Only in Show Business... [Princess Luna x Mehuh]

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    Ryan smoothly walked with his manager towards his next audition. He has been growing in popularity because of his recent part in a popular drama as the son of the lead character. But he seems to be gaining lots of fans who think that he had so much potential - which is why he has been receiving many offers for new tv dramas, and possibly a movie. With this sudden fame, his company thought it would be good if he were to start appearing in commercials or promoting different products to make sure he becomes a household name.

    "Ah, Ryan! Ryan!" His manager called out to him. "You are entirely too calm for this! Why aren't your freaking out? They are going to be audition many people, including those already popular in the industry. Don't take this lightly."

    Ryan sighed, knowing that his manager tends to worry to much or take things too seriously. "I know, I know. But why worry to much? If it is meant to be, it is meant to be. I have confidence in my talent, and you should too."

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    "Sophia... darling, You've got to embrace the attention your fans are giving you." Olivia said in her fake posh accent. "You have to learn to address them so that they will continue to support you. You're going to need all the support you can get for the upcoming audition that we are going to. I heard that the competition going for the audition are the best of the best."

    Sophia nodded listlessly to her manager's advice as she stared out of the moving car's window.

    Ever since she made her first appearance on a popular TV show, her rise to fame was nothing short of a fast one. She was giving the chance to play a minor role in an episode because of the relations that her father had with the producer of the show. However, the episode that she had d├ębut in saw the audience clamouring for more of her screen time. Since then, she had become a main character in the series and went on to play other major roles in other television series.
    Sophia relished every moment that she spent on the stage. This was where she felt truly alive, where she could showcase her talents.

    She loved her fans, they gave her the encouragement to do the best she could. However, she was felt shy to meet them. Whenever they came up asking her for autographs, she would shy away from them and quickly run away.

    Her stomach churned at the thought of the throngs of people that would be there to greet them.

    "We're here!" Olivia cried out as the car came to a halt, the doors opening for them as cheers rang from outside the car. "Come Sophia! There's no time to waste"

    Olivia took a deep breath and stepped out of the car and into the crowd.
  3. Ryan easily followed his manager towards the audition when he heard some clamor outside. He looked to see what was the source of the noise as he put his hands in his pockets. Ah, seems to be someone famous outside the doors. He started walking towards the noise with interest.

    "Ryan! You shouldn't... Oh. Is that...." His manager followed him, and seemed to be peering around people. "It's that new girl... Sophia." Ryan heard the practical growl that came from his manager. "People from our competitor's agency. Don't you worry. You'll be fine. Especially against them."

    Ryan's eyebrow rose. Such discontent for another because of their agency? Such an odd place the show business is. He was going to get closer when some people seemed to have recognized him. Rather than cause more comotion, he just waved and headed back towards the auditioning room. But he did notice one thing; that girl - Sophia he said? - was cute.
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