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  1. Hi there. So... I won't be able to pay you, as I am a student in high school who does not yet have a job.

    And I'm not very good at drawing... so I don't know about an art trade.
    ;A; I just want someone to draw two of my characters because I cannot find anything in the world that looks like them.

    If anyone would be so kind to take these on for free... I would be forever grateful. And if you could find some way for me to repay you without the two above things, I would gladly do it.

    Character #1: Jonni Raymond
    Jonni has a medium-sized, high cheek-boned, heart-shaped face with a pointed chin. His cheeks are not hollow, but they're not puffy or chubby, either.

    His eyes are almond shaped, thin, and enticing-almost challenging. His irises are a sparkling faded electric blue, his eyelashes small, but still visible. They're lightly hooded, and his eyebrows are dark, but a soft boxy shape, though they add to the challenge within his eyes.

    He has a medium, thin nose that fits perfectly against the rest of his fine, sculpted features. It's soft and subtle, but noticeable.

    His lips are cherubic, but less curved. The way they rest gently on his face make him seem as if he has a permanent soft smirk.

    His silvery platinum blonde hair frames his features in a more rugged way, his fringe slightly swept to the side and his bangs touching down to his mid-neck while the rest of his hair is choppy, spiked around his head and reaching just below his earlobe. It isn't spiked on the top of his head, except for some scattered disobedient hairs. The blue and purple feathers he wears in his hair seem to fade in with his bangs, making them look almost natural.

    He is thin-necked and his Adam's Apple is faint, but definitely visible, and his shoulders aren't very broad. In fact, they're quite feminine.

    His skin is a soft beige and it's very smooth, fitting perfectly around each bone and muscle.

    Character #2: Aaron Grenwall
    Aaron has soft features. His face is heart-shaped, but he has lower, more medium-placed cheekbones. His cheeks are not hollow, but they're not too chubby, just a little. His chin is pointed.

    His eyes are rounded and bright, very positive and cheerful. But they have a hint of fear, naivety and anxiousness behind the light, shimmering grey irises that surround his pupils. They're lightly hooded and his eyelashes are long and light. His eyebrows are soft and straight, making him have an overall more friendly appearance.

    He has small, naturally heart-shaped lips. They protrude just slightly, but they're fairly normal lips.

    He has warm chestnut-colored spiky straight hair, but that's only when he styles it. Without styling, his fringe falls over his eyes and his hair falls around his head in a messy way, but it's not displeasing to the eye.

    His neck is thin and his Adam's Apple is a little prominent, but natural. His shoulders aren't broad. He has smooth ivory skin and a constant light blush he can't seem to get rid of.
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