenty of room left for the races, both human and animal, to spread out before there is true fighting for land. Birds are in abundance, as are deer and other foragers.

- Average Lifespan: True Altrean's have a lifespan of 60 - 80 years. The longest lived has reached 85. Those who are not 'True Blood' live anywhere from 120 - 250 years. These humans are most commonly found in the hamlets of those who practice the 'Old Ways', and face severe social stigmata. While breeding and environment have changed many of the people who live on Altrea and given them different hair, eye, and skin color to best adapt, there are no other dominant races besides human.

World: Zentra

Not much is known about this particular world. There's a reason for that...

Main Races:

... How wicked. Seems there's little information here, too.

Elements and Tawei's

... Why is this blank, darnit!?

... Because I'm evil. Duh.
Character Name: Sonnet Lian Howard

Character Gender: Female

Age: 19

Occupation: Babysitter/Vocals and Bass in popular local band.

Hair: Dark red, akin to a wine. Generally kept tied back in a braid that hits her lower back, with her bangs long enough to pull over one eye.

Eyes: Almond-shaped. Green. A rather vivid and jewel-toned sort of green with golden flecks in the iris.

Build: Tall (5'10"), with long legs like those of a dancer. She's thicker in the hips than the bust, bearing the more familiar pear-shape.

Element: -

Tawei: -

Brief History:

Sonnet was born in Kivan, a scientifically advanced main city far south of Avalon. Her mother and father were both scientists who did well at their work. Her father went missing when she was seven years old, and it wasn't until she was thirteen that her mother gave in and remarried another fellow scientist, who had a son from a previous marriage.

During an accident two years later, their home went up in flames. Her step-father died in the fire, and Sonnet received burns to her arms while pulling her step-brother from the house. Her mother decided to change places of work, and went to a corporation founded in Avalon.

Sonnet took up with another girl, Reecha Lodret, and her twin brother Batsun, in starting a variety band with a couple other friends. The idea took off, and the Cat's Cradle is actually quite successful.


Sonnet can be incredibly withdrawn from other people. She's very devoted to her family and friends, but she is very much focused on listening more than speaking. With Reecha and the other members of the band, she opens up considerably, becoming almost a completely different person. Because of this, few people know that the outspoken and trendy 'Kitten' from Cat's Cradle is actually the mild-mannered Sonnet.

Despite this, she's easy to get to warm up to a person, provided they give her reason to trust them.

Additional Notes:

Sonnet likes to wear long sleeves, even in the summer. People who guess that she might be hiding something disfiguring beneath them are partially correct. Sonnet is not fond of the scars left by the fire in the least.

Her ears are pierced, two studs in each lobe.

She has a car, a four seater convertible that is silver/blue with a creme top.
Character Name: Azrael Decartes
Character Gender: Male

Age: 20

Occupation: Free-runner delivery (think Mirrors Edge)

Hair: Silver with blue stripes or black with red stripes. Changes from week to week

Eyes: Normal eye shape and spacing. Glasses lenses set into a plain mack that is one half black, one half white. Left eye is Red, right eye is blue.

Build: Flexible and athletic, but not bulky, and tall (6'1").

Clothes: Always wears a black hoodie with bunny ears on the hood and cut-away shoulders.
Work pants:
Casual wear:
(wears the bunny hoodie with this unless it's over 100*F)

Element: (Ignore this for now.)

Tawei: (Ignore this for now.)

Brief History: Azrael's perents died abroad when he was 15. The money they left him was enough for him to get an apartment for himself, but he wasn't able to continue school. Luckily, the principal was a family friend, and has let Azrael pay half the tuition and take half the normal amount of classes per semester so that he can continue his job as a delivery free-runner. He currently lives on the 21st floor of the tallest apartment building in the city, and has recently signed an exclusive contract with Enders Corp.

Personality: Azrael is dependable and can accomplish anything he sets his mind to. He is very kind and caring, going out of his way even when on a job to help people in need. However he has a darker inner personality that is filled with rage that he silently struggles to keep under control. However, it is nearly impossible for him to contain it when injured.
Looks good to me. Let's see about a couple more people. :3
Character Name: Eleanor Marie Diamond

Character Gender: Female

Age: 17

Occupation: She helps sell books at the book store
Hair: Her hair is cut just below her shoulder blades and is slightly wavy, somethin that she hates about it. She does not have any sort of fringe prefering to just tie it up to keep it out of her eyes or let it hang loosely. It is very black in colour, shimmering with highlights of purple and blue when the sunlight hits it.

Eyes: Her eyes are a bright vivid green and turned up at the corners slightly like a cats'. They are slightly shadowed by her slashes of brows and her lashes are thick and black, standing out an enormous amount.

Build: She has quite a willowy build, being tall and very thin, but not anorexic thin. Her hieght is slightly taller than the height for the avrage height of one her age.



Brief History: Ella lives only with her mother as her father left when she was only young, about five. She has a younger sister and is the elder of her family. Eleanor's mothe and sister live with her in a small house at the heart of the city. She is pretty much the average student at school, acheving mainly B grades and having a fair amount of friends.

Personality: Ella likes to come across as the strong silent type who hates everyoneopne but she is actually in reality bith a shy and kind person who has a sweet nature. She isn't that trusting but dearly loves her friends and is very loyal to them, although she doesn't have hardly any.
Character Name: Metilda Analise. *Nickname: MeMe(MayMay).

Character Gender: Female

Age: 16

Occupation: Apprentices at the local greenhouse, growing, trimming and planting plants. She also crossbreeds and observes them.

Hair: Long, multi-colored dark brown hair with natural streaks. It has a curl to it, with a wave also. Layered. Side bangs which have a slight curl at the end. At the bottom of her back.

Eyes: Hershey Chocolate eye coloring, with small slivers of black and light, light brown. A wide rim of black surrounds the iris. Long eyelashes, almost a natural eyeliner and large.

Build: Tall and willowy. 5'7'', 115lb. She is mostly muscle, though the feminime curves do stand out. Face also has high cheekbones, upturned lush lips, and small hips; long legs.

Element: (Ignore this for now.)

Tawei: (Ignore this for now.)

Brief History: Metilda grew up with one other sibling, though he was killed in a large fire; as was her mother when Metilda was only five. No other relatives were known, not even her father. A small, overstuffed teddy bear was saved from the wreckage of the house. Fairly soon, child services were watching her movements. Pleading, Metilda managed to gain an apprenticeship to a popular gardener, learning all of which he knew and more from books. Schooling was barely there, though Metilda did have several years of it and 'graduated' in nineth grade. She had been under the apprenticeship for eleven years, learning quickly and eagerly.

Personality: Slightly reserved and to herself, Metilda keeps her thoughts inside. However, she loves to laugh and flashes her dimples whenever possible, eyes twinkling. Emotions come easy to her, all but tears and anger. She comes off at depressed, or dramatic, but is high energy when not occupied mentally. Loves to write and plan.

--Could change character gender [and everything else] if need be.
@Makene: There's plenty of bookstores, you're good!

@Skitz: The only thing I'd fix is the bit about being graduated from school. Most of your information about the other world comes from one specific class, and an event is triggered involving the teacher there. I'd recommend at least taking a few 'classes' at the local school so that you at least have a networking of friends, or at the very least, that teacher. Otherwise, getting you into the main plot will be a little difficult. :3
-By 'graduated' I meant dropped out. xD Of course... Going back to actually graduate and take certain classes? Definitely arrangeable. :D
Haha. My brain, it does not pick up well when sunburned! But yes! Edumacation is quite important in Avalon, and there's plenty of help given to those who actually want it, so you could easily take one or two little classes (as Mr. Brightside's char does) and still be just as advanced, because the class structure is a bit different.
...Do get bonus points for my IRL neighborhood being called Avalon Hills?

Also, YAY! We gots more playas!
Character Name: Javier Fortescue

Character Gender: Male

Age: 18

Occupation: Test Subject and local store worker

Hair: Long Blackish hair that covers his eyes

Eyes: Narrow, blue eyes that are like looking into an ocean

Build: Tall (6'1'') cause of long legs. skinny for his age

Element: (Ignore this for now.)

Tawei: (Ignore this for now.)

Brief History: Javier was and upstanding young gentleman that at a ealy age was found to have a terrible disease that woul eventually eat away at the nervous system in his limbs. His parents not wanting him to grow up into that decided to have a surgery done to have his limbs removed and replaced with robotic limbs. When he started school he devloped a psychological fear of girls cause of his 2 older sisters abusing him and using him.

Javier's robotic limbs are specially made as the grip strength in the arms can be adjusted with his mind as well as the power of the legs but the setback to having it high is it puts a tremendous strain on his heart. This special limbs were made avalible at a price as he became a test subject.

Personality: His personality is mixed into three parts.

When he first meets someone he is really shyish with them and when he gets to know them he is more of the comedic type to make jokes but on rare occassions will get depressed. Javier also has Gynophobia but is a gentleman still and refrains from using and kind of violence when this fear is triggered. He also secretly has Autophobia.
Nyah! I hear we're trying to get a Maggie into the mix? We shall see, we shall see! Ladies and gents, please finalize your character sheets! Add in anything else you would think would be relevant. If you feel that your character is too similar to another, now is the time to change it. If you want to add in that they have a spiffy flying dog, put it in now, because once I close this, the only thing you'll be changing is what is blank now!

(Flying dogs don't exist on Altrea. Just sayin'...)
I'm ready. And yes, we're trying to get Maggie to join.
Ok heathens I'm joining! XD Character sheet should be up tomorrow. -hugz-
Character name: Chelsea Montgomery
Gender: Female (.....for all males named Chelsea- I'm sooo sorry XD)
Job: Works at the Candy-opolis at the Mall.
Hair: Pale blond, down to her waist in fine waves, usually kept in a pony-tail, or held back by barrettes. Very soft.
Eyes: Narrow, with an unusual silver coloring that sometimes turned purple for no reason.
Build: She has taken gymnastics since 3rd grade, and still takes it in high-school. She has a skinny, lithe figure, with small bones, and a graceful movement.
Personality: Though perky and upbeat for the public appearance front, she really is a bit of a loner, and tends to stay home often, looking after her parents' house on her off-work time.She's a serious thinker, and loves to read, or draw.

Brief History: Chelsea lives with her parents, who work nearly all the time, leaving her at home by herself almost regularly. She is independent for a 16 year old, and dislikes a lot of drama or complications, though at school, she's usually solving -everyone's- problems. She has no siblings, luckily.
Purrfect. See? That was easy. =P

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