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    This is an idea I dreamed up over on chicken smoothie a while back. As it's not exactly the most delicate topic, it's been moved to here in all its glory. If you aren't on CS, don't worry! The entire plot is reposted below and we haven't started yet, so joining in is no different than your typical roleplay. ^^​
    Trigger warning: this roleplay will be violent & contain activities relating to as well as reference to terrorism, war, nuclear holocaust, genocide, racism, conspiracy theories, and more. Depending on character choice it may possibly contain references to non-consenting sexual activity, drug use, and a whole host of other delightful little goodies that some people may find traumatizing.
    I do not recommend you participate or read further if you may find yourself troubled by any of the aforementioned triggers or any closely relating thereto.
    Thank you.

    The city of Pandora is run by the Party, for that is the way it always has been and always will be. The Inner Party makes all the decision while the Outer Party does all the work and the Citizens provide all the support. In all of this, there's just one monkey wrench: EGO. You see, a few hundred years ago, there was a great war. They called it the War of Ashes, since that's all it left in its wake. Whatever countries existed before the war are gone now, bombed to rubble, plagued to rot, burned to ash, with a sprinkle of radiation on top. This deadly cocktail was supplemented by something entirely new: a race of supersoldiers, grown out of test tubes by the millions.
    And, for the most part, slaughtered by the millions on the battlefield.
    Not all of them died, though. Many lived, in varying degrees of secrecy, and passed along their genes. It's a recessive trait, but every now and then the mandated genetic testing on every baby born in Pandora turns up another Gifted, as they've come to be called. For Gifted in Pandora, there's only three official options: death, disenfranchisement, or recruitment to MYNDFUC.
    Only this is where EGO steps in. Not everyone liked these options. Those that didn't like them turned to EGO, which became a safe haven for Gifteds and any others who happened to dislike the government. Officially they're working to bring down tyranny and make the world a safe place for their kind, but in truth, they're just in it for the gold, the glory, and the girls. The life of an EGO member is short, bright, and loud, and often ends in a hail of gunfire.
    Gunfire usually sent courtesy of MYNDFUC. While officially they're somewhere between a militia and a secret police force, in all truth they exist primarily to counter EGO these days. They have licenses to kill, torture, maim, steal- whatever it takes to bring down EGO and secure the peace. They're badasses and the people love them. They're the knights in shining armor, the freest people in all of Pandora- or so the public thinks. The truth isn't so pretty, but the truth isn't what matters.
    The Inner Party, you see, isn't so happy about the popularity of MYNDFUC. They're worried about a coup, though truth be told their fears are unfounded. Even groundless, fear is a powerful poison, and it's already flowing thick in the veins of the Inner Party, leading them to make some questionable choices. Most questionable of them is their decision to eliminate MYNDFUC and all other Gifteds.
    Their plan might not be brilliant, but it doesn't have to be. They've stuck a bomb in the tail of a MYNDFUC plane sent out to capture some EGO agents from a secret base a few hundred miles out of town. When the bomb goes off on the way back, though, there's a problem: they manage to crash land and mostly survive, EGO and MYNDFUC alike. Now they're stuck with each other, for better or for worse, and the MYNDFUC agents are getting the feeling that maybe EGO isn't their biggest problem right now.
    Pandora is around two hundred and forty years old at this time. Founded by sixty-five elite families at the end of the War of Ashes, she is a relentlessly expansive civilization constantly pushing her borders further into the wilderness and destroying any lesser settlements she comes upon in favor of her own colonies. A city-state of considerable renown, Pandora has no neighbors that even approach her might and majesty, not to mention her population of many, many million.
    Residential districts include the Palatine, Caelian, and Catoline, which are reserved for the Inner Party, Outer Party, and Citizen castes respectively. The Unanimitine district is the home of the capitol building and all other government offices and has the strictest security. The Legionine contains the headquarters of MYNDFUC, along with the rest of the military & police offices. Last but not least of the notable districts, the Aurinine district contains all the banks and most other businesses that deal with large sums of cash.
    A mean shanty town squats just outside the city walls, a place of filth and squalor known mostly as the Slums. Here there are no taxes and little government interference, but also no running water or public transport, electricity is no guarantee, and crime is rampant. While it is the cradle of EGO their presence in the Slums now is very small, as proximity to Pandora proper makes it hazardous for wanted criminals.
    Beyond sight of Pandora there are a handful of scattered settlements, mostly agricultural farms run by prison labor that ship food back to the city. Out here the land is wild and dangerous, much of it still harboring the aftereffects of the War of Ashes.
    The plane has crashed in a heavily forested valley that, on first glance, doesn't seem too dangerous- but appearances are often deceiving in this dangerous new world, and there's a nuclear blast zone directly between Pandora and the wreckage that makes hiking back a difficult prospect. Staying in the valley, at least for a while, seems reasonable. There's a clear river running right through the middle and it seems to be home to plenty of fish, with berry bushes growing along the banks and animals that hardly seem to realize what humans are.

    Gifted- blanket term for those showing traits from the supersoldier gene. These may come with unexplainable powers like telepathy or invisibility and usually come with increased strength, speed, and stamina, as well as sharper senses. Some are very powerful and some are hardly more than a normal human, but they're all the same by law.
    EGO - the Empowered Gifted Organization, formed to combat discrimination against their kind and overthrow the Party for its crimes against humanity. More realistically they're often in it for themselves and tend towards disorganization and infighting.
    MYNDFUC - Multitalented Yieldless National Delegates for United Causes, an organization with the authority to enforce the law and combat terrorist organizations, namely EGO. Nowadays they do very little police work and spend most of their time trying vainly to stamp the rebels, which has made them heroes in the eyes of the Citizens & Outer Party.
    Disenfranchisement- a process by which the effects of the supersoldier gene are neutralized. This usually leaves the victim severely mentally and/or physically disfigured- those who have these negative effects are labelled either "reformed prisoners" or "victims of EGO" by the government and, officially, never had the supersoldier gene at all, to save face for the government. About 30% come through the operation with few negative effects; these poster children are claimed to be the norm.
    War of Ashes, the - a great conflict which wiped out previous civilizations. No one alive today saw it happen, but its marks are still left on the world, traces of chemical weapons, mutated animals, and huge patches of radioactive land scarring the face of the planet for decades more to come.
    Party, the - the organization that runs Pandora. The few thousand Inner Party members form many different committees and congresses and forums in a loose bureaucratic scheme in which all Inner Party members are equal. The Outer Party holds the white collar jobs that make the Inner Party possible. They are doctors and dentists and lawyers and artists and secretaries and engineers and inventors, all living under the strict rule of the Inner Party. Their lives are controlled strictly: they are tested in school and given a career based on their performance, given housing based on their career, and even have their spouses selected for them based on genetic strengthening. Of course, they live very comfortable lives, having every moment they don't spend working filled with various free amusements and never having to scrub their own toilets or wash their own dishes.
    Citizens - people who are not a member of the Party but are admitted in Pandora are known as Citizens. Their lives are not as comfortable and they have to work more menial jobs as laborers and maids and cooks, but they can afford basic medical coverage and always have enough to eat. People without citizenship cards are not permitted inside of Pandora and must live in the Slums, where nothing is guaranteed but everything can be bought if you're willing to pay the price.

    Loose set of guidelines:
    -Don't be stupid.
    -Be polite and follow all site rules, obviously.
    -Interaction and post quality are both equally important. I'm not asking anything terribly difficult or strenuous, just that you put some effort into it and give your fellow roleplayers something to respond to.
    -Twists and side plots are highly encouraged, but if you're planning anything too drastic, run it by me first.
    -Relationships of every sort are permitted; there are no restrictions on this board other than site rules and common sense.
    -I do expect you to be active. A post every day would be great; even if it's just an OOC thing on here telling us you're too busy to write a real reply. ^^
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  10. I'd really love to get a couple of people for EGO before I make the board, but perhaps I'll make it anyway and we can post some introductory stuff for our characters while we hope to recruit~
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  12. [​IMG]
    « « vern. || male. || twenty three. || close-range weapons specialist. » »
    x x x x
    [ our father and ourselves sowed dragon's teeth. ]

    • [ full name ]
      Vern Mordecai Hackett. » Vern's name was given to him by his father, as there were complications during his conception that caused his mother to die in childbirth. The title Vern, short for Vernon, refers to the name of his great grandfather, who fought during the war. The boy is honored to carry it along, although he does have a slight distaste for his middle name, which he personally doesn't think suits him.
      [ nickname ]
      Vern, plain and simple. » As his given name is already the shortened form, there isn't much for him to divide it into. He doesn't mind, however, Vern rolls pretty well off of the tongue. Sometimes, he's called Vee or Vernie by friends and co-workers, but it isn't much of a nickname in his mind.
      [ age ]
      Twenty three. » Born on the eighth of August, Vern falls under the sign Leo in the western zodiac. He's characterized as being confident, ambitious, and encouraging, all of which are certainly true to their word.
      [ gender ]
      Male. »
      [ allegiance ]
      MYNDFUC. » Vern was tested at age fourteen, when the government finally bothered to check the Slums. As a mere teenager, when he was given the choice he graciously accepted, and was given everything he'd never had in his old home. Like other Gifteds, he possesses the general enhanced strength and endurance, but only in adequate amounts. However, the boy's speed and agility cannot be compared. When he runs, Vern is at par with an automobile, topping out at approximately 95 miles per hour. Since his stamina is not as heightened as it could be, he rarely goes that fast, limiting himself to no more than 65 miles per hour in most situations. His sight is the best of his senses, and combined with his increased agility and speed, his maneuvering is like that of a bird in flight. Vern was also trained in close-range combat after he made the choice to eventually become a part of MYNDFUC, meaning that he honed his skills over a period of nine years. He's apt with a range of small to medium size blades, including knives, daggers, dirks, short swords, and machetes.

    [ our children know and suffer the armed men. ]
    • [ personality ]
      Brazen. » Headstrong, audacious, Vern can be compared to almost anything akin to bold. He gives of a natural air of confidence and fearlessness, pushing himself up as well as intimidating those around him. He loves to thrill and be thrilled; the boy will try anything at least once. A change in pace excites him, he can't keep still or dwell on anything for too long. He has a need to constantly be occupied by various stimuli, even if it's just something mindless like sports or playing cards.
      Cocky. » The person that Vern believes the most in is himself. His arrogance, at time, seems to border or narcissism. He has an unusually high self-esteem, possibly due to his Gifted status. This, quite obviously, makes him unable to see his own faults, which is sometimes an advantage in his line of work.
      Optimistic. » Even if the odds are not in his favor, Vern will always find hope. Disadvantages don't phase him, or at least they don't outwardly. He's good at keeping a level head in difficult situations, finding a bright side when things look particularly dim. Occasionally, he'll even inspire others in the MYNDFUC to keep on fighting when a mission suddenly goes horribly awry.
      Determined. » The boy's biggest strong suit is his ambition. He early wants to reach the top, and will do so by any and all means. More times than less, against their will, many often get tricked into helping him with his latest ploy or scheme. There's a determination about him that seems to inspire people. He never stops fighting, despite any hardships or obstacles that are aimed his way. All in all, you can't forget a person like Vern Hackett.
      [ theme song ]
      song. » artist.

    [ kindness as large and plain as a prairie wind. ]
    • [ sexual orientation ]
      Heterosexual. » Vern's never considered being anything other than straight, although he is accepting of alternate preferences.
      [ love interest ]
      None. » In his line of work, love wasn't really much of an option. He wouldn't mind pursuing a relationship with anyone, however. In fact, he'd quite enjoy going on a date every once in a while.
      [ previous relationships ]
      None. » Again, Vern's never really had much time for love since he accepted a position in MYNDFUC.

    [ they creep among us with a bag of masks. ]
    • [ eyes ]
      Grey, bright. » What his eyes lack in color they make up for in spirit. His irises are a dull grey, containing thin streaks of faded blues and greens that most don't seem to notice. His eyes are very round in shape, almost childlike, with short brown lashes to frame them.
      [ hair ]
      Blond, shaggy. » He leaves his wavy locks uncut for months of end, letting them grow until the hairs reaches mid-neck in length. Lighter than his lashes and brows, its color is that of a dirty blond, with a few light brown streaks as natural undertones. Sometimes he wishes he could just shave it all off, but close-cropped hair doesn't suit him.
      [ height + weight ]
      6'1" and 172 pounds. » Tall and slender, Vern possesses a classical runner's build. Due to his training, lean muscles blend into his ruddy ivory skin. His body tapers from chest to waist, making his torso effectively one long acute triangle. His face, however, is a bit squarer than his slim form, with an intense, almost linear, jaw and molded cheekbones. Vern, in truth, is quite the looker.
      [ clothing style ]
      Sharp, semi-formal. » When Vern is off duty, he likes to dress up a bit. Blazers, button-down shirts, and slacks or jeans are usually his preferred attire, generally opting to wear Oxfords or loafers for footwear. Every once in a while, he will wear a tie out, but that is most often reserved for special occasions.
      [ body modifications ]
      None. » Due to his line of work, he was never permitted to acquire any tattoos or piercings. He doesn't mind, however, as he feels that they don't suit them. He does have a few scars from various missions, but hardly considers them to be a modification as he didn't want them in the first place.