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    IC is up! The First Act

    The Premise:
    Elyne is a land bathed in eternal light; its inhabitants born from the radiant rays of sunlight and the milky bars of moonlight. The creatures that dwell on its luminescent surface are incarnations of the light that they represent, flesh and blood made from light solidified.

    Each nation of Elyne’s vast tracks of land possesses a lighthouse that ascends beyond the lofty clouds. The light of these towering lighthouses provide sustenance for Elyne’s inhabitants. As long as the lighthouses remain lit as they have been since the beginning of time, no Elynian requires food or water.

    In these lighthouses reside the monarchs, the Luxes of the nations. Their light is the most radiant, the most powerful, and the most majestic. A threat, great in the magnitude of its power, unlike any Elyne has ever known is making its way for their radiant world. Beings of shadow from another world, Aespectriill, beings that devour the light for their sustenance have been chased off of their home world.

    Day by day, these shadow beings arrived in droves, but no one ever noticed. The radiance of the lighthouses burned away the forerunners of the invasion. As they arrived, however, the shadows in the nooks and crannies of Elyne began to grow. Wisps of shadow appeared in the lighthouses, materializing into Aespectriill. Eventually, thousands of them began to materialize in the chamber of the Luxes whose light no longer protected them from the ravaging hunger of the shadows. From their mouths and eyes, the light of the Luxes left their bodies, devoured by the most powerful of the Aespectriill, beings that would come to be known as the Tenebra.

    Elyne is falling into darkness. The light is only just beginning to stir against the threat of the shadow. Will you join the battle against the encroaching darkness, or will you be one of those who devour the light?


    The Atmosphere:
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    The atmosphere for this roleplay will be dark. The Elynians, now deprived of the light of the lighthouses will have to depend on other means of sustenance; this means eating food and drinking water. Some Elynians will become cannibalistic, some will turn on the non-sentient beings and others will find plants to be edible.

    There will be lots of strife within Elynian society and outside of it. They will be fighting a force they have no idea how to fight. Remember, Elynians have never faced conflict, not even once in their history. How will they learn how to battle, how will they learn to survive? How many will fall to the Tenebra before Elynians can put their feet down to combat the shadows? As a Tenebra, killing off Elyne might be against your morality, but Elynians do not know that. For you it is simply a matter of survival, a matter of running from whatever it is that chased you off of your homeworld. In fact, you might not even know what it is that you are running from, all you might know is that it is capable of consuming the shadows that comprise your being. Only the three Tenebra that assimilated the Luxes know everything about your exodus.

    For a Tenebra, explaining that you mean no harm to an Elynian is not easy. Simply being in a room together with an Elynian that is willing to listen would suck the Elynian's essence into your being. You must also be on watch for other Tenebra, mentally fractured by the long journey from home who can assimilate you when you are overpowered.Self is most important in these times of uncertainty. No one can be trusted. Betrayal is rampant in the ranks of both factions. Everything reeks of conspiracy and even the once peaceful Elynians are beginning to conspire against each other. Nothing is certain. Every breath you draw can be your last.

    The Setting:

    Elyne is a flat world with three vast continents surrounding a central sea. Each continent houses one of three nations of Elynians. To the North, Ignis, born from the light of flames; to the East, Sol, born from the radiance of the sun and to the west, Lune, born from the luminance of the moon.
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    Fiery nation of the north, the heart of Ignis is bathed in molten rock from volcanoes that bathe the night with their crimson light. The obsidian lighthouse of Ignis is wrapped by the dancing aurorae at its peak. The lighthouse possesses a blood-red halo cast by the fires of the volcanoes behind it. From the lighthouse, the settlements of the Ignis Elynians sprawl across the landscape, their roads paved with softly glowing red rocks, giving the impression of lava spreading out like a spiderweb from the lighthouse.

    Ignis Elynians do not have cities, merely settlements that are spread across the landscape.

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    Radiant nation of the east, the citadel-esque structures of the city of Sollë spread outward from the lighthouse like the rays of the sun. Majestic buildings spread in a very organized manner from the heart of the continent. Marble colonnades and fountains line the countless squares of the huge city. The lighthouse in itself is majestic to behold. At dawn it possesses a brazen aura, at noon the sun crowns its lofty peak and at sunset, the sun illuminates the lighthouse with a golden brilliance. With the city, the sight is breath-taking.

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    Serene nation of the west, beautiful spires that reach for the sky parade in a thin crescent behind the milky white lighthouse. The buildings of Allune grow taller and shorter as they radiate from the heart of the city like ripples in a pond. The vast parks of Allune are lit with lamps that cast a bluish brilliance in the night, emulating the moonlight that they are made from. The lighthouse sparkles alluringly and almost hypnotically when the light of the moon strikes it.

    Elynian Society
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    Elynian society is based around symbiosis. All Elynians live in mutual benefit from each other. That is, until the balance is upset by the arrival of the Tenebra. Darker characteristics begin to manifest in Elynians, emotions unknown before to them begin to well deep. Anger, hatred, bitterness, sorrow, loneliness, hunger, desperation, fear and terror; all these, new to the ignorant race. Few adhere to the old ways, fearing that that level of weakness will destroy them. Fear and mistrust has become the new core of Elynian "society".

    The Plot:

    Elyne is a peaceful world where light is perpetual. There is never a dark day or night for that matter in Elyne. The inhabitants of this plane are born from light, firelight, moonlight, sunlight, aurorae, candlelight, lightning, any kind of light. Peace is absolute in Elyne, the nations require no trade nor money for their sustenance is the light of the lighthouses provided by the Luxes, the most radiant among them.

    However, recently, a race of light-devouring beings with semi-corporeal bodies of shadow began arriving en masse on Elyne. At first the light of the Luxes was able to keep them at bay, burning away the forerunners of the 'invasion.' However, as the main force of the shadow beings began to arrive, they slowly pushed back the light. Since the lighthouses were the foci of power on the plane, that was where the shadow beings manifested once they entered Elyne.

    Eventually, as droves of these "Tenebra" as they came to be called materialized on Elyne, they were able to overcome the light of the Luxes. The most powerful among them assimilated the light of the Luxes into their being. These Tenebra have been chased off of their homeworld by some yet-unknown terror. Few of them even know why they left, but they knew very well that they either flee and live or stay and die.

    Because of this, Elynian society collapses. Without the light from the Luxes, they are reduced to mortals with mortal needs. They must eat and drink and fight to survive. For a race of people that has never done any of these, it will be difficult and countless many will be absorbed by the Tenebra before they can muster the strength to fight back.

    As for the Tenebra, everything is a matter of survival. Kill or be killed. Eat or be eaten. They all know it is only a matter of time before whatever was chasing them catches up.

    Right now, it is pretty apparent that things are quickly heading downhill. If all the Elynians die, then none will be left to feed the Tenebra who would eventually waste away as well. Nevermind biological incompatibility, nevermind cultural differences, nevermind language barriers, there is obviously only one way to get through the cataclysm: Coexistence. That should be your goal.

    Your Role as a Roleplayer:
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    As a roleplayer, you can choose to either be an Elynian or a Tenebra.

    As an Elynian, you are learning how to eat, how to drink, how to rest for the first time. This has got to be a harrowing experience. You never needed these things before. Not to mention, if you turn the wrong corner... BAM! You're dead, gone, assimilated into the body of a Tenebra. Every night you hear the screams of other unfortunate Elynians. Will this drive you insane? I don't know! You're the roleplayer. If you choose to sustain yourself using flora found around your home, the vegetation would eventually thin out. You would eventually have to turn to meat. Game will turn scarce because EVERY LIVING THING is made of solidified light, and therefore, can be assimilated by the Tenebra. How would you guard your house against other starving Elynians seeking to devour your flesh? Would you have the guts to kill your fellow Elynians for a meal, or would you choose to keel over and die?

    As a Tenebra, this is a strange world, a strange land you don't know the dangers of. The light you eat can also destroy your body if it is intense enough. You don't know if that plant can open up its leaves and blast you with a beam of light so bright it will disintegrate your shadowy body. Seeking out the Elynians is the easiest and most sure way of sustenance. After all, they can't fight you back, they don't even know how to sustain themselves yet. They're weak. You have to remember though, a strong enough Tenebra can assimilate YOU. YOU can become fodder for those terrifying cannibal Tenebra. Not to mention, you are living in perpetual fear that whatever or whoever it was that chased you off of your world would show up.

    Eat or be eaten. Kill or be killed. Survive. We will drive the plot together, but I WILL throw things your way that you might not expect. I'm evil like that. *ebil laff* As a start, for the Elynians, securing food, water and shelter. For the Tenebra, establishing yourself as "CANNOT BE TOUCHED" and finding a good population of Elynians to feed off of. Best of luck roleplayers.

    The Kinds of Elynian:
    These are just a few kinds of Elynians I came up with. You can suggest more if you want, but there are a lot here. The kind of light they were born from will show basic character traits and (if ever) the kind of magic that Elynian can wield.
    Ignis Family:
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    Name Characteristics Appearance
    Flame Born from the light of an open flame, this Elynian can get aggressive if provoked. Golden hair with streaks of red and orange, a slight orange sheen to skin, piercing red-orange eyes with flecks of yellow and a soft red-orange aura of light.
    Candlelight Born from the light of a candle, this Elynian radiates warmth to those around it, but with a little provocation, it retreats into a shell. Soft yellow hair with white highlights, very faint yellow sheen to skin, irises ranging from auburn to milky yellow, often small and with an innocent quality and a very faint yellow-white glow.
    Aurorae Born from the lights that adorn the skies, this Elynian can use its beauty and natural charm to manipulate others around it. Silvery hair with streaks of shades of one color (unique to each individual), very faint sheen to skin (the same as streaks in hair), irises of the same color as the streaks of the hair with silvery specks, tall and slender countenance and a dancing aura of shifting colors.
    Flicker Born from the light of a wind-blown fire, this Elynian can experience violent bouts of rage that vanish almost instantaneously. Raging red hair with a faint but distinct red sheen to skin, irises have the same color as an ember (they also glow when the Flicker is in rage), of medium height, with a faint flickering red-orange aura.
    Lightning Born from the scorching light of a bolt of lightning, this Elynian can be fierce and quick, but will not have the strength to last long in battle. Stark white hair with purplish edges and a faint glow, very pale complexion, completely white eyes that glow with an unearthly light, often very tall. Has no aura but lightning dances upon its skin (harmless).
    Spark Born from the puny light of a spark, this Elynian is most likely to give into fear after a bluff that rarely works. Yellow-orange hair with long, thin streaks of red and/or orange, slightly orange skin, often golden eyes, short and has a dim and indistinct aura.
    Vulcan Born from the light of the volcano's fiery maw, this Elynian has the potential to be the most destructive of the Ignis family. Hair is made of dancing fire with skin that appears like rocks with veins of flowing lava, has bright eyes that seem to be burning, often very tall with a distinct, intense red-orange aura.

    User Submitted:


    Name Characteristics Appearance Submitted by
    Ember Ember Elynians are relaxed and peaceful most of the time. When something upsets them they keep it to themselves, smouldering with hidden anger. Once infuriated they would “burst into flames”. They are created from the light of a glowing coal. Ember Elynians take the form of a child of the maximum age of thirteen. Their eyes are deep red, their hair is raven black. When angered their eyes start to glow and the tips of their hair turn red. The Returner

    Sol Family:
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    Name Characteristics Appearance
    Radiant Born from the light of the sun at its peak, this Elynian's light is bright. It is capable of exerting extreme pressure on its peers, however. Golden hair, golden skin, golden eyes that glow very brightly and a very striking aura. It is comparatively tall, but not as tall as the Lightnings or Vulcans of the Ignis family.
    Dawn Born from the light of dawn, this Elynian is at first weak, but grows stronger as time goes on. Purple hair that fades to orange. It has a slightly iridescent sheen to its skin. It starts out very short but grows taller as time goes on, eventually stopping growth at around the height of the Radiant. The orange in its hair grows as time goes on. Once it reaches full maturity, its hair is completely orange. Its aura is purplish near its birth and grows brighter and yellower as life goes on.
    Twilight Born from the light of the setting sun, this Elynian steadily wanes in strength, but goes out with a bang at the end. All the qualities of the Dawn reversed. Its smallest height is at the height of a Dawn at birth. Aura goes from bright yellow to dim purple as it ages. If it chooses to 'return' its light, in the years leading up to its 'death', its aura grows steadily greener. Once it 'returns' its light, it unleashes a torrent of green light into the surroundings.
    Gloom Born from the light of the sun on cloudy days, this Elynian can inspire feelings of hopelessness in those around it. Dull grey hair that glows dimly. Its eyes are stormy gray and it has a gray sheen to its skin. It glows with a dim light grey aura. Average height.
    Eclipse Born from the light of a solar eclipse, this Elynian can turn even the brightest days and happiest emotions into resounding grief. Black skin with golden highlights. Black hair with golden edges. Its aura is a suffused brazen glow. It stands tall. It has white sclera with black irises with a golden border.
    Rainbow Born from the light of a rainbow, this Elynian is in contrast to the Eclipse Elynian, capable of turning consuming sorrow into joy and jubilation. It has opalescent hair, eyes and skin. It stands quite tall, but not as tall as an Eclipse. It glows with an aura that periodically changes colors.

    User Submitted:


    Name Characteristics Appearance Submitted by
    Reflection Reflection Elynians are generally considered weakest of all the Sol family because they were created from reflected beams of light partly absorbed by the reflective object. These are water, mirrors and glass. Each reflection has a special characteristic. Depends on the type of reflection. The Returner
    A. Reflection - Water Born from the reflection of sunlight on water, these Elynians are quiet and conflict-free. They keep to themselves and can seem distant. Their presence can calm others. Eyes of a watery blue, fair skin and wavy hair of any shade of blue or green. The Returner

    Lune Family:
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    Name Characteristics Appearance
    Halo Born from the light of the full moon, this Elynian can grant feelings of peacefulness to those around it. Silver-white hair that glows faintly. Silver irises that glow when the moon is full. Average height. Has pale skin and can be described as "soft". Has an icy-white aura.
    Crescent Born from the light of the crescent moon, this Elynian can be abrasive, using its natural beauty to manipulate others around it. Silvery-blue hair with the same color irises. It exudes a sharp white aura. It is quite tall and usually walks with an almost-predatory gait.
    Umbra Born from the light of the new moon, this Elynian's light is dim. Only this Elynian is capable of hiding in the shadows for a short period of time. Charcoal gray hair and usually very dark gray irises. It can be anywhere from average to just shy of a Crescent. Its aura is a very indistinct, dim gray and can only be seen for two feet around it. It has very dark skin with the occasional gray highlight.
    Moonbow Born from the light of a moonbow, in contrast to its Rainbow cousin, its light is pale and it is capable of turning any emotion into indifference. Pale white hair that is not as lush as the Halo's. It has stark, sad gray eyes and a very pale (almost sickly) complexion. It is of average height and it gives off a wavering grayish-white aura.
    Blood Born from the light of a lunar eclipse, the blood-red light of a Blood Elynian can spark feelings of rage and aggression within its influence. Blood-red hair with silver streaks. Crimson irises with silver flecks. Quite tall. It has nearly black-skin with red markings that glow. It is one of the first Elynians to show physical change after the Tenebra arrived, since then it has developed fangs. It glows with a menacing crimson, similar, but very unlike its Ignis cousins.

    *NOTE: Appearances are simply general appearances and characters can have variations of them. Also, height is based on human proportions.

    The Tenebra:
    The Tenebra were once a peaceful race of shadowy beings that hailed from the world of Sylfe. They needed only to feed during the full moon and even then, hurt no one in the process. However, their world has fallen prey to an ancient evil and their exodus has turned them into the beasts they are now.

    They possessed an old religion dedicated to the preservation of life and the imminence of death. However, all concept of society has degraded and the Tenebra have been reduced to beasts whose only goal is survival.

    The Type of Tenebra depends on the Elynian it preys upon. A Halo Elynian will be preyed upon by a Halo Tenebra whose qualities are negative reflections of a Halo Elynian. In the case of Elynians that are capable of negative qualities, the Tenebra that preys on them will have a greater magnitude of these qualities. A Vulcan Tenebra for example, would have insatiable bloodlust.

    However, there are six archetypes:
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    Shade A Shade is the run-of-the-mill Tenebra. There are many of these. Their bodies are like solid shadows. They are not very fast. They cannot passively prey on Elynians (passive in that the Tenebra, simply being to be within the vicinity can suck the light out of an Elynian). Merely touching an Elynian, a Shade can suck the light out of it.
    Thundercloud A Thundercloud is a Tenebra who has consumed more light in one feeding than his body can handle. His body is turbulent and appears like a thundercloud. This condition is permanent. The light that the Tenebra has consumed frequently shines through the roiling mass of shadows. A thundercloud's gravity is greater than a shade's. If a thundercloud gets within two inches of an Elynian, it can suck up the Elynian's light.
    Wisp This Tenebra's body is like smoke. It can only consume a little light every feeding and thus has to feed frequently. If it consumes too much, it can be destroyed. It would take several feedings for a Wisp to fully consume a single Elynian's light. However, a single feeding is all it takes to incapacitate an Elynian for at most 3 days.
    Murder Its name taken from a murder of ravens, this is one of the most intelligent Tenebra. Although it is small, it gathers in flocks. The hunting grounds of Murder Tenebrae are often swept clean within a few hours. These Tenebra, being small, only need to feed every once in a while. A single Murder would not be able to consume an entire Elynian's light, perhaps enough to disorientate it, but not enough to cause lasting damage. It makes up for this by hunting in droves, a single flock is comprised of 15-20 Murders, at most 30. Some Murders can take over the consciousnesses of the fellow members of its flock, forming a sort of hivemind.
    Fleck The smallest Tenebra. These Tenebra can be the size of one's palm. These Tenebra hunt in swarms and only need one Elynian to satisfy their hunger for a week at most. Around 300 Fleck Tenebra comprise a swarm. A single one can only consume enough light to make an Elynian itch, but 300 can consume an Elynian at a surprising rate.
    Abyss These Tenebra prey on other Tenebra. Their shadows are deeper and darker than other Tenebra and they can consume an insane amount of light. Once an Abyss Tenebra consumes another Abyss Tenebra, a new monstrosity is formed. When an Abyss Tenebra consumes another Tenebra, the consciousnesses of the two clash for control over the new body. It is usually the Abyss that wins.

    Void Tenebra:
    These Tenebra are created when an Abyss Tenebra consumes another Abyss Tenebra. The consciousnesses of the two clash for control over the new body. This new body can consume an extremely large amount of light. There are only three void Tenebra, the ones that consumed the light of the Luxes. Their shadows can suck the light out of any Elynian within eyesight.

    Methods of Communication:
    Character Sheet!
    Show Spoiler

    Age:(Elynians are ageless. You can put the apparent age here)

    Nation of Origin:
    Job/Role:(Elynian jobs/careers are usually centered around education, the arts and entertainment)

    Sub-type: (based on the preferred Elynian prey)

    General History:

    A note on magic
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    Magic comes later on in this roleplay. Remember, the Elynians have never needed anything. Everything was provided by the light of the Luxes. There might be latent magical power within the Elynians but this will be discovered later on, and we can discuss this later on, although I do have an idea of how I want it to work.

    Elynians have a line of defense against the Tenebra, but even then only the most desperate to live, and even then, it doesn't always work. The more danger a desperate Elynian is in, more and more of its light, its flesh, mind or energy will be released as bursts of light. It all culminates in a 'Nova' which is when an Elynian liberates so much of its light, it could lose its memory, or perhaps even an entire arm, in a single moment of intense brilliance that could burn away all but the most powerful Tenebrae.

    For the Tenebra, there IS only one magic right now. Death touch. Contact with a Tenebra, even if it's a single wisp of shadow, will kill any mundane creature in Elyne. More powerful, more radiant, more pure creatures however, will take prolonged contact OR contact with a particularly powerful Tenebra. Further magic for the Tenebra, maybe later. Right now, they are focused on surviving, also, they are severed from their normal plane of existence, they don't know HOW to access magic in Elyne.

    My Expectations
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    For posting time, all I ask is for a post at least once a week for each roleplayer. If we can post more often, then well and good. Also, if you're going to be away for some time, please, PLEASE inform us.

    Second, post length, minimum is two substantial paragraphs where applicable. Short posts are acceptable as long as they make sense. After all, who needs a two-paragraph description of someone walking up to a door, answering it and yelling "Holy Shit!" in surprise?

    Third, regarding the characters. This is a roleplay based upon survival. I don't want to see heroes or villains. Everyone will be of varying shades of gray. Dissent, deceit and manipulation is more of the norm than the exception in the world of Lux Tenebris. Also: Cannibalism. Elynians turn on each other for food. Same goes for the Tenebra, although it's much easier to just consume an Elynian.

    EDIT: The posting frequency I put was thrice a week because that was when I believed the RP would not attract as much attention as it has. However, as the player base grows, thrice a week would make it nigh impossible for the busier RPers to catch up.
  2. Re: OOC - Lux Tenebris

    I am in! You know that! So just wait till I finish work and then I give you my insanely great character! xD

    Name: Latifa
    Gender: Female
    Race: Elynian
    Age: Apparent age of 20

    Nation of Origin: Lune Family
    Type: Crescent
    Job/Role: skilled in dancing and singing

    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Latifa is a rather complicated being. On the outside, she is friendly yet distant. She can cheer you up but still not seem to be fully involved in what she was doing, as if it was her nature to do so. She might ask a favour in the most pleasant and warming way. Though, if you would have seen her thoughts that do not reflect in her expression, you would be surprised. On the inside, Latifa can be cruel and her favours usually mean that you have already fell for her trap and in the future you shall be the one who she should use even without you noticing it. As friendly as she can seem, Latifa can as easily hurt mostly with words but she has few incidents up her sleeve when she used physical violence; however that is not known about her. With the sudden crisis falling upon her land Latifa's mind twisted even more. Comprehending that the times became tough and her instinct of self-preservation, which she still doesn't fully understand, pushes her to do even worse things than she would do with clear mind. Yes, unfortunately it is true, Latifa has gone crazy.

    General History:
    Latifa was born from the light of Cresent. Since that very day she has shown interest in creative activities, singing and dancing the most. She never had any true friends because she was sometimes way too cruel and merciless in her behaviour. Being left alone made her even more of that which drove other Elynians away. Every men that has ever fallen for Latifa ended up used, drained up and deeply wounded. For some reason which lies in her true nature, she doesn't care about other's feeling yet she doesn't act as a mean and arrogant individual. Before the invasion, Latifa used to do public performances and was famous in the city. Now it is all about survival. Latifa still lives in her house, eating whatever she thinks is edible but she is not correct all the time. She has already tried meat of...well...another Elynian. It was a sheer attempt to survive a fight. She won but then she got that funny feeling in her stomach which hurt a lot when she didn't take care of it as soon as it appeared. She kind of liked the taste of the meat and slowly her mind is not looking for might-be-edible things, but for other of her own kind. She hates that feeling in her stomach, she thinks of it as a curse that can be muted by proper food.
  3. Name: Magnal
    Gender: Male
    Race: Elynian
    Age: Looks to be in his early 20s
    Nation of Origin: Sol
    Type: Radiant
    Job/Role: Entertainer/Musician

    Same as the picture, albeit without the glasses and a little bit older. He is also slightly taller than average for a Radiant.. His arms and the corners of his mouth are permanently stained with blood.

    Before the Tenebrae invaded Elyne, Magnal was a very outgoing, happy-go-lucky, loudmouthed kind of guy. As were most of his musician friends whose boisterous laughter accompanied their small group whereever they sojourned to.

    Magnal was a very passionate musician, though far from the best. This didn't bother him though, as before the dark times, nothing bothered Elynians.

    The arrival of the Tenebrae brought about an abrupt and disturbing shift in Magnal's personality. The Elynian that was once outgoing and happy-go-lucky became reclusive, spiteful and arrogant.

    When the first pangs of hunger hit him, he shook it off, thinking that because he was one of the brightest Elynians, that it was nothing. Only when the hunger began to gnaw at his stomach was he compelled to do anything.

    He turned on his friends. Tore them limb from limb. It was there that he discoverd something that he had been looking for for a long time.

    That was when his quest for 'perfection' began.

    He is also very obsessive and oblivious to everything once he begins to play his music.

    General History:
    Magnal and a group of 7 or so other musicians were the premiere music troupe of Sol. Hundreds of people would gather simply to hear the musicians play songs that swayed their souls. These people flocked from every corner of the city just for them.

    Magnal played the Setilum, a violin-like instrument with seven strings instead of four. He was not the best in his group, nor did he ever try to be. He could match them, note for note in even the most upbeat of tunes. He could play even the most complicated sonatas with ease and perfection. Yet, he could not play with the same passion and emotion that his peers did.

    Before the Tenebra came, it never bothered him. He was happy and content with playing with his friends and enjoying their company. It never occured to him to look for whatever it was that was interfering with his music.

    All that changed when the Tenebra began to arrive. Darkness in people's hearts began to grow. Much to the surprise of everyone that knew him, the darkness in Magnal's heart grew intense. He began to be reclusive, yelling at everyone that so much as disturbed him. His arrogance got the better of him, driving all but three of his friends away.

    When he was not obsessing over refining his music, he was boasting about how his light was so bright and how he was much taller than anyone else in the neighborhood. His friends rode with it, unwilling to sacrifice the friendship. Though in all of them, feelings of envy and resentfulness began to grow.

    Magnal was obsessing over his music when the Luxes fell. At first he felt a strange sensation in his abdomen, but he brushed it off, thinking that his light would protect him. His friends were in the room adjacent to his, practicing their music.

    When the Tenebra began to flood the streets, his friends rushed into his room, fearful for their lives. It was at this time that hunger really took over him. A feverish desire for flesh filled his entire being. When he laid his eyes upon his friends, the hunger burned even stronger and seeking respite, he lunged at and bit the neck of one of his friends. The other two tried to pry him off but to no avail.

    They ran screaming from the room, only to be devoured by Tenebra waiting outside. By that time, the whole city was ringing with the screams of Elynians and even the room was filled with the gurgling scream of his old friend. As he drank his friend's blood and tore off chunks of his friend's flesh, the screaming voices blended in his ears and he realized they made a beautiful melody.

    Hastily, he grabbed his septilum and began to play. A haunting melody flowed from the instrument, composed purely on the spot. As he played, the screams from the city and from his dying friend melded into a perfect background to the melody.

    It was the most sinister, most horrifying, most sorrowful music he had ever heard and it delighted him to no end. His friend was still alive and he tore off the friend's fingers to extort a fresh scream. The music was still perfect to his ears.

    He grinned, his teeth stained blood-red, knowing that he had, at long last, found his music. His friend had died once he finished his melody. Deeming the corpse to no longer be of value, he ate what he could and threw the body to the Tenebra waiting outside.

    As he did so, he felt his own light grow a little stronger. He felt as though it had been because he ate his friend, but he couldn't know for sure, not until he found another victim.

    On that day, he resolved to find and extract the most beautiful scream in Elyne and play his septilum to it. He believed it would be the perfection of his art. He also resolved to find out if eating his brethren made him stronger, and if it did, to eat more and become stronger than he already was.
  4. Name: Corvus (Hivemind)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Tenebra
    Age: Unknown
    ArcheType: Murder
    Sub-Type: Crescent

    The main body of Corvus is like any other Murder, like a Raven. However, he is surrounded by a slight halo of darkness. his eyes glow a dim purple, drawing from the light that he consumes. Corvus.png

    Corvus is an unnaturally cunning Murder Tenebra. He devised a method of using the Elynians' utter terror of the Tenebra to an advantage when looking for prey. He was shot down by the leader of the flock, Cajel, of course, but he bided his time, waiting for just the right moment to retaliate.

    He has an extremely powerful willpower, one that allowed him to overcome each and every consciousness in his flock as well as a few others outside it. Corvus is a strategist and would often send out spies to seek out Elynians and then drive them together before swarming them and devouring them. More often than not, some of them survive and the flock keeps them under vigilant watch, devouring them once the hunger sets in once again.

    Though he is unnaturally cunning for a Murder, he has a fatal flaw. His hubris. His pride is so great, that he believes that whatever he does can be surpassed by no other but himself. It was, in fact, this hubris that led him to believe that he was greater than the flock's previous leader, and it set him on a path that would ultimately lead to Cajel's downfall.

    It is this great pride that has lead him to believe that under his rule, whatever that might mean, the Tenebra would prosper.

    Another of Corvus' flaws is that he, though extremely confident in his abilities, dreads the day that he would make a mistake. Failure is his one and only fear. He dreads it, and because of this fear, he is often indecisive. When faced with a critical decision on the spot, he analyzes all information gathered beforehand and then makes a decision based on what is most logical.

    He believes the Elynians to be intelligent beings, and wishes to decipher their language. Not because he wishes to connect with them, but because he wishes to know how best to torment them. However, he also believes them to be far below him and are meant only to be fodder for the Tenebra.

    General History:
    Corvus began life, before the exodus from Sylfe, as an unnaturally intelligent, yet otherwise unremarkable Murder. It was quickly discovered, however, that Corvus had a propensity to observe and learn from observation. It was through this that he began to discover patterns in the behavior of his flock-mates. It led him to discover who was the weakest-willed members and the strongest-willed members of the flock.

    Despite this, Corvus had the telepathical skills of an average Tenebra. He could only send sensory images, and only fleeting ones at best. This kept Corvus' confidence and self-esteem low. However, he burned with the desire to become something -more- and sought to find a way to achieve it.

    Eventually, he came up with a way. Corvus had always been an observer and he observed other Tenebra as they interacted. He took note of the words they used as they gestured towards some things.

    Corvus found this method incredibly inefficient. Inspiration struck, and he tried to pry into the minds of the Tenebra. He quickly discovered that other Tenebra were susceptible to telepathic invasion, and would not even notice the other consciousness as long as it did nothing but observe. And observe he did. He ascribed words to the sensory images that they produced in the Tenebra's minds and quickly learned the language.

    His flock saw how he progressed and were stunned to discover that he had begun to 'speak' telepathically. This raised his rank considerably. It also made the other Murders respect him. This was the seed for Corvus' hubris. Fearful of losing leadership of the flock to Corvus, Cajel was quick to show the flock that he was still superior to the other Tenebra by injuring Corvus severely.

    Shortly afterwards, the 'exodus' began. The world of the Tenebra was thrown into chaos. Even before they arrived in Elyne, the Tenebra had already stumbled upon another world. The Tenebra had yet to develop the 'hunger' at this time, but continued to hunt for their sustenance. Corvus was no longer injured but still a bit weakened.

    In this weakened state, Corvus was able to observe the flock from outside the hunting grounds, noting how Cajel lacked tact. Convinced that he would be able to do a job orders of magnitude better than Cajel at leading the flock, Corvus resolved to seize control, no matter the price.

    It quickly became apparent, however, that the flock was loyal to Cajel and even Corvus' display of telepathic prowess meant nothing to the members of the flock. Realizing the futility of this approach, Corvus quickly changed tactic. He would undermine the flock from within.

    He targeted the weakest of the flock. But much to his chagrin, he discovered that this Murder was doggedly loyal to Cajel. Frustration mounted and Corvus, in a moment of weakness, lashed out telepathically at this Murder, meaning to incapacitate it and then devour it. Before he could become an Abyss, however, Corvus regained composure and stopped the attack.

    It turned out to be the best mistake he ever committed in his life. After a few moments of disorientation, Corvus discovered that he was able to manipulate the body of the other Murder. It wasn't too long before Corvus had another of the flock under his power. Corvus' hubris grew, probably due to the instability that additional bodies had caused his psyche.

    Before he could go any further, the evil that had chased them arrived in the world they were in. The Tenebra fled, but the journey to Elyne was long and grim. It was during this time that they developed the 'hunger' which only served to make Corvus more unstable.

    Corvus' delusion of ruling the Tenebra and leading them to prosperity began when they finally arrived in Elyne.
  5. This looks so very interesting, is it open? :3

    I'd like to apply.
  6. Ekaetriana: Thank you very much. :D.

    Yes, it is open. In fact we're still looking for roleplayers.
  7. I'm iiiiiin. X3 I'll have to wait until after work to get a profile up, but I'll be thinking about it~
  8. Name: Grant
    Gender: Male
    Race: Eylnian
    Age: appears to be in his mid-twenties.
    Nation of Origin: Ignis
    Type: Flame
    Job/Role: Photographer
    [B][COLOR=#ff8c00]Personality:[/COLOR] Grant is kind and discerning, often shown by his good judgement. He is extremely protective, but short tempered. It is also known that he shows a great deal of interest in nature. He is very intelligent, and has a strong will of justice.
    [B][COLOR=#ff8c00]General History:[/COLOR] Grant worked in the field of Photography for 3 years before Tenebra overtook the light. He was a well known photographer for the local newspaper, getting great pictures, often praised for his great lighting skills. Grant did not consider himself the best in his field, but many others did.
    During the Tenebra raid, he attempted to take a picture of one of the dark beings, but learned that they were weak to bright light when the flash on his camera almost killed a wisp. he has been reluctant to inform the other Eylnian's of this information.

    After witnessing how some of the other Eylnian resorted to cannibalism, he refused to participate in this act, claiming it be repulsive and degenerating from his species' former mindset. A few nights after the Tenebra Invasion, he was attacked by a cannibal, which forced him to kill another Elynian, thus beginning the deterioration of his mind and emotion. After his self accused murder, he soon learned that it was now part of life, but still refused cannibalistic ways.


  9. All submitted characters so far are approved.

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  10. I have a question, actually. Are the Flicks just like little fuzzballs (imagine the little coal dust puffs from Spirited Away​) or do they have different shapes? If so, what kinds?
  11. I actually imagined them as those fuzzballs in Spirited Away when I first conceptualized them.

    Nope, there is no definite shape for the Flecks, as long as they're tiny. You could have tiny beetle-like Flecks for all I know.
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  15. I HAFF ANOTHER QUESTION!! xD I'm thinking of playing a Flick (or at least having one as a sub-char) so: do they have genders? o.O I'd imagine not, but you never know.
  16. Are you going to play a single fleck or are you going to play an entire swarm/colony? A single one could possibly have a gender. However, collective consciousness is what comes into play once you play a swarm, so gender roles will be irrelevant.
  17. Hmm okay. I was thinking playing a single one and simply referencing to the colony whenever I needed to.
  18. Hmm. I do not see how that would work out though. As he/she/it would not usually have a different, individual personality. Even if there was a personality in place, the collective consciousness of the colony and the primary directive at the time would overwhelm any capacity for individual thought.
  19. I don't know, but I love the flicks. Maybe I'll figure out something later. XP In the meantime:

    Name: Cerily
    Gender: Female
    Race: Elynian
    Age: Appears to be in her late teens

    Nation of Origin: Ignis
    Type: Candlelight
    Job/Role: Writer/poet

    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Before the Tenebra invaded, Cerily was a quiet girl. She was kind and more than willing to lend others her help, no matter what it was in, but she was reserved and soft-spoken. Most of the time, her only strong reaction came when she talked about writing or wrote anything. But those days are over. Although she still finds joy in writing, her quiet nature had warped. Her silence is now a sign of apathy. She's half lost her sanity, which makes her almost constantly confused, battling her own thoughts. She has eaten another Elynian, but she doesn't do it often. She doesn't like the fighting part, and knows that she isn't the strongest one out there. She trusts no one any more, and has occasionally attacked another Elynian when they've tried her patience. Luckily she is still able to find solace in writing, which is what's probably kept what rationality she has together.
    General History: Cerily was a poet and writer before the invasion. She fancied herself decent at it; she knew she wasn't the best, but she did have some skill. She had many friends and life was nothing to complain about, like all Elynian's lives. She was happy with her lot. Her works had even started to gain a little fame in her area.

    But then the invasion sent that all down the hole. When hunger first struck, she found herself chewing on her fingers (a nervous habit of hers). Because of that habit, something inside of her clicked, and she knew what the feeling in her stomach was. For a while, she had to fight from eating herself unintentionally! One thought led to another, and she found herself eating one of her distant neighbors. The idea seemed good at first, but she was so appalled at herself that she fled, hiding herself in a wooded area around her house for a few days. There she learned that some plants were edible, too. She's been trying to live off of plants and wildlife, but game is hard to catch, and plants aren't as good, somehow, as meat. These conflicts, new to her -- and everyone's -- life put stress on her. Her mental state has started to decline, and she found herself killing once again... She stays around her home, usually far from anyone else, deep in thought or writing.
  20. Been distracted lately, my bio is almost done. I'm going to hurry it up and throw it onto here as soon as I can and tweak it after if needed.