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  1. Contents:
    1. Creation and the fall.
    2. Introduction to the gods.
    3. The World and Its Inhabitants
    a. Locations
    b. Peoples
    4. Profile Form
    5. Rules
    6. Recent History
    7. FAQ


    Tarani was alone. A great and powerful goddess, and beautiful besides, she had a void in her heart. She was the First.

    Out of the nothingness sprang Felan, a mighty god, strong and proud. He decided that he would indeed take the beautiful Tarani to be his bride, and for a time things were good. He was the Second.

    The heart-void remained.

    First, Felan forged the molten lands to the north, awesome in their fiery beauty. Still, Tarani barely smiled.

    Emboldened by this slight display of emotion, the Smith froze the south with his powerful bellows. The ice was breathtaking, but Tarani was still melancholy.

    Felan tried his hardest, gathering material from the far corners of his creation. The god forged it all into two small creatures, cutting his thumb during the smithing. A tiny bit of his blood became part of the creatures, giving them his will and ingenuity. Tarani was astonished by these creatures, and while holding them in her hand her heart was filled. She blessed them with her gifts- language, magic, and a moral compass.

    Erim and Naora, they were named, the Third and Fourth. Together they set out into Felan's creation, seeking to tame the wilds left from his neglecting of the world while he forged humanity. A test, the Smith decided. Defeat the disorder, and immortality was theirs.

    The two did well. Well enough for Felan to make many more, in fact, and in different shapes, sizes, and abilities. A proud but small race known as the Terna were created during this time, as well as the Rewan, not loved like Felan's other creations.

    Two, however, were different. Nerom and Hema were incomplete, lacking Tarani's sense of good and evil. The Fifth and the Sixth. They chased after Erim and Naora, seeking to steal their right to immortality.

    All would have been well, if Naora was not pregnant. Forced to stay and with her mate refusing to leave her, Nerom and Hema caught them as the child was born. All five were snatched up and deemed immortal, by a reluctant Felan.

    The child is known as the Strider in Darkness, earthborn but godly parented. He wanders this world, seeking his completion, not truly belonging anywhere. He is the Seventh.

    Rumors speak of an Eighth coming, though the form they will take and when they will come is a mystery...

    2. The Gods:

    The First: Tarani, Goddess of Magic, Language, and Good, Tarani was the first to come out of nothing.
    The Second: Felan, God of Creation, Light, and the Forge, Felan created the land to attempt to fill a gap in Tarani's heart, eventually creating mankind.
    The Third: Erim, God of Humanity, Faith, and War, Erom was the first man- and half of the pair that finally filled the empty place.
    The Fourth: Naora, Goddess of Beauty, Love, and Valor, Naora was the first woman, created at the same time as Erim.
    The Fifth: Nerom, God of Evil, Cruelty, and Fear, Nerom was a flawed being created with Tarani's touch, and seized godlike powers when Erim and Naora got theirs.
    The Sixth: Hema, Goddess of Death, Destruction, and Lust, Hema is the partner of Nerom, and born with the same flaws he was.
    The Seventh: The Strider in Darkness. Only four beings know his true name, and he's the only god bound to the mortal plane. Not near as powerful as the others, he's been tainted by the dark and can't return to his home until he finds his partner and is made complete. God of travelers, children, and “places between.”

    3. The World and its Inhabitants

    Western Belun is a widely varied land, from the village of Sieg in the Artanan Mountains to the east to the port of Teluma in the west. The north is home to the volcanoes of Yon, and the south the glaciers of Xew.

    Important locations and species are detailed here, with those made by players listed afterward.

    a. Locations:

    Sieg: A small village in the heart of Burgin's Gap, what used to be the only safe passage through the Artanan mountain range. The Gap was sealed when a necromancer-led horde of undead soldiers destroyed the Kingdom of Fraveth. A statue of an ancient knight stands in the center, said to revive when the world needs help.

    Teluma: A port city and the capital of the human kingdom sharing its name, Teluma is the premier location for new technologies, art, and fashion. It's lit by magistone lamps, with the roads radiating in spokes from the Imperial Court in the center. Sturdy walls surround the town, though the gates haven't been closed in centuries.

    The Alban Woods: A great forest in the center of the continent, and home to the majority of the Terna people.

    Hefil: A town in the southern wastes, Hefil is the settling place of most Rewan.

    b. Peoples:

    Humans are going to be your main race. The first species created by Tarani and Felan working together, almost all humans have some type of magic. That magic may manifest itself as slightly enhanced physical abilities, pyrokinesis... The usual, though focused abilities like pyrokinesis usually belong to those who have trained for decades. Most powers are very weak.

    Warlocks, a subspecies of human, are those who have so much internal magic that it bubbles over, making them a living battery of arcane power. These generally have a hard time focusing their abilities into a cohesive spell or the like, instead using focusing instruments, like a pair of pistols. Warlocks all have one thing in common- eyes that glow slightly in the dark.

    Another race, the noble Terna, almost exclusively focus their formidable magic power into their physical form, and are able to pull off nearly impossible feats as a result. The Terna also specialize in making "charged" weapons, an implement that allows normal people to use a warlock's powers- for a limited number of charges, of course. The average Terna is slightly shorter and slighter than a human, with runic tattoos and friendly but proud green eyes. They live in small camps inside the Alban Woods, and are a species of proud warriors and hunters.

    The final major race, the Rewan, are, despite their unearthly beauty, a side-effect of humans. Having no natural magic of their own and shunned by the other species, the Rewan are practically immune to the other races' arcane arts. Spells falter within five feet of them, and a Terna's strength will desert him or her, leaving them with ordinary abilities. A Rewan is tall and graceful, with skin like that of purest ash. Their eyes are, nearly without exception, blue. They tend to be more skittish and timid than other races, and few Rewan are seen outside of their village of Hefil in the frigid glaciers of Xew.

    4. Profile Form


    Species: Human, Warlock, Terna, Rewan or custom. Customs must be well detailed, and I would highly, highly prefer that they be original. Don't go for the vampire, go for the Vrewa, something similar but with a twist.

    Appearance: Duh.


    Personality: Optional but encouraged.


    Skills/Abilities: For all those physical and magical skills you have.


    Please note that this is a guideline- feel free to add more blanks, but I need to see that information.

    5. Rules:

    1. All Ikaru rules and standards apply.

    2. Listen to the staff.

    3. Arguments/debates are considered spam in the IC thread.

    4. No godmodding. Dodging unavoidable attacks, ignoring injuries, etc.

    5. This fits under godmodding: No metagaming. Knowing things your character didn't learn, magically crashing another player's party without a good IC reason.

    6. Put “Let gods lie” in your profile to prove you read this.

    7. Don't kill another player's character without permission from him/her. Make sure to write that you have permission in the post where you kill the character.

    8. NPC autohitting is permitted as long as you play realistically. If you charge a group of Terna warriors waving nothing but a wooden sword and you're winning, that's breaking the rules.

    9. No destroying major locations without explicit permission.

    10. No bunnying. That means taking control of another person's character without permission.

    11. Double posting... Nah.

    12. Have fun!

    6. Recent History:

    This section is mostly blank. However, the King-Regent of Teluma is currently hosting a ball, and all citizens are invited. The nobles are in an uproar over the invitation of Terna and Rewan as well.

    The Terna are worried about magical disturbances in the core of the Alban Woods. Talk to Meri, the Terna clan-chief, for more information.

    Rumors abound that the Rewan are planning on moving out of their keep in the mountains, and into the lush woods below. None have talked to the leader, Kine, to see if these are true as of yet.

    7. FAQ

    This section will be filled as time goes on. If a player asks a question judged to be common enough that it deserves inclusion here, it and the answer will be added.

    A final word: I'm new here, and I'm stumbling my way through this. If anyone notices something I should or shouldn't be doing, please tell me.

    In addition, I am looking for a Co-GM. However, you must have been active for a week in game to be considered.
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