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  1. This is the OOC thread for Finding Our Way, an epic adventure 1x1 RP between Pray4me and Izurich. This thread will be used for storing important information and documents. Please do not post in this thread if you're not Izurich or Pray4Me, thank you. :)

    Main Characters:
    -Luna's Eidolon (Ellie). Player: Izurich
    -Sol's Arkosh (Bel-Sarra-Usar). Player: Pray4Me

    Primordial Arkoshs:
    -Sol (Bel-Sarra-Usar). Player: Pray4Me
    -Luna (The Empress). Player: Pray4Me

    Fundamental Arkoshs:
    -Dark (Morpheus). Player: Izurich
    -Light (TBD). Player: Pray4Me

    Primal Arkoshs:

    -Fire (Agni). Player: Izurich
    -Water (Varuna). Player: Izurich
    -Earth (Gaia). Player: Izurich
    -Wind (Ihuicatl). Player: Pray4Me
    -Lightning (TBD). Player: Pray4Me

    Important NPCs
    -Kou, Ice Faerie Warrioress/General
    -Shiva, Ice Faerie Queen
    -Ta'rinea, Ice Faerie Seer
    -Sol's Eidolon (TBD). Player: Izurich

    Planet Name:
    Continents: Gainai (Fire), Jalaya (Water), Baima (Earth), Saujarh (Wind), Akau (Lightning)
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  2. Player Profile:


    Nicknames: "El"
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 10 years old
    Profession: Student
    Affiliation: None
    Hometown: Horizon Tower City

    Soft, Eerily Haunting
    Eyes: Ruby Red
    Complexion: Fair
    Height: 122 cm (4' 0")
    Build: Slim
    Hair: Alabaster white, waist-length
    Scars: None
    Birthmark: A white rose crest on the back of her neck

    Innocent, naive, curious, caring
    Hopes: Find her meaning in life
    Fears: Extremely bright light
    Likes: White flowers, napping, daydreaming, drawing, winter
    Dislikes: Heat, summer, routine activities

    Ellie possesses an unusual affinity to the supernatural. She claims to see spirits, fairies, and other mythical creatures, making others think she's a child with a highly active imagination and has a plethora of imaginary friends.

    Eidolon of Luna:
    As Luna's Eidolon, Ellie can control the Primordial Force of Luna. Her powers are mainly summoning, but also containing assorted amounts of enchantments, curses, energy attacks, and others.
    Arkosh of Sol's Mortal Link: Comes with the above power, only Luna's Eidolon can enable Sol's Arkosh to manifest itself in the mortal realm.

    [Notable Items]
    Grimoire of Horizon:
    A tome written by generations of her predecessors, contain thousands of years worth of knowledge, mainly summoning contracts, and spells.

    An albino orphan left on the doorsteps of a random house, Ellie was taken in by an elderly couple who never had children of their own. The girl grew up to be a curious child, always hungry to try new things and let her mind - and body - wander, sometimes to the point of venturing away from home, much to the dismay of her adopted parents. She dislikes the sun as her albinism caused the sun's rays to hurt her if she's exposed for too long.

    Added "Powers" and "Notable Items" section
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  3. The World Map

  4. Player Profile

    Name: Bel-Sarra-Usar
    Nicknames: Usar
    Species: Mythical Beast
    Gender: Male
    Age: Projected to be over 2,000
    Profession: N/A
    Affiliation: N/A
    Hometown: Mountainous region of Horizon

    Voice: Grizzly, deep, huffed
    Eyes: Onyx
    Complexion: Ghostly white
    Height: 70 ft from head to tail (20meters)
    Build: Slim
    Hair: Onyx, waist-length
    Scars: All over
    Birthmark: N/A
    Bel-Sarra-Usar is a half man/half Asian inspired dragon with angelic wings. His long, dragon body is made of pearl white scales with a dark gray underbelly that tapers to a tail that has a sharp hook. His human body, with a ghostly skin and the slight redness of his beating heart at the center of his chest, attaches to his dragon body by a small grayish feathery fluff. He has abnormally long arms with dragon-like hands and claws.

    His hair falls to his waist while a thick sheet of hair covers most of his onyx eyes. There is a permanent snarl expression on his face with the points of his saber like fangs sticking out his mouth.

    Demeanor: Spontaneous, beastly, protective, somewhat affectionate
    Hopes: To protect
    Fears: None
    Likes: N/A
    Dislikes: N/A

    From old documents by the nomadic tribe that first created Horizon Tower City, they mention of a half man/half dragon that seemed to be following them throughout the mountainside valley. Stories from the tribe say that the beast was created by a fight from an angel and dragon of the same power, eventually fighting so hard that they combined beings to create Bel-Sarra-Usar. Another story points that the mountains gave birth to Bel-Sarra-Usar because of boulders that looked more like snake/dragon sheadings than actual rocks.

    Whichever the case, Bel-Sarra-Usar was seen as a beast of hope and protection for the nomadic tribe. They constructed monuments of him in the earliest developments of Horizon Tower City, but as the city progressed during the time, Bel-Sarra-Usar was replaced by other gods and he quickly became forgotten.

    There are rumors that an ancient burial ground is located just outside of Horizon Tower City carved inside a mountainside. Those buried were the first settlers of the lands who are being protected by the ancient beast, Bel-Sarra-Usar.

    -Inhuman strengths
    -Regenerating powers
    -“Fire breath”: It’s more of a high concentrated beam of light that can destroy anything in its path. Similar to a laser
    -Has a limited time being on Earth before turning back into stone
    -Susceptible to fire
    -Most fragile part on body are the wings
    -Regenerating powers cuts down “time” on Earth
  5. Chapters

    Prologue: Done
    : In-Progress
    Jalaya: -
    Gaina: -
    Akau: -
    Baima: -
    Finale: -
  6. [​IMG]

    Nicknames: Ihu
    Species: Primal Arkosh-Wind Mythical Beast
    Gender: Male
    Age: Over 1,000
    Profession: N/A
    Affiliation: N/A
    Hometown: Saujarh

    Echo-like, hollow and long winded
    Eyes: Golden with pinpoint pupils
    Complexion: Different shades of golds and coppers all illuminating off different sized scales.
    Height: 20ft (6 meters)
    Build: Lanky
    Hair: A feathery crest mixed with various web-like material
    Scars: All over the body are missing scales and a few nicks on the areas of just skin
    Birthmark: N/A
    Extra: Ihuicatl is a fusion of two bodies, each with separate personalities but with one goal. The humanoid body resembles a very frail human male in his late 30s. He is forever in a begging pose with only his head being able to move around.
    The beast body takes up majority of control. The two bodies do have their moments of fighting over control, especially which one wants to speak.

    Flighty, unpredictable, emotionally unstable
    Hopes: To find someone or something to love
    Fears: Being alone, disliked, and unappreciated
    Likes: WIP
    Dislikes: WIP


    Ihuicatl's emotions can go from extreme highs to extreme lows in no time. The best way to see the moods switching is to look at the position of his head crest on the beast.


    -Extreme winds
    -Tornadoes with the ability to suck anything into a vacuum, instantly tearing the object apart
    -Extreme speed
    -More may be added


    Ihuicatl was the first primal Arkosh to break the balance of Earth and launch out on his own after the disappearance of Bel-Sarra-Usar. He settled in the region of Saujarh, which was once a very wooded region populated with an assortment of colorful birds, insects, and small settles villages filled with people.

    It only took Ihuicatl 200 years to change the face of Saujarh. The forests were quickly flatten with most plants being unable to grow to maturity before Ihuicatl would blow them away. The birds who didn't die from the extreme winds made a last attempt at survival by flying off Saujarh and out into the open ocean to take their chances there. The people of Saujarh became nomadic families at first, surviving by keeping one step of Ihuicatl and his tornadoes. Soon, they resettled on various cliff-sides, carving them out into the cities that are still here today.

    (More to be added)
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