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  1. 4/7 characters - Accepting!


    We wanted a utopia.

    At the collapse of man, we banded together. While nations fell like dominoes to the nuclear shock wave, we built a new city from the ruins. We called it New Earth. In New Earth, people of all races, religions, ethnicities and beliefs were welcomed. People from across the world created their own boroughs. New London, New Paris, New Moscow and countless others were all founded within the city limits, which went on for miles. Using the science of our forefathers, we invented an automated police force, created extensive public services and set up our government with the vast former democracies as our models. New Earth was looking to become Utopia on earth, the utopia Humanity has always wanted.

    But somewhere, we went wrong.

    Those with old world money and power were allowed to rule our new utopia. When the public services became too expensive, they destroyed them. When the people became unhappy, they did nothing. When the people protested and rioted, they set their armies of metal on them. When the streets of New Earth became too dangerous to walk, they hid behind a great wall of iron and metal, leaving the citizens to fend for themselves. They hide behind their walls to this day, uncaring for their citizens, who can do nothing to help themselves.

    New Earths population has long exceeded 50 million people and is spread across Europe in every direction. Yet in the centre, those precious few with power hide in their own section of the city, calling it New Europa. Outside of its walls, we are left to fend for ourselves. We work in their factories, listen to the their propaganda and vote in their elections. All the while, we are too scared to change anything. Riots, protests and even small gatherings are broken with deadly force, using the horrific automated creatures that scan our smoggy, choked air.

    We've repeated the mistakes of those before us and we are once again on the path to destruction.

    Our streets are rife with drugs, gangs and death squads. We find solitude in our tiny apartments with technology. We can waste our days watching government television, working in a factory or injecting morphine into our veins. But some of us have found a safer solace. Across New Earth, pirate radio or "AltRad" has become incredibly popular among people of all ages. However, none is more influential (and elusive) than Radio New Earth.

    The government has announced time and time again that those running Radio New Earth, so called ''DJ Battle'' and ''DJ Unpopular'', are terrorists who seed discourse and unhappiness among the population. But we listen to them anyway. DJ Battles powerful speeches and DJ Unpopular's soothing, old-world music has made them a hit among everyone.

    You listen to Radio New Earth with your souped up radio in the confines of your small apartment whenever possible and you have slowly realised it's not just a radio show. A few hours after every show, at approximately 2am, in the middle of the static, a short message is played in a series of coded beeps. It took you quite a lot of research - but you cracked it. The message itself has not changed at all and very few people seem to be aware of what it is. But you are one of the few.

    Do not fear.
    Come to us.
    Reclaim Earth in New Yerevan.


    Before I throw down the app, a few things I'd like to make clear. I encourage you to read through them to get an idea of what's happening.​
    -I'd like a diverse group of characters in the group from across the city and from different backgrounds. People from across the ruined world came to New Earth to make new lives for themselves and set up ''boroughs'' named after the former capitals. New London, New Berlin, New Paris and New Moscow are the main ones but I'll let you be creative. I'd prefer a black dude from New Pretoria who's just lived through a decade of gang warfare than five teenagers from New Tokyo who are still in highschool. Be unique with your character. Most characters will be bilingual. Their own native language spoken in their particular borough and English, the lingua franca.

    -The technology level will be somewhat near-future. There'll be robots, cool plasma weaponry and meat grown in tanks - but we still have cars (electric), door-handles and illegal drugs. The government has banned personal robots, personal weaponry, all forms of drugs and protest. All forms of media and entertainment have to go through an office in New Europa first, which means it's heavily censored and large swathes of old-world media have been destroyed or archived. The city is over 300 years old at this point and recent immigrants from the Eurasian Wastes are few and far between.

    -I don't mind if your character is good or terrible with weaponry. If your character can use a gun, please explain it in the back story somehow.

    -The government generally takes a hands-off approach on crime. As long as you're not being political or getting too big for your boots, criminals are tolerated (criminal characters yay). Unfortunately, that means our travels across the great city will be hindered by dangerous bastards, so be prepared. Entry to the central borough of New Europa is strict and reserved for those who can pay or have a lot of power. So I can tell you now our characters fresh out of some shite apartment in New London will not be getting in legally.

    -Be creative and be dedicated. If you can be creative, dedicated or, even better, both, I'll be over the moon.

    -The general RP rules apply. My word is law. Just don't make an edgy-edge lord who can deflect bullets off of his katana and we will get on fine.
    Other Information


    A typical alleyway scene in New Earth.

    New Earth was established 300 years ago amongst the burning ruins of Europe. It was originally set up to be a city where humanity could make a new start and invited the survivors from across the world to create their own boroughs within the city limits, which stretched for hundreds of miles. Various enclaves were set up, named after the capitals of their old countries. These enclaves became known as "boroughs" and are home to people from across the world. The lingua franca is English but almost every language is present in the city, usually confined within it's borough borders.

    In the centre of the city, a borough referred to as "New Europa" was founded by the government, who built a large wall around the borough and refused entry of normal citizens. New Europa is by far the richest borough with the lowest rate of crime and the most comfortable apartments. It is inhabited by the upper classes of the city, those with money and power. Entry to the borough is restricted to those with First Level Citizenship. Most of the cities 50 million inhabitants only possess Second Level Citizenship (meaning you can travel to any borough that isn't New Europa), with Third Level Citizenship (meaning you can't leave your home borough) granted to political dissidents and criminals.

    The widely used currency is the New Earth Dollar. Most transactions are done using cards nowadays but paper money still exists. A lot of boroughs run factories but others are dedicated to growing food or extracting natural resources from the earth, far below the city. A large, complex metro system connects every borough together but many tunnels to New Europa are out of action. A single train goes into New Europa daily. The rate of crime in New Earth is very high in the boroughs, with the general rule being the larger the borough, the more dangerous it is. Gangs, drugs and muggings are a daily occurrence in New Earth due to the virtually non-existent police force and high population density.






    Character Roster
    Ray ''Spider'' Massri
    Kevari D
    Jerzy Rudaski​
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  2. Yaa, criminal character!!!

    Ray "Spider" Massri

    Description: Ray stands at a whooping six feet five and weighs about 160 pounds. He had chocolate colored skin, and he is about 27 years old. He is lean, but does not have abs. Due to his height he has long arms, but they show that he is fit. He usually wears glasses and loves to tuck in his shirts. He has short, curly, black hair, that grows up to a height of four inches. His eyes are a deep, dark brown, although he always seems to look sleepy. Ray is usually seen wearing a long sleeved, tan shirt with a large read R on the middle. The shirt is usually tucked into his black jeans with a red belt.
    Ray is seen as a serious young man with a moderate sense of humor. He acts like a gentleman since that the way he was raised. Ray is seen as a pessimist, he tends to expect the worse to happen when the wrong, or illogical choice is made. He uses sheer logic to solve his problems and looks down on those who think that willpower will get them far in life.
    Ray tends to doubt himself anytime he makes an important decision. He tries to hard to make the best choice, the most logical choice. And if he makes a bad decision, he criticizes himself mercilessly. He is tends to pick and unfurl random strands of his hair when he is in deep thought or just daydreaming.

    Backstory: Ray was born in New Cario. His mother and father were your normal run of the mill working class family. His father, was a bit of an oddball who worked on cars, and his mother was restaurant cook. His childhood was as normal as any other child's was. He was given what he wanted as long as it was within reason. He watched TV, went to school, slept alot, the dream for a kid at that time.
    Unfortunately, things got hard for his family once he hit high school. His father started losing money after he tried to operate his own car business. He was constantly harassed by thugs and brokers asking for there money back and his father was constantly beat up and threatened. Ray was angered by this but unfortunately, he could do nothing but watch, knowing that jumping in would only make it worse.
    As Ray went through high school he began to hang out with the wrong crowd. He unfortunately, was swayed by there reasoning, and he learned how to fight, and use a weapon. When his home was being robbed, he used his own gun to shoot the assailants. He, fortunately, did not kill them.
    His father, who was disappointed and afraid, sent his only son to New London, hoping that the school there would reform his son. Ray soon fell into the same habits and crowd in New London, and began to indulge in criminal actions. After a few years, Ray eventually grew tired of this life, and settled down. He now is working at a mechanics shop, using knowledge og cars for better. At least until he figured out the code.

    Skills: Adept at Hand to Hand Combat
    Adept Shooter
    Knowledge on Vehicles
    Can fix most Vehicles
    Some knowledge on cooking

  3. A bit on the short side but I can overlook at that. Welcome to the RP.
  4. Sorry about that, thanks!
  5. Looks fine to me. You're in.

    Don't worry about length too much, guys. You two have detail and seem capable to write a bit, which I'm perfectly happy with. I'll have my character up today somehow (forgive me if I don't, it's Patricks Day) and then I'll start working on the IC.

    EDIT: Also, I'll be adding some stuff to the OP as we go along. I just added a map of inner-New Earth for shits and giggles. If a borough isn't included in that map, we can just say it's in outer-New Earth.
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  6. [​IMG]

    Jerzy Rudaski

    Although once a far-right white power skinhead, his views have switched from one extreme to the other and he is now extremely anti-racist to the point of ridiculousness. His chest is covered in tattoos he now regrets ever getting and at 26, he's not getting any younger. Also across his chest are three bullet scars where he was shot all those years ago. Barely scraping 5"8 and weighing a healthy 13 stone, Jerzy has a bit of a Napoleon complex - he will pick fights if possible and has a rather short temper. He is rash, not particularly clever and quick to anger - but that's why we all love him.

    His morality is effected by the sect of Christianity he once spent a number of years in while recovering and while he was once devout, he has now rather lapsed. The years he spent addicted to morphine before going clean have ;eft him weary of drugs, medicine and needles with vague labeling. Despite the relatively short time he was on morphine (4-5 years), it had a profound effect on his body. He looks older than he actually is and his skin is only now gaining back the colour it once had.

    Jerzy Rudaski hails from the borough of New Warsaw, famed for its large Polish population and its smoggy factories. Jerzy was born to a family of polar opposites - his father worked in a factory but was a fierce supporter of the government while his mother worked in a small shop and was rather open about her negative views of the government. His father was quite the racist and this had a profound effect on his life. During his teen years, he fell in with a crowd of white nationalists and began ditching school to hang with his white, Polish buddies. Despite being quite bright in his studies, he was often criticised at his school for being lazy and having a stubborn attitude. It was also around this time he began experimenting with drugs, with disastrous results.

    After school, he found work in the same factory as his father but found the work monotonous. In order to add some spice to his day, he and friends would hang around train stations and mug foreigners for drug money. The group of boys got in way over their heads when they mugged a member of a Nigerian gang from New Lagos and were soon followed across New Warsaw by dangerous men with guns. The gang of boys panicked and found refuge in a larger Polish neo-nazi group, who were itching for a fight with the Nigerians.

    It was a bloodbath.

    Across the streets of New Warsaw and New Lagos, a gang war developed. Jerzy was terrified. His parents were attacked several times and eventually disowned their only son. Jerzy, in a fit of panic, tried to escape New Warsaw and go to New Berlin. But he was followed. At only 24 years of age, Jerzy was shot three times in the chest and left for dead in the streets of New Berlin. He was found by a priest and handed over to a religious order that focused on rehabilitating gang members and drug addicts. The only rule of this order was you could not leave the building and be allowed back in. For the last three years, Jerzy has been in the St. Jurgen Centre in New Berlin and has become clean of drugs, a devout Christian and a committed anti-racist.

    However, he is quickly growing bored with the St. Jurgen Centre. Mix this with his radically left-wing views that have developed from his obsession with the internet and the pirate radio stations, he was seriously considering leaving the centre. Upon cracking the code, his mind was made up.

    He would go to New Yerevan and reclaim New Earth.

    Knowledge of the New Earth metro system, drugs and Christianity.
    -Can take hits (punches, not drugs...come on, you guys...) relatively well
    -Can fight decently with his hands. Little experience with guns.
  7. I'll make my cs soon x]

    Name: Kitty McKnight

    Description: Many think her hair is short because of her bun but in truth her hair falls to her waist which is why its always in a bun. Kitty is seen wearing pretty clothes that easy to move in but also make her feel comfortable. White is always something that she wears all the time whether it be just a bit or a lot, she believes it to be the true color of death. Of course, not many know that's the reason why she wears it. Kitty stands at 5"6 without heels with a curvy but petite body with a hint of muscle. She always has two hairpins in her hair that was actually extremely sharp, her emergency weapons that many just see as decoration.

    Backstory: Kitty use to have parents, a mother who was constantly on drugs and a father that always used Kitty to manipulate others in order to get what he wanted. (WIP)

    Skills: Hand to hand combat
    Is fast and flexible, uses this to her advantage to being silent and sneaky
    Can easily manipulate others
    Marksmanship (with guns and knives) but she usually sticks to knives, which are easier to hide
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  8. Super pumped for this! This sounds awesome. I'll get to making a CS as soon as possible.
  9. I'm glad, friend. If I get more than 7 apps (I honestly wasn't expecting more than 6 people to be interested), I'll either open it up to the public or start putting people in reserve. But don't worry - as it is right now, it's first in, first serve.
  10. Oooh, let's go! EDIT: Finished!

    Question, though - I'm getting a serious "The true lives of the Fabulous Killjoys" vibe from this RP - some sort of dystopian supergovernment who turns their back onto their people...I get the feeling that among all the drug-dealers and thugs, we need something colourful, witty, and mischievous in value.

    Hence, Kumiko.


    Name: Kumiko Tsubaki

    Haha, good lord, where can you start with this little brat?

    Well let's get to the basics. First off, she's pretty damn short, around 5'2" in height with a distinct lack of...assets. Her short flat figure coupled with the impish grin is only made even more confusing with a definite muscle tone all over and a short pixie cut. To combat the gender question, Kumiko wears some pretty striking make-up around her eyes, which are typically dark and Asian. Her closet can only really be described as "unique"; its clear, in some cases, that the girl's done some adjustments to clothes that probably used to be typically masculine in nature. Lots of neon added, the waist tucked in on shirts and jackets, trouser seams unpicked and tailored to fit. Most, if not all, of her clothes have been spray painted with various activism logos and propaganda, her favourite being a nuclear waste sign.

    Her inventory, if you could call it that, consists of a thick construction worker belt, the loops used for tools are filled with paintbrushes, spray cans, pens and pencils. She carries around thee little cans of pepper spray and two cans of deoderant or body spray of any type. Her pockets contain pieces of rubber, a cigarette lighter, a pencil sharpener where the screw of the razor is kept very loose, pieces of gum that really shouldn't go in your mouth, and one of those pocket screwdriver toolkit things. The important stuff, aka her mobile, her wallet and her debit card (which she keeps separate) tend to be hidden under clothes - in socks, shoes, bras, underwear...sometimes she's sewn hidden pockets in her clothes for really small things - coins or jewellery, for example.

    But hey, you don't want an X-ray of Kumiko, you want a proper description and I suppose that means personality too!

    Yeah, Kumiko is a real pain in the ass sometimes. Her upbringing has caused a vague wandering aura of "rich kid" syndrome, something to do with either the way she doesn't really understand the suffering of the poor, the constant confidence bordering on arrogance...her outfits, too, show echoes of money in them. She can be loud-mouthed, whiny and a little bit selfish. Oh, and stubborn to the point of backhanding her.

    However, despite this irritating behaviour, the little thing's got an indescribable charm and innocence about her that sets her up a few pegs on the 'cute' scale. She's clearly trying to relate to the others too, and her empathy allows her to somewhat succeed in this measure. She's pretty tactile too - not to the point of being clingy, but likes to poke things, grab things and toy with things. Yes, this includes people: she tends to lean on her friends quite literally, and her short, light figure makes her a sucker for piggybacks and surprisingly easy to throw.

    It's not a huge surprise, therefore, that she's royally crap at brawling. When Kumiko gets hurt, she tends to brush it off, but the biggest worry lies within; her blood. Kumiko is a mild sufferer of Hemophilia, and whilst the smaller scrapes and scratches aren't too much of a worry, anything that bleeds will be an issue. This means that she tends to avoid conflict and hide behind big, burly people instead of jumping into the fray.


    Born in the sprawling maze of New London, Kumiko had it good when she was brought into the world. Her mother being a molecular scientist and consequently part of one of the leading technological companies in the world, and her father being a lawyer (ironically, in a world full of crime, the justice system is inevitably flawed and her father uses this to his advantage to get lots and lots of money) meant that Kumiko wasn't at a loss for money and therefore wasn't slumming around the filthy metal streets.

    She lived in a large penthouse suite on top of one of the huge apartment buildings, elevated from the crimes, the shootings and the muggings on her own little cloud of wealth and prosperity. She did go to school, yes - but she went to the local private school, aptly named "Cambridge Educational Facility" after one of the leading universities in England prior to the nuclear destruction. It was there where she met her new friends, a group of snooty posh kids who turned their nose up at the strugglings of the poor, developed a keen racist attitude and blindly followed the government. Desperate to fit in, Kumiko spent her childhood conforming to the social norm within the Educational Facility and ended up being - in short - a racist little turd.

    When her hormones stood up and slapped her in the face with the throes of puberty, Kumiko fortunately changed quite a lot. Her academic progress was beyond brilliant - who could blame her, though, for attending one of the best schools in New London? This sudden influx of knowledge increased her awareness, and her reasoning gave way to enlightenment that, in fact, the world is darker than she thought...but it wasn't the impoverished who caused it. This started Kumiko's rebellious streak. In an effort to truly express her anti-government sympathies, Kumiko turned to fine arts and crafts, creating outfits which she had embroidered her activism onto and large murals depicting white middle aged men sitting upon pedestals whilst the other races scrabbled and fought each other for food below.

    Looking back at her family life though, not everything was peachy over there either. Her parents worked long hours and she was usually left with an automated nanny to look after her, which isn't really how a kid should grow up in the slightest. She grew angry, and tended to give the thing a lot of abuse during her childhood - which only resulted in the robot's security levels increasing so the metal mother became more and more suffocating of Kumiko's creative development. Whenever her parents were home, or called in to check up on their only daughter, it usually ended with a disappointed sigh and a quiet exit from the building from at least one of the three. They wanted Kumiko to use that brilliant mind of hers like she did in the past, as an inventor and a white-power politician to be...not something that they might have to fish out of jail in the future.

    In a mockery of her parents wishes, Kumiko continued to do well in her studies but she also let herself out of the suite more and more often to kick around in the streets below. She became somewhat affiliated with gangs, but turned her nose up at the thought of crime still; she had the strength of character to resist the temptations of drugs, and focused more ardently on the activism groups, to which she regularly participated in their vandalism and propaganda spreading. She dropped the paintbrushes and picked up cans of spray paint. Her time, brief as it was, in the streets also caused her to pick up on impromptu weapons very quickly - things such as a deodorant flame-thrower, pepper spray, the razor from her pencil sharpner if she was in a pinch. She damaged surveillance equipment, sprayed slogans onto walls and cars, and climbed through the maze of buildings like a little anti-government monkey with a group of like-minded individuals. During the evenings, she sat and listened to Radio New Earth.

    Whilst studying for her final exams through to the small hours of the morning, Kumiko first heard the beeps. Curious, she spent a fair while of her free time trying to decode the message (her parents were delighted to see her doing sums instead of painting controversial anarchist art on her wall) but once she figured out what it meant a year or so after her finals, Kumiko decided to sit idle no longer. She spent a few months repairing the broken bonds with her parents (her father was made redundant shortly after Kumiko's graduation, and her mother's declining health forced her into a part-time job, so they had plenty of time to talk to their daughter after she finished her studies) and persuading them to at least support, if not tolerate, her beliefs.

    It worked out better than Kumiko could've imagined. Guilty of the neglect of their only child and after working their lives under the thumb of politicians, they could understand and deeply sympathise with their daughter's actions - they still disapproved of the vandalism and the street violence, though. Too scared and too old to properly jump into the world of radical controversy, Kumiko instead received financial support from her ageing parents as she moved out towards new Yerevan.

    - Creativity: It seems a little vague at first, but I didn't want to put down intelligence because that doesn't really fit the label that Kumiko's wearing. What it essentially means is her ability to imagine situations outside of the box - to use things in ways they aren't meant to be used in order to better her goals. Street weapons are her favourite.

    - Agility: Kumiko became a pretty good coward. Running away was her forte, due to her haemophilia she couldn't get into fights so she had to find a way to get out of them. Therefore she found an affiliation with climbing around the buildings, jumping from rooftop to rooftop, and became pretty good at the whole 'sneaky' business. Couple this with her light frame and you had someone who could probably get lobbed into a ventilation shaft to break into a building.

    - Speed: I can't stress this enough. The girl's hyperactive. It's as if she's constantly buzzing off caffeine or something, she tends to do everything with an air of frantic excitement...which probably stems from the fact she's been cooped up in an apartment for most of her life. She's a brilliant runner, she tends to work things out quickly, and her reaction times are pretty impressive.
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  11. I'm going to be gone over the weekend, so I decided I'd post this so you can look over my progress. I think that my small vacation will be refreshing so I should have the energy to finish it when I get back.

    I spiffied up the profile a bit to make it read a little nicer and contain more information. If you'd rather I not do that, I can convert it back, I'll just have to put a lot of misc stuff in the other sections.

    Name: Stephanie "Mechanus" Ash
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Stephanie stands at about average height. She's small, petite even, but can run faster than her appearance would imply. Her caucasian skin is pale from long hours in a workshop away the sun, but her right hand is calloused and covered with cuts and burns. Her eyes are storm-gray. Her hair is long and bleached white, hanging several inches past her shoulders. It is straight and fine. Her facial features are deceptively girlish and delicate, a contrast to her intense personality. Her left arm has been replaced entirely by a cybernetic arm, made of sleek black metal.

    Her outfit is practical and utilitarian. She wears a lightweight, reinforced black vest over a plain black shirt, along with black trousers. A long black scarf is wrapped around her neck, hanging most of the way down her back. An ear-piece is fitted to her right ear, holding a small rectangular blue lens in place over her eye. This lens projects a digital interface that displays certain information. The ear-piece is visibly wired into her right arm, connecting to the nerves in the upper arm. With minute movments, Stephanie can cause different nerves to fire, translating them into a signal for her device and allowing her to manipulate the interface skillfully. She usually wears a half gas mask over her face, covering it up to her nose. Her tall boots are tough and made for combat. She wears a belt with several pouches hooked onto it, containing random supplies she needs while working, and sometimes more sinister objects. Holstered on either side of her waist are two handguns that she has heavily modified to suit her needs. When expecting trouble (which is most of the time) she wears a variety of silver and black metal objects at her belt, various devices she has designed for combat.
    "Mechanus," as she is often called in the underworld of New Earth, is a skilled combatant and engineer. She is able to build and repair a variety of devices built for combat and defense, many of her own design. She is also able to work with many other mechanical devices, like vehicles, tools, and so on. She is an avid inventor, always trying to improve the ways in which she can kill people, sometimes with success and sometimes not. While she doesn't have the surgical expertise to safely attach them, she is experienced with cybernetics and can build, repair, and augment them with the right tools and time. Her own mechanical arm has seen many such modifications and upgrades, some more viable than others. The currently functioning augments are:

    A compartment near the shoulder that flips open and has the space to store small objects, like a box of ammunition.
    A function that launches four harpoon-like objects from the wrist, connected to spools of extremely sturdy wire just beneath the surface of the arm. Upon coming into contact with something, the points automatically hook, digging into whatever was pierced. Stephanie can then retract them, effectively pulling herself to the hooked object or the object to her, or unhook them.
    A system in the palm that, when activated, flash-fabricates a blue hexagonal barrier just ahead of the palm. This barrier has a roughly two-foot radius and lasts for about six seconds before dissolving into fine dust. It is roughly as strong as steel, but has points of cleavage around the border of each hexagon, meaning some attacks can cause it to break apart compartmentally. The barrier, due to being flash-fabricated, is also very hot. Due to limited space in her hand, she can only carry enough materials to fabricate the barrier a few times before having to restock it.

    Mechanus is skilled with her unique pistols, able to use them both at once with uncanny accuracy thanks to her augmentations. They are roughly based on standard issue weapons, but in actuality fire bullets similar to old-world ammunition. This gives them a disadvantage in staying power, as the ammunition Stephanie uses is expensive to make, but the special rounds give her a versatile edge over plasma weaponry. Each pistol holds twelve rounds. She usually carries clips of the following types:

    Cryogenic frangible rounds that flash-freeze the area around the impact site. The bullet breaks up on impact with even soft targets, the particles scattering and freezing whatever they touch. It has zero penetration ability and low stopping power, but a well-placed shot (such as at a joint) can disable an opponent.
    Arsonous rounds coated with a compound that instantly ignites when exposed to air, creating an audible hissing sound. While very difficult to create and handle, these bullets leave the impact site on fire, the compound spraying across it and sticking, lighting anything flammable.
    Electric hollowpoint rounds that charge the tip with enough volts to drop a man. In addition to the trauma inflicted by the bullet itself, the electricity it delivers is enough to stun or incapacitate an average person.
    Explosive rounds that shatter into shrapnel on impact, shredding flesh and punching through softer metals through the force of the burst alone.
    Most commonly, Stephanie keeps one pistol loaded with electric rounds and the other with cryogenic rounds.

    The other devices she carries into combat are varied and many, but the most commonly used are as follows:
    A reusable knockout grenade with enough gas to be used three times before it must be refueled.
    Various anti-armor and anti-personnel grenades.
    A cube about the size of a rubix cube that, when a button on one face is pressed, flash-fabricates a seven-by-seven wall that springs up vertically from the cube (or whatever direction opposite the button). This barrier lasts for about ten seconds. The cube only has enough materials to be used once, but can be restocked.
    A cylinder that flash-fabricates bullets. It can create thirty-six before being restocked, but the rounds only last for about thirty seconds (meaning they must be loaded and fired quickly) and have no special properties--they are just mundane bullets.
    Two silver discs that fold out into small drones. These drones are programmed to hover around Mechanus and protect her, armed with low-power plasma cannons and enough materials to flash-fabricate a short-lived barrier (similar to the one her hand projects) once each.
    A wrist-mounted frame (worn on her organic arm) that, when flexed a certain way, flash-fabricates a glowing blade about three feet-long, used for close quarters defense. The blade lasts for about ten seconds and can be fabricated five times.
    Other Notes:

    A few things to note:

    I'm not entirely sure about the level of technology, but if we have plasma weaponry all of this stuff should be possible. I'm least sure of flash-fabrication, and I can easily change that if you want.
    I'm not entirely sure what I have written for her pistols is what I'm going to go with--I may change them to be more general versatile energy weapons instead of firing old-world ammunition.
    She has a lot of gadgets, but most of them are for combat and not utility. She's not a hacker, or infiltrator, or anything like that--her toys only do one thing: Kill. And while she's a powerful force in combat with them, most of them have limited uses before she has to make or otherwise acquire more, or reload them. While fast, durable, and strong in combat, she has little staying power because once she runs out of gadgets and/or ammunition there isn't much she can do.

    Also, credit to Peterkus on deviantart for the awesome art I used to represent her pistols--I stumbled on his art looking for good art for said pistols, and he has a lot of cool scifi guns, so you should check that out or something.
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  12. All applications look grand so far. I look forward to seeing how they'll look when finished. In the meantime, I'll start writing up the IC opening post.

    Although, Valentyne, I'm going to need a whole lot of explaining as to how Mechanus got her hands on so much advanced weaponry. I don't have a problem with her having it but I am going to be expecting her to be some kind of Bruce Wayne or some kind of assassin.
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  13. you get mad respect if you read through that description, it even makes me feel a little bit overwhelmed. xD I'd focus on the background but I'm terribly tired.

    Edit: -My- description, that is.
  14. It had a twist of humour in it.

    I like that.
  15. Aw, thanks! I couldn't shove in a lot of humour into my backstory, though, which is a shame. However, I've finished up my CS and I look forward to the IC!
  16. Just an update on the IC - a busy weekend has left me too burnt out to finish it but it'll be out probably by tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

    Name: Ionna Floria

    Description: Ionna stands a 5'9, weighing around 115 pounds. She has numerous scars and scratches that blemish her soft light olive skin. She has short black hair that hangs centimeters above her small shoulders and dark brown, almost black, eyes.
    First thing to know about Ionna is she can be very mistrusting. She can often be suspicious of strangers who try to speak with her or get to know her and brush them off, ignore them, or try and leave. She'll even get irritated towards others sometimes. However if you(somehow) manage to get close to her, she'll be by your side to the end. She'll never let you down or get rid of your trust. Putting forth the effort to be on her side shows her that you really do want to be her friend, and so she'll stay forever loyal. She's very reliable and trustworthy when you get on her good side, and she'll always be hardworking and responsible in everything she'll do. In any situation she'll seem to be serious and melancholic, even when she's happy.

    Ionna was brought into the world by Alondra and Alexio Floria. She was born in New Athens and raised their to be a wonderful child kept from the horrid secrets of the outside world. That is until her mother grew fatally ill, sick with an unknown and incurable disease. At least, unknown to her. Her father spent all their money to take her to the doctor and find out what was wrong, but never told her what had happened. None the less, her mother was now gone, and that was the first she'd ever know of how cruel life could be.
    She moved away from her father, to knew Dublin, as soon as she could. At the age of 17, with nothing in her pockets.
    Now living in a shit apartment, she resorted to crime. She began stealing from those richer than she so she could eat every night. And because minuscule crimes weren't really dealt with anymore, she never got in trouble.

    Hand-to-hand- She'll kick the shit out of someone if she has to... but she'd rather not.
    Lockpicking-She has years of practice.
  18. So I feel really bad I have to do this, but I'm not going to be able to join this RP, at least not right now. I've been going through a ton of stress in real life and having this hanging over my head isn't helping. If it's still open by the time I have the time and energy commit to it, I'll definitely join (I still like the idea and everything), but until then I can't promise that I even work any more on my character, much less finish it and then stay active in the RP.
  19. Hope you feel better Valentyne. I'm sure we've all needed a break from roleplay at some time or another.

    @Chapatrap Just to be sure, what's the status on this RP? Is it still on?
  20. Apologies, ladies and gents, but I'm going to have to stop this before it begins. Sorry for wasting all your times and thank you for expressing interest.
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