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    “It's like we're the Robin Hoods of Moriana, giving light to the dark from the rich to the poor!”

    This will be the basic premise and history of what this Roleplay will be about. Your characters will live within this world I've thought up. It's not fleshed out entirely yet, but this is just a simple Interest Check isn't it? Weapons and magic are minimal, this will be character driven, and not all that rigid except I do expect posting expectations to be seven sentences minimum, adept.

    Osmoria receives no sunlight. The land has been dark for as long as there's been written record; it's impossible to say whether the planet has ever seen a sun instead of the moon in the sky. The only ways for the people to know of the passing time is the shape of the moon and the color of the sky. It is because there is no light, that the world is the way it is now.

    Hundreds of years ago, the humans of Osmoria settled in the land that is now the sprawling Moriana Empire (the only empire). They ventured deep into the forests in search of adventure. It is there that they found the Lux trees, the only known producers of light in their fruit. The land was immediately bought and solk; whoever was willing to pay the money would get the Lux trees and their seeds to plant more. The wealthy would get the light and do with it as they would and anyone could have guessed that this would be what would happen. They provided businesses and rich entrepreneurs with the way to sell light at prices only the wealthy could afford.

    The fruit of the Lux is later found out to have magical properties. Being exposed to it long enough gives people quicker regenerative abilities, and their health is enhanced without any known defects. Senses are sharpened, stamina is raised, strength and speed is heightened; some entrepreneurs sell it on the black market as a drug. Only another factor to give the wealthy another advantage.

    Moriana became the leading empire it is now because of the Lux trees. Now, there is a clear divide between the people: the ones who bask in the light with large manors and Lux after Lux in their land; the ones who reside in the dark, whether they are poor or middle-class who could work in the light farms without ever benefiting from their labor. The only light and heat they could afford would be fire and coal, but those too are regulated by the upper class. The people are called the Illuminated and the Pitched.

    Uprisings and rebellions are everywhere in Moriana. They have been quickly defeated by the trained soldiers of the Illuminated. None of the movements for the sharing of light have been successful. That is until several months ago.

    Several months prior, a group of people in hoods and armed with various stolen weapons did something unspeakable. They stole the fruit of the Lux from within the Illuminated's walls without getting caught by the guards and came back to the Pitched. They hadn't taken enough to notify the Illuminated but a figure running in the distance had been spotted by a wandering guard.

    The Pitched are being shown light and the Illuminated are suspicious. This is where the story begins.


    Your characters will be one of three “types” listed here. Just basic info. I'd like these to be as even as possible.
    • One of the Illuminated: you will live in filthy wealth in the center of Moriana Empire. You either own the Lux or your produce the light to sell to those who can afford it. Light is a commodity to you and the lower class call you “Ill” to insult you.
    • One of the Pitched: you will live either in poverty or in the middle class. You scrounge around and survive as much as you can. Some of you will be the workers in the Lux farms, so close to the light and not getting to use it at all. The Illuminated call you “Pits” and don't see the difference between the poor and the middle-class.
    • One of the Matches: you could be either an Illuminated or a Pitched. The Matches' headquarters is an abandoned Lux farm and you laugh because the Illuminated bigots won't even think someone would take their old farms. You are trained to be able to defend yourself in case you run into the guards and are sent to steal the Lux fruits to give to the Pitched. Who knows why you're helping them out. Justice? Maybe. Kindness? Aren't you nice. Selfishness? Probably.

    So tell me what you think. Ask any questions. I'm all ears. Give me suggestions.
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  2. Sounds interesting!
  3. I'm interested.
  4. Great! What I'm thinking is, if this gets more interest/changing bits of the plot to fit a smaller group, I'll put up the OOC and CS. I need to update the first post with some effects of the Lux fruit. But it's basically: Think, light magic? It's a healing magic and a morale boost. I saw the Lux fruit magic as an enhancer "buff" magic. Gives the people exposed to it higher regenerative qualities and strength/senses/speed/stamina the usual.
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  5. I really like it. It sounds like a movie. Are there any other magics in the world?
  6. Magic-wise, I see most of the magic to be utilized as enhancements.

    Magic used to enhance your eyesight since there isn't enough light, etc. The people of Moriana are quite interested in alchemy though. Potions and the like. They've only progressed far enough for acid and something as explosive as a firecracker. Do with this knowledge as you will.
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  7. I really like it! This is really well detailed :)
  8. Eeee excitement....
  9. Thank you for being interested @Navi Jay! I think that, if I don't get more interest, I'll write up a smaller "plot" for this smaller group and try to get it up sometime this week!
  10. Sorry if I seem pushy haha I'm not well known for my outstanding patience.
  11. Oh no, it's fine! Sometimes I need a little push from people to stop procrastinating, so I think you'll be helpful in helping me make this an interesting RP XD

    While I do my plotting, if you have any ideas or suggestions, I'm all ears!
  12. Oh! Ok well if you are asking I did have an idea.

    Maybe the beginning of this rp there could be rumors of a meeting of the Matches commencing in a very poor Pitched village or area of town and some of the characters can meet up there and start interacting there.

    And for those who wish to play the villains, there is a Illuminated ball going on and some of our characters decide to meet in a study or something and discuss the 'Matches' issue and who knows some Matches could be there spying in or actually in the meeting and will go back to report in to the Matches.
  13. This is ordinarily where I say, "I knew there was a reason I hired you!" but I didn't hire you. Oh well.

    I like your ideas and if the rest of the group agrees to it, this'll be the premise of the beginning.

    On the note of characters, what is the general opinion number for of characters per RPer? @ravenDivinity @Indabayou @Navi Jay

    Hopefully there'll be more people who will join when I post the OOC.

  14. How did I miss so many posts????

    And, I don't mind however many characters we end up playing. I could do one or two possibly if I needed to.
  15. Haha well thanks boss I live to serve! I wish I could run rps or anything for real for real but I just don't have the...idk ability or some ish..

    I usually manage one character because by the time im done with one CS I'm too lazy to make another?
  16. Hmm alright, I think I can work with this. If I make a nice banner... and a nice first post... a good ooc layout... we could get maybe a couple more people.

    Or I could just skip all that work and fix the plot which is actually in my capabilities instead of all that.
  17. Either way it looks like it'll be a fun ride
  18. Well how do you even make a banner? And the OOC part well thats just the plot and rules etc etc. My buddy makes good banners but I think he's either avoiding me or ignoring me...idk if I can call him a buddy anymore :(
  19. Normally I roleplay one or two characters. More if necessary.

    I think we need two more if we really want things to get moving, but that's just me.
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  20. Good afternoon friends
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