OOC Chatter - Here comes our finale (Not an RP)



One thing I have noticed in my Rping is that RPs with a lot of OOC chatter tent to last longer and are more fun than those with inactive OOCs. Players and GMs like to know what eachother's plans are and yet on many RPs there is little to no OOC talk. While OOC talk alone does not make a good RP it helps keep players interested and focused. Heres the questions I have:

Is OOC talk and communication as important as what goes on IC?

What can be done to encourage more OOC talk?
Yeah, that would make sense!

It's like the vital organs of an RP's body, metaphorically speaking, if it stops, so does the RP in a sense.
It was always an important part of Playing DnD back in highschool to have both the Players and GM agreed on how they wanted the storytelling to go

which for My paladin, the wizard, the cleric and the ranger worked out great, we've had other people ragequit when they tried to swoop in on our action though.
It's the only way I stay motivated in an RP. If I don't talk about my characters, and come up with a million possibilities constantly I get too distracted. Even if plans don't fall through, like in life, at least there's a jumping off point.
I rule with an Iron First, and only allow my will to be done!

OOC talk is important, but the OOC thread can only go so far. It's a lot easier to get in contact with the writers through other methods such as emails, IMs, and even phone calls depending on if you know them, and the like.

Also, a healthy bit of chatter is acceptable to me, and helps people lighten up, and realize that not everyone's a number crunching, plot devouring fiend of the written levels of hell.

In my opinion, the best way to get the talking to start is to initiate it as the GM. Show them that you're approachable, and can talk about the plot or other BS, but do make it realized that ultimately the story is what's important, and is what the thread is for. Once you establish a firm base, the writers will eventually lighten up, and begin to become talkative about their plans, and their ideas.

You could always hold them at Gun Point, but then again... not everyone's Tegan. >.>
I'm with Ocha on this one. Without OOC chatter, be it IN the OOC thread or through IMs or the cbox, I'll lose interest in the Roleplay real fast. c___c I need that flow of ideas, even if I'm not going to use all of them. It keeps things fresh. :D

I also need to know OTHER people are plotting and have ideas. It's contagious! When it doesn't look like my players are plotting or thinking up ideas, that also gets me. :/ I don't like to be the only person putting plot bunnies in the roleplay. (Or I'd just go write a story.)

I agree with Jumi that talking to people in the OOC isn't the -only- way to encourage the plottings. BUT, I do think the idea makers need to post these ideas they "must have" in the OOC to show others that there's badass plotting going on. >:D
Amazingly enough I'm with Di and Ocha on this as well. OOC chatter sparks my muse and usually live talks over MSN or some IM'ing method will get the best results. ICSYL 2, after everyone else had left, benefited greatly from Weavel and I on MSN to talk over the next few scenes. So if you got an active OOC that isn't just "Oh I'll be gone from X to Y," you'll be sure to have my interest captivated.
I agree, the OOC needs to be active, but also friendly. I will lose interest rather fast if I don't get the chance to talk to people, or at least feel other's are doing something on the rp. I think more than anything I need to feel a part of it.

I feel Iwaku World suffered hugely because of the (albeit active) hostile piece of £$*% that was the OOC.
My background is one where people rarely have to be told that story is important--joining an IC that can't keep your interest is rather pointless, no?--so the conversation inevitably drifts back to it. And sometimes the idlest off-topic comment can spark the thought train that brings the best posts.

And feedback is important to driving a game in the right direction. Assumptions can only carry you so far, especially when you can't determine interest or approval through body language and/or tone of voice.

I don't know what to say about Iwaku World's OOCs. I understand avoiding letting the OOC become a generic insanity page with offputting nonsequiturs that pile up and eventually bury crucial, plot-relevant OOC posts and the like, but sometimes the sudden crackdowns and deletions are offputting as well.

I don't have an easy answer... except maybe a reasonably-sized and reeeeally flowery macro with kittens and a politely-worded warning(and additional text component). The mods could copy paste the image and text(because I can't be the only person who sometimes reads with images disabled) every time intervention becomes necessary. :D