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Only the Androids Remain

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Killjoy, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. A post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting, where the humans are gone and only the machines remain. The planet is divided into four clearly-defined sectors; the Kelven Nightmare, the Nurture Garden, the Sweltering Expanse, and the Rage Quadrant. The plot involves finding the world's last living human, and the epic of discovering the art and complexity of a Soul begins!

    Far more detailed and impressive information will be provided upon OOC posting.

    Anyone interested? *crosses fingers*
  2. I like it!
  3. John

    "Said the girl with science degrees and dating a ceo." He joked. "But thank you." He smiled.
  4. I'm hoping for around 5 people interested. That would probably be my max allowed, too!

    Please please pleaaase let it be so.
  5. I like it... But I'd say it should be a small group or settlement. 'cause what would the motivation be if it was just one who could at anytime die/be killed off?
  6. That exponentially increases the value of it. A settlement of humans would cheapen the story, and then it'd just make humans look almost like "pets" for the machines until the world is repopulated. Being that I know where the story is going (and I should, I'd be the GM!) you should - should - be able to handle the hardships.
  7. Belle

    She blinked in surprise "How do you know about Morty?"
  8. The purpose of the story isn't for humans to repopulate the planet. I'm not looking for an ultimate happy-ending here. It's a separate intention entirely.

    I'm sorry if I mixed that up.
  9. Ray

    "Yeah, why wouldn't she? Was he a part of Cloak?"
  10. I *might* be interested in this... Hmm.
  11. I agree with sly, though I kinda like the bleak picture of humanities screwed, leads in for i little machine remorse?
  12. This INTERESTS ME. . .
  13. Ok! Looks like I have at least 5-6 people interested, so I'll type up a wonderful OOC and let the sparks fly!
  14. Let me know if someone backs out and have a slot to fill!