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  1. Mal'Tara, City of Eternal Light


    THe City of Eternal Light, or that is what the citizens seem to call it nowadays. Most don't speak of why the lights are always kept on in this vast city, or the reason that people pay so much to keep the electricity on, no that is something that is only spoken in hushed whispers and only in the brightest of areas during the day. Because while this city may look like a jewel, it holds a dark secret, one that citizens are careful not to address. War is brewing in the deep in the underground, two vampire covens competing for complete control over the city and the inhabitants....or their food source. Both covens split a full century ago, the silent struggle between the two finally reaching a head and starting to cross the line of an all out war. Humans and vampires mingle in the streets at night, and most citizens know this, but continue to live their lives oblivious to the growing struggle. Who will win the war in the end?

    Join The Cause!
    First thing first, let me explain how things are going to work in this rp. Both Vampire Lords have already been chosen, so do not post a character sheet saying that you are one. This is set in a futuristic/steampunk style world where the modern meets the past. Expect to see electricity mixed with ancient weaponry and tools. All players are allowed two characters, not that you have to have two, but you are allowed two just the same. That could mean, a vampire in each coven, a human and a vampire, or even two humans if you wish. Please note that if you do decide to have a human character, you will most likely have a relatively short lifespan and be used as thralls or if you are lucky, informants. Please play them like the slaves that they are, this is not a war between vampires and humans, which means they will not be allowed weapons. Next is to pick which coven you would like to belong to after reading both bios, I do not want to see character sheet posts until both bios of the vampire lords are up. Mature themes will be present in this thread, bloodshed, violence, torture, and sexual themes, so please do not apply if you are not comfortable with these sort of things. Lastly, all vampires will have the typical strength, speed, and glamour as myth dictates. No turning into bats or floating or sprouting wings and such, keep them as the manipulative and predatory creatures that they are. Meaning no Twilight vampires.

    What you are allowed to have:
    All players are allowed three weapons, and this can include weapon sets. For example, if you duel wield katanas, that set will be considered "one" weapon. Keep in mind that the traditional methods of killing a vampire will work, a stake through the heart and being left out in sunlight for a long amount of time. Also a weakness to holy items will be permitted. But things like severing the head, getting a crossbow bolt or an arrow through the heart, or burning will work as well, as well as UV light guns and guns with special guns with wooden tipped bullets. Be wise about your weapon choices! It could cost your coven the battle! Please note that humans will not be allowed weapons.

    Please post a character sheet with the following guidelines:

    Age: *vampires are not allowed to be older than the two vampire lords*
    History: Your history is going to include why you chose the coven that you are in.
    Weapons: Please remember that you are only allowed three
    Inventory: Any other odds and ends that you may have or items that are personal to your character.

    Remember to have fun and may the best coven win!
  2. Hihi, any descriptions on the covens and the vampire lords?
  3. I would like to point out that the two lords will be posted shortly, seeing as this was just posted 5 minutes ago. All descriptions of the two covens will be with the description of the two lords when they are posted as mentioned in the rules.
  4. I see, impatience is part of my flaws. Guess I was a little too excited. Pardon me for that.
  5. There is only one problem, while I greatly appreciate your enthusiasm for the rp, your status has to change from new registration to new member before you can actually participate in mature threads. This will happen in a few days once you are have posted to a few threads :) I would have sent all of this through a private message but I am unable to since you are a new registration. This rp will still be here once your status has changed and if you are still interested. If you have any questions about it then feel free to private message me :)
  6. Roman Talviel, Lord of House Talviel, the Northern Coven

    Age: 643 years old
    Race: Male Vampire Lord


    Personality: Roman is not one to waste time on fools, having lived a long enough life he feels that he should not have to deal with them at all, seeing as he kills most people that he sees as one. He is more of a critical thinker, preferring to analyze a situation before taking action, making sure he has looked at every possible solution and outcome. He does not like to lose, and he did not become ruler of the coven by being careless. His view on humans is rather calculating, viewing them as both a food source and pawns in the game of war, and will use them to his advantage if he feels they can give him one. He also feels that they make good pets and snacks to satisfy his needs. Overall he is a rather aloof and quiet fellow, but still earns the fear and respect of his fellow coven members.

    History: Roman barely remembers his human life, being turned at the age of 23 it was almost as if it were a dream that he cannot seem to recall clearly. His change was the result of a drunken night with a woman that he did not know was a vampire, only seeing the beautiful woman that she was. Three days later he awoke crawling up from the ground, and incredible bloodlust and hunger coursing through him. Throughout the next couple of years he stayed with the woman that turned him, relying on her to teach him what he needed to know for his new life. She was his creator after all, but soon resentment builded inside of him, wanting to get rid of any sort of power over him. They soon traveled to Mal'Tara. much smaller than what it is now, and joined the rather large coven that resided there, which was currently being ruled by a vampire that was struggling to keep the group together. Roman decided to use this to his advantage, and over the years he grew stronger and more influential, gaining a following that did not go unnoticed by both his creator and his rival Coeur Venator. ROman was finally able to get rid of the power of his creator, organizing the assassination of her and having it successfully completed. WHile it was never determined who killed her, the only evidence an unmarked arrow through her heart, whispers circled through the court that it was Rowan, one of the few archers in the coven. He would never admit or deny that he did, but a pleased smile appeared on his face whenever asked.

    More years passed and Roman seemed to gather a following of his own, just as much, if not more than his rival, tension continuously growing between the two obvious groups. The two vampires both eyed the ruling seat, that much was clear to all, and everything seemed to come to a head with the assassination of the current leader roughly a century before the current day. The culprit was not determined, and neither lord was willing to talk about it, and fingers began to point in both directions which caused an even bigger rift between the two. Roman left the original coven shortly after the assassination with his following and established a new coven, House Talviel, in the northern sector of the city, the first shot in their upcoming war being fired. Roman ruled his new coven with a strict hand, both trying to keep his coven together while keeping the human population from destroying them as well. Over the years humans had begun to know of the vampires existence in the city, bringing hardship to his following. While he still considers them inferior, a large amount of humans against his band would still severely deplete his gathering, and so he walks a delicate line to protect them. For now, the battle between the two covens had been kept a secret, and Roman plans to keep it that way no matter what it takes.

    -Composite bow
    -One set of UV ray guns
    -One set of katanas

    Other Items:

  7. Name: Coeur, Lord of House Venator, the Southern Coven

    Race: Vampire

    Age: 636
    Coven: Venator

    Picture/Description: [​IMG]

    Personality: Coeur has been accused of being reckless, and perhaps he does take more risks than a vampire normally would, but every risk that he takes is calculated, and yields great rewards. He's an intelligent vampire, though many wouldn't know it by his speech. Offensive and brash, the vampire seems to have little care about who he steps on to get his way. Especially if they're human. Coeur has a high disdain for humanity, finding them good for nothing but food and sport. He abhors the idea of thralls, and does not allow those in his coven to keep them. "Play with your food, if you like, but dispose of it when you're finished." With a wicked short temper, Coeur isn't a vampire one crosses lightly.

    History: There is only one memory that Coeur keeps from his humans days, one that brings both pain and pride. The moment when he was turned. Him and a dear friend of his both became the targets of a starved vampire, sustaining bites. By the grace of lady luck, Coeur was able to fend the vampire off with a torch, the pale one having been sated by draining his friend. Coeur transitioned well into the life of a vampire, the thrill of hunting strong within him. It wasn't long before he had be brought into the Mal'Tara coven, large in numbers, but lacking in organization. Soon, Coeur found others like him, those that wanted to hunt, and live their undying life using the gifts they had been given, not limited in their hunt of humans. There was a rift forming in the coven, and pushed to its breaking point when the old head of the coven was suddenly murdered.

    Accusations flew about, but seemed the two most likely suspects were himself and his rival Roman Talviel. Neither vampire spoke about whether they had any handle in the murder or not, but Coeur jumped at the chance at becoming the new head, finding the only obstacle in his way was Roman. A bitter feud began brewing between the vampires, Coeur and his followers taking the southern end of the city, eventually spilling over into the day, humans slowly coming into awareness of what was happening in the night. The people living in the south end don't ask when they hear screams in the night, shadows darting past their windows.

    Weapons: Two pistols (wooden tipped bullets), one UV Glock, and one sharpened hunting blade.
    Inventory: N/A

    Name: Lyth Scentroden
    Race: Vampire
    Age: 297
    Coven: Talviel

    Picture/Description: [​IMG]

    Personality: Lyth is personable, almost to the point of being nosey. Not always kind, but generally likeable, charming. People don't think much on him, finding him pleasant enough, and that is exactly what Lyth wants. The blonde avoids drawing too much attention to himself, and if he does find himself thrown into the limelight, he plays it off casually. This is not due to an inherent shyness. This entire image is a facade that he keeps up to hide a much darker nature. In the times that he's alone, Lyth is bordering on the side of psychopathic madness, enjoying emotional and physical torture, becoming giddy at the thought of inflicting pain. To deal with his urges for destruction and violence, he'll tear apart an assortment of stuffed toys. While it doesn't give him the same satisfaction as it would if he were to do this to a proper victim, it does pacify his urges enough to function.

    History: Lyth's turning happened on what he thought was a particularly lucky night, a good vibe in the club he served drinks at, a wonderful beat pounding through his head as he was able to sneak himself a few drinks for himself. Head swimming in alcohol and music, it was easy for the vampire to sweep the poor boy off of his feet, simple to lead him back into the darkness of the back alleys, and no trouble at all to subdue the bartender and sink in his fangs. Awoken as a vampire, Lyth took to the new lifestyle with enthusiasm and vigour, finding a thrill that he had never had before in his human existence. The old coven was wary about accepting him in, but he followed orders well enough. When the split began to form between the two forming covens, Lyth drifted from side to side, forming contacts on each side. No one's exactly sure if he's loyal to one coven, though he seems to work exclusively for Talviel.

    Weapons: A set of hand carved wooden knives, sawed off UV shot gun, fitted arm blade.
    Inventory: A small doll, clothed in a black hooded robe. It is the one doll that he would never rip to pieces, as losing this would mean he lost his restraint.
  8. Name: Marguerite Sauvage
    Race: Vampire
    Age: 201
    Coven: House Venator


    Personality: Marguerite has something of a sunny disposition, unlike many or the more broody members of the coven. She isn't much for the 'tormented vampire' attitude and thoroughly enjoys what she is and what she does. From her happy face, some would expect her to be kind as well, but Marguerite is exceptionally cruel. She has few personal relationships that truly mean anything to her. She enjoys the finer things in life; well-tailored clothing, and expensive wine. That attitude is contrasted by her zeal for the hunt. She loves to use her pale, pretty face to lure human men to their deaths. Maruerie gets what she wants, when she wants it, or there will be hell to pay, as she is a vicious brat; having been spoiled and rich in her human life, and turned as a young girl, she never really matured fully.

    History: Marguerite was turned by Coeur, though it hadn't been his choice, as he'd been ordered to so so by the former coven master as a replacement for a recently killed vampire. Though he didn't want to Make her, Marguerite was immediately fiercely loyal to Coeur, seeing him as her savior, that elevated her from her former meaningless existence as a human. When the schism in the coven began there was no question as to whom she would give her loyalty. She has always been one of Coeur's followers and is nearly fanatical with her devotion to him, and by proxy House Venator.

    Weapons: One pair of stiletto knives, one set of throwing knives, one carbon crossbow
    Inventory: none

    Name: Rosemarie Rossetti
    Race: Human
    Age: 28
    Coven: House Talviel


    A thriving flower amongst dead leaves is Rosemarie. Dark-skinned and full-figured, she is strikingly alive, especially while in the presence of her undead masters. Often dressed in finery and jewelry, she is a lovely decoration for any vampire's arm, bed, or dungeon.

    Personality: Formerly a pure, pious woman of the highest order, Rosemarie's personality has degenerated heavily during her time with House Talviel. She is a willing slave now, obedient, eager and silent unless spoken to. She has given herself over to the debauched existence of a vampire slave. Interestingly, the experience has done nothing to shake her religious faith, and she is still a firm believer. This is what makes her useful to House Talviel.

    History: Rosemarie was formerly Sister Rosemarie of the Cross, a Sanctum nun. She'd devoted her life to service of the church, lending stability to a chaotic world in need of holy guidance. She'd spent her days caring for the poor and the destitute, the vampire-made orphans of the city, until one fateful night. She'd spent one moment too long outside the safety of the grand cathedral doors at sunset, and that one moment sealed her fate. Captured by one Master Limatus, she was overpowered with little more than a thought and taken as a slave. Her absolute conviction made her difficult to control at first, but the vampires of House Talviel were careful to break her into slave life while leaving her faith intact. She was a useful asset this way, obedient as well as able to bless certain objects, making them powerful weapons against vampire-kind. She is also skilled at caring for the other human slaves and thralls in the coven, thanks to her experience as a nun.

    Weapons: none

    Inventory: none
  9. Hey I have an idea can I make a human spy that is undercover as a slave in Roman's coven. And why Roman will keep him cuz his blood is unique and he never tasted such kind of a blood before and thats why Roman keeps him alive as his pet, and maybe for sex as well. So can I?
  10. Name: Etrius

    Race: Male Vampire

    Age: 93

    Coven: Venator

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Being among the youngest of the vampires, Etrius is a very happy-go-lucky and fun loving person. Easily bored and highly impatient at times, he is always doing or looking for something fun to do. And hunting, killing, and sex are all on his list of fun activities. Strip away his cheerful demeanor, however; and you are left with a soldier, a cold, calculating tool who does what he is told without question. He views humans at toys and sources of pleasure and food and has a particular taste for young virgins. Occasionally he might find a human that interests him enough that he would let that human live so he may visit the person again.

    Etrius was turned at the age of 19 during a party he had snuck into. At first, he had hated his transformation, running away and going into hiding for as long as he could. Occasionally he would emerge to feed, only to go back into hiding again. Eventually, he began to enjoy the sense of power and pleasure that being a vampire presented him.

    Being a young vampire, he still holds on to a small sliver of humanity in the form of fond memories. He joined the Venator coven because he thought that they would suit his needs and wants if they were to take control of the city and serves Coeur like any soldier should serve his general.

    1 anti-tank rifle (Single shot; fires wooden stakes)
    1 Desert Eagle (Wood-tipped bullets)
    1 UV Blade katana

    Inventory: N/A
  11. While I greatly appreciate the interest, Roman is not going to be one to keep a prolonged pet. He views humans as pawns and a source of food, and remember that humans are not going to be a very big part of the war. They will most likely get caught in the crossfire and have very short lives. Humans will be mainly used as slaves, carrying out duties that a vampire would not be capable of doing during the day and used as short lived playthings. You are more than welcome to create a human, but I do not wish for them to be used as spys since that is basically a death sentence, the vampires will be able to smell them. Keep them as the slaves that they are :)
  12. Well ok Ill make a vampire then and maybe I will make a human slave as well ;P
  13. Name: Damien Romano

    Race: Vampire

    Age: 163

    Coven: Talviel


    Personality: Damien is a cold person he doesnt care for other's much, but he still helps when he is needed. He likes what he is, but when he was made he hated his new self. Damien likes killing and playing with his victims, he ussualy tortures them first and then kills them. He is cold blooded and it's his creator fault that he is like this.

    History: When Damien was human he was happy, he had a family, but now he doesnt. He had a mother and father and two little sister's, one still a baby and one a child. But the vamprie that made him the way he was now, killed his family. The vampire was obsesed with Damien and wanted to make him feel pain. So one night when Damien was out and got home late he saw his family dead on the ground, with blood all around the room and around them. He froze there were parts of their bodys all around the room, even his baby sister was killed. Damien wanted to kill himself he was crying none stop and started to get crazy. And when a few days have past he was made a vampire by the man that killed his family. He was only 19 and he hated himself he couldnt stand beeing a vampire and tried to kill himsellf, but his master always stoped him.

    Hundred years have past, he was now a cold blooded killer like his master that made him like this. He cared for no one, not even for his master, actually he hated him. His master turned him in the thing he hated the most, but something terrible was going to happen. His master wanted to take over the world, he fooled other vampires with his speeches and promises, but Damien never bought his triks so he surched for help. His serching led him to a vampire called Roman, he was a strong one and older then his master. He wanted his help to kill his master, cuz Damien can't do it alone he is not that strong. Damien explained to Roman what was going on and he agreed to help him, but there was a catch, when Roman kills his master Damien had to serve Roman, be by his side and always be loyal to him. Roan succeeded killing Damien's master and now Damien had a new master as he fowolled him everywhere.

    Now sixty years have gone and Roman is a vampire lord and has his own coven. Damien is still loyal to him and does what Roman wants. Damien is Roman's right hand now, he knew him even before he was a lord and is his right hand. Damien erned Roman's trust and thats why he is Roman's right hand and can trust that Damien won't betray him.

    Two UV pistols
    Two short katanas
    Knife with silver blade

  14. Name: Limatus Inspiratio

    Race: Vampire

    Age: 593

    Coven: Talviel



    Calculating, sinister, but refined. Limatus is a man who values ethics and reason. his line of thinking is bot "how can i brutally murder my foes." But "how can i crush them so utterly that they will serve me for eternity?" Limatus is a scientists of the highest quality. He had had over five hundred anf fourty years to master his craft after all. So ther is no problem he believes he cannot solve.


    Turned at the age of twenty three, limatus was a young aspiring scientist, though during the time he was hunted by the Sanctus, not because he was a vampire but because he was a scientist. Progress was not enjoyed, and so for the first years as a scientist he has had to fight his way becoming proficient in scientific weapons craft, after almost two hundred years he found Roman, or rather Roman found him. A discussion was had and an agreement reached, Limatus would be kept safe within the coven so long as he provided the coven with new superior weaponry.

    And for the majority of his time there limatus has been working away frantically trying to get a leg up upon his enemies and help his "friends" achieve their victory. Though just because limatus works for roman does not mean he trusts him , though he trusts him more than certain othe buffoons of the coven. Though his intellect served him well, beign able to capture one humble sanctus nun, and break her into servitude whilst leaving her intact to the ways of the faith, granting him access to more weapons than one would think possible. Though he doesn't treat her like a slave more so like a lady but he got her out of theat boring old nun';s habit and into a more, risqué clothing style. Just to further prove his mstery over the silver tongue.


    Suitcase contained minigun, which fires UV liquid tipped bullets.

    UV liquid coated survival knife with blessed steel beneath.

    Holy water steam grenades ( X6)

    Inventory: small pocket watch on the inside it is monogrammed, and has the line. "scientia, dominatur omnium"

  15. Hey so how many peoples do we need to start this rp?
  16. I want to have a few more people to join before I start the IC thread. There's no point have 2 or 3 vamps fighting another 2 or 3.
  17. Yeah I know I was just asking. I can ask some friends of mine to join if you want?
  18. If they are interested then sure. Just read the rules carefully and do not give a character a position of importance such as "consort" or "trusted confident" without another players permission.
  19. Ok and sorry that I made my character Roman's right hand without asking you. But can it stay like this? :P
  20. It's fine, just know that Roman always has ulterior motives ^_^