Oo-De-Lally - a dark disney roleplay

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  1. [blockquote]Once upon the time...

    There was peace in the kingdom of Fantasm. King Mickey, ruler of Souris Castle, was a fair and kind leader to his subjects; despite the separation of classes, the citizens of his kingdom were loved and taken care of. The 'lower class' could barely be considered as such. In fact, King Mickey longed to see each and every member of his kingdom achieve their greatest wish and would do all he could to help. He went so far as to try and rid his kingdom of their unhappiness, locking both his own and his subject's sadness away in a mirror hidden in his study... but there is always darkness in people's hearts. Darkness that cannot be removed with magic or kindness. It was this darkness, specifically in Hades, Lord of the Underworld, that bested kind King Mickey.

    Hades discovered Mickey's secret by accident and, in an act of boredom, oddly enough, chose to shatter the mirror. For the hell of it. Get it? The darkness inside was released and it spread across the land in a thousand tiny mirror shards, scattering across Fantasm Kingdom, and speaking it's darkness with it like the plague. The darkness came, stretching it's cold mist across the prosperous kingdom, killing many and taking it's subject's hope with it. King Mickey suffered the most, succumbing to the darkness, and transforming into Dark Mickey.

    Merlin, the most powerful wizard in the kingdom and Mickey's most loyal adviser, sensed danger almost immediately. Without hesitating upon discovering Dark Mickey, Merlin summoned every ounce of his magic to try and hold the looming darkness at bay and attempt to protect the lands from succumbing to the darkness. But it was too late to save everything -- Dark Mickey exploded into a burst of white light, though rumor holds that he is still alive and hiding out in the mirror shards that have hidden themselves around the kingdom and the many deaths that followed the destruction couldn't be reversed. Merlin, in a final act to save the kingdom, sealed Souris Castle and as much of the darkness as he could before moving the kingdom further northwest where they settled to rebuild.

    It took a long year, but every citizen of Fantasm now resides around Iorian Castle. The darkness is still out there lurking, locked away in thousands of crystal mirror shards, and though no one knows what became of King Mickey, many still hope to find him one day... Whether he actually transformed into Dark Mickey or if Dark Mickey is a separate entity from their king is a dark rumor whispered in alleyways, but even the smallest mouse knows you cannot hold back the darkness forever and while it may loom just out of reach of the kingdom does not mean it won't eventually leech it's way back. It's up to the subjects of Fantasm to locate the shards, still housing the darkness, and destroy them... or save them, depending on which side you're on.