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  1. In-Character Thread

    Inspired by
    Jak and Daxter, Eureka Academy, and Ilium

    4/8 Player spots filled

    4/16 Character spots filled

    || World Information ||

    Genre: Genre-Bent Reality

    Setting: Starts off in Helsigo Academy during a power outage.

    Denizens: Regular citizens who don't have the ability to learn magic but either attend the academy for other reasons or are employed by the academy with something else to offer. The legal working age is sixteen.

    Evols: Those with the ability to control a singular form of magic. They are always accompanied by a Devol, a helpful animal companion or an inanimate object that helps focus an Evol's power.

    Technology: A combination of magic and science. Most transportation is public and the only personal vehicles available are small hover bikes that seat up to two passengers. Firearms are only available to military personnel or to branches of law enforcement including the local guard.

    Energy: Most technology runs off of blue plasma, which is often contained in glass containers of various sizes. Is not to be handled with bare hands. Firearms are powered by orange plasma. In small doses it paralyzes victims. Large doses can be lethal.

    Magic: Draws from three sources; physical, mental, emotional. Physical based magic alters the physical form in some way or increases skill attributes. Mental based magic focuses on altering the environment or interacting with surroundings in some way. Emotional based magic gets tapped into when the magic user's emotions are running high. Evols with emotional based magic will more often than not have an object for a Devol to help with control.​

    || Playable Roles ||

    The Guard: Helsigo Academy employs guards to keep watch over students and staff during the day and at night but are not to interfere with daily routines. The academy also accommodates those aspiring to be a sword for hire.

    The Staff: Can be anyone from a teacher to a janitor to the academy's head nurse to the academy's head nurse's assistant. Everyone plays an important role.

    A Student: While seventy-five percent of the academy's student body are Evols, there are other races that come from around the world to take advantage of what Helsigo has to offer. Can be as young as sixteen and as old as twenty-three.​

    || To Play ||

    Requirements: A minimum of one paragraph - five to eight complete sentences - and proper spelling and grammar.

    Common Roleplay Courtesy: No battling for attention, trying to prove how much better you are at something than another person, being perfect, having an overly tragic past and constantly dwelling on it, solving everything in one post, being unreasonably powerful, taking out of character information or information implied in the narrative and applying it in character without first justifying how your character could possibly know what you just made them know.

    Back and Forths: Do not post rapidly in reply to someone. This is not a one x one roleplay. This is a group roleplay and thus a group effort. If you're leaving the rest of us behind then I will either abuse my powers as game master to separate you and your partner or kick you out completely.

    Romance: While it's a decent plot candy when used moderately, overusing it just makes things dull and predictable. Make Friends, allies, rivals, enemies and do not just sit in the corner with a love interest and chat about mundane things.

    Socialization: This sometimes kills a roleplay because all everyone wants to do is talk and interact. There will be some points where you have to tell me your story and work through things on your lonesome self. I will throw NPC's at you but please, PLEASE, don't rely on someone else to develop your character.

    Time Skips: These can range from mere hours to a couple of days and will be implemented after a chapter ends or if things are running dry. If you're stuck in conversation with someone who vanished or looking for a way to join, this frees you and allows for an opportunity to get in on these plots.

    Master Posts: This will both start and end a scene. Some character hijacks may occur during these posts but only to move along a story.

    The Karma System: Every action has an opposite and equal reaction. This can be brought about by misusing NPCs, trying to make yourself look cool, or by doing something out of character or impossible by your character and/or roleplay standards; however, by contributing to the story to the best of your ability, you may find some really neat goodies coming your way!

    || Character Skeleton ||





    Denizen or Evol:

    Devol: [If Evol]

    Magic Source: [I'm going to go ahead and explain that having the same power as someone but a different source is going to make the power act different. For example, a physical fire Evol might have skeleton made of fire and conjure it from themselves while a mental fire Evol controls fire from an external force, and an emotional fire Evol would only be able to conjure or control fire if they were angry/depressed/excited/ect. Though, I'd encourage people to go beyond elemental based powers.]

    [May include anything you might think is important to the plot. Please, instead of listing off information like history or personality, work it into your posts. It's part of your character's story and I want to watch it unravel :)]

    Please remove bracketed text. Thank you!

    Any further questions, feel free to ask ^.^

    If doubling, please make a separate post. Thank you!
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  2. || Played by Noctis the Devious ||

    Ariana Clever: Denizen, Student Mechanic

    Non-Player Characters: Head Master Queen Helen; Mr. Fulna the Mechanic Instructor
    || Played by Vernyx||

    Richter Alius: Evol, Defensive Magic
    || Played By Cheese Cake ||

    Roland Brandt: Denizen, Guard Captain
    || Dragon Rebellion ||

    Andrea Slovotsky: Evol, Psychic Magic​
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  3. Name: Ariana Clever

    Gender: Female


    Race: Human

    Denizen or Evol:

    Student Mechanic

    Other: She's claustrophobic and quite comfortable with heights. While she might not have powers, her handy tool belt and confidence in her skill tend to make up for it.​
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  4. Name: Richter Alius

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Race: Human

    Denizen or Evol: Evol

    Devol: Falcon [​IMG] This one.

    Magic Source: Physical Energy (Energy is my power, and it is physical source.)

    Occupation/Study: Defensive Magic

    This is what I look like. (Didn't know if this roleplay was open or not...)
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  5. Oh, the OOC thread was move o.o

    ...but the IC is still in the Miscellaneous section? Weird. My fault for forgetting to link it, I guess.

    Yeah, the roleplay is still open (though I kind of forgot about it >.>).

    Oh, and you didn't fill out the Occupation/Study bit. That's kind of important.
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  6. Name: Roland Brandt

    Gender: Male

    Age: 42

    Race: Human

    Denizen or Evol: Denizen

    Occupation/Study: Guard Captain

    Appearance (open)

    He is a veteran of the Green War that ended 15 years ago. He has an extreme hatred towards orcs and goblins as a result of events during the war.
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  7. How open is the history of the world up for change? Cause I wanted to make my character a veteran of some war against like orcs or goblins (if they exist :p)
  8. I have no idea, but i think a guard with a war past would be good for the story, lol.
  9. Yeah, That would be great Cheesecake :D And the history is pretty wide open ^^
  10. Alright, cool! Pretty excited for this to start.
  11. Name: Andrea Slovotsky


    Age: 17

    Race: Human

    Denizen or Evol: Evol

    Devol: a pair of purple headphones

    Magic Source: Mental, dark

    Occupation/Study: Psychic magic

    How She Looks (open)
  12. Sorry about the late post. I forgot I was going on vacation with no wi-fi.
  13. Sorry for how late my post is! I didn't know the IC was up :P
  14. It's alright. I've been fairly busy myself. I'll have my next up later today.
  15. Do I just fill out the profile and post it? Or do I send it to you in a message?
  16. Just post it.
  17. So sorry for not posting but I hadn't had internet in a while. I'll get back to this as soon as I can.
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