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  1. New players are greatly encouraged to ask any question here, regardless of triviality to the story. We are all accessible!!

    This thread is for planning and discussing the ongoing story.

    Please take jokes, fan work and chatting to the Ilium Lounge, or the Skype group (@fatalrendezvous).

    The GMs for Ilium are @unanun, @fatalrendezvous, and @Peregrine and @Zen

    This roleplay was the original brainchild of Quill, a member who left Iwaku due to real life commitments last year. She first developed the story with some help from Asmodeus, who refined Quill's massive ideas into the themes of the Red, Blue and Green nations. It was then run as a roleplay... twice... before Tegan entered with some fresh ideas that took the story to a whole new level.

    With Asmodeus' and Tegan's departure, Unanun and Jack will distill ilium's ideas once again, and continue with the core of her spirit in a massRP setting to its conclusion.

    What we have in the end is a Mass Roleplay that is one-third Brain Dump, one-third Meta-Concept, and one-third Ingenuity. A fusion of three very different creative forces.

    We hope you enjoy.
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  2. "Come read, write, believe, be merry."
    -Unanun 9:17
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  3. Sooo

    Prison break: Labyrinth Edition?
  4. *emerges from a bloodied mess of character sheets*


    The Applications thread has been cleaned up, and the player/character directory has been revised and updated!

    Please PLEASE - check the linkages on your profiles if you care. Some of the links get broken when posts before it get hard deleted, causing actual posts to move to the page before.

    If you find a broken link, let me know!

    SOME FUN FACTS:Ilium has 143 characters who are, or were active. This does not include characters who were approved, but never posted.

    Those 143 characters are comprised of 112 different unique users.

    There are 77 ACTIVE characters (both player controlled and NPC). This number may be a little generous, as some characters were still considered active even if their most recent activity was in Chapter 6.

    Approximately 37 characters are still controlled by their original player (that is, they are both Active and non-NPC).

    The earliest Iwaku account in Ilium, unsurprisingly, has not changed: @Diana, at user number 8, holds that honor. The earliest Iwaku account STILL ACTIVE in Ilium is @unanun, at 739. The earliest non-GM still active is @LVL1337N00B at 922.

    The NEWEST Iwaku account in Ilium is @AetherDream at 16152.

    Here are (I think) all the active accounts that were FINALLY added to the roster:
    @Krimp @Snowday @AetherDream @Mglo @Rain of the Night @Senpie @Spire I @Sofa King Fancy @Ner0 @Melon @Hjorthorn @WarriorHeart

    Sorry to make you wait, guys! D:
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  5. My link works still! :vulcan:
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  6. Mine works just fine as well.

    Question... just want to make sure I read your post correctly @unanun ; the mirage/spell surrounding the fort is of a castle/wall?

    I may have read it incorrectly but... yeah, wanted to check before I responded because my intention was to make it seem like there was nothing in the pass other than snow, rocks and trees. XD
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  7. Aaaah. The way I put it, it was maybe a guard house with the rest of the wall / turrets being a mirage.

    At the end of chapter 3, an illusion spell in the Barvelle General Assembly threatens to run out of control, and the Ghoul Sage appears to stomp it. Magic of any particularly large scale is simply disallowed / unknown.
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  8. I was thinking whole mirage...

    Follow me down the rabbit hole for a moment, if you would.

    -The Vanguard arrive at the pass with the mirage in tact.
    -They make camp before entering the wild and unknown environment.
    -A scouting party is chosen and sent ahead.
    -Said party is killed/captured leaving Mason the chance to interrogate one.

    The prisoner can easily make himself a doomsayer.

    Etc, etc, etc...

  9. Hmm. I'm not sure. Other people should chime in.

    The basic problem is that magic isn't that powerful, not in book 1.

    Swirling mists, mirages, maybe, but not an entire illusion spell.
  10. The element of surprise may not be worth much either. If pegulis gets the jump on a few soldiers, all that is going to do is eschew your one last chance at formal diplomacy before Kaustir decides to kill everything.

    I am in favor of leaving it as is, but feel free to contact me for a deeper discussion.
  11. I need to discuss plot with you first una, unless I am missing ic stuff, in which case gimme a sec.
  12. Hey everyone your local speedy samurai is awaiting new orders from his higher ups. Or like the chapter 9 outline says should he be doing a bit of fighting?
  13. @Tone 6th @Zen @UltimaCircuit

    Unfortunately, you're all that is left of the old Kaustir crew. Please write your characters as receiving special summons from Lut Sar to assemble behind the vanguard - you are to abandon all your previous posts, and will form an unlisted detachment with a few other soldiers, and will be receiving further instructions shortly. I'm thinking of including @Mglo, but he provides valuable reporting from the shitty front.

    (Also, I don't think I forgot anyone ..)
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  14. Alright will do :).
  15. I'll just have the Ipari and K'Jol cut away from the path to Dorgrad and to behind said vanguard
  16. @UltimaCircuit, we should really finally iron out that scene with Orvak, so K'Jol can ask his questions. Let's have the chat, then Orvak will have the papers you need.
  17. Sounds good. I worked today but not Friday so I will be able to talk about this for a portion of the afternoon before I go to a local festival.
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  18. I may have something up for K'Jol tomorrow then.
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