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  1. Roleplay set to begin sometime later (EST)

    Only Light in the Dark began when several months prior to its beginnings, a group of people in hoods and armed with various stolen weapons did something unspeakable. They stole the fruit of the Lux from within the Illuminated's walls without getting caught by the guards and came back to the Pitched. They hadn't taken enough to notify the Illuminated but a figure running in the distance had been spotted by a wandering guard. The group is known as the Matches and they are set on sharing the light to everyone.

    The beginning of the RP is at the manor of an affluent Lux farmer and producer, Sir Archer Draven, who hosts a feast and ball for the Illuminated. Ordinarily, this would not have been a surprise. It is when the rest of Moriana is in the midst of a famine. The night of the ball is also when the Matches have decided to steal fruit of the Lux from the very same man. Both ball and feast is held in his manor which is connected with his Lux farm, the target for the Matches. It is only a matter of the characters how this will possibly go.​

    "It's like we're the Robin Hoods of Moriana, giving light to the dark from the rich to the poor!"

    Living on the planet of Osmoria in the Moriana Empire, the people live in darkness. The world the people live in has never received sunlight and it never will. Moriana, surrounded on all sides by oceans and seas, sits on the only inhabitable land possible for humans to survive on. The light that they get is bare but it is not night but neither is it dusk. The moon hangs over their heads and stays there for ten Earth days, one day for the people of Moriana. Though the people have not advanced far, they have something that sets them apart.

    Hundreds of years ago, the people of Osmoria lived in small settlements who traded and worked together. One day, an adventurous group of them decided to venture into the thick and overgrown forest. They wandered deep into it with various reactions from the pungent aroma from them. They were awed by the luminescent fungi and the trees towering over them. It was when they encountered the, later named, Lux trees that they knew they had found something amazing.

    The fruit of the Lux, large and reliable producers of light, were discovered and the world of Osmoria changed. The land was bought and sold to the highest bidder; the wealthy and elite gathered around the forest, their Lux farms. Society was created and civilization began with a strict line between who was who: the ones who bask in the light with large manors and Lux after Lux in their land; the ones who reside in the dark, whether they are poor or middle-class who could work in the light farms without ever benefiting from their labor. The people are called the Illuminated and the Pitched.

    There are rebellions and there are uprisings, but they are hardly any real trouble. The story begins when the trouble becomes a genuine threat to the way Moriana has worked and you are a part of it.
    • Would very much prefer if there were an equal amount of characters in each group.
      • Illuminated: you will live in filthy wealth in the center of Moriana Empire. You either own the Lux or your produce the light to sell to those who can afford it. Light is a commodity to you and the lower class call you “Ill” to insult you. You live in your own society, surrounded by other Illuminated and rarely do you so much as set foot in the Pitched's areas and markets. You are a typical spoiled elitist. Or maybe you're not?
      • Pitched: you will live either in poverty or the middle class. You scrounge around and survive as much as you can. Some of you will be the workers in the Lux farms, so close to the light and not getting to use it at all. With so much exposure to the Lux though, you have the same health advantages as the Illuminated. The Illuminated call you “Pits” and don't see the difference between the poor and the middle-class.​
      • Matches: you could be either an Illuminated or a Pitched. The Matches' headquarters is an abandoned Lux farm and you laugh because the Ill bigots won't even think someone would take their old farms. You are trained to be able to defend yourself in case you run into the guards and are sent to steal the Lux fruits to give to the Pitched. Who knows why you're helping them out. Justice? Maybe. Kindness? Aren't you nice. Selfishness? Probably.
      • The fruit of the Lux trees are offered for exorbitant prices so only the Illuminated can afford them. The fruit of the Lux was found out to have magical properties. Being exposed to it long enough gives people quicker regenerative abilities, and their health is enhanced without any known defects. Senses are sharpened, stamina is raised, strength and speed is heightened; some entrepreneurs sell it on the black market as a drug. Only another factor to give the wealthy another advantage.

        Some took the name "fruit" of the Lux in its most literal sense and found out that Lux fruit is edible. When opened, the Lux fruit smells like durian fruit and tastes like the smell of marijuana smoke. It is an acquired taste and smell with side effects. Eating a Lux fruit results in a state of lightness and the person becomes a combination of high and intoxicated. A saying people have adapted is, "A lux may be pretty but it can't change it's smell."

        Before they had Lux fruit to work with, the people of Moriana had used various herbs and ingredients to make potions. They only got far enough to create acid and small explodables but now with the Lux as a new ingredient, it is unknown what new advancements could be made. Scientists and alchemistrists are heavily monitored and their findings and researched are taken by the Illuminated.

        The technology in Moriana is medieval. Horse and wagons. Metal and bronze. Then there is the subject of fire. There is indeed fire as lightning strikes and fire storms begin in the forests. The problem with using the fire as a light source is that the wood they could have used is notorious for being either damp or near impossible to ply off the thick trees. Coal on the other hand is distributed only to the blacksmiths and even then, only enough to smelt swords and various metal tools.
      • Humans would have to have evolved to live without sunlight.
        The planet is an Earth-like planet... however, it is tidally locked to the sun-star. This means that one side of the planet ALWAYS faces the sun, and the other ALWAYS faces away from it. Normally, this would mean bad things, as one side would be smoldering and other deathly cold. If the planet had an atmosphere, it would be in constant hurricanes, as the heat and cold exchange sides - HOWEVER, the planet is mostly water-covered, this heat exchange is facilitated by the water. One side of the planet would be ever daylight and sweltering, while the other side would be ever night and freezing - but with the water currents, it tempers both of these halves, meaning they are actually habitable. However, the water would be an absolute mess - since it would be in constant motion, Osmoria gets powerful currents as the water migrates, not to mention the tide from the moon.

        Now, the side facing away from the sun-star has subzero, arctic conditions or worse and side facing the sun-star is off-limits because the people want to avoid sunlight. Imagine a band around the planet, a belt right around the middle between the hot side and the cool side. Expand that belt a bit so that it is 40 degrees wide, 20 degrees on each side of the belt. Now, drop Australia onto the edge of the band facing the cold half of the planet; that is all the land there is as too much land results in hurricanes. This continent would live in darkness, not QUITE night, but not QUITE dusk either. As people walk from one side to the other, they would notice a light difference getting slightly lighter the more they approach the centre of the band. Stretch the landmass a bit so this light change is negligible. There is now a sausage the size of Australia in the middle of the ocean.

        There is a volcanic mountain range to the west of the continent, giving consistent rainfall.

        The "temperate" zone on the continent where the people live is cool and constant in climate. It would be quite windy (Not gale force, just windy) and the lower temperature limit would be -20ºC, while the upper limit would be 15ºC. This is constant and never changes by more than a few degrees. There are no seasons. The upper temperature limit is what most of Moriana lives in. The people have to dress warmly, but not bundle up. They could comfortably wear lighter clothing and heavier clothing, so the average person would wear clothing of light sweater consistency.

        Because of the water storms, one side of the continent is subject to constant tsunamis, causing large amounts of erosion. Big, jagged cliffs with deadly sea lies at the bottom. This means that the continent would be shrinking, but it would take a long time for it to become a problem. The other side of the continent has more peaceful, calm sea to a point - anyone going out with a ship would soon encounter gale-force water storms and die. This confines people to the continent, preventing them from ever seeing the sun. They believe the world to be flat. Not only is it natural to assume the world is flat for primitive nations, the classic "water flows off the edge of the world" idea, is supported by "fact," as people who strayed too far from the continent would be subject to massive, roiling water-storms, and probably be shipwrecked. Survivors would return and say that they saw the edge of the world.

        The moon is just a moon, rotating around like Earth's moon does. The moon rotates a bit faster than Earth's moon, say 10 days. So a "day" on Osmoria would be 10 days, one Moon phase.

        Plant life would be very limited, as there is not enough light to properly photosynthesize... however, there are forests on Osmoria and this is how.

        The trees are VERY thick and VERY large, with deep, deep roots, and the crust is thinner than on earth. This means the deep roots get to be... GEOTHERMAL! No photosynthesis, no leaves, but very deep roots. Geothermal wells on Earth can be very shallow or very deep depending on many factors. The trees a root depth of around 2 metres for a young sapling, and 7-10 for a big, old guy.

        Fruit from the trees (containing seeds) would be large and VERY sugary. This is because the tree sapling needs to have enough energy to grow to a point where its roots can start absorbing geothermal energy (and the fruit is its only source of energy until it starts the geothermal process). The fruit, about one foot in diameter, would have a big pip in the centre. When the fruit drops to the ground, the pip starts to grow into a... tree fetus? This "tree fetus" would extend one very long root (like a thin tentacle) into the ground, absorbing the rotting, sugary fruit for energy. If it gets deep enough to start a geothermal loop, it survives. Otherwise, it dies. Once it gets one root down there, it slowly grows other roots before growing a large trunk and branches.

        Since the seeds NEED the fruit to survive, the seeds cannot be planted without the whole fruit. This means the fruit cannot be eaten and pooped out somewhere else by an animal like fruit on Earth is - the "tree fetus" seed will only grow if it naturally falls from the tree. This means the trees would be very close together and VERY tangled up, leading to a very spooky forest setting.

        There are also carnivorous "plants" - creatures that are stationary and have roots, but they eat animals. Geothermal isn't needed here, their energy is from MEAT.

        There are also a lot of fungi, or fungi analogues, growing off rotting trees. They're are some fungi with bioluminescense. People wall their houses with living fungi to light their house. It would not be as bright as Lux trees or a candle, but it would be mildly effective.

        At the top of the tree canopy, there would be REAL plants that live off photosynthesis, but they would be tiny, a delicacy.

        To prevent the forests from reaching across the entire continent, natural wildfires would be common to thin the ranks of the trees (much like what happens in Earth forests). Wildfires would be caused by lightning from storms.

        Most of these tree species exchange genetic material with flowers pollinated by small creatures (insects like bees). They would be extremely pungent to make up for colour (as it is useless without light), so the forest would smell of flower all the time (the aroma receives various reactions from disgust to delight).

        Now, the Lux trees have something special. Instead of using flowers to pollinate and fruit to grow a new tree, they combined them into one. The fruit contains genetic material spread throughout it, and can absorb genetic material from the juices of other Lux trees (brought by the mouthparts of feeding animals). The fruit also contains the pip to create a new Lux tree. Now, getting rid of the flowers meant also getting rid of scent. To attract animals, the Lux trees evolved so that their fruit luminesces. This glow attracts animals to the fruit to eat and exchange genetic material with other trees. When a Lux tree accumulates enough diverse genetic material, some of its fruit ceases to glow, and then they fall and rot like the other fruit does. Lux trees can take as much time as they want to grow but bigger fruit equals faster growing even a metre in diameter or so.

        If people wanted to grow any plant other than a tree (which has the fruit to sustain itself), they would NEED to bring dirt from the forest. The dirt would be rich with composted creatures and plants, so things like fungi could grow in it.

        Courtesy of @Fugue
      • Character Sheet: You can play as many characters as you can handle, but I want them to be treated equal in terms of attention and detail. Your first three characters should be in different groups.
        [b]Name:[/b] Self-explanatory isn't it?
        [b]Age:[/b] Over twelve preferably
        [b]Group:[/b] Illuminated, Pitched, or Matches? If Matches, what were you before?
        [b]Appearance:[/b] Art or real pictures please OPTIONAL
        [b]Physical Description:[/b] Doesn't need to be really long. A paragraph on attire, height, body type, whatever NOTE most of your characters will be pale with light hair from lack of sunlight. If they are not, explain why
        [b]Personality:[/b] You can either do this with a list and give me five good, five bad traits with a sentence explaining how they are like that. OR you could just write it out for me
        [b]Background:[/b] Tell me their history, tell me their motives, tell me who they are. At least one paragraph please
        [b]Abilities:[/b] What can they do? How are they useful to the Matches? What is their role in Pitched/Illuminated society?
        [b]Other:[/b] Anything else to know about you?
      • Organized in alphabetical order
        Cassiopia LeBeau by @MotherOfCthulhu
        Garan Holewulf by @Fugue
        Hart Eliwood by @Vietmyke
        Ilo Ven by @Naberius
        Renae Harper Boffin by @Cephalo
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  2. Ok CS coming soonish
  3. This concept is simple, yet beautiful. I'll be making a character soon.
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  4. Good idea! I have a concept for a character, but I'm not entirely sure whether it'd be acceptable to you. Would it be possible for Lux exposure to cause someone to mutate into glowing themselves? Not glowing from the outside, but sort of like a fleshy lantern, fluctuating based on mood?
  5. What is the technology like in this RP? Wagons and Horses? Rudimentary machines?

    Same with weapons, are we talking Sword-n-Board? Magic? Firearms?

    -also, do people not have access to fire in this world?
  6. That's perfectly fine. @Draeven

    @Vietmyke The tech would be wagons and horses. Think medieval times for tech level here.
    Weapons would be the same: swords, daggers, bows and arrows, spears, axes, etc. Thanks for reminding me about the fire! Fire is more of a rare thing? In the science tab, it explains that there would be fire storms from lightning. But the problem is coal and ways to create fire are rare. Wood from forests is hard to gather unless you want to use grass to sustain a fire.
  7. Name: Lady Cassiopia LeBeau.
    Age: 21
    Group: Illuminated.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: She is a doting daughter, her love for her father is deep and genuine and she would move mountains if he asked it of her. She is a well respected Lady among her peers, well spoken, demure, sweet and just the right amount of modest. This being said she is also intelligent, sharp witted and grounded to reality. She has strong belief's and sticks to them while remaining open to other ideas and ways of life. That being said she can come across as a little naive and occasionally seems selfish or oblivious. She feels a deep grief and debt that no one in the Illuminated would quite understand and perhaps that was why she helped the Matches.
    Background: Cassiopia was born an Illuminated but her mother was a Pitched who worked one of LeBeau's many Lux farms. One day as the other Pitched took breaks she was bought before the Master in his home, there stood his wife at the time, Constance and a guard who, with a nod of approval from Lady Constance, stripped the fabrics from Cass's Mother to reveal her body. Humiliated and further so as the Lord and Lady looked over the woman's body as if assessing cattle. With a quiet nod Lady Constance left and what followed was both the most terrifying and wonderful sex that Cass's Mother had known. Several times over the months this happened and she was sworn to secrecy on pain of death, or worse, dismissal. Until finally she was aware of her pregnancy with Cass, upon her next summoning she told the Lord she could not partake in their usual activities as she was with child and the Lord seemed pleased.

    Lord LeBeau was a generous man over the next few months, slipping her food unseen, dried Lux mainly and summoning her as before to check on the pregnancy. Her belly swelled and she felt the kind of love and affection she was not sure she would ever feel. Lady Constance no longer appeared at their meetings and for that she was grateful, LeBeau would stroke her swollen belly and kiss her forehead and all would be well. Part of her hoped she would be named an official courtesan and while she was fit to burst with excitement she kept her secrecy as asked by her lover.

    When the time came for the birth she was visited by her Husband's house guard who held her hand as she gave birth and cut the cord as Cass breathed her first air. Wrapped in the finest silk cloth Cass's poor mother saw her child only briefly, golden hair and pale porcelain skin, beautiful like her father. She reached out to take her girl and asked to be taken to see the Lord only to be denied her girl and fired by the house guard. What happened after that is up to debate, some say the grief of losing her daughter drove her mad while others would say she visited the gates of the farm daily until her bones grew too weak and she slipped falling to her death.

    Cass was taken to her fathers home and there she grew up as the child of Master Lebeau and his Lady Constance until her sad demise five years later. Her father who was kind before became doting, she was dressed only in the finest clothes and her hand maidens were Illuminated born only. If she wanted something she got it and if she cried he would be there. This being said he had no intention of raising a spoiled brat, with no son his heir was his daughter and she was schooled in the business, taken out to the farms and instructed on how they ran, she was given fencing lessons and taught figures as well.

    At her coming of age party she was flaunted for Illuminated society, her first official outing into the world and both father and daughter were nervous. She was toasted a princess and her manners and beauty praised by all those in attendance, she had a queue of dancing partners and by the darkest point of the night she had to excuse herself for air. She took to her father's study for some peace and sat quietly by the window flicking through the papers on his desk with idle curiosity.

    It was then she came across a picture of a woman she'd never seen before and yet who shared an eerie familiarity with her. They had the same shaped nose and cheek bones. It wasn't her mother -in her opinion- and she'd never seen her at the estate. On the back it read 'Pitched Worker 358 Caire.' Confused she waited until the end of the party to confront her father who was honest and told her the truth, the mother she knew was barren, she couldn't have children so they chose a worker from the farms who looked suitable and asked her to mother a child for them.

    He told her how upon her birth she'd been bought home as was the original plan, of course he left out the less savoury bits, like how Clara had not known this ti be the plan or how she was taken from her mothers legs without so much as a howdy do. He explained that they had named her after tales of lights like the Lux in the sky and that one of them had that name and when they sent letter to the Pitched to her mother the house was found empty. It took a year for Cass to fully forgive her father but she could not fault him or love him any less for what he had done.

    Cass has now aged to 21 years, she works closely with her father who is teaching her how to run the estate before his eventual retirement. They often visit the farms of the other successful families and sometimes the less so farms and in doing so she has had a broad education in the suffering of the Pitched that, while not in extreme ways, makes her question the way their society works. She has been pursued by several illuminated men but both father and daughter agree she can wait another year or so before worrying about picking someone.

    She literally opens doors for them, or gates, she can reroute guards or give the Matches their routes so as to avoid them. She can get them in and out of the city and provide them with materials for armour or food stuffs. To say nothing of her fencing prowess or her own ability with herbs and medicines in the arts of healing.

    - It should be noted she will never betray her father (unless he does something absolutely monstrous but that isn't how he's written).
    - I've left it open to interpretation if her mothers still alive, who knows she might be, feel free to fill in the gaps.
    - She is not unsympathetic to the plight of the Pitched but at the same she doesn't think the Illuminated should be punished for what they have. She just thinks it should be shared about a bit more.
    - At the start of this RP I'd like to think her efforts to help the Matches are unknown though perhaps suspected by some. Just to give us something to RP against.
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  8. Hmm... making a character for the Matches, currently torn between a grubby thief from the Pitched, or a rich benefactor/warrior from the Illuminated
  9. Haha Thanks ^_^;;; on the phone or it would be finished. :D
  10. The Lux/Alchemistry/Tech tab is now updated with fire and the level of tech!

    EDIT: why didn't anyone tell me before I decided to become a GM that I actually have to read all of the CSes oh god so much to read
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  11. I have a character idea but no art or picture. I'll try to search for something, but until then, is it okay if I just give a written description?
  12. It's fine! Maybe I should have put appearance was optional...
  13. Hello all i've been a little lazy because I was watching this video on Youtube and it really was messed up idk if y'all have heard of Markipler but watch his most recent video it'll...change you.
  14. @Cephalo Sounds good to me :) also CS is all finished now, sort of lost my train of thought due to the phone call but hopefully that's not overly noticeable.

    Name: Yrian
    Age: 19
    Group: Matches (Pitched)

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Physical Description: Doesn't need to be really long. A paragraph on attire, height, body type, whatever

    Personality: She likes to be in control of things, but never wants to take responsibility for her actions when something goes wrong. She's vengeful and almost never forgives. She wanted justice and equality for her people, but her anger towards those in power led to a growing darkness in her heart that turned her aspirations toward forceful takeover.

    Background: Tell me their history, tell me their motives, tell me who they are. At least one paragraph please

    Abilities: What can they do? How are they useful to the Matches? What is their role in Pitched/Illuminated society?

    Other: Anything else to know about you?
  16. Name: Garan Holewulf

    Age: Mid thirties (Exact age unknown)

    Group: Matches (Formerly a Pitched who worked as a servant for the Illuminated)

    Appearance: No image yet

    Physical Description: Garan is of average height, with dark hair and unusually weathered skin. He has a peasant's build, with tightly bound muscles and a prominent brow. He wears dun-coloured clothing made of raw silk, and never wears shoes or socks, giving him tough, calloused feet. When sneaking around the palaces of the Illuminated, Garan goes shirtless and spreads tree-tar over his face and body. The tree tar is for disguising himself in the darkness, but has the unfortunate side effect of burning off his body hair and darkening his skin. He carries lockpicks and a dagger.

    Personality: Garan is very laid-back about everything; despite this, he is very quick witted and fast on his feet. However, his lackadaisical approach to life can be extremely irritating to others, as he seems to be uncaring even in life-or-death situations. He is hopelessly addicted to the Lux fruit, frequently sneaking into the farms to steal. He is extremely selfish, and will only perform tasks if they benefit himself or if he is paid for it. He does not particularly care for anyone, but he detests the Illuminated and will do no wrong against the poor. He refuses to assassinate anyone in any other way than poison, and only uses his dagger as a tool or in self defense.

    Background: Garan never knew his parents; his only family was an "uncle" who worked as a butler for the Illuminated. On one of his routine walks through the palace, his uncle found the toddling Garan wandering through an abandoned wing. Instead of tossing him out as per the regulations, he took pity on the small child and brought him into his home. Growing up, Garan studied the art of buttling*, learning to be light on his feet, quick in his speech, and smooth in his motions. As a teenager, he acted as the unofficial go-fer for the other servants, performing behind-the-scenes tasks like cleaning rooms and setting the dining hall.

    Unfortunately, in his late teens, Garan's background came into question. Though he was talented and skilful, Garan's obvious peasant build was considered unsightly to the Illuminated, meaning he could never act as a true butler. He could also never be paid for the work he was doing, as he would inevitably fail the bacgkround check by the Illuminated foreman. The sickness and eventual death of his uncle was the last straw for Garan; bitter, sad and angry, he left his friends at the palace and struck out on his own, taking some Lux-flesh as a last act of defiance. Starving and homeless in the village, he was reduced to feeding on the Lux he had brought with him, which had long since turned dark. The resulting warmth he felt gave him the strength to go on, and he managed to find a job cleaning rooms and toilets at a pub. The owner paid him a pittance, but gave him free food, and Garan was grateful. However, he soon desired the taste of Lux again, and one day, when the sleeping-hours had begun, he snuck into the palace gardens and stole some unripe Lux and other fresh fruits. Later on, as he was enjoying the buzz in his room, it occurred to him that he could make a killing selling the fruit and other items pilfered from the Illuminated palaces. Maintaining the guise of the lowly barservant in the waking-hours, he donned a robe and sold his illegal wares on the black market during the sleeping-hours. Eventually when he had saved up enough money, he bought a well-made dagger and a horse, and once again struck out on his own. While playing the part of the destitute vagrant, he hid his wealth as he travelled from town to town, sleeping in stables and eating in pubs, and delivering his questionable goods to the shady folk living in the slums.

    One day, he heard a rumour that some people were living on the old, abandoned farms to the West. Curious, and hoping for the chance to settle down, he wandered to the farms and met the Matches living there. Keeping his moderate wealth a secret, he proved himself by stealing an ivory carving, presenting it to the Matches as a gift. After being accepted into their fold, he started his own "business", trading food, beer and favours for goods stolen from the vast stores of the Illuminated.

    Abilities: Garan is an extremely accomplished thief; in nearly twenty years of robbing the Illuminated, he has not been caught once. He will steal anything, sabotage anything, poison anyone... for a price. Usually he can be paid in a day's worth of meals, or a cask of ale, but more difficult jobs require a higher price. He will work around the farm as long as it directly benefits him (i.e. he will work in the fields but he will not help build someone else's house). He can pick any lock given enough time, and has balanced, skilful hands. Garan also knows how to distill the poison from tree tar. The tar can then be used to darken skin or clothing, and the poison can be used to induce drowsiness, or kill in larger amounts.

    Other: I don't know if there is any religion, but if there is, Garan is a staunch disbeliever. Holewulf means "crafty wolf". In leisure hours, Garan usually hones his dagger, eats Lux and whittles wood.

    *Yeah, the act of being a butler is "to buttle". Who knew?
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  17. @Fugue you should go back to the chat as I read your CS over!
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