Onomatopoeiae you haven't used in a while?

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  1. What are some onomatopoeiae you haven't used in a while or ones that are a little obscure?


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  2. I've used it recently, but it's still been too long since I used

  3. rawr.

    actually thank god i haven't heard anyone use this recently.
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    I have never not used it in anything but jest.
  5. Oooh, one of my favorite words ever:


    Mating cry of the
    blue falcon (open)
    Term originating from the military meaning a "buddy fucker". Someone who is a fuckoff and drags their buddies into shit with them.
    Private Pyle got caught with a jelly donut in his footlocker and his platoon got smoked because of it. Pyle is a Blue Falcon.
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  6. Thank goodness I haven't heard that one in over a year.

    Another one I havent heard in a while is tsssssssss.
  7. Chu.

    I use to say that soo much in 2012. It's like the cute sound that you see animals or chibis make in mangas. It's also the kissing sound.
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  8. This is my first kiss CHU
    First kiss with you

    I used to use KRAK-A-DOOM! (ironically?) because I found it hilarious when I first saw it used in a Sonic the Hedgehog comic book.
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  9. KYAAA- HAH HAA (or with es instead of as. A laugh.)

    Or, kyyaaa~ a cute sound.
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