Only Fools Fall For You -MxM- {Seme desired!!}

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    Nico is a rare breed of supernatural{haven't decided what kind yet}, and YC is apart of a very well connected organization called the Slayer Syndicate. It is home to most lethal and the greatest supernatural hunters in the world. YC is one of them, and he has been sent to capture my character. In all his years of hunting YC has never been ordered to capture a supernatural, the order always had been to kill the target. YC is very interested and intrigued when he gets his assignment... Even more so when he realizes the Syndicate doesn't even know who the supernatural is... It's an infiltration mission, get into the supernaturally home, seek him out, gain his trust, and then capture him. MC has been on the run and under the radar ever since he was a little boy, he's only found when he wants to be found... Until YC suddenly comes waltzing into his life, into his city... And everything starts to come crumbling down. His instincts screaming at him not to get close, when the other part is craving to figure out this mysterious new visitor... And he had no idea that he would be his downfall... But YC hadn't thought that either... Who could possibly come out on top? The war between hunters and supernaturals have been going on for centuries... Could these two possibly bring them together when they find themselves falling... And realizing they don't have anyway to get back up.



    1) I am looking for someone to play the seme/Hunter please!

    2) 2+ paragraphs please! No one liners. Third person/past tense only.

    3) This will take place in a thread I can gladly make and start.

    4) Anime pictures only please! :)

    5) Please pm or post below if interested! I would love to rp this!

    **If you can't read my characters profile in the picture above, please say so! :)**
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  2. Still looking! :)
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