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  1. The scientists whisper as they write down their daily observations on the girl.
    They were proud of their success, it was the first human clone. She was 18 years old, the first one to have ever made it this far.
    Inside the room, the girl sang beautifully as she was painting streets of New Orleans, a place she had only seen in her dreams.
    "Maybe today's the day I can finally go outside" she said as she hummed.
    "The clone seems to be working successfully" Dr. Brenson said as he wrote down more on his board.
    Another scientist looked at Brenson, "she likes to be called Anna" he pointed out.

    Brenson became irritated at this comment "I will have you know, I am the one who created her, therefore I can name her whatever I want! Her name is experiment 528!"
  2. One of the other scientists in the observation area listened Brenson's conversation with one of his colleagues... To this day it still bugged him that Dr. Brenson is so insistent on naming his clones the dullest things, as original as it could get, the previous clones were experiment 527, 526 and so on. It perplexed him that any other names presented to him were rejected that furiously, Anna was a good name for her too. He wondered if there was something he could do about that, maybe have a heart to heart with Brenson later on about this, though he always seems to be busy with another one of his cloning experiments, but who knows... He might get lucky today...
  3. Dr Brenson walked into his office, completely irritated and tired.

    Anna smiled as she continued her amazing painting on the streets of New Oleans.
  4. While the other scientists slowly started to clear out, he was entranced by the painting the clone who called herself Anna was doing... It looked remarkably like it despite the fact that she'd never been there, this particular painting took place at night, when all the vibrant colors of the city lights shone throughout the streets. "Perhaps we should arrange for her to visit that place some day..." He thought, still staring at the painting Anna was working on.
  5. "Stupid people don't know that she's only a product of science!" Brenson growled then took a deep breath, trying to relax.
    He then laid out the plans in front of him in three months, he was going to continuously breed her until she dies to make more clone children.
  6. Anna continued to sing as she painted, rocking back and forth. The song was beautifully done and everyone listened.
    "Time for the workers to leave...whoevers last please lock up!" everyone then left in a hurry except for Brenson who stared at her through the glass window.
  7. Snapping out of his trance-like state the scientist looked towards Brenson whom was also looking at Anna "Hey, Brenson, it's Dr. Kauffman here." He said, wondering if he was also zoned out like he was.
  8. "Kauffman..." Dr. Brenson said, interrupting him. "Isn't the specimen beautiful? She looks just like a human..."
    Anna continued to sing, then abruptly stopped and cocked her head to the side. "There we are," she spoke warmly as she stared at her masterpiece. It was done and she was proud of it.
  9. "Well sir... Not to be rude but technically, she is a human, just created Asexually rather than sexually." Kauffman said, he was a little distracted by Anna finishing her painting, she looked proud of it, sort-of like he would look if he wasn't caught up in this little problem with Brenson "Which brings me to a little matter I'd like to discuss with you." he said, a little hesitantly, not entirely sure how this will play out.
  10. "What is it" he asked as he watched the girl who had now diss appeared in her bedroom chamber. He seemed a little irritated by this.
  11. "Well, I was thinking of maybe at least giving er "Subject 528" here a codename, and since she prefers being called Anna, perhaps that would be a good one? She's the closest clone to your average human you've managed to create after all." Kauffman said, taking extra care not to use the wrong words, knowing Brenson, he'd flip out on him like he did with other scientists... He couldn't take that risk at the moment, even if he normally wouldn't word what he wanted to say quite like this...
  12. "A code name? Interesting Kauffman...I will think about it, in the meantime though" he said throwing him a huge thing of keys. "Lock up, I am going to bed" he said and left before Kauffman could say anything.
    Anna dressed into her night clothes before setting her painting on her easle. She then hummed and looked at her paints on her dresser. With a wave of her hand the paints levitated to her. Nobody knew that she possessed such power.
  13. Kauffman felt a strange sort of "aura" in the air around him, it made him wonder if Anna was the one responsible for it... At any rate he needed to lock the place up soon "Goodbye... Anna." he whispered, before he quietly stepped out of the room and closed the door, looking through the large assortment of keys on the keychain he recieved until he found the right one and locked the door... He began heading down the hall towards his own room located in the living quarters, he figured he might as well try and get some rest.
  14. There was a rumble throughout the building, then an explosion. Anna felt the floor rumble and fell with a scream. An attack was being placed on the Humanitarium Inc Company. Anna got dressed right away and ran around the room to see what all the commotion was. Another low rumble and the beautiful girl fell on the floor once more.
  15. Kauffman stopped in his tracks, turning around and finding a fire alarm switch which he quickly triggered, running towards the observation room he had locked up earlier, hoping the attack didn't hit it... "What the hell is going on here... I thought we'd already prevented these sorts of things from happening again..." he pulled out the keychain he had on him from before and hurriedly began trying to unlock the door.
  16. Anna felt the left side of her wall rumbling. She backed away just in time, her wall exploded and a man tried grabbing her arm but she screamed and threw a book at him. The man backed away in pain and Anna ran into her canvas room, then the kitchen.
  17. There was no way out, she should have known she could never escape this place but nonetheless she had to try. She saw one of the big, mechanical doors she tried to open when she was little and ran to it.
  18. Unlocking the door after a while, Kauffman burst in to see that the wall had been demolished and intruders were rushing inside... He quickly rushed to the metal door that shut her in there and attempted to over-ride it's security, after a few moments of trying, the electronic doors made a whirring noise and the door opened... "Well... Being a computer scientist really comes in handy here..." He thought to himself, before he called out to Anna once he spotted her not too far from the door "Anna! Over here!" he yelled, hoping the indruders wouldn't catch up to her first...
  19. There was no time for questions, she leaped to him. Wondering where she was. There was a door open, probably the one that Kauffman came from. "C'mon!" she said and ran into the door, pulling Kauffman in. She then used most of her strength to push the door closed. Gunshots were heard against the door. Anna backed up then took a breath when the firing ceased. The room was quiet, except for the clatter of the young clones heels. She wore a long sleeved white shirt with a long black skirt. Without looking at the man who just saved her life she walked down the long hallway, wondering where she was. "What is this place?" she finally asked as she looked around the room. Suddenly, she pressed her hands against a glass window. "This...this is my guys were watching me?" she asked then pressed her hand against her chest as she started hyperventilating.
  20. Kauffman sighed "To be more exact, it was Brenson's idea of "monitoring you"... Personally I wasn't too enthusiastic about it myself." He said quietly, he noticed she was starting to panic "Hey, try to calm down, alright? I'll try and explain later on, we need to go soon enough." He said as gently as he could, glancing out the glass window where the indruders were trying to break through the door, hopefully they didn't notice that polarized window yet, otherwise they'll be done for.
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