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    Sayomi hung out the window, groaning. Her reddish brown hair dangling out of the window slightly. People were starting to show up and get ready for the games that were to take place in a few days. There were princes from all over the world coming just to have a chance on who might be the one to marry the princess. As sje hung out the window, Sayomi jumped as her mother walked into the room. "Get away from that window! you are half naked!"

    She walked away from the window slowly, as her mother came in with a black and brown dress that made her hair and striking green eyes. stand out . She looked at it, and growled. "No. Mother I hate those colors. Why do you always pick those? I like green, and blue, and purple! Colors that look more excited and not like I am mourning someone." She tried again to explain to her mother.

    "Then you will enjoy the dress we have for you when it is time for the games to start in a few days." She had the maids set the dress on a chair. "Now get your Corset on, and get in that dress!" Her mother said as she left the room. Sayomi looked at the maid and nodded.

    The maid came over, and began to finish undressing her. She worked for a bit, but then the maid finished. She motioned for Sayomi to get on the window seal. So she did. And the maid began helping Sayomi into her leggings and shoes. She leaned back out of the window. Her long hair draping down her back.​

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    The prince sat silently beside his personal butler, looking out the windows of the carriage rather boredly. The kingdom looked nice enough, but he knew he wouldn't stand out. His father would be furious if he didn't at least participate in the games, and so he agreed reluctantly. He was not a fan of being in crowds, let alone herded along with a group of other princes from different kingdoms, like cattle.

    "Prince Motoki, we have almost arrived where we will be staying," his butler announced. "I assume our hostess will greet us shortly." Motoki glanced over at his butler and straightened himself in his seat, reaching for his sword. His best friend, the weapon-smith, had forged it for the prince as a gift. Motoki would surely give it some good use to tell his friend back home.

    As the carriage came to a stop, the butler came to open his door for him. "The heir to the Kingdom of Kaito, Prince Motoki," he announced to the welcoming party, and opened the door to reveal the prince. The young man stepped out, though his sword was now tied across his shoulder so he would have easy access by reaching his arm back. He stood tall at a good six foot three, and had thick arms and a thick chest, unless his armor gave him too much credit. He certainly looked intimidating.
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    Sayomi was rushed out the room. The newest prince had arrived, and she needed to go to greet him. As she was rushed, her braids were taken out, and her hair cascaded down her back. She let her hair get brushed, and her odd colored stood out extremely against all the other colors in the castle. She pushed them all away as she arrived to the door. Sayomi sighed and then pushed the door open, holding herself up.

    Carefully she walked down the hallway, seeing that the prince was already there. She cursed at herself as she continued towards her parents. She was not very tall, only standing at about five foot five finches, and the heels she wore made her a good five inches taller. She was petit, but not skin in bones, she had the curves of someone healthy.

    She walked over, and gave her father a hug, as she turned and looked at the prince. He was a lot better looking then most of the other princes that she had met. "This is the princess, Sayomi." She gave a soft smile, looking down at her feet. She was never good in any situations like this. ​
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    Motoki smiled politely to the welcoming party, bowing to the king of the kingdom. He waited patiently for the princess to come. He thought it amusing that the princess would be late to welcoming her own guests. Not that he could give her trouble for it, for he would have probably done the same thing just to bug them. She probably didn't want them here any more than he wanted to be treated like cattle.

    He smiled and bowed. "Your Highness," he spoke to the princess. "It is a pleasure to finally meet you. My name is Motoki. I am the heir to the Kingdom of Kaito. I am afraid I did not bring a gift for you, Princess Sayomi. I would offer my sword, but it was a gift from a good friend. I couldn't let myself part with it."

    "What would you offer instead, Prince Motoki," his butler asked pointedly. The prince thought for a moment. "I shall win this contest of yours, Princess. You may choose to grant me the prize of your hand, or you may deny it. That will be my gift to you," he bowed. His butler was shocked. "Your highness, you surely don't mean that!" The prince stood back up and grinned at his butler innocently.
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    Sayomi politly bowed to the prince. "Please. My dear prince. Do not bow to me. If you do not want to be here, then by all means. Leave. Do not make your life unhappy by staying here. You only have one life to be happy."she smiled gently, her words spoke too. She didn't have a choice with what her life did. She didn't want to drag someone else down.

    Her mother covered her mouth as her father refrained from scolding her. She bowed to the prince. "Please. Do not think of my words as rude." Her green eyes looked at the man who was very large compared to her. "Please. Do enjoy your stay. I do not know how you feel of horses, but behind the castle there are beautiful paths for the horses."

    Elegantly Sayomi walked past him, the breeze of her walking let lavender wake off of her. She needed to leave. Sayomi did not want to be there. She felt like a trophy.

    She walked quickly into the stables. slowly, she found thelarge deafthorse that was hers. He was black and white.he was probably at least twice her size. She sat in the stall, petting his belly.

    "Oh Henry. What am I to do?"
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    The prince's butler bowed. "I do apologize, your Majesties. It seems my young lord does not have much tact. If you could please show us the way to where the prince will be staying, I will take his bags." The Prince offered his apology as well. "My offer was not meant to be rude, or as an insult. It was a sincere offer. I know not many royals get to choose who they marry. Now, if you will excuse me. I think I will go ride one of your magnificent horses." He was certainly a daring one.

    "Prince Motoki, please wait until I am finished with your bags," his butler frowned. The prince sighed. "I will wait. But hurry; we only have a few days of exploration before the games. I want to see as much as I can." The butler nodded, grabbing a few bags. "Of course." He left with the bags he was carrying. Bored with standing, the Kaito prince followed him, grabbing a bag as well, ignoring the butler's scolding. "Prince Motoki, if you don't allow me to do my job-" The prince snorted. "My parents will not fire you. You have served the family loyally for years. It is hard to find loyal butlers anymore."
  7. AFter awhile of just sitting there, Sayomi stood up, and saddled the horse. She had decided that it was time to go. She grabbed the reigns of the horse, and then lead the horse out. "Let us go Henry, before mother or father come out to stop us." She spoke softly to the horse. Her voice echoed through the stable. It was a mixture of sultry and smooth. Though her voice was soft, it was not 'princess material', or so her father told her. She sounded more like one of the village girls who worked down at the local brothel. No one could believe that it was her voice. She liked her voice though. It didn't so much like the voice of a push over.

    As they got to the edge of the stable, her maid appeared. She groaned in her head. "Sayomi! Why would you be so rude to the new prince!" the maid yelled at her. The maid had also been Sayomi's nanny. So she was still in her, I take care of you so listen to me mode. "I didn't mean to be rude! I am just tired of all of these princes. I have met so many, almost all of them look the same... Besides Motoki. He looks.. Different. I know that I am a princess, and that I do not have much of a choice. That doesn't mean that I want to be won like some pathetic trophy. I am still a person.."

    "Oh my little princess." She stroked Sayomi's hair softly. "You do have the option to pick from the final three, or just let them all go about and fight. You do have a choic. But you also have to base your choice off of your empire. Whom you think will serve them best. Now go on. Go and think about everything. Be back for supper." The maid walked away, knowing that she had too much to do.

    As She walked away, Sayomi mounted the horse. Slowly she walked the horse off. She didn't want to take anybody out.
  8. As the men came to the room they were staying in, the butler opened the door for his prince. Motoki walked in, looking around. "This is pretty nice," he said, setting the bag he'd been carrying onto the floor. He untied the sword from his back and laid it on the bed. He walked to the window and looked out; he saw the princess riding a horse alone. He hoped, for her sake, he was the last one to arrive at her castle. He stretched and inspected the bathroom. "I think I'll take a shower, Akahito," he told his butler.

    "I will unpack your bags for you," the butler nodded, opening one of the bags and began putting the clothes away. He put the prince's sword against the wall near the head of the bed. He knew the prince liked to have some kind of protection, should he need it at night. He finished unpacking and waited patiently for his prince to exit the shower. He stood at the window, looking out at the grounds. The country they were visiting was very beautiful, he thought. He hoped the prince would win, for the prince's sake.

    The prince had a very blunt way of saying things, but he did it in a way that no one knew his true feelings. He would seem to have fun with something and say all the negative things about it. He seemed rather rude, but in reality he had the best interest at heart.
  9. The horse stopped and stomped the ground as a large crowd of princes and their butlers road by. Each one greeted Sayomi like their best friend. She nodded and gave a soft smile to each of them. She knew better then to not acknowledge them all. She looked around slowly, looking to see if her mother or father was around. She did not want to get in trouble yet again. As she didn't find them, she looked up in the windows, and at a glance noticed someone standing in the window. She looked away, then did a double take, looking back at them.

    She noticed that it was the butler of the prince that just arrived. She smiled at waved, at him. She felt like him and her would get a long well, if he could ever get past the part that she was the princess. She looked back, and quickly covered the rest of the saddle with her dress. She forgot about the bow and arrows that she had packed. She looked up at him again, then down at the horse She couldn't believe that she forgot that she had them. She wasn't sure of what the butler would do, so she urged the horse forward.

    The horse was able to pick up speed up quickly. The horse was built for speed and stanima. The horse jumped over the low stone wall, and into the forest that sorounded most of the castle.
  10. Akahito noticed the princess and nodded, though it looked more like a bow so she could see it. He also noticed the bow and arrows before she tossed the skirts of her dress over them. Curiously, he watched her urge her horse forwad in a gallop and jump the stone fence. He thought a moment, standing up straight again. He heard the water turn off and his prince begin to dry himself. "Akahito, my clothes," his prince asked of him.

    "Right away, your highness," he replied and got a slightly more casual outfit. The prince got dressed and towel-dried his hair before combing it back to let it fall where it may. "I wish to explore the castle, if not the land," he told his butler. Akahito nodded to him. "The princess has offered the use of her horses," he reminded him.

    "How hospitable," the prince grinned and grabbed his sword, tying it over his shoulder once more, before putting his riding boots on and walking out with his butler. He picked a sterdy enough looking horse and saddled the beast, urging it into a trot. Akahito saddled his own horse to follow the prince. "Why don't you lead today, Akahito," Motoki suggested.

    "As you wish, sir," Akahito nodded and had his ride run ahead of the prince. They both hopped the stone fence; the butler knew his prince liked to explore outside of the boundries set, also he was worried for the princess. Why would she need a bow and arrows?

    "Something bothering you, old friend," Motoki asked his butler. "No, your highness," Akahito shook his head. "I thought you would appreciate the new land and the chance to explore it." The prince smiled, "Ahh, but I do. It is more green than it is back home, isn't it?"
  11. Sayomi and the horse kept riding in quiet, until Sayomi began to talk to it softly. "Who do you think will win Henry? They all look so fake.. And just self filled. How many of them would try and come out here?" The horse neighed to her softly, as if responding. "I know! Everyone is too involved in themselves. Almost none of the prince's realize that they are their people. Without their people, they would not be a prince, without their people, they would have no gold." She sighed as she slid a ring off of her finger. She let it drop to the ground. She didn't like having a load of rings. If you had many, what was the point of having one for being married.

    Sayomi was decently old fashioned on how she thought that the world should work. She believed in everyone having a say, and doing things for the better of others, not just yourself. She believed in love, and unity, and that if married, that was suppose to be the one you stay with, and the only one that you be with in any sort of way. She looked back at the ring. The ruby and emerald shone brightly in the dull color of the dead leaves.

    Sayomi's mother had a thing for her features. Her mother found that her piercing green eyes, and reddish brown hair made eachother pop. Her mother believed the same as her father about her voice, but her mother believed more then anything, that Sayomi was the most perfect princess, like she was bred for it. Her long hair, was never frizzy, always held a curl when told, it was smooth, and her skin looked like porclin. The only thing that she hated was the way that Sayomi was always messing with it, cutting it, and putting it in braids.

    She wisked the horse into another gallop, rushing along. There were a lot of bandits in this area. They were in the richest side of the kingdom now. And a lot of the workers were related to tehm.
  12. Motoki enjoyed the view as he verbally compared his kingdom to the princess'. The Kingdom of Kaito was going through a droubt. It wasn't the fault of anyone, but it was causing problems on their agriculture, and in turn the economy. He understood that the people were struggling, though his father wanted to up the taxes so he got his usual amount of gold. Motoki was against it, explaining to his father that they wouldn't be able to afford it. If they couldn't afford it, the crime rate would go up consideribly and hurt the economy even more. That's why Motoki wanted to be king, to keep the people peaceful with their leige.

    "Sir, I do believe that is the princess," Akahito pointed her out as they rounded a hill. The prince looked and nodded. "I do believe it is. Stay back here, Akahito. I'd like to talk to her," he said, urging his horse to a faster trot. "Princess," he called. "Would you like some company on this fine afternoon," he asked. He didn't wear his princely crown, but he did have on his country's colors: an emerald tunic with gold trim, and baggy black slacks, his sword clinking against the saddle as it hung from his waist.
  13. Sayomi stopped the horse, it seemed to argue with her. "Why hello Motoki. I do have a name you know." She said as she looked up at him. Her features were soft, and her skin looked even paler next to the dark horse. "There is a reason why my parents gave me one. So I would like you to kindly use it." She gave a soft laugh, and looked over his shoulder and waved once more at the butler. " Do not think that I am being rude. I do not mean to... I just honestly do not like to be called princess.. I am still a person. I just happen to have more responsibilities." She let the horse begin to walk, but then paused him. She looked back at the butler.

    "My dear friend, why don't you go, and enjoy yourself at the castle. Enjoy some tea, and a good book. Or whatever you wish to do. I will take care of the prince. Should I not get to know one of my fair suiters?" She gave a gentle laugh as she looked at the butler. She turned the horse again, and off into the woods some more. Though on the outside, she was peachy and happy, on the inside she was a little sad that he was there. She was excited for the company, and because he did peak his curiosity, but other then that, there was a purpose behind her coming into the forest and to hid in the trees. Now she wouldn't be able to do what she wanted.
  14. Motoki smiled. "I'm sorry, Sayomi," he apologized. "I didn't know what you preferred to be called. Now I know. And I don't think you are being rude. You just say things how they truly are. There is no harm in telling truths without sweetening them. After all," he grinned. "I would be a hypocrite if I told you I were offended."

    Both the butler and his prince looked at her curiously. Motoki noticed an oddly-shaped lump unerneith Sayomi's skirts and gave her a questioning glance, but nodded to his butler. "We will be fine, Akahito," he assured him. "I'm afraid I will have to decline the kind invitation, your highnesses. If I do go back, as you offer so kindly," he smiled to the princess, "Your loyal guards will come looking for you, and I will have done a horrible crime by letting my prince wander off in foreign land. ..I shall wait by the treeline for your return."

    Motoki grinned widely. "Ladies first," he motioned for Sayomi to take the lead. He followed, enjoying the lush green-ness of the country. "What all do you like to do, Sayomi," the prince asked her. "It is safe to assume you enjoy the company of a good horse," he smiled. "I like exploring, myself. I can't tell you how many times I got scolded for running away from Akahito to go find new places to explore," he laughed. He looked much more relaxed without all of the butlers and royals around. He preferred privacy like this. "Pardon me for asking, but what do you have hidden under your skirts," he asked, motioning to the odd-shapped lump. "If I've interrupted your private time, I can leave if you want me to. I know we don't get much time to ourselves, but I'm afraid I don't know you well enough to tell when you want that time."
  15. Sayomi laughed as they went. "You really have no freedom do you?" She looked at him. "How can you stand being so watched over young prince?" She knew that he was probably older then she was. Everyone was. She was very young, which is what some of the other princes who were much older liked. There only a select few that she hoped would get to the end, just because of the age difference between them. She really didn't want to marry someone who was much older then she was.

    "I like to do many things. Read, explore. That is such an open ended question kind sir. That is a question that is not worth asking." She gave him a smile as she looked over at him. "Why not ask it a bit more specific question?" When he asked her what was under her dress, her mind froze in place, unsure of how to answer him. She didn't know whether or not to tell him. She figured if she did, and it scared him, then that was just one less person that they would have to worry about winning. She gave an oddly big smile as she thought. Maybe she could scare them all off, and wouldn't have to get married to anyone here.

    She finally focased her eyes on him, "It is one of my hobbies. It is relaxing, and makes me feel worth something." She pulled her dress down, and let the bow and quiver of arrows show. "I have a little archery field all set up out here. I was going to it." She let her horse trot around his horse. "Lets see how well you ride." She said with a large grin. She winked, and the her horse started to run, sensing what she was doing. Her horse was built not just for beauty, but for speed. There was a reason why the horse was so much larger then she was.
  16. The prince smiled. "Not very much freedom, I'm afraid. Though, none of us do, do we," he asked her with knowing eyes. "Being royal is to be on a pedestal. If one moves too much, they will fall. But one can only stand still for so long," he sighed. Occasionally, he would spit out metaphors and seem quite serious. Moments like this gave his butler hope that he would continue to be so. But alas, the prince would always return to his sarcastic ways and odd (to the butler, at least) view of the world.

    The prince was, contrary to belief, very observant. He not only listened to what people were saying, but studied their body language and emotions on their face. He might seem strange to some people, even downright rude, but he always had the best intentions in interest.

    "I am impressed," Motoki genuinely smiled. "Not many princesses that I know shoot bows as a hobby." He blinked and smiled widely at her challenge, urging his hose into a gallop after hers. He bent forward on the horse to reduce the wind resistance, urging him faster. She did have the advantage, her horse was faster, for one. And she knew these woods; he didn't.
  17. The pale princess laughed, as her reddish brown hair flew behind her. She was pale from lack of sunlight, and just naturally being pale. She didn't mind it usually, until she came out into the sun like a day like today. But soon, very soon, it would be dusk. She let the horse run, but not at full speed. She didn't want to loose the prince and him be lost. She knew that they were getting rather close. Even the horse knew it. It seemed to stable where it stepped, treading carefully.

    In these out skirts to the archery field, there were a few randomly placed targets. She pulled the arrow out, and drew a bow. She whispered to the horse, and then began to stand. Many of the bandits who had seen her doing this called her stupid. Said that she shouldn't trust a horse that much. But the horse was the only thing that she did trust. Sayomi grew up with this horses mother, and raised this one herself. She slept out in the stables when he was born, and she trained him all herself. The only thing she can't seem to do is get him to let anyone change his shoes.

    As she stood up, her brown and black dress blew all around her. She looked over her shoulder, and winked, letting the arrow fly from the bow. It hit a small bullseye in some brush. She picked another arrow, and aimed. She let the arrow fly from the string, and it hit yet another target. She wanted to show off a bit, and show that her aim was true. So she turned, and faced the prince and his horse. It looked as if it would hit them, and without giving him much time to react, she let the arrow go.

    It shot at them, but did not hit them. It flew past the two, and caught a leaf that was thrown up by the horse. The arrow went straight into a tree trunk. She stayed standing, raising her eyebrows, with a smile.

    Sayomi could be slightly insane sometimes. She had held her composture for this long, but it finally broke free. Her movements suggested years of practice, and knowing where the targets lie. Nothing too fun, or exciting. When she had aimed at him, she was curious as to how he would react to it, when she shot, a she could think was how she wanted him to know that it was talent she had, not just pure memory of where everything was and how to shoot it to make it.
  18. The prince smiled. "I am glad you are enjoying yourself, Sayomi. You seem skilled at handling that wise horse of yours. I am most curious to see your aim," he said with a smile. As he watched her, he was surely impressed. When she seemed to aim at him, he took notice at the small amount of margin she left the arrow from reaching them, but only just. He stayed put, smiling. He knew she would not aim for him on purpose. He assumed there was a target that was placed behind him and his horse. As she fired and he heard the thunk of the arrow hitting the tree, and looked over his shoulder. "Most impressive," he said with much enthusiasm, giving his own applause. "And dead on in the center of the leaf. I am truly in awe of your aim," he smiled at her.

    He noticed the same look in her eyes as he noticed in himself sometimes. Being able to be truly yourself for just that small moment, but even then it was just enough. He liked the slightly wild look in her eye, and he was glad she could be free for a moment.
  19. She wore a proud smile as the horse continued moving. Soon, it started to slow down and eventually stopped under a branch to a large oak tree. With her horse being so tall, she didn't have to jump nearly as far, but still had to. She jumped, the horse neighing. She had to pull herself up onto the large branch. As she climbed up, it was more then obvious how often she had come here.

    She started to walk the length of the branch. Her back straight, her shoulders square. "You see, dear prince. You claim that we have no privacy, but that is only you. I have the opportunity to leave. I made it known long ago that I would not be followed, I would not be contained to the castle. Why should someone who is suppose to rule a kingdom be followed, looked after, and told what to do." She looked down at him, lost in though. "The best way to learn, is to make mistakes. You must know who you are, and what you are about. You must know your belifes, and what you are willing to fight for. That is not possible with being followed and pampered, and told what to do."

    She looked up at the branches above her, and proceeded to swing from them, above nothing but ground. "Throughout history, a kingdom starts with one brave man, never of noble blood. And ends years later with his decedent who lost his way, defeated by a man with so much desire, and so much gusto, that not even the gods themselves could bring him down. The King's decedents were lost on what to believe, what is really what a ruler needs."
  20. Motoki watched her, smiling. "My dear princess. I never said I followed my father's orders," he chuckled. "On the contrary, my father finds me quite frustrating. I am always running off. I explore my kingdom and get to know my subjects. Father is wanting to raise their taxes. I am fighting against him on that." The prince frowned at the thought of his father insisting that they raise the taxes. The prince liked his people. His father didn't seem to care. But without the people, who were they? They would be nothing.

    He glanced up at her. "You have excellent balance, Sayomi. Though I guess I shouldn't be so surprised," he smiled.