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  1. Why is there a maximum amount of messages I can store in my inbox?
  2. Probably has something to do with server space and clutter. That said, I think there is quite a bit of storage in that. I've never ran into problems with space, though I know others might.

    Likely @redblood will be in after me to say the same thing, just more clearly and with greater detail.
  3. I think @Diana knows more about this than me. Mainly cause I know nothing o_o

    But at the very least we have more space now than we had a few years back ^^ Now we can save 100 different conversations with however many messages in them as we can write up, before we could only save 100 different messages since the replies weren't put in a single conversation like they are now, so the space was much more limited. But at that time the profile message system was better so most people used that instead of private messages cause there were no limits, not even the 140 character limits existed back then... Suddenly I feel old for some reason o_O

    (and don't quote me on the 100 messages thing, it might have been 250. I can't remember T-T But I'm fairly sure it was either 250 or 100 messages you could save, and considering how much people write back and forth with each other, that doesn't even amount to one full conversation in many cases o_o)
  4. Registered Members get 100 Conversations!

    Staff & Donators get Unlimited Conversations!

    As for WHY, these messages DO take up database space. We have to put space limit caps somewhere. If we ever hit a point where we need to mass-delete a bunch of stuff to save space, mass deleting public forum threads is easy. We CAN'T mass delete Private Messages because we don't know what content is in there and what is important to the member. :(

    So members have to be responsible for keeping their Inbox tidy.
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  5. I'd rather we lacked the ability to add attachments than we ever needed to delete something we didn't want. Your typical decent-quality image is worth a couple of books of plain text. >.o
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