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  1. A fun little challenge to test how you can word a post and to test your vocabulary. This is actually a test to see who is allowed to change their names on another site and thought that it would be well suited here considering the nature of this forum. Have at it.

    + Compose a post of no less than 500 words only starting with vowels.
    + Proper nouns are allowed seeing as how not everyone has a name starting with "a, e, i, o and u".
    + Articles are allowed "a, and, the" since they're intrinsic to natural speech and writing.
    + Posts must be spellchecked, and grammar must be ok. (Some things can slide given the vowels rule.)


    “All is unwell, I assume?” assesses Hercules.

    ”The Mysterious Figure
    assimilated our Keyblades into an evil entity,” explains Sora.

    “Ah. Appreciate Phil’s armory and endowment of enchanted arms,” answers Hercules.

    Acquiring the arms, Sora and Riku experience an increase in enchantments and aptitude. King Mickey expresses appreciativeness and assaults a Neo-Shadow as it aims at Pegasus. Enduring the unexpected attack, the Heartless escapes the end and attaches itself to Chernabog. The Heartlessexpresses amusement abruptly and ascends the air. In an astoundingly ostentatious aspect, the abnormality extends appendages expecting to acquire aged enemies. In exasperation everyone acts to obscure the attempt, only to end up one abbreviated. Hercules exclaims in agony as Chernabog embraces the advocate of Earthly energy in an authoritative expression.

    “Everyone! Escape!” exclaims Hercules.

    Assessing the importunate activity, King Mickey empowers everyone to obtain the aforementioned action. Everyone expresses anguish at Hercules’ affliction and agree to aid the ape. Expressing akin emotions, all expel enchantments to arouse ancient abilities unobtainable to each. In an astounding expo, each assemble an emotional energy appearance. Lightning allows Odin to appear, as Riku allows the apparition of Cloud and Sora obtains Genie. The apparitions assess the activity and act upon order to attack. Genie obtains Final Form and assaults the abdomen of Chernabog as Cloud utilizes Omnislash against the Heartless

    In an extremely ill-tempered attitude, Chernabog ensures endurance by excusing Hercules and intercepting the attacks. The ayakashi endures the attacks and exclaims in agony its anger at the Warriors of Light. Extending appendages once again, the Heartless exchanges its Darkness energy to obtain on orb of exponential energy. After amassing the energy, Chernabog expels the affliction across the area and add Firaga into the anomaly. Everyone exchanges exasperated expressions and elect to escape the elongated attack. In an exasperated expulsion of energy, the enemies of Chernabog amscray to opposite areas to assess acquired afflictions and exchange intelligence on the enemy. In the allotment acquired, Heartless again occupy the area and attempt to exchange assaults. King Mickey exchanges an exasperated eye, and Riku offers his approval. In the exact order, Riku obtains Sora and enforces activity as the apparitions expel into energy.

    “Escape, Sora!”

    Sora apologizes inactivity and attempts to enforce activity on Riku. The Key Bearers exchange emotions of agitation at the other’s enforcement until Hercules obtains the adolescents and expels an archaic expression of Phil’s. At the order of Hercules, Pegasus appears and obtains addition impediments to activity. In an extremely exasperated action, Pegasus acquires entry into air and attempts to expel itself into an appropriate area of amusement. In order to obtain, Pegasus enjoys an extremely active acrobatic activity. Once out, and upon his entry of The Underworld, Pegasus obtains King Mickey and Lightning. Hercules exculpates an earned exasperation and attempts to evacuate. In the act of evacuation, Chernabog encounters an idea of extinction. It attempts to obtain Hercules again, only to obtain air. After observing the empty appendage, Chernabog exclaims in agony as Hercules expels attack after attack upon the upper appendage of Chernabog
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