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  1. She paused outside the ship door; hesitant to knock and let Ven know she was here. It had only been a short time (about a two days or so) after she unfused from Blue Sandstone, and she wanted to apologize for her rude behavior. Well, rude-ish. She felt bad for proverbially slamming the door in Aventurine's face about the whole relationship. She had fallen for Blue Sandstone's affections and was pretty much over Aventurine's controlling ones. But now she had to face her, or well Morganite chose to.

    Running delicate pink fingers through her mane of blue hair nervously, she finally decided to knock. Two sharp wraps on the door before she stepped back and waited for the slightly annoyed voice of Aventurine to sound from inside. Maybe the two would make up and become friends! Hopefully.
  2. Forget this technology. Aventurine shoved the stolen bits and bobs she took from Olgioclase's place. She didn't want any part of this anymore. Just reminded her of how Blue Sandstone distracted her with such things, probably just going to run off with Morganite into a field of wild Earth-roses, glittering and sparkling and fusing into the night. Simply beautiful. In a way, she figured, she was doing Goldstone a favor. Yes...Yes, she must be in unfathomable pain right now, but now she didn't have to deal with all of this. Besides, she also had Larimar, and also Sard, and Stitchtite. How bad could it really--


    There was a knock on the door. She exhaled slowly. Maybe it was...Someone tolerable. Like Pyrite--Oop, no, no, don't think that. Even if making Zultanite was one of the best things she'd done recently. Aventurine heaved a sigh, walking up to her door--Pausing to adjust her mental focus--And then opening the door.



    "...Morgainite? Forgive me, thought you were busy."
  3. Aventurine's tone made her slightly shiver and she held her breath for a second (she had developed some human organs like lungs to fit in even more on the planet) as she tried to find the words to speak. "Yes, well, I became unbusy you see, and I wanted to talk to you. Blue Sandstone is just back at her ship resting and I said I was going to just wander the forests. And well, I decided to come to you." She paused, trying to judge Aventurine's featureless expression and carried on.

    "I wanted to apologize, I guess, about all of this. How this...happened." She gestured in front of her and let out a nervous giggle. "I just can't let 'us' go to waste. I was mean for what I said earlier, but you couldn't have expected me to just wait for you forever..." She paused looking down and playing with her tutu.

    "I'm really sorry Aventurine. But you chose Homeworld over me."
  4. She snorted, slightly sticking her nose in the air. "Right. Of course. Unbusy." Ven's arms crossed. As though she could just suddenly become not busy? She probably was just stalling in order to get to the next opportunity to become Purple Turquoise. Hmmph. Just can't let us go to waste--What a joke.

    "Yes, I suppose you should apologize. But it's for naught. I've already decided, I'm going home--With or without you." Her eye looked away. She didn't know how she was going to get home, but she--She was. She was. No way in Earth hell she was going to stay here longer then absolutely necessary, and already, this was more then absolutely necessary. "So why don't you go to your new girlfriend and perhaps have the common courtesy to leave me be?"
  5. "Y-your leaving? You can't be serious. Leave When there is so much work and good to do here. Also stop that monster Ogliocase from doing her nasty work! You can't just leave Ven...we need you! I need you." Morganite slipped the pet name in by accident; this plea all too familiar.

    She hoped Aventurine wouldn't notice and continued on. "Don't get Blue Sandstone in this; she...she's not that bad when you get to know her. Anyways, this is between us, not her. I know I disappoint you for falling for this planet and not leaving, but you have to understand how much this place means to me. These incredible creatures need protection, and I can provide that! So can you. Don't leave, please." She placed a tentative hand out and placed it on Ven's hand.

    "I know you're bitter at me for choosing another. Can you please talk to me? Don't hold it all in."
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  6. "Right, as though preaching work and goodness is going to sway me? Spare me your sermons."

    Then again, Morganite was always...Preachy. Always going on about precious things weaker then her and how they needed saving. Her infallible goodness, even in the way of efficiency--On Homeworld, that would be a flaw. And had she not been a Morganite, she was certain that she would have gotten shattered right there. Aventurine was usually willing to look past it, even willing to find it endearing, but now...

    ...Morganite was holding her hand. Aventurine didn't pull away.

    "Look. I can't live here. It's dirty and disgusting. So you have your fun, and I'll have mine, because I thought splitting up is what you wanted."
  7. She pursed her lips and frowned. "I...might have misspoken there. I mean, I don't want you to leave is all." Biting her lip, she squeezed Aventruine's hand tightly. She loved Blue Sandstone very much, yet she could never get past Ven. No matter how much it hurt when her past lover decided to stay loyal to the tyranny Homeworld had become, Morganite still loved her. Even though it had been thousands of years since she had last seen the serious green gem, and even touched her fondly, she never forgot what fusing and loving her hand been like.

    Morganite's eyes were welling up with tears as she remembered her life on Homeworld with Aventurine; how much she missed the comforts of home and what she gave up. As much as she loved the Earth, it wasn't the same. It would never be the same. And Blue Sandstone wouldn't mean what Aventurine meant. So she stood there, squeezing the grouching gem's hand, softly crying. Looking like an idiot, most likely.

    "Please, don't leave me here."
  8. Morganite was crying? Why? To mock her? Morganite had everything she could want right here on Earth, why was she crying? Aventurine wasn't over Morganite, far from it...But she wasn't about to be...Emotionally manipulated. Aventurine wasn't emotional. She was logical. And as much as she loved Morganite...She just...She just couldn't...


    This had to be some sort of...Cruel joke. But Aventurine held the pink gem's hand tight, and she let her other eye wander away from the tears coming out of the other's eyes. "All you ever wanted was to be here, and I think it's only nice I...Let you have what you want. Go on and do whatever it is you do in the name of Pink Diamond--Rose Quartz--Whichever. I'm going home. And I know you don't really want to go home with me."
  9. Letting go finally, she wiped her eyes and nodded. "F-fine." She faltered with the word and straightened up; a passive look on her face. She backed up a couple of steps and forced a smile, nodding a little and biting her bottom lip once again. So, it was up. Aventurine was leaving and this was it. Of course this was it, she couldn't have her cake and eat it too. (An interesting idiom humans came up with long ago. As for cake, well, she wasn't one for enjoying food as humans did.) But it wouldn't be the same, not without Ven--not since she just came back into her life.

    "I guess that was a selfish plea of mine, wasn't it? I know you hate it here, as much as I enjoy it. It's selfish to want both of you, but I do. And I'm sorry. If I wasn't with her--if we came back to where we left off, would you leave? And the others, you're leaving them too you know. Don't you care? Obviously, you have already thought about this and most of this is what ifs, but it still hurts. A lot." Morganite turned around quickly and briskly walked out.

    Flashbacks of moments of being with Aventurine flashed through her mind as she moved further from the ship. Homeworld would always be home but why--why was she interested in a place that wouldn't let you fuse--be free? Here, life was less mushy, sure. But it was also new, thrilling, different! She stopped running and found herself in a nearby forest, and collapsed in front of a tree, crying.
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