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  1. Story
    Throughout the 21st and early 22nd century, despite the mistrust and tension which caused the Second Cold War, humanity saw herself established in colonies out in cold space, slowly spreading further and further across our solar system, all backed by unions of nations together financing this enormous project. Eventually, these stations, either built in space or on the surface of planets, began being able to feed and run themselves, with Triton Station on Luna being declared the first self-sufficient station in 2089, and with other stations quickly following suite.
    However, in 2111, with the end of the Second Cold War and the beginning of World War 3, Earth saw itself ravaged by nuclear war on top of already being flooded with water due to global warming. Earth entered a nuclear winter, and all forms of governments eventually collapsed, its peoples dying out. The colonies out in space were cut off from Earth, no longer having any nation to belong to. Stations that were not already self-sufficient by this time either became abandoned husks or graveyards. Those who were alive knew that this was the end of all they had known. An era had ended, and a new one had begun: an era of diaspora for the entire human race.
    Now, at the twilight of the 24th century, the reality of mankind looks very different from how it once did. Colonies and stations have banded together to form nations, bringing about the return of mistrust and war. Although Earth has been reclaimed, it is an irradiated husk of its former self, and even there must the people live in stations in order to survive. Surviving, let alone thriving, on humanity's former cradle is no easier than it is on any other station in the system. In this new world of struggle, greed and war, humanity asks herself: where will we go from here?
    What is your answer? Which path will your people take?

    About Diaspora
    Diaspora: Empires of Sol is a sci-fi roleplay set in the far future where humanity has been scattered across the solar system - hence the name of the game - and instead of playing as a single character, the player will take on a role of one of the new nations which have been founded across the solar system and play it as he or she sees fit, as well as as many characters belonging to that nations as the player wants. There are no aliens here, no foreign worlds and no flying saucers - just humanity and its struggle against itself.

    No plot armour - No matter how important your character is to your story, he or she can very much die if you done goofed. There is no such thing as character immunity, and there are no way to bring the dead back to life. So if a character is valuable to you, treat them as such.

    In order to avoid this game escalating from the very start, the GM will make the first civilization sheet, and all other civilizations must be either of equal or lower power and technology than the GM's. You want to get ahead, you're going to have to claw your way up through construction, research and warfare.

    Please try to keep things believable. While you're gonna get the chance to do all kinds of cool sci-fi stuff later on in the game, please keep to things that might just perhaps maybe possible be a plausible whacky actual future technology and construction. Biologically or cybernetically altered soldiers with laser rifles are okay. Cross-dimension galaxy throwers and ships big as moons (yes, I have seen both) are not okay.

    There is no restriction to what you are allowed to illustrate in your texts as long as they are realistic and of some sexual decency. People losing limbs and being gutted from what would realistically cause such things is okay. Punching people to gibs of meat is not. Nudity is okay. Outright pornography is not.

    Obey your GM.

    Eat your vegetables.

    Don't be a dick.

    No anime. Absolutely nothing anime. For exceptions, consult the GM.

    GM is not allowed to bite people asking silly questions.

    Civilization sheet
    Civilization Name

    Government type:


    Primary languages (write most common language first, second most common second, etc.)




    Back Story (Optional):

    Infantry Description:(Armed Forces)
    Naval Description: (Space Units)

    Put the sheet into a spoiler tab for easy packaging and storing.
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  2. Civilizations
    Orion Federation=Andalais (open)

    Orion Federation

    Government type: Democracy
    Leader(s): President: Xiao Lang
    Prime Minister: Yun Ming

    Territory: 25 stations spread across the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter
    Capital: Babylon, Ceres

    Population: 37 million
    Primary languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Afrikaans

    Society: The Orion Federation strives for the old Earthern ideas of democracy, freedom and tolerance. It is very culturally and religiously tolerant, which perfectly supplements its vast range of both, and its democracy functions quite well, even if some corruption can always be expected. But despite all this, the federation abides by the system's eternal law: Conquer or be Conquered. With all its tolerance and liberty, the federation is very militaristic, putting great amounts of resources in training and equipping its army. With the exception of a two-year mandatory service, being part of the military is purely voluntary, and there is no form of conscription used. Fortunately, since the population is aware the federation must fight to survive and thrive, there is never a shortage of volunteers. Several small nations within the asteroid belt have already been conquered by the federation, but its people have been welcomed into Orion society with open arms, and many argue that the Orion conquest was ultimately for the better of everyone, even if many disagree.
    Like almost all the rest of humanity, the Orion people are mainly vegetarian, the only animals existing on the stations being pets. This is because although they have the genetic codes needed to clone and breed livestock, they do not have space or resources to waste on such a thing, instead eating only the crops grown on the stations and soy-based protein replacements for meat. Real meat is considered a luxury, and even the soy-based replacements are mainly imported, as food production on Orion stations is almost exclusively vegetarian.

    Economy: Being a trade federation located in the rich asteroid belt, the Orion Federation has amassed a great amount of wealth both through trade within itself and with other nations, as well as through mining of metals and other materials. The nation is highly capitalistic, encouraging free trade and backing large corporations. Unfortunately, this has started to create an economical gap between the classes of society. Although this gap is not very great as of now, it is very slowly but constantly widening.

    Military: Orion military is made up mostly of well-trained, well-equipped volunteer soldiers serving as marines aboard ships and kept in reserve at stations. Due to lacking any great open areas, there are no vehicles to speak of. Orion soldiers are instead supported by other soldiers placed within large, robotic exoskeletons, turning them into a sort of super heavy infantry while remaining small enough to walk through the standard hallways and rooms of stations and ships.
    Defence: Stations belonging to the Orion Federation are typically defended first and foremost by the Orion fleets. In the event of a boarding, the stations have marines placed in reserve, which can be quickly mobilized in order to repel an invasion. The stations' police force is also trained to act as a kind of militia should the need arise, and there are also automated turrets scattered throughout the stations to aid the marines and defend civilians.

    Back Story (Optional): The Orion Federation started out with three different colonization operations within the asteroid belt - one from the EU, one from China, and one from the South African Union. A few years following the destruction of said nations on Earth, these three conglomerates of stations, all sharing ambitions and ideals (China having thrown off the shackles of Communism in 2045), agreed to join together and form the Belt Federation, later renamed the Orion Federation. The three stars on the federation's flag symbolize the dwarf planets Ceres, Vesta and Pallas, which were what made up Orion territory at its original formation.

    Infantry Description:
    AFO (open)

    The Armed Forces of Orion are the federation's marine corps and main military body. They are a well-trained and well-equipped volunteer army equipped with high-powered ballistic automatic rifles and armoured suits of magnesium alloy-reinforced ceramic plating and underlying carbon nanotubes. Their armours are also equipped with electrical neural links along the spine, allowing the soldier perfect synchronization when connected with a Zeichner exoskeleton.

    Jaeger (open)

    The Zeichner-033 Jaeger Combat Exoskeleton is a heavy robotic external skeleton with a height of about 2 metres, serving as the heavy hitter and support unit of the Orion armies. It is the latest model of the Orion-exclusive Zeichner series, and is one of the things which have made the federation the current leader in military power in the system. Completely immune to small-arms fire, these machines are typically equipped with heavy machine guns, automatic shotguns or grenade launchers. Due to the neural receptors both within the exoskeleton and along the spine of Orion soldiers, the soldier establishes a neural link with the suit upon equipment, both denying use of the suit to those who do not have Orion armours, and making use of the suit so easy that any soldier of standard military training can use it without difficulty.

    OPKF (open)

    The Orion Peace-Keeping Force are the police forces of the federation. There are 4 different sections of OPKF, dealing with different matters of national security. Counting left to right:
    The Station Security Force (SSF) are your typical police officers. They deal with theft, drugs, murder, and everything in between. They are equipped with handguns and stun batons.
    The Station Guard (SG) are security guards of government-owned facilities and areas. They carry a handgun and a stun baton, and slightly more armour than the SSF.
    The Orion Special Security Dispatch (OSSD) are what it says - the special forces of the police force. They deal with situations that require more force and offer more danger than the SSF are trained to deal with. They are equipped with a sub-machine gun, a handgun and a stun baton.
    The Terror Response Group (TRG) are the counter-terrorist force of the Orion Federation. They deal with all kinds of operations dealing with domestic terrorism. They have a wide range of weapons available to them depending on the situation at hand, but their standard-issue equipment is an assault rifle, a handgun, and a combat knife.

    Naval Description: To be added later on.
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  3. War Rules
    Every nation is allowed a base of 2% Active PiM (Population in Military), and 3% Reserve PiM for a total of 5% total military. Nations with conscription, however, can have an active PiM of up to 4% with a reserve of up to 4% for a 8% total military. Conscription, however, has penalties: A permanent 1% negative to civilian construction for every active PiM percent. Note that having 2% active in your military does not mean that you have 2% to use in your ground forces; at least half of those numbers will be consumed by logistical, naval, and airforce personnel.

    (for anybody who thinks the percentages are too small, take note that the largest active military in the world (China) only has 2,250,000 (0.18% of its population) people in its active military and it suffers to maintain that).

    Combat system has not been fully completed yet, and will be added later on.​
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  4. Diplomacy
    This part is dedicated to keeping track of the diplomatic relations of each nation of the human diaspora controlled by a human player. It can be summarized by seven different tabs:
    Defensive Allies
    Nations bound together with this particular nation under a pact of mutual defence. These allies can be not called upon in a war of aggression.
    Military Allies
    Allies to this civilization which can be mutually called upon in wars of aggression from either side. Military allies can be very valuable in terms of expansion, but is also a much bigger gamble, as the risk of being pulled into a war is much greater.
    Nations currently at a state of war with this civilization.
    Nations with conflicting ideologies or claims towards this civilization, or nations considered a threat towards this civilization's independence and way of life. Rivals are more liable to clash in wars.
    Trade partners
    Nations that this civilization have an agreement with to open up their borders for trade.
    Satellite states
    Nations who have sweared fealty to this civilization. Satellite states are fairly autonomous, but pay an annual homage to their overlord state, and are obliged to join them in times of war.
    Diplomatic modifiers currently active between this civilization and another, such as a peace treaty or a non-aggression pact, as well as the amount of time remaining on these treaties if they are bound by a specified time frame.
    These tabs are all left blank in the beginning of the game, but can be quickly filled through interactions within the game. A nation can declare another its rival immediately after the game begins, but it is always left blank in the beginning.
    Orion Federation (open)

    Defensive Allies
    Military Allies
    Trade partners
    Satellite states

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  5. Oh, and by the way, in case anyone happens to visit this page right now - I know some parts of the game are not made clear or not completed, but I aim on fixing that, mostly through discussion and agreement with people who might be interested. Although I have the basis of the game complete, I wish to make the game work to everyone's liking . 3.
  6. Banner [​IMG]
    Civilization Name
    : Kaspelia

    Government type: Corporate
    Leader(s): Jason Sky
    Territory: Kaspela Prime and Freedom's Hope
    Capital: Kaspela Prime
    Population: 3 million
    Primary languages: Russia, English, German
    Society:Kaspelia is all about the money. They are mainly a mercenary and trade society, most of their money coming from selling their military to other nations. They are tolerant of anyone as long as they don't hurt their plans, and anyone who makes a mess is thrown into deep space.
    Kaspelia does have standards for it's military, and will never allow it to be sold out to pirates or someone trying to kill just to kill.

    Economy: Being on two asteroid mining stations around Jupiter, Kaspelia has quite the impressive treasury, along with it's trading empire and mercenary exploits.
    Military: Everyone in Kaspelia has at one point or another been in the military. The military consists of highly elite, well equipped soldiers. Most of the soldiers serve for the mandatory four years before leaving, though some will stay. Kaspelia only uses crawlers, vehicles that are almost invisible to sensors that will get one soldier through medium defenses. While lacking any heavy exoskeletons, the Kaspelian army makes up for it with skill and sheer firepower.
    Defence: All stations have reservists at them, and everybody has at least a knife on them. There is also the local police force.
    Back Story (Optional):
    Infantry Description:
    The Marine Corps
    Highly skilled and well equipped, they are armed with ballistic weaponry, and have exoskeleton armor with a neural link to allow full control of the exoskeleton. A few select marines are also armed with heavy weapons to crack open the heavy exoskeletons or lay down covering fire.
    Naval Description:

    Trader Fleet
    The extensive trader fleet of Kaspelia is made of frieghters and escorts to ferry supplies and goods across the system.

    Kaspelian Battle Group
    Made of light and mediun ships split up into squadrons, there tactic is to lure their pray into the asteroid belt, before several more squads drop in to attack. This has worked well so far, allowing them to defeat fleets several times their magnitude.
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