Only Human

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The phrase that comes to mind for this is that Humans are only human, until you see them break. Does this apply to you, and how you see people? Is it only at face value with the glass half empty? And if you do see them in a situation that makes them falter out of their daily facade, do you see them differently?

What do your characters keep from people? Are they so good at keeping their fears, past, and emotion locked away that they appear inhuman? What happens when the pressure becomes to great? And if you were in that character's situation, what would you see?

This week's challenge: Behind the Looking Glass.
so.... what are we supposed to DO? *confused*
Do we just answer the questions on this one... or is it a free-to-interpretation kind of thing? O_o
I would think it is free to interpretation. Write a sample of how your character would see things. How would they go about their life, what daily stresses do they feel? Does their behavior make them an outcast and insociable? How does your character with 'being human'? Perhaps write a situation of a character who is NOT able to conquer their able to cope. Would they reveal it, or would they not?

[sorry for making it vague. It was a toughy to try and turn into a challenge.]
The phrase "Behind the Looking Glass" actually drudges up some pretty bad memories in my personal life.. HOWEVER. as this focused on characters let me apply this challenge to Cyanide himself.

Cyanide is in a peculiar situation with his view of being human. He has lost any real sense of Identity as an individual. So his sense of being human has been lost over the years. His ability to change masks and fill into the persona of a completely different person and their wishes and mannerisms is uncanny at least. In his own mind, he can have no friends, can so he essentially wills this into reality and pushes people away any means he can. But over all he is largely confused and unsure about pretty much everything. All he knows for certain... is History. History never lies.