Only the Androids Remain

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  1. (*sniffles* I-I am so proud right now. Look at my baby Helen blossoming!)


    I literally blink in surprise when Helen growls and cracks her knuckles. Holy shit--she's taking this to a whole new level of badass. Of course, I don't tell her that I can kind of feel the force behind her punches through the man's body; she looks like she really needs this. I don't think I've ever seen this much rage on her face before, must be all of the pent anger over the years finally bursting out of her. When she stops and ask me if it's enough, I smile and laugh loudly.

    "Nope! You did perfect! Now then, Upsy--" I tighten my hold on psycho soldier and crouch, then I heft up backwards, "--Daisy!"

    I slam him in a backwards suplex (fuck, don't get me started on how heavy he is, was almost afraid I couldn't do it) and let him go, quickly jumping to my feet. Not wanting to give him time to recover, I step back, get a running start, and deliver a whopping punt kick to his gut. It sends him sliding down the hall until his body meets the column of a stand. The bust on top wobbles before toppling over, crashing onto his side.

    I fist pump. "Not intended but fuck am I good." I then turn to Helen, my smile the widest it's ever been before I pull her into a huge bear hug. "But you were fucking better, Chipmunk! That was badass as hell!" I gush loudly. We completely whooped that fucker's ass! By this point, the fog has lifted and only the sound of my laughter fills the hall...


    Dead Shot

    Targets have proven to be more difficult than expected. Osteokinesis user has learned to transfer abilities to another being, making persuader target a threat once again. Circumstances have reached critical level.

    I reach out and pick up a shard of the broken bust.

    Using my ability is required now.



    Again, I know my Care Bear. I know when she's frazzled while trying to put on a calm front. However, with how quickly and frantically she was babbling, I don't need to decode everything. I've never seen her this terrified before and the sight just makes the ball of lead in my stomach weigh heavier. When a sharp whiz zooms by our ears, it finally clicks--


    Oh, God.

    We instantly take off in the direction of the vault, Carrie and Itzlie in front of me as I tail them. Hopefully, if another bullet fires, I'll be able to get in its way before it nails either women. I keep shooting looks back, trying to spot the sniper. But the most I can make out is this small head popping in and out of view like a menacing Whack-A-Mole. Oh goodness, Oh Jesus! How could things turn to this?!



    "I'm coming!" I rush out before running downstairs, my leg muscles burning in protest. I practically never run--I'm far from athletic--but I could care less about that right now. We have to find Helen! Oh god, and I left her alone with Demon too! I instantly pale.

    "O-oh God," I pant, still running, "W-what if she's the one f-fighting and hurting Helen? And I left her all alone l-like an idiot!" My throat is starting to burn with restrained tears. God, I'm so selfish and stupid! Please hang on, Helen! We're almost there to help--

    I skid to a halt, nearly losing my balance. As I right myself, I think I'll need Jacks help to pick up my jaw from the floor.

    Little clouds of fog are rolling across the floor, as if some kind of smoke screen was in effect not too long ago. However, what sends me into all-time shock is the sight of Demon--violent, terrifying Demon--laughing joyously while hugging Helen.

    "...What the hell?" I mumble in disbelief.
  2. Jack

    I am about to follow after Pen, who seems desperate to find Helen. However as I am about to chase after her, a large pressure is applied to my head, and by some miracle I prevent myself from falling onto the stairs. My vision is blurry but I can feel my grip tightening on the rail I caught. What the hell hit me? My vision starts to redden and, as I am still clinging to the rail, I propel myself forward and kick my legs in the direction that I think I was hit in.


    "Our best chance is that vault." I tell Itlize as we run, the stairs up to our destination becoming closer and closer. Another bullet whistles past us and I look back, seeing the figure of our assailant. They let out a whistle, a beautiful one that reminds me of a sparrow. It horrifies me and another one purposely flies past us. Another whistle.

    "Keep running rodents!" The figure calls behind us and I can identify it as a woman. My heart pounds against my chest and I start up the steps. "You are quite the field day for little old me." I hear a cackle. This is some sort of nightmare; and that nightmare increases when I realize the children could be in danger.


    (She's all grown up *sniffle*)

    Hatred fills through me. Both for myself and for our attempted kidnapper. But we are safe. We are finally safe. Oh, oh God. The smoke clears and I watch as Demi kicks him away. Tears actually threaten to spill from my eyes as she gives me a large bear hug, but I am sure it is more from relief than it is from grief

    "Oh my God. Oh my God." My arms wrap around tightly around her and I start laughing, but I don't know it's true laughter or the beginning of me starting to break from what happened "Holy shit. You saved us! Demi! That was awesome!" I look down at her and I realize she could be in a world of hurt after all this "O-oh goodness. We should patch you up..." I give her one last, right squeeze and I release her. I hope she doesn't mention what that man brought up. But I know I need to give her an explanation. I clear my throat and I turn as I hear someone in the hallway.

    I feel my eyes sting even hotter and my heart swells with relief. There stands my Penny. "Pen! Pen Pen!" I exclaim to her and I run over, pulling her into a right hug as I shake "Oh I'm so glad to see you..."
  3. John

    "Said the girl with science degrees and dating a ceo." He joked. "But thank you." He smiled.
  4. John

    "I would hope so." He chuckled, "It's my name after all." He smiled back at her.
  5. I like it... But I'd say it should be a small group or settlement. 'cause what would the motivation be if it was just one who could at anytime die/be killed off?
  6. That exponentially increases the value of it. A settlement of humans would cheapen the story, and then it'd just make humans look almost like "pets" for the machines until the world is repopulated. Being that I know where the story is going (and I should, I'd be the GM!) you should - should - be able to handle the hardships.
  7. I think along the oppisite. A settlement, even a small one would make it look more like the equvilent of the holy grail. Maybe its just me but I know I can handle the hardships, or at least should be able to but the motivation behind it is lacking. I mean how I see it is, "There is a single human left after all? Oh well, humanity might as well still be dead."
  8. The purpose of the story isn't for humans to repopulate the planet. I'm not looking for an ultimate happy-ending here. It's a separate intention entirely.

    I'm sorry if I mixed that up.
  9. *shrugs* Sure I'm in then.

    Maybe it is my own Grim dark thoughs.
  10. I *might* be interested in this... Hmm.
  11. Sakamoto
    I laughed at her joke then turn to go back inside. Although I then froze as I heard fighting and screaming...and also gun shot?
    "Winnie...did you hear that as well?" I say not believing this I get close to Winnie just in case to protect her. I slowly peeked inside wondering whats going. When I saw blood my faces pails...
    (Is anyone around them?)

    I was about to go inside with them when i also heard the shout
    "What the heck happened in the couple of minutes we were gone." I comment. The guy Sakamoto looks inside
    "Well what do you see?" i asked raising an eyebrow
    "The place...its chaos in there." He says

    He grabs my hand and I smiled back. It then looks like Andre saw something as his eyes widen and his breath caches in his throat
    "You alright?" I asked worried wondering what happened, what he saw. I bite my lips...I thought there was no spirits here?

    "Oh my you purposely mess with me. A girl who has the power to poison you... Knowing how annoying it is just to see me blush." I say shaking my head and rolling my eyes.
  12. This INTERESTS ME. . .
  13. Ok! Looks like I have at least 5-6 people interested, so I'll type up a wonderful OOC and let the sparks fly!
  14. Let me know if someone backs out and have a slot to fill!