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Only's Libertine Requests

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Only, Jun 3, 2015.

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  1. Things I Really Like

    - Age Differences
    - Polyamory
    - Playing the Sub
    - Stalking
    - Kidnapping
    - Lesbians
    - Bi/Pan Guys
    - Transgender Characters
    - Lots of Romance
    - Hurt/Comfort
    - Angst
    - Drama

    • I'm comfortable playing female, male, transgender, and non-binary characters.
    • I do all pairing types.
    • Post length is not something I fuss over. The quality is what matters.
    • I try my best with grammar, but I still make mistakes as everyone does.
    • Expect to actively participate in the planning process.
    • Furry and anime aren't really my areas, and I generally stay away from those genres.
    • I'm typically able to reply daily.

    Teacher x Teacher
    Principal x Teacher
    Principal x Secretary
    Professor x Student
    Super Humans
    Single Parent x Babysitter
    Long Distance Relationship
    Vampire x Human

    Harry Potter

    Bellatrix x my OC[M or F] - (will double)
    Severus x my OC[F] - (will double)
    OC[M or F] x OC[M or F]


    Sherlock x my OC[F]
    Mycroft x my OC[M] - (will double)
    Greg x my OC[M or F]
    Molly x my OC[M or F] - (will double)
    Irene x my OC[F] - (will double)

    Orange Is the New Black

    Alex x my OC[F] - (will double)
    Piper x my OC[F or M] - (will double)
    OC[F] x OC[F]


    OC[M or F] x OC[M or F]
    Jeanine x my OC[F]


    Thor x my OC[F or M] - (will double)
    OC[F] x OC[F]

    Lost Girl

    Bo x my OC[M or F] - (will double)
    Dyson x Bo
    Lauren x Bo
    Bo x Kenzi
    Lauren x my OC[F] - (will double)

    Dragon Age II

    Hawke[Mage, F] x Anders
    Varric x Hawke[F]
    Hawke[F or M] x Merrill
    Isabela x Hawke[M or F]
    Hawke[F] x OC[M or F]
  2. I'm interested in trying vampire x human
  3. What pairing type would you prefer it to be? Which would you rather play?
  4. either MxF or FxF and could I be the human?
  5. Let's do MxF. I'm fine with you playing the human. Mind sending me a PM?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.