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  1. WARNING:Violence and Gore, Cannibalism, Death, Pyromaniacs

    Ah, the classic super powers via toxic radiation and what not. Sorry if the beginning was crappy and failed to completely explain what was going on but here are some key points:

    - Not everyone has super powers but I don't mind if all of the characters do.

    - Humans are kind of going extinct and people with super powers are taking over.

    - The this is all taking place in is suppose to be America. It was abandoned but some do still reside in it including Kaycee.

    - Post apocalyptic world kind of thing.

    - This is just something I did for fun and probably isn't even realistically correct or whatever.

    - Any questions just ask.


    -Edit the Skeleton however you want.
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  2. Zackary Hannibal Cain
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6 Ft 8 In
    Weight: 250lbs (Without body armor)
    325 Lbs (With body armor)
    Hair color: No color. Just snowy white.
    Eye Color: Wine Red/ Blood Red
    -=Physical Description=-
    Cain stands a bit taller than most human men normally do. At nearly seven feet in height, he's almost as tall as a juvenile bear. He's built like a bear too. His muscular, not grotesquely so. But the muscles he does have are evident enough. His biceps and thighs bulge with raw power, his forearms and calves are corded and taut. But it isn't the size that really matters here. His body has undergone a drastic mutation. His black gloved hands can feel like you're being hit with a block of solid cement, and they look just about as large.
    Cains fingers are now tipped with pointed claws that are hidden by his black kevlar gloves. These are easily able to rip flesh from bone. f one sees him bare, his sin isas white and as fair as snowy ash. And just as soft. Though it burns when in direct sunlight, it's also a bit more of a protective 'sheet' than a human's skin is. His hair matches his body's lack of color and has gone from chestnut to white but is inexplicably soft.
    This mysterious man's eyes have lost the melanin in his eyes, turning them completely blood red and making him what was once called an "albino". They can't stand sunlight, and most synthetic forms of light hurt as well. On fires seem to be okay with his eyes. As they are both natural, and not overwhelming.

    :Ballistic MICH Helmet::
    ::M-95 Military Grade Gas Mask::
    ::Shemagh Head Wrap::
    Body Armor.jpg
    ::Blackhawk Cut-away-vest level IIIA (with hydration system)::
    ::Hard-knuckle Kevlar Gloves::
    ::Survival Bracelet::
    ::MOLLE(Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) Mag Pouch 2x (Strapped across his chest)::
    ::MOLLE Drop Leg Rig(Either leg)::
    ::Combat Boots::
    ::MOLLE (Pistol) Ambidextrous
    ::MOLLE Shotgun Scabbard::
    ::HK 416 Assault Rifle::
    ::Remington 870 MCS (Modular Combat Shotgun)::
    ::Glock 21 SF::
    :: Close Quarters Tomahawk::
    When installed on the base of a rifle or subgun magazine, the Magpul provides unsurpassed speed and controllability during high stress, tactical magazine changes. Made with a durable thermoplastic loop and recessed rough gripping surface for quick and easy installation and removal.
    Installs on the base of a rifle or sub-gun magazine provides unsurpassed speed and controllability during high stress, tactical magazine changes made with a durable thermoplastic loop and recessed rough gripping surface quick and easy installation and removal.
    ::Lights: Rescue Light::
    While featuring a powerful, tough, durable and fully waterproof design intended for harsh outdoor conditions and operating on two CR123A Lithium batteries or one 18650 Li-Ion battery, the multilevel dimmer function makes a perfect combination of extreme brightness and ultra long run-time. Despite these measures, he uses this light sparingly as the batteries are extremely difficult to find.
    ::Knee & Elbow Pads::
    feature a hardened black rubber cap that allows the user to grip the surface without sliding. This cap also protects your knees during long movements with heavy loads and during Close Quarter Battle.
    ::Shotgun Shell Sling::
    Fully adjustable sling can carry up to 15 shotgun shells. Attaches to standard swivel sling mounts.
    :: SureShell Carrier For Remington 870::
    Solid steel brackets that wrap around the top of the shotgun receiver. The factory trigger pins are replaced by internally thread steel pins, to which both sides of the saddle rail are securely bolted. It has an eight-shot shotshell carrier yoke on the left side of the receiver.
    Cain's not a bad man. He doesn't do things that are inherently considered evil. However, that considered he does do things that many would LIKE to place the title of monser on him for. Most notably, his cannibalistic diet. Cain can not help this. Due to the restructuring of his entire genetic genome, he has to eat human flesh. He doesn't like it, but that's the way things are.

    This doesn't mean he's as mindless in pursuit of flesh like a zombie would be, or even other mutated beings and creatures. But much like humans can't live without water, he can't live without eating people. He's the dark side to human evolution. The bent and twisted side. He hates what he is, but not who he is. Who is, is very intelligent indeed.

    From the breakdown of society, no educational system is functional. Only bits and pieces remain of what used to be a diverse and complicated language and study. Despite this, he's learned to read and to write, he's even learned about history long thought to be lost. It all come down to him ironically being what he is. He can go into places most can't and survive there longer than most do. Therefore, he can find treasured artifacts, pieces of the past he finds precious to him. And he's passionate about it too.

    One side of him suffers from severe self-loathing,the other part is a killing machine usually switched to when he has to defend himself. Normally speaking, he's quiet and doesn't like to show himself all that much. Not even at night when his pale skin glows like the moon a milky white luminescence. He's not normally social, due in part of being shunned by most peoples, especially without his heavy equipment.
    Wn his killer instincts come out, its brutality in its purest form. Torn libs, cleaved skulls and simply blood and gore everywhere are a side effect. This side of him is brought on defensively most of the time. Though he may act calm, he's like an animal--anytime he feels threatened he will bite. Figuratively speaking, but it would be surprise if it were literal as well.
    -=History =-
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  3. He's cool :D Sorry it's taking me so long but I'll have a reply hopefully by tomorrow :)


    Name: Kaycee

    Age: Nineteen

    Gender: Female

    Orientation: Heterosexual

    Profile: Kaycee, with no last name to speak of, is an odd young woman who doesn't physically display emotion. It's one of her rules; don't show emotion and don't make a sound. When spoken to she won't say more than what's asked of her and has a slightly proper way of speaking. Her eyes, on the other hand, will tell you everything you want to know whether she wants them to or not. Dark as a forest at night, they truly are the windows to her soul. Curiosity, disappointment, frustration- everything can be found dancing in those green hues. Her hair is a fiery red color and is cropped at jaw length, the cut angled as if the job was done with a knife; and it probably was. Her caramel skin, as smooth as it may appear, is thicker than what's considered normal and has less give to it. Not that anyone could tell as simple skin-on-skin contact can cause her skin to erupt into flames on the spot from lack of control. She often spends her days lollygagging and may even be caught taking a cat nap here and there when she's not raiding the stores for clothes and playing with products that have long lost their meaning.

    Power: Said to be possessed by fire, she doesn't have the traditional skeletal system. Instead, she has a system of condensed fire that gives and strengthens accordingly. Running through this system are extra blood vessels that boost her red and white blood cell count. Not only does this offer a quick regeneration process but also increases the amount of oxygen getting into her muscles and where ever else it is needed; having influence over fire increases her need for oxygen.

    Weaknesses: With her 'infection' comes some drawbacks she's not all too amused with. Her joints are still fairly human and a hard enough hit to them will cause more damage to her than it would an actual human being. Even though she could heal at a quick rate, she will loose her mobility after a while but no permanent damage can be inflicted at least. In addition to that, the regeneration process eats up her energy so the more she has to heal the more exhausted she'll become, and the slower she'd be able to regenerate. Pressing down on her joints will temporarily stop the flow of fire all through out her body and will hinder her regeneration but will not effect her 'skeleton'. On the other hand, her body can take a lot of damage. Unfortunately, it takes much more than her mind can handle and this inevitably leads to her blacking out, which may result in memory loss.
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  4. Name: 'Syn' Stryker
    Age: Unknown [29]
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A tall, tanned, muscled man. Wiry, not giant, but strong. A slightly angular face, beautiful hazel eyes, rough-ish, scarred face. Scars here and there, from the center of his chin up, past the end of his lip a little. A scar running right below his eyebrow, like a third eyebrow. A scar from the edge of his cheekbone, down to the end of his bottom jaw bone. Other nicks and scratches are everywhere. Black hair, short.
    Equipment: A military-grade gas mask, a black non-descript shirt and a pair of running shoes. Faded from age jeans, with a grey hoodie to cover his face.
    Orientation: Who knows, he's a test subject until now. [hetero]
    Personality: To Be RPED
    Power: Enhanced strength, enhanced eyesight, enhanced strength, enhanced reflexes, enhanced regeneration/healing, tougher skin. Wing structure; capable of flight, due to very, very strong lightweight bone structure.
    Background/Other: He remembers nothing but his last name. A man, before he died from the radiation sickness that had ravaged his body, called him 'Syn.' As he fled a research facility that had been working on a cure of some kind, he picked up various supplies from the last human facility in what was last known as America.
  5. [MENTION=5836]RogueSteeler[/MENTION]:

    They're doesn't seem to be a correlation between your character's abilities. I would suggest basing your character off a bird of prey (which, of course, would include enhanced eyesight/agility/speed and denser/stronger bones). I would also consider the anatomy of the pterodactyl. I'm pretty iffy about you having enhanced strength and regeneration as there are already characters with these abilities.
  6. Hmm... I shall be a giant lizard man then.

    Name: Vulcan
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Origin From Traits: Reptillians
    Appearance: Gray-brown scales, acting as camouflage and a natural, thick armor. Consumption of metals makes scale stronger, through the use of a separate stomach that breaks down the metals. Shocking sky-blue cat eyes, with a long, scaly tail, as tong as Vulcan is tall. 9 foot tall, heavily muscled.
    Origin of Name: Found an old book of the Roman gods. Realized how much he liked making things with his clawed hands, how his scale was as immune to fire as Vulcan, so he called himself Vulcan.
    Abilities: Enhanced eyesight, hearing. Very, very strong scale and muscle. Slower healing, but a very small chance of ever getting sick. Duller sense of taste, and a duller sense of pain, allowing him to take more damage without as much hindrance to his fighting abilities. While being bigger, it doesn't mean that he's slow. His reflexes are faster than any human's, and a little bit more.
    Personality/Background: To Be RPed.
    Other: N/A
  7. [​IMG]

    Name: Momoko Nohome
    Age: 16
    Gender: ? but looks female. (really Momo >.>)
    Orientation: ?
    Personality: Dark. silent. and at times caring.
    Power: Darkness and Illusion.
    weakness: Light and fire.
    Background/Other: you know as much as you know right now. and that is all you need to know. (Chi: Momoko tell them. Momo:...... Silents. Chi: sigh to be in the Rped >.>)
    weapon: Katana: she normally use her Katana to unleash her powers because it hurts her to using it with her hands. [​IMG] the weapon.
  8. Interesting character and presentation :)

    By the way, guys; America's pacing is really slow. Forgive me for that ^^'
  9. No problem :D Just in case I haven't made it clear before, you're accepted ^.^
  10. Heh, sorry for the delay! I'll try to have a reply before the weekend is over :)
  11. *falls in through the ceiling* room for one more?
  12. *Stares up through the hole and hissses at the light retracting*
  13. I'm sorry guys! I've been having inspiration issues when it comes to this particular roleplay :( I'll try to have a reply up soon. Hopefully.
  14. Meeh. I'd prefer to have my Draconian character; a good ol' alien with scale like armor plating, teeth like a super-sharp hammer, claws like knives, and an intelligence spurred by a computer instead of a brain, and thousands of years of information stored on it. #SuperOPSpacefaringSpeciesFTW

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  15. Ummmm sure I am still in i just need time to think of an opening sorry for the later Reply
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