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  1. Hey everyone!!!

    @Pasi @Liky @Andy @ShatteredSecrets @psychoofireland @Silver @DarkDisney and @Shayla

    First I'm stoked to have all of you guys apart of this roleplay. I hope I made everyone welcomed who joined, this is my first roleplay so it may be rough but I'm always up to any suggestions anyone may have. So anytime throughout the roleplay please just throw them my way. Right now since I know some people are still working on their CS. I'm not going to post anything to drastic here. Only the Rules, Plot for how it's going to first start off and my two CS. Once everyone has their CS up then we can talk here until then please keep all side convo in the other thread.


    These are the rules I have if anyone can think of anything else please let me know and I will add them in.

    1. Please be respectful to everyone. I want everyone to feel wanted and comfortable throughout the RP.
    2. Romance between the two characters is highly encouraged but not mandatory. If you want a scene to be "explicit" please just type in Rp "fades to black" and continue the scene in your PM, and just join us again once you've finished. I don't have a problem with explicit scenes but I feel as though that would be the easiest and most comfortable thing to do for everyone.
    3. I would love if everyone can post at least once a day, but I know others have roleplays that they do, plus everyone has their own life as well so please just post as much as possible. @Andy and @Silver I know you wont post as much that's fine. If anyone else can't post as much please just let me know.
    4. NO ONELINERS. THOSE DRIVE ME CRAZY!! Your post don't always have to be long but as least a decent length depending on who and what your responding to.
    (That's all I got for right now. If I think of anymore I'll throw them in here. If you think of anything let me know in the other thread)

    Start-Off Plot
    So the way the plot will start off is with everyone. That way everyone will be involved when we first start. I was thinking it takes place in a neon nightclub, with uv lights, glow sticks, etc. One because it's a somewhat dark chaotic scene which gives the sister's a chance to have some fun. I was thinking the Guardian and Queen Witch are watching from a distance. The sisters start off at the bar and then find a victim of their choosing. Since there all together they have a chance to show their dark transformation as well as the brothers showing their gifted tattoo.

    Sisters try to kill someone. Angels stop them They have confrontation. That's when they first meet introducing themselves to each other before school starts. So when school does start they know who's who.​
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  2. collage-2016-09-13.png

    Alessandra Calverly
    Cambion of Fire

    Age: 18​



    Her eyes are a mix of deep blue and dark green though do to the witch in her when she is using her powers they turn into a bloody red color. Her hair is a silky dark brown color that runs down her back in loose bouncy silk curls. Her features defined, her eyes mysterious and dark, with a natural smoky eye look. Luscious lips stained with the color red. Her skin is light with the perfect tint of color. Her skin smooth and soft to the touch. She's 5'7, with a petite body, but curves in all the right spots.​

    On her back she wears the tattoo of a phoenix rising from it's ashes when her arms are stretched out it looks as though the bird is spreading it's wings to take flight

    Though she keeps this a secret from her sister she collectd poetry. Dark poetry, poetry of lust and lost love. She tattoos it across her arms and legs. Her body filled with them, but only revealed when she's willing to show it.​


    Powers and Abilities
    Witch of fire
    [BCOLOR=#800000]Fire Creation and Manipulation and Healing[/BCOLOR]
    Alessandra has the ability to control any form of fire. From a building set on fire, to a simple lighter or fire made in the woods. She can control it all and even create fire of her own. She is able to separate the colors of the flame.
    Red: Being the most dangerous of all colors, causing serious burns, torture, and other pain.
    Orange: Can be used to cause more of an annoying pain, a pain that lingers with her victim from the inside out. Roaming through their veins and drives them to a point of madness that will push them to take their own life.
    Blue: Is a flame used for healing herself and if for some reason she chose to can also heal others as well. It comes of soft and warm as if you were wrapped in a wool blanket, sitting by the fire place, drinking hot chocolate on a cold winters night.

    Blood Bending
    One of her more deadly abilities is being able to control the blood in another creature or human being. She can cause it to boil their blood burning her victim from the inside out a state humans like to call spontaneous combustion. She can also cause you blood to thin in result to this a simply paper cut could cause you to bleed out. She may even be able to cause you to drown in your own pool of blood
    Corrupted Vision
    One of her strongest spells is the corruption of vision, where she can make anyone see what she wants them too. The visions can become so real that they can touch things, feel things, and smell things. She can use this in their dreams making them die in their sleep from either a peaceful dream or a horrid nightmare.
    Alessandra also has the rare gift of speaking to snakes.

    Seductive ways
    Her voice angelic and her scent erotic she is able to lure her victims in by the sound of her voice. She can sing them a song and dance around or in fire hypnotizing them to do anything she wishes.
    Touch of Venom
    She has the ability to create her own form of venom at her will she can spread it with a simple touch of her fingernails, or lips. Depending on how she feels she can cause it to dissolve your skin, burn you, or cause your blood to boil.

    [BCOLOR=#800000]Fire at it's Darkest (Vampire)[/BCOLOR]
    When Alessandra is with her sisters and they are up to no good a dark force can have the ability to take over her. This ability causes her to turn humans into vampires. Snatching the human of not only all their inner emotions but their soul as well. Causing them to be damned to hell if their immortal life is ever taken from them.

    In this from Alessandra grows fangs and her eyes turn red. She looses the ability to feel anything but the hunger for blood and life. Causing her to be at her deadliest.


    Her scent is a sweet yet smoky aroma. Caused from roses when they first bloom, coacoa beans before grounded to choclate, burned over a soft applewood fire. Giving you the sense of lust and relaxation.

    Fighting skills....
    She is quick with a blade, her favorite weapon to use are twin daggers. Rather it be for hand to hand combat or if she's tossing them a long distance, she always carries them with her. Along with her combat skill and swiftness of a blade she is also known for her flexibility and her quick movement.

    Alessandra has a very seductive coy personality. She knows of her beauty and uses it as a strong suite. She can speak wisely with her tongue and can give off a feisty attitude. She has very little patience for anyone other than her sisters. She finds humans with no gifts to be pathetic and annoying, though she admires their curiosity. Though it is in secret the one thing she admires and wants most is a love. A dark passionate love, that may bring her to her death. Someone who can handle the dark tainted side of her. Fire intrigues her and she often finds herself dancing around the fireplace if not that she finds her entertainment in books or watching the blood run from her victims.

    First Kill...
    Alessandra sat high in a tree as she watched her prey scramble through the woods. She could hear how fast his heart was beating and it made her yearn for a taste. As he coward under her tree she slowlu walked towards the end of the branch as of she was of some kind of cheetah. He was right above her head as she looked over the branch her hair falling over on side of her face. Her grim turned into a wicked smile as she jumped on him. Wrapping her legs around his neck and bending backwards as if she were doing a backflip. It sent him flying while she landed gracefully on her tiptoes.

    Her hand in front of her feet as if she were a house cat. Her cloak dancing in the wind behind her. Her eyes red with bloodlust as she looked at the man, slowly standing to her feet. Only laughing as he begged her for mercy.

    Not only did this man intrude into her forest but he had the nerve to try and have his way with her now he ran in fear.

    She continued to walk towards him until his back was against a tree. Softly she placed her finger on his lips.

    "Shh..its to late to beg for mercy now. You humans with your ghastly taste intrude in my forest and think your pity cries will change me."

    She gave a wicked laugh before running her tongue down her fingernails you could hear the poison as it sizzled. She then knealed before him placing her fingernails at his neck. Slowly the poison caused his skin to dissolve her hands slipping through his skin, his screams only low muffles due to the pain. Her hand seeped so far through she could feel his esophagus and with one clean flick of her wrist she yanked it out, watching as his eyes closed for the last time.

    She then took a step back watching as his now limp body fell to the floor. Her smile was wide as she turned to her mother dropping the esophagus to the ground.

    Just then she turned to hear the sound of soft clapping in the distance.

    "My first kill mother are you pleased?"

    Alessendra has a beautiful pet bird she calls Saphira who watches over her from the skies, she has bright colors and though Saphira never lets her help when she kills her prey Saphira watches from above, and if need be she can be engulfed in Alessendra's flames without it causing damage to her almost as if she were a phoenix.

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  3. [​IMG]




    Sagewood, Vanilla, and Cinnamon





    There is nothing like a woman that can stop a room when she enters, Her her silvery blue eyes, seems as they sink into your very soul. Though unlike most her hair is that of the color of gold. It, when down, falling over her shoulders and trailing down her back. But most of the time it is pinned with poison needles. Be careful boys, don't pull her hair to hard, you might find yourself laying lifeless, or in her grip. She stands 5"8, she stands hidden in the darkness, though her shadow dances after you-- ever feel like your being watched, well perhaps you are. You think you've seen everything, and experienced life? Well Samara has done just that. There is rumors that she is from the very depth of hell.. Samara That she learned the ways of witch hood from the King of darkness himself. But none have ever lived to tell the tell of her life. Samara age is unknown.. but someone from the depth of the fire, well does age really matter, she's got the looks to make up for it


    Right Inner arm :

    This one is rarely seen, and if it is seen, it's not good. It's a sign on impending death to her victims. The branches of the tree makes its way on her arm, to her shoulder, once it reaches there, well, lets just say that you'll never see it reach her shoulder. Samara doesn't know when this came to her, she's had it for as long as she remembers.


    Under her breasts :
    It was a gift given to her from a coven that she protected. It is suppose to protect her from death. It's proven itself very useful several times


    Between shoulder blades:
    This one represents the Waning Moon Magic mce-anchor
    From three-and-a-half to ten-and-a-half days after the full moon.The waning moon is used for banishing magic, for ridding oneself of addictions, illness or negativity.




    ☽ Concilium: is the ability to control another's mind through sheer willpower.Or also known as Mind Control☾
    ☽ Telekinesis-The ability to manipulate objects with the power of the mind. This is the most commonly seen power, displayed by many witches.☾
    ☽ Pyrokinesis- The ability to control, manipulate, and create fire with ones mind ☾

    ☽ Transmutation- Also known as Teleportation-The ability to disappear in one spot and reappear in another ☾
    ☽ Vitalum Vitalis- The power balance the scales between one life force and another. ☾

    She is the Queen of the Witches, her powers are endless. This is just a list of a few of them. Never underestimate her!


    Fighting Skills

    When it comes to her fighting skill, well being a witch her skills are beyond expectations. She doesn't play fair, nor does she allow the ground she plays on to be equal. She is fierce, she is unforgiving,.




    Those around her or close to her saw the side of her that would scare the most of strong people away. Crossing her path, and making her on your bad side, wasn't the best of idea. Though if she was your friend, she was the best to have. In the eyes of her children, she was hoped to be seen as doting, soft and caring. But strong, fierce, and unforgiving.


    Her familiar is a Black Raven. His name is Garai He came to her when she was a mere child. Garai is her eyes if she is not around. She can see the world through his eyes. Her connection with him is in fathomable. He can not be killed, and each time he does, he comes back to life. He feeds on her life force in able to live. He has been known to also been able to mildly control peoples thoughts to gain his mistress what she desires.


    Her her right hand she wears two silver claws that protect her thumb and pointer finger. She lost the top of her fingers when she attempted to cast a spell, that went wrong. It causing a whole village to burn, and her hand to be badly burned.


    This is her book of secrets, well one of her books. To many it looks like just a leather bound book. When open it reads as a old book full of child hood stories, but to the eyes of it's composer, it shows the words that she wrote, and can only be seen by her blood given to it.




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  4. [​IMG]
    Often nicknamed "Sam" or "Sammy"



    On the first glance, Sam appears to be just another, rather typical teenager. Standing 178cm (5'8"), light brown hair which he consistently refuse to fix with any comb, believing that his fingers are enough. Skin complexion is light, rather smooth and without any marks. His physical built is slim, muscles are present but he won't be winning any competition anytime soon. Stubble can be seen on him, mostly depending on his current state of mind but he refuses to ever let it grow into long beard. A little fuzz just adds to the charm.

    On his back there is a tattoo of wings, starting from shoulders and all the way down to lower back. The interesting thing about this tattoo is that ink never touched his skin. Tattoo simply appeared the moment he spread his wings for the first time.



    Lux Angelus
    Fist and perhaps most prominent ability that Sam has is his ability to create and manipulate any source of light. The most basic use of this ability is to create sources of light which can be anything from flicker of flame to be able to illuminate area as if it was day. If needed, he can use his own essence as catalyst to create flash of such intensity, even well shielded eyes will not be safe from temporary blindness.
    Blessed light/Judgement
    A simple yet potent ability that Sam had most difficulty mastering. By inscribing runes or using already created inscription, Sam can illuminate area with divine light. Though it doesn't deal any damage, it is designed to temporarily incapacitate his opponent. If focused on person, he can create a temporary shield made out of pure light in order to protect himself or others. The most potent variation occurs if used as Seraphim, allowing Sam to smite area with pure divine fire.

    Soothing touch
    Just being in his presence is soothing, a gentle breeze that calms the storm. With but a simple, gentle touch on person's forehead, he can calm a troubled mind. He cannot erase or manipulate memories and thoughts, what he actually does is rearrange them, creates order and brings clarity and peace. This can be done on either a person or a creature.
    Manipulation of light goes to such extent that he can bend light around himself and/or those he chooses and become completely obscured senses of others. By manipulating light and all existing specters of it, he can even perfect copy of himself or any object he desires. Though they are perfect replicas, they do not have essence and thus are easily shattered.
    Flight of an Angel
    A feature that all angels share are their wings. These wings give Sam ability to fly unnatural ease, regardless of the weather conditions. Honing this particular skill allowed him to almost instantly appear on any place on Earth... but he still prefers actual flight among the clouds. His unique way of training his wings allows him to be faster and more agile in air than his brothers but sacrificing physical prowess.
    Host of Seraphim
    Perhaps the most frightening and rarest of things that can be seen on Sam. In act of anger, when he is pushed beyond all limits, Sam can shatter all illusions that he maintains. His eyes glow white, innocent smile vanishes and aura of pure, divine fire envelops him. In this state, he can create and control any form of fire as he sees fit. Just maintaining this state rises temperature around him, increasing exponentially with each step being closer to him. He becomes completely immune to fire and can even extinguish flames created by others with but a snap of fingers... or turn it against them.

    Wing Style

    For the most time, it is impossible to naked eye of a human to notice his wings. Of the three brothers, he is the one who spreads them most often and he keeps tnem wrapped around him, obscured by his light, making them invisible. When he does remove the illusion, his wings are pure white with a slight tint of golden, reaching five meters in spread. Though humans cannot see his wings, even with his manipulation of light, his brothers are able to see them and more often than not... they will notice in what odd and often comedic fashion they are bent... just so he doesn't hit someone or push that plant on the table.

    Once he is sufficiently angry becomes the Host of Seraphim, two more pair of wings appear on his back but these two are made out of pure fire. Upper pair spreads up and bottom pair is folded, connecting in front of his feet.

    Fighting Skills
    Of the three brothers, Sam is perhaps weakest in physical combat, often choosing to stay far away or turn invisible. If, however, forced into combat he will prefer to blind his opponent from the start and end conflict with as little fighting as possible. . Being around humans with wings, he trained himself to quickly move them around as to avoid hitting someone. This allowed him to be much more creative with his wings and perform aerial movements that would otherwise be difficult to achieve. In close fights, if it become last resort, his wings are often used as tools for his combat.


    Playful, comedic, restless and easy going. Sam's personality derives directly from his views. Life itself is a miracle and people seem to often forget that, focusing on bad things that happen... but if they look beyond the dark spots and look around them, they can see what he sees: a beautiful world with billions of stories. Twenty four out of twenty four hours in his day, he will keep his grin, often mischievous and if you look at him for long enough, he'll pull his nose up with one finger and stick his tongue at you. To him, if life has no moments of pointless laugh, it is not a good life to begin with.

    Among his brothers, he is perhaps most relaxed and easy going. Believing that every person should have a

    chance, he will seek the actual point of good and try to pull it out and show it to them. Perhaps not wise to have so much trust in people but he doesn't mind it since that is his motivation. Even though he can sometimes act a bit immature, there is always a second side of the coin. Though seemingly too relaxed, which tends to make him doze off, he takes his 'assignment' very seriously. Intelligent, calculative and thinking one step ahead, he often measures his words wisely before speaking them.

    Between him and his brothers, he is hardest one to experience anger. You can bend him, pull him, toss him and more often than not, he'll let you but that won't break his spirit. But everything has its limits and even Sam can be driven to point where his cheerful nature needs to take a break. Such moments are extremely rare, two cases seen throughout entire history of his own existence but when they do occur, he ceases to be kind and emphatic, becoming cold and unrelenting force of divine wrath not giving a single moment to his opponent to think about viable strategy to fight.

    Though his assignment is important, he always finds time for his brothers. He will most likely annoy them with various 'interesting facts' about anything that crosses his mind... nevertheless, Sam cares deeply about them and will always come to aid.


    First life saved
    There he was... sitting on the edge of the building twenty stories high, looking down into endless abyss. Man, dark skin and black hair that had tones of gray. Dark blue pants, ripped on several places, knees with pale shade of blue, worn out, old shoes and a jacket with few rips. It was a man who has seen better days... His eyes tearing, lips quivering and hard skin of his fingers held onto the pole. A tired man, a desperate man on the edge of his strength, looking down. Moon was full, shining down upon the wide awake city. Everyone is going somewhere, everyone needs to be somewhere, everyone minds their own business... but no one even notices him. Hands slowly released the pole and he took deep, trembling breath. Just lean forward and all will be over...

    He grabbed edges of the concrete where he was sitting, shifted his position to be forward. He was afraid... desperate, broken but afraid... no matter how harsh life is, he is still afraid what is to come next. Is it relief? Where will he find himself? It cannot be worse than this? His legs shifted, his eyes closed and what little resolve he still had... he leaned forward.

    Hand pressed against his chest just before he reached the point of slipping off the building. Opening his eyes he looked down, noticing the hand that kept him where he is and he followed with eyes to his right. A young man, maybe sixteen winters was sitting just beside him... messy hair, brown eyes, gray hoodie, jeans. He looks just like an average teenager.

    "H-how did you..." Man stuttered. He himself was confused as to how young man managed to appear beside him...there was no one beside him moment ago.
    "Magic." Sam said nonchalantly, still keeping his grin up "What's your name?"
    "George..." man answered with hesitation. There was something odd about this young man, he felt his resolve to jump slowly disappearing.
    "George? That's a good name." Sam added nodding "Solid name." He made a bit of a pause, still keeping palm pressed on man's chest. "Why do you want to kill yourself, George?"
    "It's... complicated"
    "You are about take flight laugh at evolution's face" Sam said, as if trying to lighten the mood a bit. "Can't get any worse than this."
    "You... you... you don't know how it is, you are still young."
    "Try me. Come on, I'm probably last person you are looking at so, why not chat until the end?"

    It was odd... Man simply knew that a boy of this age would never be able to understand the struggles and hardship of life. Still, his presence calmed him, made him talk. "I lost my son last year..." Man started, speaking through tears "He just got scholarship, wanted to study marine biology, become professor... He.. " George stopped for a moment, pressing his fingers on his closed eyes, letting out one weep after another "He was such a good kid, smart, good, he had so much life in himself..."
    "How did he die?" Sam asked, voice turned softer and his fingers shifted slightly on man's chest as if wanting to ensure he doesn't accidentally fall.
    "He got hit by a car..." Man answered, wiping tears with back of his hand "We were coming back from store... I got in because I... forgot the bag. Car came out of nowhere, smashed against the sign and... and..."
    "And debris hit him..." Sam finished sentence, as if he knew the story... as if he was there to see it. Man nodded.
    "My wife blamed me... she is right... I should've been there, I should've pushed him aside... it should've been me!"
    "But you didn't know." Sam quickly added, moving hand from the chest to man's shoulder, gently squeezing "You couldn't have."
    "She left me... I lost my job... I... What do I have to live for? World won't care."
    "I will." Boy added quickly "World is a hive but doesn't mean they won't care. Yea, tomorrow will come, next year will come, seasons will change but for some, you not existing may change life entirely... for the worse. If you jump, you won't erase what's bad, you'll stop better from coming and by the look of it, you can't go any lower so... only way to go is up."

    "You still have some money on your account..." Sam said as he moved hand and reached for his back pocket, pulling out several business cards from it.
    "How...?" Man asked, baffled.
    "Let's just say... I know." Sam said, flashing a grin at him as he shuffled cards, trying to find right one "Aha! This one!" He exclaimed as he handed the card to man "He's going to need workers in about... pfff week? You worked at the docks right?"
    Man was staring at boy, mouth gaped open, confused how he managed to guess everything correctly.
    "He's a good guy actually, hires experienced workers and you're just what he needs. Good, hard, dedicated... a lil messed up, let's not bring up fact you wanted to jump" Briefly Sam looked down over the ledge, making a rather comedic grimace as if he was afraid of height. Far from truth but served its purpose. "It's gonna get better, George, just... be patient and don't give up ok?"
    "Ok..." Man said, nodding briefly before looking at the card. On it was the name of the company that transported goods. They do indeed need someone to load and unload cargo. His lips quivered, receiving first gesture of kindness in a long time.
    "Thank y- "he started and looked to his side but boy was no where to be found. Quickly he looked down but there was nothing. Not down, not up, not anywhere around him, gone as if he was but a mere illusion. His hands grabbed onto the edge and he moved back, standing up, heading toward the doors that led to the hall of the old building. Once more he looked around, just to be sure that boy is not around before leaving.

    "He's gonna be fine." Sam commented with a chuckle, still sitting where he was. He stood up and walked to the center of the flat roof... his arms moved to sides and he stretched himself. His entire body received a glow, bright, intense and in that moment pair of white wings appeared, spreading wide and few of the feathers fluttered, scattering around.
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  5. Character Sheet

    Name: Eoin

    Age: 18

    Description: : (should match picture and also be human)

    Eoin is a young man with a rather handsome face, although this is just his own views on himself. He has been training ever since he was old enough to start doing so and as such this means that his body is rather well muscled and toned. Due to his training his body is meant to fight and that is something he loves doing.


    Tattoos: He has a tattoo of a large headed spear similar to the one that were used by the vikings on his left forearm


    Fetters of wind - This power enables him to create 'chains' of wind that subdue and constrict those that are caught in their range which goes out to around 15 meters from him. If the 'chain' are hit with enough force they will fall apart and cause backlash to him.

    Tunnel of storms - Used in conjunction with his spear Eoin can use a thrusting attack that sends forth a blast of high speed winds that cut and rend anything in their path, although this cannot cut through high carbon metals as their are too tough.

    Wind manipulation - Eoin's most basic power which allows him to command and control the winds in the area around him, he can use this power to snuff out fires and such and if he is angry enough he can even cut off the air to a person. this also enables him to use the wind to enhance his person by making him move faster than he normally could.

    Lightning caller - Eoin is able to call down bolts of lightning in a 10 meter area around himself but this power can only be used outside as if used inside the lightning would just hit the roof of whatever building that he is in.

    Spear summon - By touching his tattoo Eoin is able to call out a 9 ft. long spear that has a detachable head, this spear can be broken and will return into its tattoo form until it is fixed. the spear can be fixed in one of two methods, the first being by doing it by hand and the second by channelling his powers into the tattoo and 'feeding' the energy into the spear, this method will leave him weak until he rests though.

    Windy protector - Eoin's most powerful ability, what this does is summons a large 9 ft tall figure made of spinning winds behind him that can attack anything that get's within a two meter radius of him, the figure's attacks can strip the flesh of a person's bone as each punch is like being trapped inside a storm filled with blades.

    Wing Style:

    Fighting Skills:
    Due to him training everyday from a young age Eoin has picked up some rather decent fighting skills, and as such he is able to hold his own in close quarters combat even without a weapon. With his weapon though it is an entirely different story as he is able to sweep through foes with ease due to the fact that his spear has a longer reach than most weapons and he is able to use his powers to contain foes and stop them from getting near him when used in conjunction with his spear.

    As he was raised alongside his three brothers Eoin found himself staying in the background of everything that they did, this caused him to feel inferior to the others. Over the years this only grew deeper and soon he started to argue and hate his brothers as it seemed to him that he could never be as good at what they were meant to do as them.

    Although he may hate his brothers he still does care for them in his own way and as such he will try to help them without them knowing that he has done so. As he grew he continued to push himself to try and grow stronger and prove to both himself and his brothers that he wasn't weaker than them but all this served to do was make him focus only on himself and give him a thirst for battle.

    While he may be hard on himself he is rather free spirited when not around his brothers tending to what he want when he wants, this also means that he tends to move from place to place as if the wind carries him around, after being given the task of bringing one of the sisters back from the brink of darkness he wants to accomplish before his brothers proving once and for all he isn't inferior to them.

    First life saved:

    A young woman was running down a dark alley, her chest was heaving as she glanced behind her to see if her pursuer was still there. As her eyes looked to the entrance a large shadow slowly loomed into focus, to the woman it seemed as if the figure's eyes were glowing red.

    ''Get away'' she scream as she ran with tears streaming from her eyes, as if in response a mocking laughter filled the space between the woman and the figure. As she ran the woman's breathing became more laboured until she fell to the ground with a short scream. Trying to get up she grimaced as she felt her right foot give out, clearly the tumble had hurt her foot and she wasn't going anywhere.

    ''No please don't'' she screamed out as the figure got closer until it was looming above her, ''But your skin seems so soft so easy to cut and fry up'' the figure moaned out as if the screams of the woman pleased him.

    ''Now hold still'' the figure commanded as he moved the blade in his hand closer to the woman's neck until it was pressed against her neck drawing a single drop of blood, the woman in response started to cry as she tried to crawl away but the figure grabbed her arm with a steady grip and started to shush her. ''Don't worry your pain will be beautiful'' the figure said as he moved the knife down her neck and towards her arm.

    As the blade was about to sink into her flesh the figure felt something press against his back and quickly push into him causing him to spit up a mouthful of blood, the figure was then thrown to the side and where it was stood Eoin holding his spear in his left hand as it dripped blood onto the ground.

    ''Are you alright miss'' he then asked the woman who looked at him with fear in her eyes as she clearly was scared of the spear he held in his hand.

    ''Please don't hurt me'' she called out as she pressed her hand to her neck to stop the blood from coming out of her wound.

    ''I'm not going to hurt you, why would I save you if I wanted to see you hurt'' he said as the spear turned into wisps of air and slowly wrapped around his arm and turned into a Tattoo on his arm. ''Come on let's get you out of here so we can get that neck treated'' he said calmly as he offered her his hand.

    The woman looked up at him, ''Really?'' she asked as she stayed where she was at.

    Eoin nodded, ''I promise you that I won't do anything to hurt you'' he said with a small smile, seeing this smile the woman took his hand and allowed him to help her to her feet and started to lead her out of the alley. ''Why did you kill that man, couldn't you have just knocked him out?'' the woman asked as even though she was saved the sight of a man dying infront of her didn't sit right with her.

    ''Sometimes to save a life you have to take a life'' he said simply as he helped her towards a clinic to get treated.
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  6. Character Sheet
    Arielle Rose Calverly


    Arielle has Long straight brown hair that she curled some times. It was silky and smooth and beautiful. Her eye's were a dark Hazel color that turned green when she was in a mood. They are a beautiful scary green when she gets upset. Her skin was pale and flawless. No marks, she was a scary beautiful that could intimidate most men and woman.


    Tattoo on her right wrist
    images (5).jpg
    Tattoo on her back
    images (6).jpg
    and her ankle
    images (7).jpg


    Earth's Soil and Sun

    Earth: Can control vines and anything growing in the earth or on it. The dirt and soil could be barren and or fertile it just depended on how she was feeling that day. She liked to kill some plants or make them grow.

    Poison: Any plant poison, she can conjure it as a liquid form, or a gas form or it can come from her nails if it were to Pierce their skin. Poison basically ran through her veins. Favorite power.

    Sand: Grains of sand could fill up your lungs and kill you. With a snap of her fingers she can conjure sand into a storm a ball, into your lungs or use quick sand under your feet.

    Earth Bath: Healing Mud baths, Just a mud Puddle and she slips into it. After 5 mins of soaking all Ailments are cured

    Vines: Poison vines that had thrones and wrapped around them and would slowly kill the person it is wrapped around. Favorite most used power besides poison.

    UV and Heat
    : Can cook a man or human with UV light and Heat the body up and crisp it. It would look like a pile of Crisp burned wood.

    Solar Beam: Ball of Heat energy that could take out a crowd. It is not used very much do to it draining her. she used it once and it nearly took out a whole part of a the Forrest.

    Lightning: With the Heat of the sun and earth mixed she can make electricity happen lighting to strike down those in the sky.

    Compulsion: Can make you believe think say or do anything she wants if you look Straight into her eye's and listen to her voice

    Animal Control: Can control any animal, bug, fish, reptile or feathered thing and turn it on you to kill you.

    Ageing: With the power of earth and nature she can control Age death and life. She can make zombies with this power, but it would be against her thing with the dead. She has moral disposition against raising the dead as witch things could go wrong, especially being a witch.

    images (4).jpg
    Earthy, Jasmine and Mint

    Fighting Skills:

    She is well versed in hand to hand combat as well as using her earth magic as a form of fighting with earth almost always around her she was safe with what ever was around. She liked to use poison a lot it was her Forte you could say.

    Arielle can seem complex and ambivalent, or the simplest creature in the world, depending on one's frame of reference. By human standards, she is a ruthless killer and a worldly-wise seductress. Arielle also liked to be quite Sarcastic and Witty when it came to responses. She was the one person you could call Cruel and cold, and it be true about. She could watch a child have its throat slit with delight. Her heart hardened by the cruel world of men and their tricks so a cold yet sickly sweet smile seemed to always be on her ever youthful lips. Arielle is also very Daring, she was out theor unlike her sisters her Bold ways could find her trouble and yet with an adventurous side she enjoyed the trouble it brought into her life. She also was very secretive, she liked to play games with people and try their patience. She also enjoyed her privacy it's why she never opened up to others. Now we come to her last trait dangerous, when ever her eye turned a emerald green it was not good your life would become hell or you would die. She was a wild untamable woman.
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    Emil Andersson


    ✦Human Name✦
    Kayson Delgado

    Kay ▷◁ Golden One

    ✦Angelic Name✦



    275 lbs. (Lean Muscle)

    Moss Grey-Green

    Long ▷◁ Dirty Blonde ▷◁ Beachy ▷◁ Silky

    ✦Body Build✦
    Kayson has a lean muscular body that he keeps up with. He is a very tall and attractive looking man. He has the grace of a peacock with the physique of an ox.

    Light Bronze


    Nipples & Ears

    █ █ █Call of Nature♦♦♢♢
    Kayson has the power to channel nature's energy and use it in anyway possible. He can use the flowers of the forest to trap someone or use the different flora effects that come off the flowers pheromones and cause others to pass out or paralyze them if needed.

    ▽▽▽❖Call of the Wild❖▽▽▽
    He has the power to influence and control the animals native to the forests of the world. He as been able to manipulate; canines, felines, insects, reptiles and many other animal species.

    ✠The Animal's Language✠
    The ability to speak to and understand animals of any kind. Kayson can communicate with any animal life form, no matter what it is. He is a natural at learning how to speak to an animal, having them help him learn things and protect them from evil of the world.

    ☩☩☩Earth's Healing Touch☩☩☩
    Kayson has the power to heal himself and others by connecting to the earth's raw power. He is resistant to all poisons known to man and creature, being able to fight against the dark poisons of the world and toxins. He can only heal the living, he can't and will never heal someone to bring them back to life.

    Kayson, not having his own set of wings just yet, has the power to levitate and simulate flying when he needs to keep up with his brothers or fast transportation is needed.

    ⚫❤⚫Animal Instinct⚫❤⚫
    Though he wasn't granted the power to turn into animals, Kayson has the ability to channel different animals traits in his own body to use when needed. The speed of a cheetah, the hearing of a bat, the reflexes of a cat; things of that nature are traits he can channel and use. He can only use one trait of an animal at a time and has to recover after, before using a different trait.

    ☁✾☁Nature's Wrath☁✾☁
    Kayson has the ability to cause storms of sheer force when he's at the full extent of his power. He has caused earthquakes, thunderstorms and tsunamis over the years of learning how to control this ability. It takes all of his strength to make these phenomenons happen and he will usually only use it when there's no other option, nearly causing himself to pass out afterwards.

    ۩Hardened Shell۩
    Using nature's soil and the bark of trees, Kayson can create a thick shell of armor over his entire body. The heavy armor cuts down on his speed by a lot, but he is more a defensive fighter than a speed fighter or offensive.

    ✦Wing Style/Special Power Of Wings✦


    When Kayson does get his wings, other than being able to fly freely, his wings also have the power to grant him another ability. Kayson will have the power to bring life to the forest; turning trees and flowers into sentient beings. He will have the ability to bring life to the flora of the world.

    ✦Sacred Weapon✦
    Jubbaler (Nature's Savior)
    Kayson's Holy Weapon that can only be used in the Final Battle against The Ultimate Darkness. Right now it's turned into a simple necklace that he wears around his neck 24/7.

    ✦Fighting Skills✦
    Kayson isn't that much of a fighter, rather wanting to talk things out and use fighting as a final resolution if all else fails. He is more of an defensive fighter in battle, being the tank or someone that takes the blows and only uses his power if needed in a battle. He uses his power for counterattacks and knockout hits, to get the fighting over as quick as possible. His hits pack a hell of a punch, his speed is the part that needs work.

    Kayson is a very quite and reserved individual. When he was born, he didn't even cry or make a sound until he was ready to make it known he was actually alive. He has always been the more introverted brother of the four, always in his own world and very independent in his actions. He does love his brothers, he shows it in everything he does, he just loves having time to do things on his own and in his own way. It takes a lot of annoyance and rudeness to get the usually peaceful male angry and ready for war. He is a Pacifist to the core and would rather have a rational conversation than an irrational and idiotic argument over trivial things. He never shows emotions in his face and it's hard to tell how he feels about a situation unless he tells you. He has a deep and very monotone voice and emotions don't register in his words that often. He's a mysterious being and that's how he'll stay for as long as he lives.

    Peace & Quiet. Mediating. Nature. Animals. Kindness. Daylight. Swimming. Communicating with Animals. Cooking. Baking. Exercising. His Brothers. Helping Others. Traveling. Scifi Movies. Supernatural Movies. Italian Food. American Food. Learning new things. Having long hair. Wristbands. Bandannas. Rap Music. Pop. Rock. Alternative Music. Folk Music. Hippie Lifestyle. Old Fashion Movies. Vintage Clothing.

    Liars. Evil. Poison. Confrontation. Fighting. Manipulation of Others. Pollution. Cheaters. Murder. Loud Noises. Annoying People. Disruption of the Natural Order. Darkness.

    Kayson once was tempted by the darkness. An ex-girlfriend of his was a low level witch and he fell madly in love with her. The girl ended up trying to manipulate him into using his powers for evil; he fought her manipulation and has never been the same since. He had to have her taken away and stripped of her powers and he hasn't spoken to or seen her after that horrible day. None of his brothers know about the event; only their Guardian knows and Kayson has always had a battle with the darkness because of that ex-lover.

    Kayson fears letting down his brothers and not using his powers to fight back.

    He fears one day he might actually be tempted into turning dark and becoming a Fallen Angel.

    ✦First Life Saved✦
    He hasn't saved anyone just yet.

    ✦Favorite Quote✦
    "Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it."-Salvador Dali

    ✦Favorite Animal✦
    The Peacock

    ✦Favorite Time Of Day✦

    ✦Favorite Human Food✦
    Spaghetti & Meatballs


  8. [​IMG]
    Alexis “Lexi” Calvery


    Alexis stands a bit taller than her sisters at a hair under 5’10”. Her body is covered in soft, fair flesh that’s stretched over a supple feminine frame. Her face is soft, and almost sweet at a glance. Lexi’s eyes bounce between a silver, grey, and blue color, or a swirling shade somewhere in that spectrum. Her dark hair falls in bouncy waves. She keeps her hair shortish and down mostly. Lexi also tends to prefer darker colors when it comes to her clothing. She doesn’t wear too much makeup, but her lashes are naturally dark and there seems to almost be a permanently applied eyeliner to her face, making her pretty eyes pop.

    She has a large white wolf howling up at a full moon and there’s a snowy owl flying towards the moon in the same picture, on her right shoulder blade. She also has three blue water bands on her left forearm close to her elbow.Also on her left arm, down on the underside of her wrist is a sweetly designed crescent moon. Then the last of her tat's is that of a Celtic pentagram of protection centered around her belly button.


    Lexi can control and manifest water. She can control its temperature, making it harden into ice or evaporate into steam, and apply magic to it to get some interesting effects. She can also steal the water from those around her: the air, plants, and even living creatures to a degree. Water is her home element, as such, She excels at swimming and can stay below its depths far longer than a human can. One of her favorite defense techniques has her pulling the water molecules from the air, connecting them and forming them into a frozen, reflective disk that bounces attacks back at anyone who tries to hurt her. Her favorite way of offense is to make thousands of ice needles that launch at an area or target.

    Magic of the Moon
    Lexi’s power only magnifies under the moonlight and she can use the moon as a focus to perform the general witchy spells and curses that she learned from her mother. Lexi seems to excel in curses. The moon also slowly heals any hurts Lexi gained in the light of the day as long as she exposes herself and bathes in the moons rays. This doesn’t work when she can’t access the moonlight though. Speaking of moonlight, Lexi can harness this pale, cold glow and can utilize it in a variety of ways, her favorite is the creation of light balls that look like willowisps. (While not harmful itself, it’s pretty and that pleases the witch) However, Lexi is also a creature of the night, and has better vision in the darkness and can generally see just fine without light. She also has an affinity for night creatures, in particular: wolves. However she holds sway over most nocturnal beasts and has yet to be attacked by any of them, they also obey her whims as if they were charmed by her. and she understands them and they understand her. (She likes to make jokes that she speaks beast.) The final thing worth mentioning in particular is Lexi’s ability to manipulate what she thinks is gravity.

    Like the rest of her family, the last field Lexi excels in is that of manipulation. However, while her sisters generally affect the body, Lexi targets the mind of her victims. Lexi is able to enchant those she meets and holds the gaze of. Which is something similar to a subtle compulsion. The second, and perhaps most devastating of her manipulation abilities is an outright attack on a targets mind. She can cause her victims to go mad. She can choose in which way they do so as well. Another thing she can manipulate is the fortune of a target, she can either bestow good or bad luck. Then the finally thing worth mentioning in particular is her constant, but low key sixth sense that lets her pick very subtle hints up from the world around her. This gives her intuition an extra oomph.AN ability she has that shes kept a secret from her sisters is the ability to heal however, taking the gentlest rays of moonlight and combining them with , cool soothing water; Lexi is able to slowly mend either body or mind to a degree. Shes not very strong at this as of yet, and she’s better at mending physical ailments over mental ones.

    Becoming the Beast
    Lexi hates it when she begins to feel the very curse of the moon. The intelligence and freedom of thought she prizes, dulls, and she becomes more animialstic, more primal in her thoughts and actions. Because of her dislike for her monster half, she's more resistant against it than her sisters. However they're being together isn't the only trigger for her transformation. Whenever her anger overrides her judgement her intelligence begins to lapse and she can very well begin to transform if she dosen't catch herself, even if her sister's aren't with her. Whenever the monster in her begins to influence her judgement, her eyes begin to turn a pale gold.

    Lexi's shape shifts the further she falls into the monster. going from a human shape with the pale gold eyes, ad keeps shifting until she takes the form of a black wolf the size of a small horse. She has two i between states, one where shes mostly human save for her claws, ears, tails, eyes and her form becomes a bit bulkier, and the other the iconic hollywood werewolf.

    As a werewolf, her hand to skills become better, her physical attributes increase and her senses become heightened. She also gets a lot harder to kill.

    Lexi smells like a stormy night on the beach. Her scent is cool and fresh, but electrifying, laced with a touch of exotic jasmine.

    Fighting Skills:
    Lexi may be the least skilled of her sisters in combat, relying on her magic to do most of the work for her. She is, however pretty good at not getting hit. (She blames this on the fact that she did indeed grow up with two sisters who are better at her in combat.) She does, however, have some good aim and if she is reduced to using mundane ways to defend herself she’ll most likely fight from a distance and use some kind of ranged means. But seriously, she can’t throw a punch worth shit.

    Lexi’s eyes always seem to sparkle as if she knows something you don’t. And indeed, her intuition is one of her better tools. And a smirk or laugh doesn’t seem to stray too far from her lips. Lexi can come across as a tad mysterious, while at school she’s quiet and keeps to herself and her sisters. However she’s quite the prankster with a mischievous personality and sometimes with no understanding of when to stop. She’s known to mess with the mundane humans in the school, playing pranks and planting evidence that someone else did it. She likes to stir up drama then sit back and watch it unfold in front of her while not having to tangle in it herself. Indeed, Lexi, probably seess humans as nothing more than play toys. However, sometimes a human will catch Lexi’s fancy. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, she almost treats them like a favored pet. Although she’s secretive about it, she also loves to watch humans and admires their creativity. She doesn’t play many seduction games, but when she does, she can be quite the tease; leading on and filling the air with a sizzling tension in subtle but electrifying ways. As far as sexuality goes, Lexi isn’t picky, she prefers both genders equally. For as much as she screws around though, Lexi is fiercely protective of her sisters. She loves them dearly and will punish anyone who screws with her siblings. She dosen't have too much of a temper, however once she's been wronged she will get back at someone, she's quite vindictive. She hides her real feelings behind her mirth and bottles up any negative emotions she feels (save for anger, she’s okay being mad). Weakness isn’t a thing she likes to display and whenever her emotions spill over the dam, she gets herself “lost” in the woods. Or finds another way to hole up where no one can see it on her face. Academic wise, even though school is for humans, Lexi will not allow herself to score below any of them. She has to be better than all of the mortals around her. She’s pretty smart and she actually enjoys literature and writing. She likes poetry and art. Lexi also loves her creatures of the night and isn’t afraid of using that fact to creep people out for the giggles of it. The dark haired woman also has a soft spot for the misunderstood and misbegotten creatures of the world.

    First Kill (open)

    What’re you doing out here?” Lexi paused, head tilting as she looked down at the woman before her from her perch on the tree branch. “Alone in the dark?” she finished her question, swinging her legs casually from her perch. Her eyes glistened in curiosity as she looked down at the woman. Her eyes where red, and the salty scent of tears wafted up towards the girl in the tree. A sniff answered her question and the woman’s arm jerked across her face as if wiping something away. Oh. A damsel in distress it would so appear. Lexi’s interest piqued a tad. “Well?” She prodded, not caring if it was insensitive or not.

    “My husband h-h-hit me.” The woman, older than Lexi was hicced in mid answer. “Wh-what are you doing here?” She asked back up at the dark haired girl.

    “Did you make him pay?” Lexi ignored the woman’s question, shooting off another one of her own. “How did you do it?” She continued. The woman, she had to be in her mid-forties or so paused and looked up at the strange girl in the tree.

    “I-I didn’t?” She answered, Lexi’s eyes narrowed.

    Why not?” She asked, disappointment making her lips pull into a pout.

    “I l-l-love him.” The woman stammered. Lexi frowned. She loved him. How boring. A sigh slid from her lips and Lexi found her interest waning rapidly, she picked up a dark strand of her hair and twirled it around her fingertips and pretended to space off as she ignored the rest of the babbled words from the woman below. How to turn this back into something fun. It’d be easy enough to kill the woman, but she didn’t want her first kill to be easy. She wanted it to be fun! A soft rustle below the tree drew her attention, Artemis emerging from the brush, shaking out her pale fur. A grin slid over her lips and Lexi found herself clapping in delight as a game formed in her mind. She turned her attention back to the woman before her.

    Well, enough of your crying, I have a game for you!” she chirped down, legs swinging faster in excitement. “If you can make it out of the forest before dawn, you get to live!” She continued in an excited manor. The woman below her paused and open her mouth to say something, fear just now starting to dawn in her eyes. “No no! I don’t want to hear any excuses!” Lexi continued, waggling her finger down at the woman. “That’s the game. You get a minute head start!” Lexi made a shooing motion with her hands. “Better start running!” she chirped, before she wriggled around and then let herself swing down from the tree branch, landing in a small crouch on the tips of her toes next to the great white wolf. As she straightened herself she watched the woman run off before her. Turning to look at the wolf at her side she sent her will through to her and seconds later, Artemis tilted her head back and howled. Moments passed before a plethora of howls answered back.

    Then the game was on. Lexi smiled and closed her eyes and leaned her head against Artemis’s and then her body collapsed, but her mind was twisted and twined with the wolf. She was Artemis, yet she wasn’t she could feel what the wolf felt, she could see what the wolf saw and she could hear what the wolf heard. It was different, and exciting.

    Let’s go! She cheered and then the wolf was on her feet, nose picking up the overripe scent of gaudy perfume the woman had worn and they were running, branches whooshing past their face as her heart thundered and the thrill of the hunt infected both minds housed within the wolf head. From around them, Artemis picked up the feel of her own two sisters racing tot eh right and left of her. The rest of the pack somewhere ahead of them. The human wouldn’t make it out fo the forest, not when the wolves got serious, but the pack knew what their witch wanted, she wanted fun and excitement. So the pack as a whole did as she bid. One would close in at the woman, snapping at her heels. The scent of the humans fear intoxicating and the wolves and only adding to the thrill of the hunt. The beasts would take turns, herding and messing with the human who now sobbed for a whole other reason.

    But soon the game grew stale, from within Artemis, Lexi grew bored and so the wolves finally closed in, surrounding the human and nipping at her back and forth, making her scuttle around within the circle of them like a caged rabbit. Artemis stepped into the circle and snarled. As one, the pack lunged, some grabbing into an arm, or leg, clamping down and pulling until the woman was screaming and bleeding within the maws of several wolves. Artemis loomed over the human and Lexi slid from her mind, snapping back to her own.
    Within her own skin, the witch rose and skipped her way towards the end of the game. When she arrived the woman was pleading, begging, screaming some man’s name to save her. It was noisy. But no one would hear her distress this far into the woods. Lexi came to stand behind Artemis and the white wolf moved aside so that the woman now looked up at the girl. The rest of the wolves let up their hold, so the woman could attempt her scramble backwards. Almost as if she were still one of the beasts, the scent of the woman’s fear made her head spin. It was the scent of prey.

    It looks like you lose.” Lexi spoke in mock sorrow as she pulled the water from the air and formed a frozen spear head to the right of her own face. “At least now your husband wont hit you!” She chirped brightly. The woman screamed one more time before the shrill voice turned into a gurgle, a frozen spear sticking out from her throat. Curiously, Lexi took a step closer looking down as the woman’s life faded from her eyes. An odd sense of power rose within her breast as she watched the light fade. A tongue darted out to lick at her bottom lip before another presence pulled her attention away from the woman below her. A familiar woman appearing in her sight.

    Good evening, mother.” Lexi let a bright smile flash over her face. The wolves around her bowed their heads at the same time Lexi did.

    Lexi seems have won the permanent favor of the pack that Artemis was born into (about 9 in total). They’re often seen milling about their home. And are her favorite minions, so to speak.

    Currently, Lexi has a girlfriend. While she dates the girl to play with her and subtly practice some of her magic on,she has began to unknowingly actually care for the other teen. However, even from the outside their relationship seems....freaky. Lexi doesn't just experiment with magic on the girl, she's been tampering with another kind of darkness as well.

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  9. Alazore Delgado the Guardian
    Age: He is now in his second Millennium but has the age and body of a twenty-five year old.


    Alazore has short ragged brown hair, and a bearded face to match. He has dark eyebrows, his right one holding a gash from a battle long ago. His eyes are a soft brown and hold a dark gaze to them.He is bulky very large and muscular. Broad shoulders. His height stands at 6'4. His skin holding a light tan to it. Alazore has on tattoo on his left arm. A tribal tattoo he received from an Indian tribe. That shows honor and courage after saving the children of the village from a devil's curse.

    Angel of Flight
    He can soar high within the sky, above the clouds if he would like. Due to the fact that he is one of the first Guardian's his wings can adjust to whatever weather condition he's flying in. Rain, Snow, etc. He also has the ability to use his wings and swim through water quickly, fire, and severe storms. His wings transforming based off of what they are being used for.
    Healing Touch
    He can use light to heal any wounds. Pulling the rays from the sun, or the colors of a rainbow. The dim light of a flashlight. Any source of light he can create and form to heal the deepest of all wounds.

    Voice of the Gifted
    He is able to speak to any living creature, Rather it be animal or insect. He can speak with them verbally for others to hear, or speak with them through his mind. If he wishes he even has the ability to temporally give this gift to any human, demon, or witch and let them speak with any animal of choosing as well. On top of this he can use his voice to speak to someone through their mind, though they are not able to respond to him the same way if a message needs to get to you ha can repeat it without others hearing. Any animal, human, or magical being can hear him speak regardless of where he is.

    Speed of Lightning
    He has the ability to turn himself into light. This form can only be used when he is traveling but in doing so he is able to travel at the speed of light. Reaching the other side of the country in only a matter of seconds.

    Listening Ear
    Lastly he is able to hear the cries of a lost soul. What this means is a person, animal, or magical being if they are standing before him he can hear the wishes of their soul. Though they may be evil and it may be in their blood to want to kill if there soul says differently he knows. Some with good people if there soul is seeking revenge, death, or destruction he will be able to tell. Giving him killer instincts as to who he should and shouldn't trust.
    He has an earthy scent to him, He smells of fresh rain, cool water that has touched the soil of the rain forest and the bark of it's trees. A very welcoming scent to animals and earth based magic creatures.


    Fighting Skills
    Alazore is known for his great battle skills. Due to the fact he is a guardian he learned to fight at a young age. He has much skill with his wings using them for speed, balance, and swiftness. As well as his hand to hand combat. Alazore never uses weapons for his strength is enough, Most creatures he fights off are less powerful than him and are on the verge of turning bad. Their power is at their most vulnerable to them and he uses that against him.

    Alizore has a gentle kind personality. He treats everyone with a certain sense of sweetness and delicacy. He is a very fun man and loves to make people laugh. He lives for distracting people from their pain if he can't take it away from them. He believes in love and hope, faith and wisdom, honor and justice. He understands everyone has a dark past including himself for he was no saint before he became the man he was today. Before he died he was a solider in the American war and he could more men than he could possibly count. Which is the main reason he doesn't use swords when he fights today.

    First Life Saved
    (will reveal later)

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  10. Name: Assan Delgado

    Age: 18

    Description: Assan is a handsome young man by most standards. He's not one to brag but he does think he is handsome especially when he puts on his suit and tie. He has short brown hair that he likes to spike up and light blue eyes that shine like the water. He is very athletic and has a strong muscular build.
    Tattoos: right sleeve Left sleeve

    Powers/Abilities: Water Manipulation Freezing Ice Manipulation Zoolingualism (limited to sea creatures, fish, sharks, octopus, etc.)

    Wing Style: [​IMG]

    Power gained from wings: Lunar Manipulation
    Fighting Skills: Assan as a fighter is one that is highly skilled at combining his magical abilities along with his physical abilities. When fighting Assan will create and summon weapons made of ice leaving his arsenal of weapons near endless. From swords to spears to bows and arrows there is no limit to what Assan can use his ice weapons with. However the biggest concern his opponents have is when he combines the physical portion of his attack with his magical abilities. Dodge one of his physical attacks and you may find yourself stepping into a whirlpool or slipping on a sheet of ice. His fighting skills aside Assan is an extremely gifted healer. Using his water powers he can heal almost any injury and help stave off illness. There is a limit though. He can't revive someone from death and he can't reattach a severed limb and his healing doesn't help fix loss of blood. So if someone is on the brink of death and he heals them..it doesn't necessarily mean that they will survive.

    Personality: Assan is a caring soul to put it simply. He is always looking forward to meeting new people and helping others out. No matter who a person is or what they have done in the past he always believes that they can be saved and put on a path that will lead them to a better future. He always puts his family and friends before himself and would never use anyone for his own personal gain. However..like the tides of the ocean his personality can change in an instant. Hurt someone Assan cares about or get under his skin in a bad way and you may find yourself frozen in a block of ice or drowning in an ocean.

    First life saved:
    It had been a bright morning on the beach that Assan was currently walking down. The waves crashing against the rocks and the tide sweeping against the sand always somehow seemed to calm the young angel.
    However that peace wasn't meant to last. As Assan came closer to the water he suddenly heard the call of someone in distress. "HELP!! HELP!! SHARK!!" Assan turned his gaze out to the water and could see that a young woman was latched onto one of the buoy's out in the ocean and that a shark was slowly circling around her. The woman had a deep bite in her leg and was bleeding profusely from it.
    Wasting no time Assan stripped off his shirt and ran towards the water and quickly dived in. Swimming towards the Buoy he focused his thoughts on the shark. The shark was alone and hungry. It hadn't eaten for days. But he couldn't allow the shark to eat the young human. "predator of the ocean hear me. I am Assan Angel of water. I understand your hunger but you cannot dine here this morning. There are plenty of other of fish out in the sea that you can feast upon. This being is not one that you can have." The shark would fix it's gaze upon Assan as it heard his words before he simply gave what could be considered a nod "As you wish angel of water. I shall depart from this area to find something else to dine upon" With that the shark turned and swam away.
    Meanwhile the young woman that had latched onto the buoy had fainted from a mix of shock and blood loss and had fallen into the water. Focusing his thoughts on the water around them Assan used his powers over water to form an air bubble around the girls head so she could continue to breath underwater for a time before he used the current to pull her into his arms and then swam them back to shore.
    Once on shore he inspected her injury and gave a small smile. It wasn't terrible and she would survive given that she was given care. Closing his eyes he pulled a ball of water from the ocean and had the water cover his hands as if they were gloves. He then gently set his hands upon her injured leg and began to focus his thoughts upon fixing the torn flesh and muscles from the shark bite. Water transferred from his hands into the wound to first clean it of any infection the shark may have passed on..then it would break down to a cellular level and begin to attach itself to the broken cells and parts of the woman's flesh to stitch itself back together. The process itself took only a matter of seconds and when it was done the woman's leg was as good as new and not even a scar remained of the attack that had taken place.
    He then slowly stood up and left the young woman to rest. She would wake up soon..and think it all but a dream when she awoke. When he was far enough away he knelt down and silently prayed to the guardian that had raised him and his brothers "Guardian I hope the life I saved today is enough to please you and that it will only be the first of many that I will save in times to come."
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  13. that would be a good idea but i can't start either until her's is done.
  14. I mean we could do that, but I've been working on the in character thread and how its going to start and I have it as a hroup thing because of the fact later in the rp some/most scenes will be seperate.

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  15. [​IMG]
    Ravennia Jupiter Calvary
    Ravennia Jupiter Calvary
    Eighteen Years Old

    Description: :
    ~Hair Color~
    In her younger years she used to keep her blonde colored locks shortened and easily manageable. To be honest she did not fret over the way she looked in those years. It was around sixteen that she found herself liking her hair far longer and being able to feel it twine and play against that of the wind on her rides and or outings. Now , it silhouettes against her mid waist in wavy darkened blonde tresses. Often , she will keep it braided or loose.. Depends all upon her mood mainly and it often smells of Honey , Rose & A tint of Cinnamon to it.

    ~Eye Color~
    The only reminder she has of her mother are that of her Piercing Silver Eyes. It is in a way a reminder to her to never fall victim to that of the darkness and shadow like that of her beloved mother she treasured. They can become piercing steel grey when angered or upset and even appear to glow like that of the glistening night moon. When using her magic , one eye remains piercing silver and the other becomes consuming midnight black.

    Amazingly enough , she stands at a wonderful 5'8. Most say she has legs that never end on her that are blatantly similar to that of her father's height.

    She is rather lean and athletic in build due to working and training herself everyday. She knows you cannot always depend upon that of your abilities to save you and that you infact need to be in shape to keep strength and stamina in tact. She weighs in at 128 lbs of lean and athletic muscle tone.

    She has in both her right and left ear three diamond piercings in a single trail up. On the right ear on the upper part , she has a dragon piercing that twines about the edges as a marking of being Part of the Coven.

    Tree of Life ~ This was the first tattoo to ever mark her skin. The tree represents the thriving lives held in the world and the many branches in which she protects.. It reminds her that life is constantly blossoming and growing. That in order to survive and thrive it needs a firm base and to be one with all.

    Chains of Hope ~ These resemble a great deal to her.. It reminds her to hold strong in who she is and bind herself away from the wicked side of Darkness that is always attempting to consume her soul. It reminds her that she has people to protect and those that she loves would be crushed to watch her fall into darkness to never find her way back.

    Key To The Heart ~ This one reminds her that she is one who has always longed for love.. That her heart is utterly open to it even though she must shroud it away in order to keep from being seen as weak to those she leads. But , she knows all to well that she wants to find someone to love her for all that she is and not for how she is seen position wise.. She wants to be able to find a match for her own heart and give her love to someone and share a life happily with them in raising a family when times are of more peace.


    Aerokinesis is the psychic ability to manipulate, control, or alter air molecules, wind currents, and control air to an extent with the mind. Unfortunately, you cannot create general molecules of any kind. With this ability, practitioners can manipulate the air around them to change the flow of current and even form gusts of wind. Not only does it require focus, but also it involves connecting with the wind. That is, creating and maintaining a conscious connection with the air.

    Lavender mingled with the light scents of Rose & Honey.

    Fighting Skills:
    When placed in a time of battle , a truly darker and most merciless side can be revealed. She is well versed in blade work and when she has both of her blades in hand , she will cut down any who dare cross her path.

    Shadow Tongue ~ A sythe that had once been forged for her mother but due to her untimely loss into the darkness was passed down to that of her. It is the only blade that can manipulate and work off any magic she deems forth into it.

    Tome of Blood & Shadow Arts ~ With this Tome always found nearby to her it can act as a booster to her own magic. It is sealed by blood magic and can only be opened by those of her Mother's Bloodline. With this , she can combine both that of Air & Blood magic into one force to cause quite a few tricks up her sleeve; It can also serve as a barrier. Only she and her sister's can use.

    Moonstone Dagger ~ A special blade formed for her that was said to be blessed with the blood of a great serpent dragon called , Isdriale. It is said when it pierces the skin a form of script magic will pattern across the skin and delve within. Once , it has scripted the heart the individual will perish instantly into dust.


    Brave ~ Raven fears little in her life to be honest. She will take any challenge and face it head on without a moments consideration in mind and do instantly what is for the best of everyone.

    Hotheaded ~ She can become slightly hot headed when people push her buttons far to long and hard. Which than drives her to her own breaking point of patience.

    Gifted ~ She was a gifted lyrical songstress from the day of her birth. It flowed naturally from her lips and became a devoted love and passion of her's. It can also entwine with that of her air magic in a special ability of her own that she developed at a young age. It allows for her song to pierce the hearing of those near to fall under her control as they breathe in her very words

    Intelligent ~ She is extremely smart and very quick witted in all things she puts her mind to. Can be very inventive and excellent with planning and strategies.

    Cold ~ Raven is extremely cut off from her emotions by that of her own choosing. She fears opening up and then having her heart fully crushed. The only ones she allows to witness it are her sisters.

    Secretive ~ Raven often doesn't say much on how she is feeling and will keep it hidden if she feels it to be the right thing to do at that time. In her mind she believes that her feelings are minor and not truly something that need to be said aloud when there are higher priorities about to be handled and dealt with.

    Loyal ~ You earn her trust and you will always have it without any questioning by her. It may take sometime especially if you are of the puny lower breeding.

    Just ~ When it come's to choice's and decision's faced within her Coven she always proceed's to answer and settle all things fairly based on the want's and needs of the younger and older generations.

    Spontaneous ~ Raven secretly loves to do spur of the moment things.. She believes you should live your life to the fullest no matter what the case at hand is.

    Agile ~ She is well quipped and born with natural fox like skill's. Those all involve being able to sneak , scale , hide or enter wherever she wishes without notice unless she announces it.

    Hopeless Romantic ~ Yes , she like every girl dreams of finding her true love and she won't go announcing that to anyone. She has yet to be in love and shy's away from it greatly. Everyone needs love and in time she preys to find it.

    Charming ~ She can turn on the charm and flirtatious side when the time calls upon it to get out of a tricky situation.. It can be plenty of fun at times for sure to her and you can always tell by the gleam in her eyes she enjoys it.

    Firm Handed ~ Of course she wants her friends and younger generations. But , much life the discipline and training she places herself through she will do it upon the others. She does not want them weak and one must push themselves to be a far cry from it at times.

    Swordswoman ~ She is very keen and deadly when she has a blade in hand.. No matter the kind it is all but a matter of time until she master's it completely with grace.

    Trickster ~ Loves to play games and toy with people. Due to her abilities she can quickly pick up and sense other's weaknesses and such to declare upon what ways she can manage or keep them under her keen playful eye's. This is a rare side to be seen and can only be witnessed by that of her friends.

    Guarded ~ In her entire life span there has not been a single day in which she has not been guarded and or defensive on divulging others who do not know of her past. In her opinion , she has been constantly been told that her mother was of the greatest shame upon her family no matter how greatly the little girl tucked within loves her.. It is a topic she fears facing and or talking upon.

    Darkness ~ Within her grows a darkness unlike any other. It is desperate to consume her soul and fill her fully with wicked and evil ways. It is why she must be so strong and cold hearted to make sure it can never overrule who she truly is.

    Gentle ~ She has a soft spot she doesn't show most...She adore's children and she deal's with the knowing she may never be able to be a perfect mother in the future.. She can often be found outside playing with the younger members of the Coven and or with her friends.

    First Kill: (For sister witches only)



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