Only parents will understand....

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  1. I love my kids, I really, really do, but I've hit a point where if they don't give me five seconds of peace, I might just go run out in the middle of the road, get hit by a car and have a nice little break at the hospital.

    I tell them not to jump on my bed. What does my youngest daughter do? Takes a running jump onto my bed, lands on my tablet and cracks the screen. My tablet is only 3 months old....

    I tell them not to bring their bikes in the house. What did they do? I now have bike trials all over my living room floor.

    They found a wheelchair at their bus stop today, and rather than leave it where it was, they brought it home. When I pointed it out to them that someone is probably missing it, and that they could be reported for stealing it, they did not return it where they found it like they were supposed to do. No, they hid it in the woods behind our house, and then lied to me about it.

    My oldest daughter had a nervous break down because the internet went down for fifteen minutes, all because it went down during her two hours of internet time while she was uploading a drawing to one of her friends.

    Seriously, is it a full moon today? Or is it just because it's the last week before Christmas break? I'm seriously about to lose my damn mind!
  2. Girl, I understand how you feel. .___.; Hardly a day goes by when I don't think about throwing myself out the window. The people who say that parenting is the toughest job, aren't kidding... I find that dealing with bitchy retail customers is much easier than dealing with this brat. LOL But, I wouldn't trade my homemaker job for anything else 'cause I love mah kid.

    My kid's 20 months old, however I acted as a second parent (I'm the eldest of 5) to my siblings until I had to move out to have my own life, so I can understand the struggle that comes with all the ages. My mom can't have any nice things because her kids are always breaking her stuff, or stealing it. They're highly dependent on technology and internet, they also can't be trusted to do anything responsible unless you send a trustworthy adult to supervise. It's incredibly annoying, because she's taught them better than that. This includes my 21 year old sister, who still lives with our mom and behaves like an irresponsible child a lot of the time. Could be that we've never had a decent father figure around (except for me, I always had to step in and be the deep voiced scary person who made the kids clean up their acts), but that's a separate issue. XD

    Hang in there, Nydanna. <3 I hope you'll get the peace you very much deserve. Those kids are out of their minds it sounds like. X__x; I'd babysit for you if I could.
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  3. 20 months, I miss those days. My aunt told me when I was pregnant 'Little kids, little problems. Big kids, big problems.' I never realized just how right she was till my oldest hit 13. (Only three more years till she can get her license as she constantly points out, and 5 years till she can move out, as I point out. lol)

    I feel bad for her, I really do, because she's at the stage where she feels like her only friends are online, and the kids in her school are all a bunch of little brats. The girls dress like they're 21 years old and treat any girl with an ounce of self respect like crap for not dressing like tramps. My daughter is one of those girls who wears jeans, and sweat pants, her shorts always cover her butt, and her shirts don't show any skin. Fortunately for me, she likes dressing that way, but she shouldn't have to get crap for it because she doesn't want to look like a hoochie momma. Seriously, the bullying crap in schools today really needs to change. I've been saying that parents should be fined, or held legal responsible for their kids being little terrors, but apparently it's too much to ask that parents be responsible for their own kids. D=

    My other two, I honestly don't know what's going on with them. My youngest used to be my good one, but since she learned how to ride a bike, and I've given her a bit of freedom to ride over to her friend's house and not be stuck in the backyard when she goes outside, she acts like she's a little adult. I swear if she tells me 'You're not the boss of me' one more time I'm buying some obscenely hot hotsauce and putting it on her tongue.

    I know how it is to be the oldest. I'm the oldest of three, but I'm older by 9-10 years, while my sister and brother are 11 months apart. I kind of lucked out though because I got to be the cool older sister who would sneak my younger siblings into R rated movies, and bought them games my mother wouldn't approve of. (I took my brother to go see Freddy Got Fingered when he was 12...Let's just say, that was the last time I ever did the movie thing without looking the movie up first. lol) But being the oldest didn't really help me out a whole lot with the whole parenting thing. Sure I knew how to change a diaper, and I could whip up a bottle of formula with my eyes closed, but the whole time out thing, and not snapping when I have four kids screaming at me for asking them to clean up after themselves...I don't think anything can prepare you for that. @_@

    Take my advice, only have one! I love my kids to pieces, but if I had it all to do over again I would have stopped with my oldest. I actually wanted to, but no one wanted to tie the tubes of a 22 year old with only one kid because they thought I'd change my mind. @_@ Seriously, doctors should not be allowed to dictate what someone does with their body....
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  4. I'm not parent, but I've had many friends who have had children and I've helped raise them. Shoot, I'm called Uncle Graves by most of them, as I have babysat and looked after many of them as if they were part of my family. But of course, I was also (as we all were) kids are one point. I'm sure I put my parents minds through hell with some of the crap my brother and I would go out and do and it drove them up a wall on occasion. I can't say for sure I know exactly what it's like to be a parent and have the children around on a consistent basis, but I've put up with a fair amount of the shenanigans the kids would attempt whilst trying to pull the wool over my eyes.

    I sympathize a bit and I can say one thing for sure as I know many who are may age have come to understand as well.

    That is, when they are old enough to be in your shoes, they'll look back and understand mom was right. Dad was right. The authority figures were right. I can only hope those many children whom I've watched grow up (the oldest now seven) will be able to see the world from that same light one day in the future and see just how crazy they made their parents. For some reason though, I find it glorious. I say that, because it's like a direct reflection between all kids; we all grow up being rebellious toward our parents only to one day realize they were typically right.

    As said, I'm not parent, but I feel I understand. Good luck with those kids though, I'm sure they won't drive you to drink or take a hike down the middle of the highway; one day you'll look back and realize just how tough parents really are and know that your one of them.
  5. I am also not a parent, but like fluffy I practically raised my siblings cause my parents worked all the time. That meant Cooking dinners, decorating for the holidays and making sure everyone's lunches we made INCLUDING MY PARENTS. I did laundry while having screaming matches with Victoria when she was four years old. I've nearly broken my neck hundreds of time because Kevin would leave his empty Xbox game cases lying around (step on those fuckers just right on a rug and you'll go FLYING)

    I've had many fits with Kevin trying to get him to do things wasn't as hard as Victoria, Kevin has autism and needs a lot of special care, but Victoria was our princess and Christ did she act like one.

    "I don't like crust"
    "I don't like hot dogs"
    "I don't like this"
    "I don't want to use that color"

    Some-days occurred that I swear I wouldn't have hair in my head.

    One day, Your gonna miss those bike tracks in your living room, and that tantrum, the mischievousness of their curiosity and blatant disregard for your rearing them.

    I'm not a parent but I absolutely miss my brother and sister even though, they drove me crazy, I gave up friends and sports, and all the thing normal high school kids do to be their for them and while at the time I hated it, Today I appreciate every moment of it.

    lol Enjoy the chaos while it lasts, Life is full of ups and downs, and if they aren't driving you crazy, they are robotic clones XD I'm happy everyone is sharing their parenting moments its refreshing to know that I only had to handle my sibling at their worst. Now they are complete angels, figures. It's just good to see and hear from parents and non-parents about children. I always think I am not prepared to be a parent or have my own but this reminds me that if I did, I had great practice and I'll be alright. Thanks guys!! you're all amazing people <3
  6. I'm just an adolescent, but I have some psychology knowledge and experience with taking care of kids.

    What happens is actually somewhat simple, the human being, for some unknown reason (or at least unknown for me) has an incredible attraction toward the prohibited, this is shown at early age (4-10), if the children's education is strict but fair, this can be highly reduced when the kid reaches the age of (11-14).

    What I would recommend you to do (And what I do) is to impose your authority on them, I'm not telling you to yell at them or to hit them with a shoe, they must know that you are in charge and they must follow your orders, if they don't, consequences will arrive. You could reward them when they do something right or if they follow your orders exactly as said... or better, this way their subconscious will relate rewards with good behavior (I don't know the name received by this in english).

    A good way to impose over them is talk with authority (Not yelling, with a high tone and a "I'm serious" face should be enough), you can warn them about the consequences of their bad behavior. Now, in what most people fail is, THAT THEY DON'T APPLY THEIR WORDS (In other words, they don't do what they say), that is the worst mistake, because it'll make they think "Oh, she is not serious, and even if she is, she won't do anything".

    Hope this to help you in some way~