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  1. This is the character sign up and plot discussion for ScriptNinja's modern fantasy RP. He asked me to make it since he is still new and is just learning the ropes, no problem. This is a simple CS but feel free to fill it out as complete as you'd like.

    Apperence (no real people allowed):
    Special skills (if any):
    Kinks (if any):
    Weapon(s) of choice:
    Position (in regards to the Hellish Royal Court):

    Rules: *no god modding
    *standard Iwaku rules
    *contact either myself or ScriptNinja for plot questions regarding plot

    Acceptance will come from either me or script ninja the link to the IC:

  2. Name: Raylex

    Age: 21

    Bio: aside from being one of the very few females in the Hellish Court system, Raylex is also the only one the the Prince trusts at all. Raised as a servent to the royal court she has endured much pain and beating by the retiring demon Lord for she was his personal servent first. She was "demoted" to serve his son but fell in love with him secretly. Too much drama has prevented her from ever admitting her undying love for him, especially since this is Hell and love is forbidden on all levels of the emotion.

    Personality: Raylex is quite devious, her first thought is always to save herself and lie to cover her own tracks. She has a dark soft side though, she dares not show it for fear of banishment or worse, eternal imprisonment.

    Apperence (no real people allowed): Spiral_demon_girl1.jpg

    Special skills (if any): she is very good with her Blood Daggers

    Orientation: Straight

    Kinks (if any): bondage, pain, passion

    Weapon(s) of choice: Blood Daggers, Bow and arrow

    Position (in regards to the Hellish Royal Court): Chief of servent staff, main to royal son
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  3. Name: Damian

    Age: 19

    Bio: A rebellious demon prince, he was born of the Demon Lord Zephelous and a Hell Queen of whom he never met. He grew up with their servant Raylex, who Damian considers his closest companion. Everything Damian does, he did with her, from sparring to getting in trouble with other demons. Instead of taking the throne after his father's retirement, he wants to explore the mortal world. Ruling a portion of Hell is not in his future as long as he can help it.

    Personality: Headstrong and willful, he is a demon that will stop at nothing to win a fight. Hidden behind his carefree demeanor is a side that cares for the people closest to him, despite feelings like that being a thing of nonsense in hell.


    Special Skills: Short-distance teleportation, hand-to-hand combat, sword skills with his Blood Blade

    Orientation: straight

    Kinks: pain, roughness, pleasure

    Weapons of Choice: Blood Blade, his entire body

    Position: Demon Prince
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  4. Name: Demeter Michaelson
    Age: 19
    Bio: She left home as soon as she turned sixteen. She hated her parents since they were rich typhoons and wanted her to be the proper lady rich parents should have. Her personality and interests didn't fit in with her parents or their rich peers and was found as a constant disappointment by her parents. She felt out of place in her own home. Since sixteen years of age she's been taking care of herself and living how she has wanted. She hides the fact that she came from a wealthy family.
    Personality: she can be shy and clumsy at times. But usually she's just quiet and observant of most things around her.
    Apperence (no real people allowed):
    Special skills (if any): sings (mortal talent) The Sight (only a little though so she thinks what she occasionally sees is a figment of her imagination)
    Orientation: straight
    Kinks (if any): not sure yet
    Weapon(s) of choice: she carries a small pocket knife and Mace
    Position (in regards to the Hellish Royal Court): N/A since she is mortal
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  5. Name: Ambrosia
    Age: unknown
    Bio: she grew up a young chained up demon in the human wotld. Till her lord Satan came to save her. Now she was his mistress and she would talk to certain parts of hell on his behalf She was going to speak with the young prince now
    Personality: Cold and calculating. She can be charming and sweet, but that is only to manipulate her prey. She was Satan's Queen and he treated her well. She had a semi kind side to other hellians.
    Apperence (no real people allowed): pleasehumorme.jpg
    Special skills (if any): Dark Magic
    Orientation: Bisexual
    Kinks (if any): pain and roughness are her pleasure.
    Weapon(s) of choice: Her magic or daggers
    Position (in regards to the Hellish Royal Court): Satan's Mistress
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  6. Both accepted! One more person and ScriptNinja will begin the IC
  7. I'm diggin this!
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  8. Can't wait
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  9. Alright, the party has officially begun
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  10. Name: Vesrael

    Age: 131 years old (Looks 20)

    Bio: Spawned of darkness and light, the Hellknight's raised Vesrael as their own. Not out of mercy, but to forge the greatest weapon Hell had ever seen. At the age of 60, Ves took command of Hell's armies, the youngest to do so. Some look upon him as an abomination, spawn of a demon lord and fallen angel. Others see him as a hero. When war calls and Hell needs a champion, it is he first who answers.

    Personality: Cunning and powerful, Ves is a master tactician. Being a knight of hell, Ves was not taught kindness, but he does not lack it. Only a few have been graced by his friendship.


    In armor


    Out of armor


    Special skills (if any): Warfare, Combat, Abyssal Magic

    Orientation: Straight

    Kinks (if any): Biting. Group play. Pleasing others.

    Weapon(s) of choice: Twin Hellblades, forged in the 7th circle of hell, quenched in the river Styx

    Position (in regards to the Hellish Royal Court): General of Hell's Armies. Royal Knight of Hell.
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  11. And we now have enough players. Welcome to the party, I will be your host this fine evening.
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