Only in Horror

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  1. Strange symbols and messages in multiple languages Jayce didn't understand suddenly appeared in his room. At first he was startled, terrified somebody was playing a prank on him, maybe one of his brothers. Yet, one night they began to glow. Jayce found it creepy and childish, until he felt his body go numb and lost consciousness.

    "Where am I? Jayce glanced around, terrified to see his translucent hands.
  2. "You are in the spirit world. You are not dead you cannot be seen by the living. You've fallen into a coma."

    A melodic voice said. A silhouette walked out of the shadows and pulled down her hood."I will help you find out what has happened to you. Follow me." The neko said looking back at Jayce.

    She held out her hand and waited for him her ears twitching."I believe I know who put those symbols on your walls. You are in danger."

  3. "What's the point of this journey?" Asked Liddi, stepping out of the shadows, her kimono standing out in the dark area. Her eyes and hair were similar in color, but her skin was as pale as snow. "This mortal will only give us more issues and The Rouge Elite have already imprisoned us." To prove her point, Liddi drew her energy saber and struck at the symbols with it, only for the blade to shatter on impact. "See, there is no purpose in continuing." Liddi sighed, pacing around the area.
  4. Nichole sighed looking at Liddi."this mortal might be able to help, but we need to help him first Liddi. " she said looking at her pushing her glasses back onto her face."we must keep call ok?" Nichole said placing her hand on her shoulder before looking at Jayce again.
  5. "I guess your right," Liddi admitted, "but don't say I didn't warn you." She focused on her saber hard enough to reconstruct the blade. Liddi saw the symbols on the wall which translated to: "The material world will soon be ours! The Rouge Elite." Liddi stepped back shocked and said "Did anything unusual happen before you came here, mortal?"