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  1. Hello! I've found myself with a lot of extra time on my hands, and would love to get into a few roleplays. Here are my main requirements for potential partners:
    • Be literate.
    • Grammar is a must.
    • Multi-paragraph replies.
    • Active--at least one reply every day or two.
    • Friendly.
    • Willing to be active in coming up with ideas and further plotting.
    • Please be 18+.
    Woo~! Now that that's covered, let's get into the plots I have.


    Plot #1: Pride and Prejudice


    This will be an FxF roleplay.
    Character A is a girl from a prominent rich family, Christian, successful in school and loved by all who know her. When her best friend confides in her that he is gay, she goes with him to the Seattle Pride parade with an open mind, wanting to support his decisions and take notes on a community she was never allowed to get involved in. However, she meets Character B, a giggly, beautiful artist--who happens to be female--and Character A is immediately intrigued. The two spend a great deal of time together and quickly become friends. Character A was never interested in boys despite her father's push for her to get a boyfriend, but the more time she spends with Character B, the more she begins to wonder what her sexual orientation is. Will she admit what she is scared to discover? You can chose who to play, Character A or Character B.

    Plot #2: War for Peace


    The Royal City of Quastre is an advanced civilization with old-fashioned ways. The rich are separated from the poor, royalty have absolute power, and outside the walls of the great city all is in shambles. The king, a lonely man who wants nothing but peace for the realm, is faced with a decree from an opposing country saying that Quastre must join their forces or be eliminated. The city, very much it's own independent country seeing as there are no neighboring inhabitable areas for miles, is faced with a choice. Do they stay neutral in a world at war, do they ally with the losing side, the side that fights for freedom and equality? Or do they side with the greater numbers, an unjust emperor who would change all way of life as they know it?

    Plot #3: Demento


    Jane Cardolet is a college student who has strange dreams. When she closes her eyes she sees blood, people without souls, ripped drapes and shattered glass and a laboratory filled with deadly experiments. The dreams seem so real, she often wakes during the night in a panic, drawn to the castle that she sees in her mind. Even during the day she hallucinates and wonders why her normal life twisted to become so dark. What if she was being called to some dark fate, a castle on a hill, an experiment never completed? Within the Castle Demento lies monsters, homonculi, ghosts, demons, and all manner of terrifying paranormal beings created as a result of some failed, horrific test. But she is drawn to them like a moth to the flame, and they are drawn to her, and when she seeks out the castle of her dreams she may find a deeper history rooting her to stone walls that is more terrifying than she ever could've imagined. The master has been waiting. But will he be able to control the evil of his own design when he realizes his own despair has gone too far?

    Plot #4: You Win or You Die


    This will be a Game of Thrones roleplay, based partially on JonxSansa.
    After Robert Baratheon successful overthrows the Mad King, he marries Lyanna Stark as planned and together they have two sons--Jon Baratheon and Gendry Baratheon, (Jon Snow and Gendry Waters, respectively). All is peaceful, until seventeen years later King Robert replaces Tywin Lannister as Hand of the King with Ned Stark, his brother-in-law and best friend, and marries Sansa to his son Jon. The Lannisters, realizing that their proclamation of power has been offended, launch war on Houses Baratheon and Stark and manage to murder Queen Lyanna with an undercover assassin. Enraged, King Robert and Lord Stark must reunite to take down the Lannister superpower. A very different take on George R.R. Martin's critically acclaimed tale.

    Plot #5: Revenge of the North


    This will be a Game of Thrones roleplay.
    This roleplay is based on the theory that Howland Reed is the High Sparrow. With the late Ned Stark's best friend infiltrating King's Landing and summoning his own personal army. Sansa coming into her own politically, Arya learning the ways of murder in Braavos and Rickon preparing to return, this seems the perfect opportunity to begin the retaking of Robb Stark's Kingdom. A defeated Jon Snow, having been set free from the Night's Watch after his ritualistic stabbing (we could also have him be Azor Ahai), returns to Sansa's side and fights with her. There's no knowing where this story could go, but I'm in love with the idea. Serious Game of Thrones/ASOIAF nerds only.

    Plot #6: Will You Give Us Our Whisky Now?


    The risk of equality for slaves is one the South cannot take. Character A, the only daughter of a rich plantation owner, watches the cruel treatment of her father's slaves day after day, refusing to accept the "necessity" of it, in her father's words. One slave inparticular, bought and sold from Africa, is always kind to her despite his situation. Character A doesn't know how Character B can stand his treatment and still be so polite. But when the master of the house leaves on business, Character A visits with the slaves and tends to them in the absence of her father, mother and elder brother. Certain affections arise between Character A and B. But when the war finally breaks out, will they be able to stay together and escape to the Northern states, or will they perish for the crime of loving one another?

    Plot #7: The Secret Garden


    Victorian England was a time of rich colors, art, and self-discovery. Character A comes from a rich and prosperous family, much like Character B, and the two are both young singles waiting to find the right match. Every Sunday after church, their families along with esteemed families from similar, wealthy backgrounds, meet for tea at The Secret Garden to discuss the latest gossip, news, romance and general goings-on. Some will approve of the growing romance between Characters A and B, some will set up opportunities for them to bond, but others may seek to replace Character B with their own approved match for Character A. Humor, drama and romance will ensue in this exotic setting. So, how much sugar do you like in your tea?

    Plot #8: Splendor Asunder


    Character A is a lonely princess in an ancient world, filled with politicians, advanced mechanics, various gods and splendor beyond compare. But she always knew there was something different about her. Ever since she was a little girl and developed the powers of communication with the stars. there was never anything quite...right. The priests and priestesses treated her differently and friends never stuck around for long. Even her father was distant. But on her seventeenth birthday, Character A is told that her ability to bend light fulfills a prophecy of a sacred Goddess--she is the only one capable of destroying the darkness that has infected the adjacent country and turned it's residents into blood-hungry beasts. However, hearing this, Character B springs into action. He is a god cast down for disobedience and chaos, for he was known to have dark tendencies and attempt to corrupt the purity of the other gods. Character A is the key to his freedom as well as the savior that will end the suffering of the world caused by the rising darkness. Can Character A inadvertently convince Character B to join her cause for peace, or will he use her for his own freedom?
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  2. Oh Lady Stark!

    I'm interested in Idea 3: Demento, and Idea 8: Splendor Asunder. Just thought I'd let you know! If there is one you're more interested in, please let me know!
  3. Oooo, hooray! Which one would you like to do, sweetie? I have lots of frightening ideas for the horror one, less so for #8.
  4. I'm specifically interested in doing 6 abd seven. They both sound like really great rp ideas. (Sucks 1 isn't free. I would've loved to do that one.)
  5. 1 has actually dropped, so if you want to snag that one please PM me. It seems that every time I try to do this plot something comes up, so I'd love to really get this plot going with someone who loves it as much as I do. :/
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